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Competition for Slingbox August 8, 2006

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Looks like there’s new competition for SlingBox.  PVR Wire reports on a placeshifting box called Hava.  Of course, TI, by the time you get a PDA/phone that can handle something like this, there may be many such devices introduced.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - August 10, 2006

You should know the game by now, FF. There is always a better breadbox! Instead of rushing out to purchase new technology, I wait until the introduction season which is typically 3rd Qtr of each year. So I have not been able to watch tv on my phone for 3 months. So I am not just settling for any old thing. I am glad you don’t take this approach with the rest of your purchases. Did you rush out and buy your new house…No. When we went to buy golf clubs, did you just rush out and purchase them. No. We went, hit balls with everything out there. We did research on what was coming, etc. But while you were investigating the clubs, did you stop playing golf? Did you enjoy the game any less? No.

So now we have a Hava that not only does what your device does, but it can also serve as an 802.11g access point, and can connect to a home network via Wi-Fi without any additional hardware. This solves one of the main issues that I had regarding hard wiring, extra boxes, and access. If this device is what they say it is, this might be the choice that I make as soon as I take one more hard look at my phone options.

Besides, the new television season doesn’t start here until a few more weeks. so….have fun with your out dated technology, your ugly smartphone, while watching stale reruns! I will see you in the new season

2. Fast Follower - August 10, 2006

You know, I missed Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser yesterday on Pardon the Interruption. That’s one of my favorite shows. Oh….my Tivo recorded it. Hmmm…I’m not at home now. Aw shucks ! ! Whoops….I forgot. I’ve got Mobile SlingBox. I guess I’ll just watch it now.

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