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Ditching Your Ipod for the Treo 700p July 14, 2006

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TI –

I ran across this blog – Twelve Black Code Monkeys – that seems fairly cool in a geegy sort of way. This cat Levi who runs this blog has a very lengthy post about using the Treo 700p instead of an Ipod. Now I’m not about to throw away the ipod, but there is a lot of food for thought in Levi’s post. One particular thing that caught my attention is the ability to listen to (and view) iTunes content on an EVDO-enabled device or other high speed enabled mobile device (like my PPC 6700 or even a PSP connected to a wifi network). The applications is called MyTunesRSS, and you can download it FREE here.

Of course, TI, you’re still fooling around with your Treo 650. So essentially, you’re out of luck because you’re still “researching” which high speed pda/phone to get. C’mon man! Get with A PROGRAM. Any program. It’s like I’m out there playing golf with my new Nike 450cc titanium Sasquatch…hitting ’em about 300 yards off the tee. Yea, every now and then I’ll hit one in the woods. But wow, aren’t I having some fun. You’re still playing with an old-tech permission wood driver that you only hit about 200 yards. You hit ’em fairly straight. But how boring is that?


1. Tell it like it TI is! - July 15, 2006

There you go again living up to your name…Fast Follower. Sit down for a second, cause class is about to start! The first thing you have to have is a long term personal perspective. Scope is key. Anyone that refers to an IPOD as simply a music player doesn’t have the proper scope! Take a look at some of the IPOD accessory trends and their penetration rates. Folks are using ipods for way more than personal 1980 style walkman radios! Again, you miss the importance of hardware styling and functionality. I guess you would go jogging with your PPC strapped to your arm? I guess when your guests come over to your house for a gathering, you would simply connect your phone to your entertainment system. Scope, scope, scope….. You have to be able to think big! Replacement? Not. Supplemental on the go player? Maybe.

You also have to think about OS or format changes. How many different phones have you had in the last few years. Over four that I know of. To most people, their music collection is one of the most significant and valuable, if not priceless possessions that they have. IPOD is a trusted storage device for playing and storage. If IPOD doesn’t make any real big mistakes in the next few years, you can, at least, visualize having some version of the IPOD a decade for now…. Security is key. You probably already know that you will not have the same phone a year or so from now. Admit it. So why trust your collection to some short term system? Replace my IPOD with a phone? Get Real.

Think of it this way… you have 3 kids and all of them have had the same, trusted nursery care service. All of a sudden your cleaning lady, who also gives you a great deal on changing the oil in your car, and is great at doing the laundry tells you that she is thinking of going into the daycare business since she is around kids anyway. She also offers you a lower price to take care of your 4th child….What do you tell her?

I hope you tell her that she is doing a great job with your house, car, and laundry, and that you have decided to stay with your long term trusted provider for daycare. You don’t have to fire her cause she is doing a great job at what you hired her for.

Everytime you take a step forward, you let me down and take 3 steps backwards.

Class dismissed.

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