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Sprint’s PPC 6700 June 27, 2006

Posted by Fast Follower in Uncategorized.

OK TI, let’s get this thing started.

You’re a Palm OS Sprint Treo 650 cat. I’m a Pocket PC Sprint PPC 6700 cat (a recent convert to Pocket PC from Palm, by the way). For me to switch to Pocket PC’s PPC 6700, you know there had to be really good reasons.

  1. My old Treo 600 was finally beginning to die a slow painful death
  2. The upgrade to the Treo 650 is really a low-grade upgrade from the 600
  3. The recently launched Treo 700p with Sprint is a much better upgrade, but it’s missing one critical function: Wifi
  4. The 6700 offers Wifi
  5. And most importantly, I can place-shift on my PPC 6700 with the recent addition of the Sling Box hardware at the house. Sling Box only supports Pocket PC.

C’mon man! What are you waiting for? As Michael Jackson said, “Make that change.” The Treo is a great hardware device, but the Palm OS is a way behind.


1. dhenry88 - June 28, 2006

The problem that I have with the 6700. It is ugly. I don’t want to take it out in public, its so ugly. It looks like a thick ice cream bar! Let’s face it…a car can have all the horsepower and interior features, but if it doesn’t look good on the outside, you don’t want it. Let’s face it part of being on the leading edge is being and looking good! I like the 6700 behind closed doors, but I can’t be seen on a date with it!

2. ranmac - June 28, 2006

Yea, I here ya’ dhenry. The 6700 is kind of ugly. She’s not as new-age beautiful as the new Motorola Q; or does she have that traditional beauty of the Treo 700. But like LL Cool J says, with her (the 6700), I’m dining at Mortons. The Treo guys are eating a Sizzler steak.

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