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700wx Where are the SMS/Text Messages Going?… After 60 days Sprint still has not resolved the problem and refuses to admit one exists!! October 6, 2006

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After months of raving and anxiously anticipating the introduction of the Sprint 700wx, I must admit that the unit does take some getting used to.  As a long time Treo user (300, 600, 650, and now 700wx), I find my self having to refer to the book more than ever.  This is probably more of a result from the switch to the Microsoft operating system vs. the tried and true Palm OS.   Oh well, it is what it is!

Recently, Fast Follwer and I have been having difficulty communicating via SMS.  I am pretty sure that we both are familiar with text messaging… heck, we have been doing this for years! Every time that I send him a text message, he gets a message that says “The contents of this message cannot be displayed” ?  What in the heck is that about?  Here are some facts around our dilemma:

  • I have a Sprint Treo 700wx with WM5
  • He is working with a PPC-6700 with WM5 (although this is a very ugly looking unit, it has proven to be pretty reliable)
  • I can receive his SMSs with no problem
  • I can send him an SMS from my computer using the “messaging.sprintpcs.com” tag, and he receives the SMSs just fine
  • My daughter seems to be able to receive my messages OK.  I did a test last night with her Sprint phone, and all of my messages seem to go through.  Although they did seem a little delayed.
  • Fast Follower says that he not only receives the “The contents of this message cannot be displayed” mesasge once, but it repeats for 5 or 6 times…
  • The only other thing I should mention is that the PPC-6700 is an ugly looking piece of equipment (did I mention that before?)

I really need to know what is going on here.   Of course Fast Follower seems to think the problem is with my new 700wx, and I keep telling him to get rid of his PPC-6700, but we are not solving the problem.

 Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on here?  My settings? His settings?  My unit?  His unit?  I am not sure where to go for help!  Palm (hardware)?  Sprint (network)?

Help us out here.  Don’t be afraid to Tell it Like it Is! 


1. Tell it like it TI is! - October 10, 2006

Just a quick update on this. I did finally contact Sprint via email, the response came back and they informed me that I needed to contact an 800 technical number…no problem, right? Wrong, after literally repeating my email, I was told that I had to call another 800 number for further assistance. By the way, does anyone know the reason you have to punch your number into the keypad? When you finally get a person on the phone, wouldn’t you expect them to have some information about you? Well, after repeating my number and the problem, again, I was told to take the battery out of the phone for two minutes, after this high tech solution didn’t fix the problem, I was referred to another 800 number for resolution. I waited 20 minutes for the next representative. When I finally got him on the line, his response was that there was a national problem with the text messaging system??? WTF! He first told me that I would only be able to send smss to those within the Sprint network. When I explained to him that I am having problems with sending to folks in the Sprint network, he uh, oh yeah, it could happen on any network! WTF! He told me that the system was fixed on the 3rd, but today is the 10th…. and just wait till its fixed. That’s it, no fix, no notification sms will be sent…just wait a little while longer.

Sprint you gotta be kidding me. Quit insulting me with your replies. What year do you think this is….? I am so disappointed in myself for signing up for two more years to get this BS discount on the phone! However, this will be two more years that I get to Tell it Like it Is to Sprint!

BTW.. still looking for an answer to my problem. Any suggestions?

2. Tudy03 - October 12, 2006

I received the same reply when I contacted Sprint on October. 9 that the Treo 700wx has a problem sending messages to Verizon and T-Mobile networks…they just don’t receive the text messages at all! I like a fool also signed up for another 2 years just to get the discount on the phone. I guess we will just have to sit around and wait for them to fix the problem. Let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same.

3. Fast Follower - October 12, 2006

As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, maybe the foundational problem with Sprint is that management is still focused on integrating Nextel as opposed to the “nut & bolts” of the business. If so, us “Sprinters” will have a lot of ammunition for whining for a long time, since these mergers always distract executive attention.

4. Tell it like it TI is! - October 12, 2006

This is almost against the law. My suggestion to Sprint is to put the ^&*$ text messaging on the same network as the billing! Notice how this system never has any glitches, notice how that system never seems to have outages or goes down…. not even for a few hours!. Sprint, you should be ashamed of yourself, not only do you have quality problems, you are lying to your customers about it! I bought your most expensive piece of equipment, and you can’t even keep your end of the deal. What is on your mind!

Verizon, want a new customer for life? Buy me out of my contract and I am all yours! I am really pissed about this!!!!!

5. derm - October 17, 2006

having the same problem……


No help from tech support either. How hard can it be to trace out the problem

6. Tell it like it TI is! - October 17, 2006

We need to really make a big noisy campaign on this. How can we do this? We need a way to rally all the 700 users together and go full force at Sprint. Maybe then they will get their act together.

7. Damn Spring - October 18, 2006

i was told the same response by sprint regarding my 700wx. however, i am also having problems with the katana and samsung a900…so i think its something with sprint network and maybe not just the phone. also, the verizon wireless version has picture messaging..what the hell is up with sprint!!

8. Aaron Raysor - October 18, 2006

I have the PPC-6700 and I am having the same problem. No help what so ever from Sprint.

9. Tell it like it TI is! - October 19, 2006

So it appears that the problem my NOT be with just 700wxs. I kept trying to tell Fast Follower this, but he feels his device is invincible. The problem with SMS messaging is the lack of feedback. If you get a text message sent screen, you expect message to be sent…. What a concept!!!! Keep calling Sprint, keep demanding the service that we are paying for! If Sprint can’t get sms technology down, what the hell else are they screwing up! I am so made that I went with this thing and committed to two more years. If someone finds out that I can get out of this contract, let me know. This really sucks. I have been out of town for 7 days, and have been unable to send one *&^*^ message! SBS again….(Screwed by Sprint).

10. derm - October 19, 2006

I got a $5 credit, I just got the phone (3weeks ago) and I’m getting ready to turn it back in. ( I was told I had 1 month)

11. Tell it like it TI is! - October 19, 2006

Good info, derm. I will definately look into the turn in. What are you looking at as a replacement? 700p, maybe? or something totally new. Let us know. Thanks.

