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Nikon D200 – Where are you? July 10, 2006

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Nikon acts like they’re not in the camera business. If any place in the world would have the “not-so-new-anymore” Nikon D200 digital slr camera in stock it would be B&H Photo Video on 34th and 9th Avenue is in Manhattan. While vacationing with the family this weekend in NYC, I visited B&H expecting to at least glimpse a floor model of a D200. There were none to be found. C’mon Nikon. This camera was launched months ago. This time of year has to be significant for camera sales. You’ve introduced a camera that the high end amateur photographer and professional photographers are craving for, but for some reason you won’t or can’t produce them. I’ve never heard of Canon having this type of problem. In fact, were I not invested in some fairly expensive Nikon lenses, I would switch to the new Canon 30D.

For those of you not knowledgeable about digital SLRs, Nikon lenses only work with Nikon camera bodies (the same with Canon lenses on Canon bodies, etc.). Thus, one once you’ve spent good money on a manufacturer’s lenses, it becomes economically unpracticle to switch companies. What a great business model for sucker photographers like me. It reminds me of software that only works with specific operating systems except that a camera lens’ lifespan is really long (unlike software, which you buy updated versions almost every year anyway).


1. Taylor-pics - July 14, 2006

Nikon…..forget it. You’ll never see them on the side lines with the pros. Of course, soccer dads and the like want (and need) to look like the pros, so go with pro equipment, Canon. Big white lens, drawing lots of attention, and of course….looking cool! 🙂

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