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MobiTV vs SlingBox June 30, 2006

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Can anyone tell me why MobiTV would be a better option than SlingBox? MobiTV is $10 per month. Slingbox is the $250 cost of the hardware. MobiTV offers limited programming. Slingbox offers whatever is available on a video source (for me, a DirecTivo box). Maybe MobiTV offers higher quality video.

Am I missing something?

Sprint’s Treo 700w! Where are you??? June 30, 2006

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Palm and Sprint!!!! You’re killing me! I want to get going with my slingbox! What is it that I want? I want a Treo 700w that I can use on the Sprint Network. When will this be available? I can’t find much info. Should I wait and let the world pass me by? Should I trash my 650 and get a PPC 6700? Should I pay the penalty and move over to Verizon? Someone give me the answer! I know that Verizon had some type of exclusive deal for the 700w for a while, but when will this be up??? Who will lose in this decision? I love the functionality of the Treo, but there is no wifi or windows version for Sprint.

Can anyone help with this decision???

ReplayTV PC Edition June 28, 2006

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Today’s USA Today describes the September release of the PC edition of ReplayTV. This sounds really promising! Finally there’s going be an easy method for getting video content from my DirecTV source to my PC where I can easily do to it what I want (like view in on another TV somewhere in my house) The present DirecTV/Tivo/DVR boxes are a joke when it comes to the ability to move content from the box (which is essentially a hard drive) to some other TV in my house; or to a computer.

Questionable Treo 700p Review June 27, 2006

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I just read Sascha Segan’s review of the Treo 700p in the “First Looks” section of the July PC Magazine. It mostly gets an Editor’s Choice rating because it’s the most easy to use handheld. I agree that it’s easy to use. Yet Segan also admits that it doesn’t multitask or have Wifi. These features are huge. Not having them is like buying an expensive Nike driver that hits ’em straight, but only hits ’em 100 yards. You can play golf that way, but it won’t be very effective or fun.

Sprint’s PPC 6700 June 27, 2006

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OK TI, let’s get this thing started.

You’re a Palm OS Sprint Treo 650 cat. I’m a Pocket PC Sprint PPC 6700 cat (a recent convert to Pocket PC from Palm, by the way). For me to switch to Pocket PC’s PPC 6700, you know there had to be really good reasons.

  1. My old Treo 600 was finally beginning to die a slow painful death
  2. The upgrade to the Treo 650 is really a low-grade upgrade from the 600
  3. The recently launched Treo 700p with Sprint is a much better upgrade, but it’s missing one critical function: Wifi
  4. The 6700 offers Wifi
  5. And most importantly, I can place-shift on my PPC 6700 with the recent addition of the Sling Box hardware at the house. Sling Box only supports Pocket PC.

C’mon man! What are you waiting for? As Michael Jackson said, “Make that change.” The Treo is a great hardware device, but the Palm OS is a way behind.