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Don’t fall for the “Double Dip Subscript”! August 26, 2006

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I was reading an article this morning about bringing Directv to your automobile, and it occurred to me that there will be a new phenomenon that will be growing in the next few years.  Therefore, today, I am creating a new term.  I have coined it the “double-dip subscript”. Here is the concept… why should I have to pay for source data twice!  Providers, under the facade of “new technology” are trying to convince us that we should pay twice for the same information.   For example, why should I pay Directv twice for information that I am already paying for!??  In the article there is mention of paying Directv a subscription fee to have the same programming that I am paying for in my house available to me in my car…Come on! That’s BS!!!! Why?  In this age of evolving wireless connectivity, why aren’t these folks trying to simply figure out how to get my information to me in different locations??  Does the water department charge me for each faucet that is connected to my main water line?  Does the electric company make me pay to access their service from each outlet? No!  Then why do should Directv think it is OK to charge me again for tv programming that I am paying for .   Don’t get me wrong, if I need a new access card or box for my car, then that’s OK.  I understand this, but to treat me like a bald headed, stupid step-child and charge me again!!!!???

Sprint TV is a cool concept, but I already have television service that I pay for.  Work with me on getting my paid programming to me.  Charge me for the use of the medium and be done with it!   For those of you that have been following some of the other posts, this is why I want my 700w from Sprint.  This will enable me to bring my paid television programming and my TIVO items to my phone!  I can only do this now with a WM5 compatible phone.

To be honest, I was a little upset when XM teamed up with Directv.   After spending a lot of $$$$ on home adapters, speakers, and accessories to listen to XM in my home, Directv decides to provide the channels for free!  Another dds!  Now, fast follower has sirius in his car and the same xm channels that I pay for in his home!  Help me understand this. 

We have to start standing up now.  Can anyone think of any other dds’s.  Let us know.


1. Fast Follower - August 29, 2006

Don’t get upset at me ’cause XM teamed with DirecTV to give me music that I actually am paying for. Roughly $100 per month for my DirecTV subscription. If XM music is included in that $100, so be it.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - August 31, 2006

Nobody is mad at you, but I also am paying for Directv and XM!!! What’s up with that. If I were a hater I would calling the Directv and XM folks suggesting an alternate pay plan for you. I just don’t like getting played by these providers. Just like a nice set of clubs…if they treat me right, I will clean them after every round, if not they stay muddy in the garage! I should get some type of XM/Directv combo discount or something. Since the two of them want to team up so damn bad!

3. Fast Follower - September 1, 2006

Speak with your feet. Walk away. If you’re not prepared to walk away when you have alternatives, then you’re not really that upset. As we discussed the other day, Comcast gives you a huge discount if you sign up for broadband internet, VOIP phone, and cable TV. So, like Sean Connery said in the Untouchables, “What are you prepared to do?”

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