12. Bob Moorman - October 22, 2006

What is going on with sms Text messaging?!?! I have the 700wx phone and I am able to receive text messages yet none of my text messages I send to anyone from a different carrier can get my text message even though it says “message sent” after I send the text. Sprint tech support said this is a Verizon problem, “NOT a Sprint Problem” which pissed me off even more! If anyone gets word that they can send text messages out to another carrier other then sprint – please post so we all know. This is so messed up. If any SPRINT REP. OR VP is reading this – LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS as they are your best ASSET! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. Tell it like it TI is! - October 22, 2006

This is total crap!! The folks at Sprint obviously don’t care about their customers! Let them hear us! And then, I hear, have the nerve to try to make it all right by giving folks a $5 credit! Why don’t you just slap me on the cheek and spit in my face??? This is ridiculous. Text messaging has become a key tool for most in our daily communications, and for them to not even acknowledge the problem or take ownership is atrocious!

We should all pick a day and time to come together and make calls with the same request…fix it or let us out of these bogus contracts!

14. Car Carter - October 22, 2006

Same problem here and I’ve gotten the same responses. I switched from the Samsung i600 to the Treo 700wx. This text message problem needs to be addressed ASAP. Maybe if we start demanding replacement after replacement everythime the new one comes in the mail opwning them and then sending them back because the text messaging is working maybe someone will notice… or they will run out of phones and no one else will get screwed.

15. SPRINT - PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 22, 2006

Has anyone got word on weather this is fixed or not. This problem has been ongoing for me over the last 10 days. This is completely unexceptable as Sprint has failed to notify it’s customers of the issue, disclose any problems, and value it’s customers. Think of how many “Sprint Customers” are going to get charged for text messages that they are sending to other receipents not in the Sprint network. This is illegal and needs to be addressed now! This is how bad it’s messed up – All the text messages we have sent to phones not in the sprint pcs network come back saying – “Message Sent” – yet are text messaging is never getting anyone outside of the sprint network. Can someone please get a director or Sprint VP involved addressing this problem. Perhaps we could all put are heads together and send multiple emails out to the person in charge so they fix the problem. I am lost for words as I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to address this problem.

The second that anyone is able to send a text message out to someone other then a “sprint customer” – please let us all know.

16. Fast Follower - October 22, 2006

Ok all you Sprinters. Malcolm Berko believes this problem and others like this lie at the feet of Sprint’s President and CEO. Check out what Berko says below:

“Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) may have one of the weakest, most inutile and confused chief executive officers of any telephone company this side of Pluto. In fact, Gary Forsee deserves an Emmy, a Grammy, as well as an Oscar for unquestionably being the most perplexed, bewildered and discombobulated CEO in the Wireless Kingdom.

While Forsee was vice chairman of BellSouth, he proved that “customer satisfaction” was an oxymoron. Forsee was a nuts-and-bolts man and, to him, customers were as welcome as a toothache. When he finally exited BellSouth in 2003 to join Sprint, BellSouth’s customer care was nonexistent and the shares traded at $26. BellSouth now trades at $41 and customer service became the company’s mantra.”

You’ve got to figure out how to make Sprint hear you. Here’s a start. Gary Forsee is the pres and CEO. You’ll never contact him. But you can talk about him. Bill White is the PR chief. You can’t contact him either. But you can talk about him. These are the two guys that matter: The guy “running the show” (Forsee), and his “spin-doctor” (White). Every comment here or on some other forum should mention one or both of these guys until they hear you and allow the company to provide some answers.

17. Tell it like it TI is! - October 23, 2006

Dear Mr. Forsee,
I am writing this letter to inform you of a situation that you may or may not be aware of. As you can see from the comments above, I believe that your customers are having an issue with your service that your customer service folks cannot figure out. Are you aware that the purchasers of your high-end units are unable to send simple text messages to each other??? To make matters worse, the way that your customer service folks are replying to this issue is unprofessional, disrespectful, and, to be quite honest, out-right insulting! A few of your representatives are even embarassed to have the direct responsibility for communicating a known problem to your customers. All of the standard delay tatics have run out, and your folks no longer have an answer. The best remedy they can offer is a $5 credit! I pay your company over $150 per month, and to be insulted in this fashion can’t be the way the you have intended your Company to operate. I just won’t believe it.
Please give your full attention to this embarassing issue and make amends with the folks that are going through this ordeal. Text messaging is not new technology, and before you offer another advance Sprint TV, Power Vision, or whatever else you are about to introduce, please resolve this issue. I refuse to wait 40 minutes on your state-of-the-art, voice recognizing “customer service” line again. This is really making an impact on my view of your operations.

Please help. I hope that you find this information helpful, and act accordingly.


18. WHAT IS THE DEAL!!!! - October 23, 2006

DEAR SPRINT – PLEASE FIX YOUR TEXT MESSAGING ISSUE!!!!!!!! It’s BEEN 14 DAYS! WHAT IS THE DEAL! Mr. Forsee amd Mr. White – do something about this. This is beyond unexceptable.

19. derm - October 24, 2006
20. Sprint - October 24, 2006

I have a Treo 700wx also and I got a more detailed response. They said that when Palm made the 700wx ROM code, there is a faulty line of code that won’t let the SMS go through to the other networks and that a patch from PalmOne will be coming out soon for the Treo 700wx to fix the problem. No ETA or anything. I’m just going to be calling everday and requesting a $5 credit until my monthly bills to Sprint goes away.

21. Tell it like it TI is! - October 24, 2006

Was the representative pretty sure about this problem? Maybe we should be contacting PalmOne instead of Sprint??? Not sure what to do, this is getting really ridiculous. Do you have the name and number of the $5 credit representative? Maybe we all should contact and ask for the same person everyday! Bug the heck out of him until he breaks! I would have been more tolerant if I was talking about the giveaway phone, but we purchased the top of the line. Also today, I logged into the customer service site, and emialed my concerns with a link to this blog…. We need answers and action NOW!

22. Tell it like it TI is! - October 24, 2006

It appeas that Ed Colligan is the CEO at PalmOne… maybe we should start including his name in the comments, as well. I will add his name to the tags…..


Mr. Gary Forsee
President & CEO – Sprint / Nextel

Dear Mr. Forsee,

This is unexceptable! Is this how you treat your customers? This severe text problem been happening since October 2, 2006.

1. Can send text to email addresses
2. Can send texts to Sprint
3. Cannot send texts to other carriers (they don’t receive them)

I can’t imagine any Verizon customer ever having to deal with this! How can you be so crazy to not even acknowelege this serious problem as we are almost 3 weeks into this service failure with very few people at sprint being aware of this issue. I encourage all sprint customers to report this to the Better Business Bureau as Sprint will not even acknowlege the problem.

