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Vonage and other VOIP solutions…. Will it work for me? August 21, 2006

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Uncategorized.

Everything I read about Vonage seems great.  Unlimited calling for 24 bucks a month with all of the features free… too good to be true?  I don’t know.   I have been on the confirmation page in the Vonage subscription process about 4 times now.  Each time I want to pull the proverbial trigger, I get cold feet.   I have so many questions, and I don’t want to have to go crawling back to MCI when I admit that I have made a mistake.   My primary questions are…

1. How will this impact my DirecTV boxes and the scheduled call-ins

2. How will my alarm/security system work with this service?  Will it be able to call the security system if an intruder sets things off?

3. I am now comfortable with the 911 issue so that’s no longer a hurdle…

 4. How does this thing actually hook up?   Will my phone jacks throughout the house be live? or will I have to somehow connect all of my phones to my computer in the basement (location of my wireless router)?

5. Do I need special phones or not?   I have received a couple of different answers on this….

6. Will I be able to use my traditional hard-wired landline phones?   How do I get them working with Vonage..


For some reason I can’t seem to get to anyone that can explain these issues with me.  Let me know what you think.    I just don’t want to jump into something that my wife will be reminding me of for the rest of my


1. Tell it like it TI is! - August 22, 2006

I think that I have the answers to most of my questions. My only concern now is my Directv and my alarm system that calls the security system. I guess I don’t understand where the “main” connection is. It is starting to look like I will have an adapter somewhere near my modem. I can certainly connect a wireless phone base station to it and have several wireless handsets available for conversations. However, how will my Directv box be able to call and download scheduling? How will my home alarm system be able to call the security center when there is problem?

Isn’t there a way to “activate” my wall jacks and have them access my service? Not sure, but this seems to be a reasonable request. Prior to wireless routers, I purchased some adapters that allowed me to network all of my computers using the telephone lines and jacks…worked pretty good too! Seems like there should be a similar solution for Vonage service. As I am finding out with some of the regulars on this blog… there are a lot of folks like me with the same wants and desires… some of you have already figured it out, I know. Share the knowledge! Thanks.

2. Fast Follower - August 22, 2006

There you go again, TI. Studying your decision to death. As usual, I have to educate you on the power of the possible. Check out this blog post for answers to all of your questions. You can thank me later. Oh, by the way, I’ve been with AT&T CallVantage service for about 6 months now. Again, way ahead of you. Sound familiar?

3. Tell it like it TI is! - August 23, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fast Follower finally has come up with a useful point of view. I read the article that he referred me to (with instructions and everything), and it looks like this might be the solution that I am looking for! Thanks Fast Follower. Just like your golf game, every now and then you hit one on the screws and put it right in the middle of the fairway! Great shot!

Sorry about talking about you so bad in the Ipod post! You are alright with me.

4. Fast Follower - August 24, 2006

I wonder why Vonage doesn’t make it absolutely clear to potential customers that certain aspects of their service require additional steps. It should be crystal clear. You shouldn’t have to go to some outside blog to find answers to basic questions about THEIR service.

5. Tell it like it TI is! - August 24, 2006

Pulled the trigger just a few seconds ago. Vonage service is on the way! I am in backswing mode now! Once you get to the top of your backswing it is very difficult to stop the golf swing. Based on the information that FF provided, I decided to give it a go. I will try to distribute Vonage throughout my existing telephone lines. I will let the readers know how it works.

FYI. Vonage does have the home diy instructions in their faq support information.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - August 28, 2006

Vonage offers professional home installation…

Here is a recent link that was passed along to me regarding Vonage’s offer for professional installation to connect Vonage to your existing home telephone lines…


7. Tell it like it TI is! - September 2, 2006

I must say, I am a little disappointed that I didn’t pull the trigger faster on Vonage. All of my apprehensions and fears were not real. I am now 100% Vonage, and it is working great. I followed the instructions and now all of my home phone jacks are up and running. In fact, if I didn’t tell the family that I was switching , they would never know the difference. Works great. We opted not to use the voicemail features for now. We simply disabled the feature and will continue to use our regular answering machine. Maybe one day I can convince the wife to use the email notification and the online voice messaging system, but for right now I will just enjoy the $60/month savings. My brother is online right now switching his service!

8. Fast Follower - September 5, 2006

Once again, and without a lot of fanfare, I switched to VOIP before you and have had a great experience for months. Just like golf, you usually follow me with the type of equipment I try that proves to be beneficial to my game. Maybe we should change your name to “I Only Tell It Like it TI is when Fast Follower does it First.”

9. Jonathan - November 30, 2006

Just a quick note on 911 service…

It is a FCC requirement that all phone lines INCLUDING disconnected ones are able to connect to 911.

What I would do is get Vonage (or other VoIP) and connect it to the other phones in the house as normal, then get your hands on a “special” phone – maybe a red one like in Batman, and connect this directly to the disconnected phone line. Use this one for 911 as power outages will not affect it.

10. Radhika - September 12, 2007

can i freez my account(vonage service) for couple of months.

11. Tell it like it TI is! - September 12, 2007

I asked this question and the answer was NO. However, you can take the number with you. This is always an option.

Hey don’t hate the messenger, hate the policy!!! Just telling it like it is!!!!

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