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Sprint’s Treo 700w! Where are you??? June 30, 2006

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Uncategorized.

Palm and Sprint!!!! You’re killing me! I want to get going with my slingbox! What is it that I want? I want a Treo 700w that I can use on the Sprint Network. When will this be available? I can’t find much info. Should I wait and let the world pass me by? Should I trash my 650 and get a PPC 6700? Should I pay the penalty and move over to Verizon? Someone give me the answer! I know that Verizon had some type of exclusive deal for the 700w for a while, but when will this be up??? Who will lose in this decision? I love the functionality of the Treo, but there is no wifi or windows version for Sprint.

Can anyone help with this decision???


1. Fast Follower - June 30, 2006

Look, TI is…Stop over-thinking this decision. It’s simple. The PPC 6700 is ready to go over at Sprint. You’re already a Sprint customer. I’ve told you on several occasions that the 6700 is a decent device. What’s the problem? While you’re staying with that tired 650, I’m mobile SlingBoxing with my 6700. And don’t forget that the Verizon 700w doesn’t have wifi. A Sprint version probably will not have wifi as well.

2. chrischaeffer - July 1, 2006

I used to have sprint, but I wanted to 700w so I switched…WITHOUT any penalty! I to a Verizon Store towards the end of the month and told them I wanted to switch, but I just couldn’t pay the penalty, and they paid it for me!! They gave me 300 dollars credit on my first month’s bill.

hope this helps.

3. Tell it like it TI is! - July 2, 2006

Sounds great!!! How do you like the 700w?? Any disappointments so far? Any surprises? Also, does the 700w have wifi? Fast Follower loves the PPC 6700, but I just don’t like the design. He does get a lot of features though….Thinking about going to the Verizon dealer tomorrow!
Thanks for the heads up! I will comment later on what happened.

4. Fast Follower - July 4, 2006

chrischaeffer sounds like he has a good plan for you, Tell it like it TI is. Go ahead and make that switch to Verizon and get you 700w. But, remember, the 700w doesn’t have wifi. Now that may not be important to you if you’re always in the Verizon high speed coverage area. Let’s face it, now days, wifi is everywhere. You can always get to a wifi hot spot if you have to.

5. chriSchaeffer - July 5, 2006

I don’t see why the wi-fi is worth all the hype. I use my Mac when I need to get on the internet and I use Verizon’s wireless network when I need to check something away from home. Rarely do I run into a “in the wild” free wireless internet.

And incase anyone else uses a Treo700 and a Mac, the answer is on its way.


6. Fast Follower - July 5, 2006

The 700w may be such a great device that the lack of wifi is ok. But, I’ll tell you, having wifi is better than not having it. One example: Mobile SlingBox abolutely works better with wifi than with Sprints EVDO.

Today, the Germany/Italy World Cup game was being played. I’m a soccer fan. At the time, I was doing a little yard work at the house. So I decided to listen to the ESPN broadcast of the game using Mobile SlingBox and my PPC 6700 on wifi. EVDO is fast, but it isn’t wifi fast. If I have an opportunity of using free wifi or EVDO on my PDA, I’ll always choose wifi.

Why the Treo guys chose not to include it on the 700w is beyond me.

7. Tell it like it TI is! - July 5, 2006

Fast Follwer!
Most important… the device has to have functionality. It has to be the
right size, it has to have the right ergonomics, it has to have the right
features! You wouldn’t buy a two seater car for your family just because
it had the new technology navigation system, would you? Why? Because it
doesn’t function to serve your purpose! Despite how bad you want the new

I want Treo functionality (both on-screen stylus and one handed qwerty),
I want a bright screen, I want Sprint, I want bluetooth, mp3, wifi, power

See this is what’s wrong with your golf game, you are always settling for
whatever somebody offers you! Sure you are watching the game now, but
guess what, I am streaming it in now, as well. Not really losing out.

8. chriSchaeffer - July 5, 2006

If you go with the Treo700w, you MUST update that moefoe.