I, and your entire customer base encourage you to make people aware of this severe problem immeidatly. This should not take 3 weeks to fix.

24. Tell it like it TI is! - October 24, 2006

The truth will set you free Mr. Forsee and Mr. Colligan… you two are probably together now…kickin back, having a cold one, watching the World Series!!!! Your customers are are obviously the farthest thing from your mind… Who sends SMSs anyway??? Right? Take a look at all of the companies that have turned their back on their customers…I have been reading about all of your future endeavors…who do you think buys into this. BTW I just saw the updated coverage map in the Cell Phone Handbook Magazine…no wonder you had to come up with the free roaming scam… You must be having a ball scamming all of us! Fix your problem….

Verizon, pay my penalty, and my wife, son, daughter, and I are customers for life!

25. Get Out Of Your Sprint Contract Free Until October 31 - - October 24, 2006

Sprint just raised their fees for text messaging. One local “Consumer Affairs” reporter says that this means you can get out of your contract. It is a limited time process though. You supposedly can cancel within the 30 days after you get the bill where they notify you of the price increase. Not that I have anything to say about Sprint concerning service, current Sprint users who have been looking for a loophole to get out of contracts sans penalty now have their answer. Sprint upped the text messaging fee for subscribers meaning that current customers now have the option to cancel their contract without incurring the usual early termination fee.

Sprint is hiking its text message fee to $.15, which means that you can get out of your contract.

And it’s all thanks to the fine print in this service agreement! Sprint states they can raise your rates at any time. But it also says if they raise rates you can cancel your contract without a penalty.

If you use Sprint’s service or make payments on or after the effective date of change, you have accepted the changes. If Sprint changes a material term of the agreement and that change has a material adverse effect on you, you can terminate the agreement without a fee by calling 1-888-567-5528 within 30 days after the change goes into effect.

26. -J - October 25, 2006

Believe it or not the problem doesnt just lie with in the Treo. I am a sprint/nextel service center tech, and I can tell you through experience that it goes not only on the CDMA side of the fence but the iDen side as well. The constant message of “failed to recieve message” is becoming a slap in the face. Not only that, but I only get half the messages sent to me. Some of them finally pop on my phone after approximately 7 hours. Some take 7 days. The sprint nextel merger is a hassel that should have been taken care of before plans of buying the company took place. The infrastructur of the system is outdated on both sides and needs to be not only refurbished, but totally taken off line and rebuilt. But with the lowest customer satisfation in the cell phone industry, do you honestly think that sprint will risk losing more customers to verizon? Nope, so they will continue to build off a colapsing foundation and expect us to eat the crap they shovel to their paying customers. Unacceptable. I am teatering on the edge of putting in my two weeks notice just because of the conlflict of my morals working for a company that takes and gives nothing back. On an unrelated note, following a seminar I had attended at the Sprint corporate office in Carry, NC, the problem with customer satisfaction according to one Service Area Representative lies with the repair stations and their customer interaction. This was a verbal slap in the face. I empathize with every crapped on sprint customer there is, and know that I am one too. Fix The Problem


Mr. Forsee,

Look how much you get paid! Why can’t you fix this text problem!

Cash Compensation (FY December 2005)
Salary $1,252,875
Bonus $3,443,892
Latest FY other short-term comp. $243,237
Latest FY other long-term comp. $13,761,472
Latest FY long-term incentive payout $0
Total $18,701,476

Stock Options (FY December 2005)
Number of options Market value
Exercised 626,250 $9,871,788
Unexercised 194,850 $1,037,901
Unexercisable 2,991,600 $22,327,048
Total 3,812,700 $33,236,737

How can you earn this much money and not acknowlege this problem or do anything about it? Please explain why text messaging is not fixed yet!

28. Car Carter - October 25, 2006

Well it appears that my email also has a problem. When ever I send email to Time Warner “Carolina.rr.com” only one out of 3 emails go through… and I’m sending it to the same address!!! Does Verizon have this phone and does it work???????

29. Tell it like it TI is! - October 25, 2006

Folks, we gotta give a lot of love to J. Here we have a Sprint representative confessing to us customers about what is really going on. J it takes a lot of courage and morals to admit that the company that is paying you, is wrong. Mr. Forsee should hire more employees like yourself…folks that do the right thing. Big ups to J!

Now back to the issue at hand… Mr. Forsee help us understand what is going on…I had a Treo 300 when it first came out…although I had to by supplemental software, I was ablet to send text messages..Treo 600, I was ablet to send text messages…Treo 650, I was able to send text messages, Treo 700wx…all of a sudden, your network cannot support text messages! Keep in mind, I am not even addressing the dropped calls, the excessive roaming charges, and the subpar coverage your company has in my area. I was willing to live with all of your shortfalls, giving your company the benefit of the doubt, but your unwillingness to recognize your loyal (or should I say stupid) customer base has really shown your true leadership model. This is about you and the no one else. The buck stops with you. I had to beg you for a $150 upgrade discount to buy the top of the line smartphone, I waited for you to finally introduce the unit while I watched the Verizon customers enjoy their units. I have sat back and watched you increase your rates while decreasing your level of service. Is this the legacy you want to leave?? Yes, to you this sounds like a lot of sour grapes, and in your next board meeting you will probably dismiss us all as lunatics, but you are about to experience the true meaning of word of mouth!! This blog is hitting record highs each day, and it will not stop. Hopefully, you raise your rates and your customers escape the trap that you set to get us into contracts that we really don’t want to be in. Business models have developed and depend on quick text messaging. I happen to be and executive at a Fortune 5 Company. I am not a kid just trying to send cute messages. You are impacting my business life, and I don’t appreciate it. FIX YOUR PROBLEM…..

30. ivan - October 26, 2006

this is bullshit fix my phone!!

31. ivan - October 26, 2006

i just got off the phone with sprint customer service, at first they knew nothing of the issue. after a repeated struggle the rep apologized (Idiot) that sprint has had the issue since the 19th. she said service went down on the east coast due to a hurricane in florida (what hurricane) then i asked for compensation for my inconvenience and she said i couldnt recieve one until it goes in her system. wtf! the problem should be fixed in 72 hours if i call back after 72 hours and the problem is not fixed theyre giving more than $5

32. ivan - October 26, 2006

watch them dicontinue this phone (700x) and release the treo 750!

