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The Future of Radio August 23, 2006

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Seth Godin presents 4 possible scenarios for what might happen to radio in the future.  One that caught my attention was radio based on the satellite model.  TI, you have XM and Sirius.  I use Sirius only.  But I find myself gravitating to only 3 or 4 channels of the hundreds that I have access to.  Another possibility might be that we only pay for satellite radio programming packages that we want.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - August 24, 2006

Scenario A seems to be the most probable. I know for a fact that there are automakers and government agencies working on wireless communication protocols for automobiles that will allow vehicles to communicate wirelessly nationally! Imagine that. Choices, choices, choices… this drives everything.
Scenario B: Although, I love my Ipod and I have thousands of songs, and would love to have them all stored in my vehicle, I still love the unexpected, “surprise aspect”, of radio programming. This is hard to explain, but I am sure there are others that can relate. Although I have all the songs that I like on my Ipod, it sometimes gets a little boring because I know what I am about to hear, and I never am introduced to anything “new” per se. I gotta believe that there are several that know what I am talking about and feel the same way. Right now, I am driving a vehicle with installed Sirius, and I also have an XM MyFi hanging from my windshield. Oh, by the way, I do have a transponder hanging from the cigarette lighter with an Ipod in it! Now I have choices. It’s like taking the 14 club limit out of the golf rules!
Scenario C: I agree with the author on this. Although choices are key, we as humans don’t want to have to choose from too many options. At some point it becomes extra work! I think the satellite radio folks are going to have to really refine the “Tivo effect”. As the choice and channels increase the devices are going to have to become smarter. Devices are going to have to learn our likes and dislikes and begin helping us make the decisions. Pricing models are also going to have to be more flexible and evolve, as well. Why can’t I simply pay for talk, and R&B?

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