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Nikon D200 October 3, 2006

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 TI – We normally post about PDAs, Phones, Tivos, SlingBoxes, etc.  But another electronic gadget I get into almost as much as these other devices is cameras.  I know you’re a point-and-shoot kind of photographer, while I’m on another level compared to you (as I am with most things).  But I have to tell ‘ya: the new Nikon D200 digital SLR body I just picked up is some kind of cool electronic gadget.  Check out these soccer header photos I captured this past weekend.

Point and shoot cameras can’t do that.  Just like that old Treo 650 you just got rid of couldn’t mobile “Sling”


1. Tell it like it TI is! - October 11, 2006

Yeah, once again, you are semi-correct. I would consider my self in between the “stick it in your breast pocket point and shoot” guy, and you. I like the digital cameras that have a few of the SLR type features. Just like my golf game where you dont have much to say, I can’t debate with you much on the camera stuff. Nice pics! Understand, if I ever get interested in photography at your level, I will undoubtedly make you a fast follower in that, as well.

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