33. derm - October 26, 2006


34. Tell it like it TI is! - October 26, 2006

Here is an email response that I received from my email to Sprint Customer Service. Seems that PalmOne will be issuing a fix soon, but there is no ETA.

“Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I will be happy to assist
you regarding sending text messages from your Treo 700wx.

I can understand your concern with not being able to send text messages to
non-Sprint customers from your Treo 700wx. I know that this can be a frustrating
experience and I do apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. Rest
assured, I will give this matter my full attention. I want to get this resolved
for you.

This is a know issue and has been reported to PalmOne, the maker of the Treo.
They are implementing a patch that can be downloaded and installed on your Treo
700wx that will fix the problem. While there is now estimated date for this to
be released, you can have peace in mind knowing that a solution is being
implemented to help you and customer like you get your PDA working to its full
capabilities. I am sincerely sorry for this situation.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me
by replying to this email. I will address them for you right away. Thank you for
contacting Sprint. We value your business and I look forward to the opportunity
to provide you excellent service now and in the future. Thank you and have a
great day!

Benjamin J.
Employee E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
“Where our customers come first!””

35. Zee - October 27, 2006

This is crazy! I’ve had enough. Good bye Sprint!

36. Fast Follower - October 27, 2006

Regarding the customer response that TI received….Blaming the problem on Palm seems like a good strategy even if it’s not true. If it is true, however, have we directed our wrath at the wrong company? Maybe some of this anger should be directed at Ed Colligan, Palm’s President and CEO. If it’s not true, maybe Ed (Palm) should know that Gary Forsee (Sprint/Nextel) is blaming the problem on him and his late patch update. After all, Benjamin J (the customer service guy that responded to TI) said that Sprint values our business and looks forward to the opportunity to provide excellent service now and in the future. Sprint together with Nextel: “Where our customers come first!”

Don’t y’all believe him??

Even if y’all don’t believe him, don’t let Palm off the hook either. I’m using a PPC6700 that seems to be working fine on the Sprint network. The only text messages I can’t receive are from TI’s Treo 700wx.

37. wade - October 27, 2006

Same Problem with mine. Customer service is worthless, act as though they have never heard of such a thing. I just got mine yesterday, so time to return it and go back to verizon if sprint doesn’t get off theirs.

38. Fast Follower - October 27, 2006

Guys (and Gals) I hate to remind you that I kind of “told you so.” Re-check out this post of mine on this blog from this blog link about Sprint. This post was on August 29.

39. derm - October 28, 2006

It’s sprint. No other carrier is having this problem…SPRINT SUCKS!!

“Flag set wrong for encryption” B.S.

40. Fast Follower - October 30, 2006

derm – You might be correct. But correct me if I’m wrong: No other carrier is using the Treo 700wx either? Correct? If Sprint is the only carrier using the 700wx, then I can’t see how we can let Palm totally off the hook on this.

41. Fast Follower - October 30, 2006
42. Tell it like it TI is! - October 30, 2006

Bottomline, though. I bought the unit from a Sprint store, I receive a monthly statement from a company call Sprint, and Sprint is the only company that calls to sell me stuff related to cell phone. Folks, let us not get distracted…. THIS IS A SPRINT PROBLEM!!! When you buy a computer or car, you go to the folks that sold it to you, not the indivudual suppliers!!! Mr. Forsee. Enough is enough!!!! We know that you have read this blog, and refuse to reply or even tell us that you are working on the problem. Your customer service can’t even come up with a corporate answer or line for us consistenlty. Let me just tell you…The world ain’t that flat, yet!

43. Fast Follower - October 30, 2006

So you’re saying “the buck stops with Sprint.” That might be true with Presidents, but you shouldn’t care who helps you. You’re correct and proper to give Sprint heck, but I can’t believe you’ll let Palm off the hook. I know all you Treo owners have this love affair with Palm. Let me tell you, Palm can help with this as well. If Palm admits they have a problem with the 700wx on Sprint’s network, they can work with Sprint to get the darned problem fixed.

For those of us that used the Treo 300 way back when…remember the door that broke off after about a year of using the device? Sprint always gave me a new Treo 300. But I assure you Palm paid to have Sprint give me one for no charge. Why? Because Palm admitted they had a problem.

Keep the heat on both companies. And if you leave, don’t just quit Sprint. Quit Palm too.

If my buddy is sleeping with my girl, I’m not going to quit my girl and hang with my buddy. I’m gonna quit both of them.

44. 30 days of problems. - October 31, 2006

It has been 30 days and this probelm is still yet to be fixed! I got a text from a Verizon Carrier and it’s so frustrating how I can not even respond to the text I receive. Why even have a text feature. I am so beside myself. Mr. Forsee, you are the most unethical CEO in the entire wireless community. 30 days and you still charging me for text is unexceptable and fraud. Do you think this phone will be fixed by the end of the year?

45. Tell it like it TI is! - October 31, 2006

Was anyone able to get out of their contract yet? It is time to start taking action against these two faced liers. This is ridiculous. After 30 days (for some of us it has been longer). I suggest we all call Sprint on Friday, November 3rd, and ask for our phones to be replaced. Our reasoning should be that we were sold phones that are not able to use the services that we are being charged for. Simple as that. This is starting to sound like fraud to me. Couldn’t I get a refund if I bought XP software that can’t run on Windows XP? Could I get a refund on a television that won’t plug into a standard wall socket? You can return anything that doesn’t work as advertised. I bought a phone that claimed to be able to send text messages, and it can’t! It is that simple. Let’s declare Friday as RETURN YO 700 DAY!!!! Sprint, you know what you can do with this unit….. In fact I will email them tonight and ask them to arrange for pickup.

46. Tell it like it TI is! - November 1, 2006

Here is the note I just emailed to Sprint…feel free to copy and paste this and send as many times as you can…. Mr. Forsee, you should be ashamed of how you are handling this matter. You wont forget this…

I purchased a 700wx from you about a month ago. All of the literature that I have read, including your online store description led me to believe that this unit would be able to send and receive sms text messages via your network. As you know this is not the case. I feel that the phone was sold to me under false pretenses, and does not operate as you described. I would like for you to refund all monies paid for this equipement. Please let me know the procedure to accomplish this. Thanks for your prompt reply.