It was hanging and crashing all the time until I figured out it needed the update: http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/treo700wupdater/verizon.html

After the update, I have no complaints.

Oh, here’s a great freeware for cutting up MP3’s to make new ringers on your Treo: http://www.mpesch3.de/

Love the site, keep up the arguments. 😀

9. Fast Follower - July 5, 2006

Tell it like it TI is –
Blah, blah, blah!
Oh by the way…the France just scored. I’ll keep giving you the updates from my mobile SlingBox enabled PPC 6700, since you can’t know (you definitely can’t see it). Wait ! ! Wait ! ! Portugal just might sco….nope, they didn’t score.

You know what you need to do? Go with what works, then you move on when appropriate. Stop trying to make the perfect decision. It doesn’t exist. Make a 70% right decision. Get some learnings and value…then move on. While you’re trying to find the perfect device, I’m being entertained.

Tell me one thing. One …. that the “perfect device” will do that I can’t do. And, if you can find that “one thing”, is it really that significant.

10. Tell it like it TI is! - July 11, 2006

What can I do with a treo that you can’t?? Put it in my pocket without looking like I am walking around with a bag full of jelly beans!!! See you phone choice is just like your golf game… for one you carry too many clubs trying to anticipate every situation. You need to work on your style (treo) and execution!!! Pulling that doggone keyboard out just to type OK or IN A MINUTE is just not cool. Sometimes you have to go with what is functional. I am with chrisshaeffer on this. Verizon, here I come!

11. Tell it like it TI is! - July 11, 2006

Hold on wait a minute. Have you seen the QTek 9100?? Now this phone has functionality and the cool factor. Who will be the service providers for this phone? Take a look at it on http://www.geek.com/hwswrev/pda/wizard/index.htm. Now this is a cool looking phone! You know what makes the 6700 look so bad? That big antenna thing that sticks out all of the time. I know the treo has one, but it is a lot smaller. This might be the one for me!

12. Fast Follower - July 11, 2006

TI –
Have you lost all reasoning? The QTek 9100 is a PPC 6700 without the protruding antenna. It’s got all of the same features (including wifi). It even has the slide-away screen JUST LIKE THE 6700. What are you excited about?

13. Tell it like it TI is! - July 12, 2006

When will you get IT???? Hardware design is a big part of the equation. Not sure why you keep forgetting this. I guess I can’t expect much from a guy that carries that UGLY PPC thing around. Look how sleek the 9100 looks compared to yours. Would you buy and UGLY car? No. Would you buy an UGLY house? No way. Would you buy some UGLY clothes and wear them? I think not. Then why is it so hard for you to understand that I don’t want an ugly phone! Part of the reward for being on the cutting edge is the “coolness factor” and the HTE (Head Turn Effect)…. ever been on an airplane and whipped out your unit, and everyone is climbing the seats trying to inconspicuously see your equipment???… and then you sit there as if there is nothing special about what you are doing or what you have…. You know they are watching, and you know that they know that you know it! This is called the coolness factor. I know it sounds a litte vain and silly, and most people don’t admit it, but that’s part of what you are paying for when you jump out on the leading edge. Admit it or not…it’s human nature. So the short response to your comment is that NO, the 9100 is not a 6700 cause the 6700 doesn’t have the CF or the HTE, it only has this big tumorous growth coming out of the top, that is UGLY!!!!! Remember the Pontiac Aztec had a lot of great features when it was introduced…know why it didn’t do well?? It was UGLY!

14. Fast Follower - July 12, 2006

TI –
See…that’s your problem. You put your HTE (Head Turn Effect) and CF (Coolness Factor) ahead of everything. I’m not saying that HTE and CF are unimportant. But would you rather drive to the party in your ugly Aztec, or walk? Right now, you’re walking. I can always get rid of the ugly Aztec (PPC 6700) for a brand new 300C (Qtec 9100). You, on the other hand, don’t even drive. Heck, you’re not even riding a bicycle. Your Treo 650 is like walking. I hope you enjoy the exercise.

