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Tivo Google, or Tivo Microsoft, or Tivo Yahoo? October 28, 2006

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The guys over on PVR Wire believe Tivo will eventually be purchased by Google, Microsoft or Yahoo.  If they’re correct, is this good or bad for us Tivo users?

The Vertical Grip for the Nikon D200 October 27, 2006

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I know TI isn’t much of a camera guy. So far it doesn’t seem like many of our readers are either. So what! I’m excited. I just purchased the vertical grip for my new D200. Isn’t this a cool photo taken with the D200 in verticle grip mode?

Need Help Choosing the Right Portable GPS Unit… October 25, 2006

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OK, the fellow PTIers are trying to get the Sprint text messaging issue resolved, I have another tech issue that I need assistance with.  For the first time in 4 years, I have ordered a vehicle without a factory navigation system.  My original thought was that I would buy an application for the Treo 700w, but with the way things are going, I am not sure how long I will have this phone!!  If any of you have recommendations that fit the budget (I would like to keep it below 700 bucks), let me hear from you.  I could possibly be convinced to pay a little more, but I am not sure who the players are in this game.  Tomtom and Garmin are the only ones that I know.  A lot have the bluetooth phone feature, and I am not overly convinced that I need to play MP3s.  I do want the 3d display, voice directions, and because of my eyesight I need a good, crisp, clear screen (even in sunlight).   Help me out with your recommendations…… 

I want YouTube on my 700wx October 6, 2006

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Is this too much to ask??  I know some of the avid PTInteraction readers can help me on this.   I paid good cheese for the 700wx, and excuse me if my expetations are high, but admittedly…. I WANT IT ALL!  Can some one tell me how watch YouTube videos on my 700wx with out downloading, converting files to the PC, and syncing the file to “who knows where”?   Although, I plan to get my slingbox going here soon (Fast Follower knows how to do that), I want YouTube now!  In addition, my daughter now has me addicted to Pandora.com.   In my estimation, I should be able to listen to my radios on this, as well.  Palm if you are going to sell top of the line stuff, you need to be prepared for folks with high expectaions.  Telling me it is in the next release or the technology doesn’t allow me to do stuff, is not the right answer!   PTIers chime in and let’s get this party started!

700wx Where are the SMS/Text Messages Going?… After 60 days Sprint still has not resolved the problem and refuses to admit one exists!! October 6, 2006

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After months of raving and anxiously anticipating the introduction of the Sprint 700wx, I must admit that the unit does take some getting used to.  As a long time Treo user (300, 600, 650, and now 700wx), I find my self having to refer to the book more than ever.  This is probably more of a result from the switch to the Microsoft operating system vs. the tried and true Palm OS.   Oh well, it is what it is!

Recently, Fast Follwer and I have been having difficulty communicating via SMS.  I am pretty sure that we both are familiar with text messaging… heck, we have been doing this for years! Every time that I send him a text message, he gets a message that says “The contents of this message cannot be displayed” ?  What in the heck is that about?  Here are some facts around our dilemma:

  • I have a Sprint Treo 700wx with WM5
  • He is working with a PPC-6700 with WM5 (although this is a very ugly looking unit, it has proven to be pretty reliable)
  • I can receive his SMSs with no problem
  • I can send him an SMS from my computer using the “messaging.sprintpcs.com” tag, and he receives the SMSs just fine
  • My daughter seems to be able to receive my messages OK.  I did a test last night with her Sprint phone, and all of my messages seem to go through.  Although they did seem a little delayed.
  • Fast Follower says that he not only receives the “The contents of this message cannot be displayed” mesasge once, but it repeats for 5 or 6 times…
  • The only other thing I should mention is that the PPC-6700 is an ugly looking piece of equipment (did I mention that before?)

I really need to know what is going on here.   Of course Fast Follower seems to think the problem is with my new 700wx, and I keep telling him to get rid of his PPC-6700, but we are not solving the problem.

 Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on here?  My settings? His settings?  My unit?  His unit?  I am not sure where to go for help!  Palm (hardware)?  Sprint (network)?

Help us out here.  Don’t be afraid to Tell it Like it Is! 

Nikon D200 October 3, 2006

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 TI – We normally post about PDAs, Phones, Tivos, SlingBoxes, etc.  But another electronic gadget I get into almost as much as these other devices is cameras.  I know you’re a point-and-shoot kind of photographer, while I’m on another level compared to you (as I am with most things).  But I have to tell ‘ya: the new Nikon D200 digital SLR body I just picked up is some kind of cool electronic gadget.  Check out these soccer header photos I captured this past weekend.

Point and shoot cameras can’t do that.  Just like that old Treo 650 you just got rid of couldn’t mobile “Sling”