47. Tell it like it TI is! - November 1, 2006

OK… I got another thought on how to get action. If Forsees isn’t listening to his customers, let’s try to get the well-known writers to back us on this. Let’s look up every article that has been written by PC World, CNET, etc. that endorses the 700wx and/or Sprint, and let them read our comments. Le’t ask them to begin writing articles about this problem, and let’s engage these authors! Just go to their recent article, find their email address, and describe the problem. Let’s see what happens when the editors, as in “Editor’s Choice” find out that they were wrong in their ratings! We have to go after Sprint on this one. This is not right!

48. Terrence - November 1, 2006

I just bought a treo 700wx friday the 27th, and i wish i stumbled on this blog before i spent the $$. I bought this phone to text, i passed up “texting phones”; the sidekick, the ppc, for this phone. 499.99, and i cant even use it. I dont want a 700p, the software seems stale. Does anyone really know if this will be fixed? Im scared they wont take the phone back because it was dropped already. But they have to right?

49. Greg - November 1, 2006

WOW, this is a huge problem, that more and more people are finding out as they buy the treo. I bought the treo on october 10th and here is what i have seen:

Text back and forth to Sprint customers: YES
Text back and forth to Cingular customers: YES
Receive texts from Verizon: Sometimes
Send texts to Verizon: NO
Text back and forth to T-Mobile customers: NO

On another note, has anyone had trouble with NFL Mobile on their Treo 700? I tried to download it and the link gave me an error. I called customer support and they said that the NFL Mobile system was down and would be fixed on the 20th, it’s now Nov 1, and the link still doesn’t work.

I also found out that the treo can not access Sprint TV, which wasn’t explained to me when i bought the phone. Customer service said that it wasn’t available for the treo yet, and they wouldn’t know if/when it would be.

I have been a sprint customer for 4 years now and just renewed my contract………i’m starting to think that was a mistake……they have until the end of this year to right the ship, or i’m switching!

50. Fast Follower - November 1, 2006

Ryan Kairer on Palm Info Center called it “the best PocketPC device that I’ve ever used…”   Let Ryan know.  Lisa Gade gave it 5 1/2 stars on Mobile Tech Review.  Let Lisa know.   Dieter Bohn 0n Treo Central says the best Windows Mobile device is now the 700wx.  Let Dieter know.

There have been many reviews (CNET, Laptop Magazine, PC Magazine, and others).  Let ’em all know how you feel, and how wrong they were.

51. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2006

I just sent an email to Dieter Bohn asking him to help us raise awareness on this issue. Hopefully, he can help us. Cross your fingers.

52. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2006

I just contacted Consumer Reports asking for their assistance. Hopefully, help is on the way!

53. Dieter Bohn - November 2, 2006

Hey all –

I’ve already asked both Palm and Sprint for explanations. They’re definitely working on it, but I’m guessing they don’t dare make any promises about ETA until they’re sure.

In other words – they know, they’re working on it. So, in my opinion, constant, yet gentle and polite, pressure is the best course. an email or a phone call every few days.

54. Dieter Bohn - November 2, 2006

Oh, and FWIW, I’m super pissed about the SMS issue. If you want to hear me rant about it, take a listen to the podcast: http://treocentral.com/content/Stories/954-1.htm

55. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2006

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!!! I have been following you quite a bit in the past. You just racked up plenty of TELL IT LIKE IT IS “People’s Choice” Award points!!! Thanks for the comments. However, it is getting very hard to remain “gentle and polite”. These units are pretty expensive!

56. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2006

OK. Ready for another laugh? According to Sprint, all you had to do was turn to page 146 of the Owners Guide!!!! Here is the response that I received from my last interaction with Customer Service!!!

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel in regards to your Palm Treo 700w.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this matter has obviously caused.
Please note that your Palm Treo 700w can send and receive text messages. The instructions for creating and sending text messages are located on page 146 of your User’s Guide.
In reviewing your account, I see that you were advised that there was an issue with our text messaging service.

In order to provide you the quickest resolution and most concise information regarding this current text messaging outage, our dedicated Technical Support Team will respond to your question within 24 hours.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this message, and I will be happy to assist you further.
Sprint together with Nextel appreciates your business, and look forward to providing you first class service in the future. Have a great day!

Linda B.
Sprint together with Nextel
“Where our customers come first!”

57. Tell it like it TI is! - November 7, 2006

I thought I would never be saying this, and I guess we gave it a valiant try, but I am tired of fighting with Sprint! I spoke with customer service today, and they still have no eta on this phone, Ihave waited too long to return the 700w under the warranty. What a scam! In order to get the phone discount, they made me sign a two year agreement. I now believe that they knew this phone didnt work when they sold it to me. Customer service told me to wait and wait until they knew I would be trapped. My only option now is to take this piece of crap and try to beg the folks at the store for an exchange with another phone. BTW, the phone rep couldnt make me any promises and told me that it is totally up to the representative at the desk! You gotta be f#$#%#$% kidding me! Unfortunately, I will probably go with the PPC 6700. You have to ask yourself… is it better to have a nice Mercedes in the driveway with no engine, or get on with your life with a driveable hooptie? I guess I have to drive the ugly monster because it seems to work.

I am going in tomorrow to get a new phone.

If ANYONE has any idea how to get out of this 2 year agreement and return this phone for the full price, please let me know. I will be on the Verizon doorstep before you can say UGLY ASS PHONE! Please let me know. However, do not send a text message because my $699 phone won’t be able to respond!

I”ll holla.

58. Tell it like it TI is! - November 8, 2006

Here is an update to my dilemma…

Per instructions from the Sprint representative, I took another lunch hour today to go to the Sprint Store where I purchased the unit. What a humiliating experience! I calmly explained the situation to the actual person that sold me the phone. She denied having any knowledge of a texting issue with Sprint. She proceeded to tell me that since I have had the phone for over 30 days that there was nothing she could do for me (WAIT!!! Sprint told me to wait and that the problem would be fixed!). She told me that she has NOTHING to do with an entity of Sprint call Customer Care (apparently, this is who I have been talking to over the phone). I proceeded to point out to her that the front of the builiding had the Sprint logo, her shirt had the Sprint logo, and the logos on the website were Sprint logos. The Sprint tact is now to pretend as if all of the different entities are in no way connected! Sprint, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

After she concluded explaining to me that Sprint retail stores and Customer Care have nothing to do with each other, she then began to explain to me that only a designated repair store could help me. Of course, this store is not a repair facility. She indicated that a technician would have to attempt a repair to the unit. I again indicated that if there were a repair available, it would have been communicated by now, but she insisted (even after reading my weekly Customer Care summaries on the computer). Again, she insisted that she would have been notified if there were a problem with Sprint or any of its products. This took up the majority of my lunch hour and I didn’t have time to go to the Repair Store. The address she gave me was about 15 minutes away, and I anticipate that it will take me longer than 10 minutes. I will update everyone this evening regarding the Repair Store visit that I plan to make this evening. Stay tuned.