15. Tell it like it TI is! - July 18, 2006

Just a quick update. I called Sprint today and inquired about the release of a 700w. The representative told me that he had no idea if or when it would be offered. Looks like I am going to have to make that change to another provider. I am going to do a little more research and then I guess I will have to change. Sprint, you just lost another customer!

16. DK - July 19, 2006

Sprint is losing BIG in this market. Why they have waited so long is anybodies guess. I know that verizon had some deal on it for 6 months, but sprint should have been there the second that expired not wait and watch all the windows world go to verizon. Yes they do have the 6700 but why get that when the treo is so much easier to use. I have heard by the end of septmeber, I will wait until then and then I am gone to verizon just like the rest of the world is going to do. Sprint way to drop the ball

17. chriSchaeffer - July 19, 2006

Great news (for Mac and Treo 700w users)!!

http://www.markspace.com/ sent out a newsletter this evening:

“Version 2.5 of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is now shipping!

v2.5 adds support for Windows Mobile 5 devices and is a Universal app that runs natively on Intel and PowerPC Macs. This release also improves syncing with Address Book, iCal and Microsoft Entourage 2004.”

18. Fast Follower - July 21, 2006

TI –

I just talked to my neighbor who knows a lady that bought the Verizon Treo 700W. Similar to chriSchaeffer, she experienced all types of locking up problems. The differnce, however, is that she was unwilling to do the “MUST” download from Palm to make it right. Her view: After spending $500, why should she have to go through the hassle of downloading updates to make her brand NEW Treo function.

I have to agree with her. Why couldn’t Verizon do this for her when she bought the phone? It just seems like bad business to me. This is loyalty is lost – one customer at a time.

19. chriSchaeffer - July 21, 2006

and I’m sure she NEVER updates her Windows either… (sarcasm)

20. Fast Follower - July 21, 2006

Imagine buying a brand spankin’ new car, driving it off the lot, only to discover you need to pull over to tighten the lug nuts on the wheels. Your reaction would be: If the manufacturer couldn’t tighten the lug nuts at the factory (Handspring), surely the dealer could tighten them for you (Verizon) before you drove it off their lot.

Manufacturers like Handspring and retailers like Verizon make a lot of bad assumptions about their consumers. Not all of them are comfortable tinkering with their devices. Some just want their device to work right out of the box – like the Apple versus PC commercial.

21. Tell it like it TI is! - July 31, 2006

I read a great blog at “david.zakar.com”. He expresses my sentiments exactly…Take a look at what he wrote…

Sprint: Just a Few Phones Short of Greatness
I have a rant to make: I think Sprint has a damned fine cell phone service, but their lack of decent phones is driving me nuts.

It’s hard for me to get upset with them. They’ve got cheap data, reasonable minute plans and prices, and superb email support. Their coverage isn’t bad, either – probably not as good as Verizon’s, but surprisingly complete even so.

The thing that makes me crazy is that they have the worst selection of phones in the market. Not that they all suck – that’s not true at all. But compared to the breadth that the other 3 major players have (T-Mobile even supports imported GSM phones!!!!), it’s pathetic.

Verizon has the RAZR v3m. Sprint has the Katana (no EVDO or A2DP!). Verizon has the Q, XV6700, SCH-i830, SCH-i730, 700p, and 700w smart phones. We get a choice of the PPC-6700 or the 700p. The only bright point of Sprint’s entire line-up is the LG Fusic, and even that’s not quite as good as the RAZR V3m.

While I appreciate that certifying phones takes time, it would be nice if Sprint would get a larger selection, and maybe some of the cooler phones from Korea. They may be third in customers (and actually only 10% behind Verizon!), but they rank DEAD LAST in terms of phones, which is sad.

22. Pardon the Interaction » Treo 700w from Sprint is almost confirmed - August 14, 2006

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