If ANYONE has any idea how to get out of this 2 year agreement and return this phone for the full price, please let me know. However, do not send a text message because my $699 phone won’t be able to respond!

59. derm - November 8, 2006

I’m in the same boat. Told it would be fixed until my 30days were over. I pay for insurance w/sprint, so if the phone does not work they way the service is intended, can I bring it in for repair and if they can’t repair it,… Give me another dam phone.

I tried contacting Palm about the problem, explained Sprint blames them and I need a patch, they responded with we don’t know of a problem so please provide more info, however they didn’t give me a return email address. When I reply, I get the message “Tthat addy does not except email”…


60. Tell it like it TI is! - November 9, 2006

Well folks, I finally fixed the problem! Here are the details below.

The last chapter of the saga is sort of like a good ole fashioned Rosa Parks-style sit-in! It goes like this….

Per the instructions that I received from the retail Sprint store, I went to the store that is designated as an “Authorized Repair Center”. According to the young lady at the retail Sprint store, they have all of the decision making power at these facilities. So, I show up at the ARC to talk to the representative about my problem. Of course, he has no clue, and has heard nothing about the text messaging problem. I proceeded to share with him about 50 printed pages documenting this problem. I used all of the content from this site, I used all of the comments from the Treo Central site, along with some others. Ok, now that we have established that there is a problem, HOW ARE WE GOING TO RESOLVE THIS????

Now that the “we have no knowledge of this problem” excuse was defused, we now have to deal with the “you are out of the 30-day return period” reason. I proceeded to instruct the representative to pull up my Customer Care file, as I know that all of the contacts are documented. The rep began to explain that he was new and all he could see were the comments from my visit earlier that day telling me to go to the ARC…. I quickly grabbed a seasoned Customer Care representative that was listening to all of this and asked him to help the new, young fella pull up my comments. He proceeded to pull up page after page of my contacts which indicated that when I tried to return the unit within the 30 day window, I was instructed to wait until the end of October for the problem to be fixed. So, in fact, it was only by Sprint’s advice that I waited beyond the 30 day period. Now that we are beyond this issue….HOW ARE WE GOING TO RESOLVE MY PROBLEM????

Now, as we have all experienced, here comes the doozie.. the one thing that every in-store representative has in their pocket, right? The young fella tells me that his hands are tied and he really wants to help, but he can only do what the folks no the Customer Care line authorizes him to do! He proceeds to begin writing the Customer Care number down on his card, and begins to instruct that it is best to call around 9.30 because that is when the call volume will go down and I will have the shortest wait time…. Now, being a seasoned screwed Sprint customer, I have seen this tatic in many forms before… it is called the “just get the guy out of the store right now” tatic. Before he could get the advise out of his mouth, I was already using one of the showroom floor units to call Customer Care. I indicated to him that this would be resolved TODAY!

As I was on the normal hold cycle with Customer Care, I witnessed a sales person talking to a customer about the 700wx. Just as the sale was about to go down, I conveniently spoke up and offered the potential customer all of my documentation and web articles about the problem… That’s my duty, right??? The potential customer told the sales person that he couldn’t believe that he was about to sell him a phone with a known problem!!! The salesperson tried convincing the customer that he really didn’t know about it, but the customer didn’t believe him. The customer walked out of the store and said he has just made up his mind and going to Verizon!!! This is a little tatic that I call “Telling the doggone Truth!”.

Meanwhile I am still on hold with Customer Care. I got a little tired so I began sitting on the display counter. At the sight of this, the representative kindly brought a chair out to me! Can you believe this! I am in the middle of the Sprint showroom with a chair, talking to Customer Care! Now that all of the customers in the place are noticing me, I begin to make jokes! I blurted out the old classic… “You should put the text messaging on the same network as the billing! You never seem to drop a statement or lose a single cent on your charges!”….. The showroom literally bursts into laughter. The manager is getting red and nervous, but all the while I am upbeat, never cursing, and actually being quite a nice guy. As the young rep passed me on the phone, I just told him that Sprint should be ashamed of themselves for treating a long time customer like this!

I finally got Amanda on the Customer Care line and she told me that she thinks there is a technical fix. She wanted to transfer me to the tech hotline, and promised that if their suggestion didn’t work, she would resolve my issue with a new phone of my choice. I waited again in the middle of the showroom and spoke with the technician. After 15 minutes of waiting and research, he asked me if I had removed the battery to reset the unit. I politely told him, yes, and he said there was nothing else he could do! See folks, this is called the “KEEP BOUNCING HIM AROUND UNTIL WE PISS HIM OFF” tatic. If they can piss you off enough, and make you raise your voice, they can write you off as unruly, and a potential threat to safety, and refuse to assist you and have you removed from the store! But ole TI is too smart for that! Don’t feel bad if you have not perfected the technique, it actually takes years of getting screwed by Sprint to get the technique just right.

After the tech guy can’t help resolve the problem, he transfers me back to “Accounts” or something like that. Of course, I don’t get Amanda, I get a totally different person! He has no clue about what I am talking about. He reads the comments and I ask for Amanda. He begins to tell me how big the call center is and Amanda could possibly be in another state! See folks this is the , “INTRIGUE THE CUSTOMER WITH USELESS FACTS, AND TRY TO IMPRESS HIM WITH THE SIZE OF THE ORGANIZATIN, AND HE MIGHT FORGET HIS ORIGINAL REASON FOR CALLING” tact. But again, I immediately blocked this move, they tried to use this one on me back in 2003! Having seen this move before, I was able to deflect it quite effectively.

I never did speak with Amanda again, but I got someone in her department that could pull up and read her comments. Jessica finally asked the question I was waiting to hear! “WHAT KIND OF PHONE WOULD YOU LIKE TO REPLACE THE 700WX WITH, SIR?” I had finally done it! I finally got someone that cared and was willing to help! I immediately introduced Jessica to the young fella that was assisting me, I asked her, in detail, to explain the resolution that she was going to authorize so that there would be no mistakes or communications. You see, I used a little tatic of my own! It is called the “STAY IN THE STORE, AND DON’T LET THEM BOUNCE YOU AROUND AND MAKE THEM TALK TO EACH OTHER” technique. It is sort of like the old Ali “rope-a-dope”, or the Manning bootleg move. They never expect or see you coming.

So bottomline, I am finally out of the 700wx. It was the worst phone experience that I ever had. I am still not sure if I am mad at Palm or not. It was Sprint that treated me so poorly, right? Is the proper reaction not to ever buy a Treo again?? Did I really win? Not really. Sprint still has me bound to a contract, and I am still paying them each month? This is called the “WHO’S LAUGHING TO THE BANK” technique. But, Sprint did lose something today. They lost my loyalty, and they should understand that after my obligations are fulfilled, I will never be back! In the meantime, I will do the best I can to get folks not to use their service or begin new relationships with them. I will tell this story to my grandkids (my kids are not even in high school yet)…. So in a way, they didn’t win, the problem is they don’t know it and never will… in business this is called the “I WILL TRY TO DISCOURAGE ALL OF THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS THAT I CAN’ technique!

BTW, I am now the owner of a Samsung 6700. I think it is ugly, and not as good looking as the Treo, I admit. I told Fast Follower last night, is it better to have aMercedes in the driveway with no engine in it, or is it better to be able to run your errands in a hooptie! I got to run my errands!

As always, Tell it Like it Is!

61. Fast Follower - November 9, 2006

One man’s “hooptie” is another man’s “classic” that’s been blinged-out with the latest accessories. Just so you know, my 6700 “hooptie” has 22″ spinners called Mobile Slingbox. And, my 6700 “hooptie” gets me from point A to point B just fine. I may look like Jed Clampett driving my “hooptie”, but a closer inspection shows I’m living in Beverly Hills.

62. Tell it like it TI is! - November 9, 2006

How ironic… here is a reply that I received from Sprint from my last email…Trust them…Help is on the way!!!!!

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel.

I am very sorry that you feel misled about the abilities of the phone you purchased. This device is able to send and receive text messages from Sprint
devices and receive messages from other provider’s devices. The problem occurs
when you try to sent to a different carrier’s device. This issue is supposed to
be resolve by the end of November. When that occurs there will be an
over-the-air software upgrade and then you will have full functionality. I am
very sorry for the inconvenience. The Palm Treo 700WX is a fine device and I
believe it will be worth the wait.

Thank you for choosing Sprint. We appreciate your business, and look forward to
providing you first class service in the future. Have a great day!

Edward K.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
“Where our customers come first!”

63. Zee - November 13, 2006

Will it appears Palm has released this phoe to two more carriers, Bell & Telus. I wonder if they are having the same problem?

64. Tell it like it TI is! - November 14, 2006

Well, folks, I officially no longer have this problem! I was finally allowed to change phones. I now have the PPC-6700, and it works just fine. It is more obvious to me now that the Palm Treo 700wx simply was not ready for primetime! I know that all of this was sparked by the text messaging issue, but I have to tell ya…. The PPC6700 handles that WM5 OS very well. Maybe it was me putting too much workload onto the 700wx, but I had to reset the thing just about each time I wanted to begin a series of calls! To get the thing to recognize my bluetooth devices I had to stop all other applications and/or reset the entire device…very annoying.

So far, I have no functional complaints with the 6700, it just handles everything a lot smoother than the 700wx. I also notice that after 3-4 treos that the keyboard on the 6700 feels a little too big. It feels like I have to reach “all the way across” this big keyboard to get to certain letters.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Sprint is not off of the hook, I bought my phone from Sprint, and they should have treated me better!

Sorry I jumped ship, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Look on the positive side, though…


65. Al Goncalves - November 14, 2006

I too got confirmation on this. Fix will be released at the end of Nov.

66. Tell it like it TI is! - November 14, 2006

Al, for the sake of you 700wx users, I hope this is true. I gotta tell you though, they told me it would be fixed at the end of September, they told me it would be the end of October, and now they are saying the end of November. I will tell you that I did have a representative slip and tell me that it would not be resolved until the end of the year! I simply could not wait any longer. This was more than a “fun thing” for me. Not being able to text was really impacting my productivity. I just got tired of waiting. Not sure if you read all of my experiences (above), but I was forced to go with the PPC-6700. I will tell you this thing is not the best looking device, but it WORKS flawlessly. Do you find yourself resetting the thing all of the time? In order to get the bluetooth device switching to work half the time, I would have to reset the thing, close all of the apps, etc. Just not sure if the Treo wx was ready for primetime. Feels like Sprint rushed it before all of the testing was done. Good luck to ya! Let me know your experiences…. good and bad. I will tell you also, the WIFI on the 6700 comes in handy, and the larger screen is very noticeable, especially after I get all of my slingbox equipment hooked up.

67. Fast Follower - November 16, 2006

TI – There you go again: Letting Palm off the hook. What do you mean, “Sprint rushed it…” Doesn’t Palm have some say about what devices they allow the carriers to carry. With the exception of the text messaging issue, all of your other problems were Treo problems not Sprint problems. Treo has really built up a lot of positive user equity. In the users’ mind, Treo can do no wrong.

It’s like marrying your high school sweet heart. In the beginning she was beautiful, she cooked, she did your laundry and was completely devoted to only you. Now she’s fat and ugly, doesn’t cook, never washes your clothes, and cheats on you. But you still love her.

68. Tell it like it TI is! - November 17, 2006

No, see there you go again trying to spread the blame and diluting the whole issue!!! It is all too clear that you can go down the supply chain… we all know that. But I am the consumer, not a purchasing agent, not a commodity buyer, or anything else! I bought the equipment from SPRINT! And when I gave them my money, part of what I was paying for was for them to assure the quality of anything that sell me! So if I put pressure and complain to Sprint, THEY should be the ones to bang the heads of Palm… this is not my job! In your scenario, I guess I should blast Microsoft too…heck it is their operating system, I didn’t like the way the buttons felt, maybe I should investigate and try to find the supplier of the little springy things under the buttons…. NO! None of these folks took my money, none of these folks advertised for me to come in and spend my money, and none of these folks made any promises to me that did not come through Sprint!!!!

Heck, in your analogy when things go wrong with my wife, I should get in my car and go slap her grandmother! Heck, ultimately she was responsible, right!?

69. BillyBoy - November 17, 2006

Is there a 3rd party software we can download and use instead? I’ve seen programs like SMS manager or something. Will that work in the meantime?

ps. How did we go from hating Sprint and Palm to slapping grandmothers?

70. Tell it like it TI is! - November 18, 2006

Billyboy, I tried some of the third party stuff available. Nothing worked. It fact after installing the third party stuff, I was no longer to send messages to other Sprint users.

Fast Follower seems to think that all I have to do is chase down all of the responsible parites and that we let Palm off of the hook on this one. My position is I PAID MY MONEY TO SPRINT. So, when FF said

“It’s like marrying your high school sweet heart. In the beginning she was beautiful, she cooked, she did your laundry and was completely devoted to only you. Now she’s fat and ugly, doesn’t cook, never washes your clothes, and cheats on you. But you still love her. ”

I gave him the go slap the grandmother line..

For the record… I love my grandmother and my grandmother-in-law! I better be careful, my 94 year old grandmother just got her Treo! She might be logging into ths blog!

71. Andy - November 21, 2006

Palm put the patch on their site but Sprint didn’t, AND they haven’t notified their customers that it’s out there.

Here it is:

Worked for me!

72. Tell it like it TI is! - November 21, 2006

Finally!!! I am glad to hear that all of you that stuck with the Palm device can now finally send text messages! Congratulations!

I was on the phone last night wrapping up some billing issues and the representatives still are saying the end of the month. Didn’t have a clue.

73. Tell it like it TI is! - November 22, 2006

Well folks, here it is…finally. It appears that Palm has finally come up with the patch to fix the infamous texting problem. Before you go to download the fix, I recommend taking a look at the following site. Pretty well written, I must say….


Pretty good, huh. Now here is the link to the patch….


Good luck. Write us and let us know if the fix is really the fix. It appears that Palm really does not want to own up to the entire problem and admit how bad the situation was.

Well, I guess this discussion will be coming to an end. I would like to thank all of you for participating and I am sorry that I will not be taking the Treo journey with you.. (I turned mine in a couple of weeks ago). At the bottom of my heart, I think that if we didn’t get the problem fixed, we sure pushed them to get er done! Thanks.

Fast Follower and I will continue to raise the issues that are important to the gadget end-users, and as always….

Keep TELLIN LIKE IT TI IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

74. Unexceptable Charges For TEXT Charges and Wireless WEB after all said and done!!!!!!!! - November 24, 2006

Now that the text problem is fixed… I now run into another problem! Sprint is charging me $102.00 in surcharges for text and using the wireless web for the few times I used the phone. For the record: these two individuals at Sprint’s North Carolina customer service had no compassion for the fact that I was incurring this charge. It’s totally unexceptable. Mr. Jimmy Brookins is the Supervisor out of North Carolina. I am on a corporate rate with my company and trust me they will no longer earn my business because of this gentleman!

75. Tell it like it TI is! - November 26, 2006

Here, is a tip. When talking to Sprint about corporate rates, skip the Customer Care folks, they are useless and powerless. Ask immediately for Account Services. They are so disconnected at Sprint, just tell them that Customer Care representative, told you to call Account Services. Let us face it, they won’t know the real story any way!! Account Service reps have the authority to change charges, make policy decisions, etc. Now…. Go get your money!!!

76. Tell it like it TI is! - December 1, 2006

Check your next Sprint bill. I wrote another post to explain part two to the texting issue. This is UNBELIEVABLE. We should continue to blast these folks until we get some respect. Here is the link….


77. chris - December 4, 2006

anyone have problems with NFL mobile and their 700wx? I keep getting an error when I click on the link after texting nfl to 7777


78. nah - December 11, 2006

I’m under the impression that the 700wx doesn’t work with NFL mobile.

From Sprint’s site:
*NFL Mobile can be used on these phones now available on Sprint.com: Samsung PM-A840, Sanyo PM-8200, Sanyo RL-4920, Sanyo SCP-2400, Sanyo VI-2300, Sanyo Katana, LG Fusic.

79. jacob - January 16, 2007

same problem w/ Katana

80. poor - March 12, 2007



81. Udo Satiz - June 23, 2009

Good job! Keep going.

82. Effective 8200 laptops Reviews and Comments | DELL INSPIRON SHOPPING - July 26, 2009

[…] 700wx Where are the SMS/Text Messages Going?… After 60 days Sprint … […]

83. brit - February 18, 2010

I have the HTC hero.. have had it for about 3 weeks.. first sprint phone, they completely set it up from scratch. New number new phone line, everything!!!.. I can do anything imaginable on this phone!!, except receive text msgs.. correction, I can from other sprint users. That’s it. The sprint Guy in the store was absolutely no help.. treated me as if I were lieing about the whole thing because he has the same phone and sells a million a day and nobody else has this problem.. he’s blaming the problem on the 100 other phones that are texting me.. it must be their phones he says.. once in awhile ill get a text from anonymous saying a text message didn’t go through because of low balance and that I need too top up my virgin mobile account.. I HAVE SPRINT!!!!!.. I spent 4 hours in the store, letting him take other customers because he was the only one working, totally. Stressed out, and I just felt bad.. and in return, 4 hours later, he tells me he’s stressed out, irritated, tells me about how many he sells and there is nothing he can do I need too go somewhere else.. he didn’t even look into my problem. Didn’t even try too help me. So if anyone can PLEASE help, I would soooooooooo appreciate it!! Thank you: )

84. Design Concepts Blog - September 10, 2010

Sanyo 8200 American Flag…

[…] lost my loyalty, and they should understand that after my obligations are fulfil […]…

85. ALI - October 21, 2010

remove your antivirus specially (kms 9)

86. ALI - October 21, 2010


if you have an anti virus specially (Kaspersky), you should remove it

i faced this problem and remove it but i can’t remove

if you can’t remove it too download this(MemMaid 2.3) :


open it and click ——> database/database usage/swmgmMetadataStore/browse

then select any program you want to remove then delete it 🙂

best regards

87. ToustyJunny - July 15, 2011

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90. эффективные рецепты диеты - January 29, 2012

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91. http://tinyurl.com/bluewebb14968 - February 6, 2013

“700wx Where are the SMS/Text Messages Going? After
60 days Sprint still has not resolved the problem and refuses to admit one exists!

! | Pardon the Interaction” definitely makes me personally ponder a little bit further.
I actually enjoyed every single component of this blog post.
Thanks for your time -Sandy

92. Bouncy Animal - September 28, 2014

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93. csgo skins buying sites - April 17, 2016

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