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Slingbox Broadcast on PSP… Come on PTIers, I know you have the solution! November 16, 2006

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Slingbox, Sony PSP.

OK, folks. After my long saga with the 700wx, I finally got rid of it and I now have the Sprint PPC 6700. I have to admit, although the look takes a little getting used to, it WORKS. Yesterday, I finally got to hook up my slingbox. I installed the mobile slingplayer, and I am watching my Satellite TV, and TIVO recordings on my phone!! I will tell you the PPC 6700’s larger screen does come in handy.

Now that I have resolved that, l have another issue that I would like to conquer. How do I get my Slingbox to work with my son’s PSP? The PSP is Wifi, but there does not seem to be any mobile software developed for the PSP. This would save me (and my son 12 year old son) a lot of cheese! If he can get the slingbox to work with the PSP, I would be the “Father of the Year”!

I was also trying to understand if the LocationFree device would work with the WM5 Smartphone. Although, the LocationFree device would have to be pretty simple to beat the Slingbox installation. I gotta tell you all, I was expecting a lot of issues. Everything worked right out of the box….Slingbox wins the “Right Out of the Box” award for me!

Let me hear from you PTIers…


1. Fast Follower - November 16, 2006

Well it’s about time. In the end, you always end up were I was in the beginning. Remember when I had the Treo 300. You went out and bought some Toshiba Windows PDA. I told you then that purchase decision was stupid. You fought with Toshiba and Sprint for 6 months. In the end, what did you purchase? A Treo 300.

Fast forward a few years. In the beginning, I make the move to Windows with the Sprint PPC 6700. You called my device ugly and stupid. You said you HAD to wait for the Treo / Sprint Windows device before you would move away from Palm. This turned out to be the 700wx. You bought it and spent the next 2 months complaining about it. In the end, you followed me to the PPC 6700.

While you’re wasting your time Telling it Like it TI is, you might want to think about Fast Following me.

2. slethron - January 8, 2007

you dumbass only Sony’s LocationFree player can work on psp firmware 2.50 or higher…… anyways why would Sony allow for the slingbox to work on a psp when they have their own wi-fi player come on have a little common sense u dickweed!

3. Tell it like it TI is! - January 9, 2007

Slethron, no need for name calling. I KNOW what Sony’s intent is! You obviously have experience with LocationFree, but that is not the issue.

On the contrary, I am trying not to be dumbass, by asking the right quesions. I just don’t take Sony’s word that their solutions are the only ones! You obviously have fallen into the trap that manufacturer’s want you to fall in. Buy my hardware for a relatively low price, and I will jack you for all you are worth with proprietay solutions! Obviously LocationFree must not be able to stand on its own merit! Similar to Sprint… their service sucks so they have to resort to deceitful tatics to keep locking you in to contracts that are really not that attractive! BTW, Sprint is losing marketshare at record rates, so this doesn’t seem to be the answer. Oh by the way, Slingbox is positioned to be the dominant player, as well. I guess your guys at Sony didn’t have the right idea afterall! Now, who’s the dumbass!!!

Also, I am not familiar with dickweeds… I hope you have success next spring killing them with your dandelions!

As always. Tell it Like it IS!!!

4. Tell it like it TI is! - January 11, 2007

Hey Slethron, take a look at your common-sense minded LocationFree guys (Sony)! Looks like the world is full of us dumbasses looking for Slingbox on PSPs…..


Also spoke with the Slingbox folks at CES. Rumor has it that Sony is looking at allowing Slingbox software soon!

Now I get it.. Dickweed is synonymous with Marketing Genius!!!

So the answer to your question, Why would Sony allow Slingbox viewing on PSPs? The answer is simple LocationFree was not well thought out, it stinks in the arena of versatility, and Sony is tired of getting their butts kicked over such a silly decision! Maybe the guy that made the decision was from North Carolina!!

As always, Telling It LIke it TI IS……

5. crizchun - January 18, 2007

slethron is probably just another kid stuck in a crisis (wanted his slngbox to work on his PSP, and had to settle for the LocationFree Player) and is now taking his new found anger out on anyone that would listen.

as for as “Rumor has it that Sony is looking at allowing Slingbox software soon!”, that would be totally awesome!
but i still highly doubt it.

nontheless, i’ll continue my weekly pursuit to find anything slingbox + psp related on the web.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - January 18, 2007

That’s the PTI spirit, crizchun. As soon as you find something, please come on back and share the information! And always…

Tell it Like it IS!

7. Jon Adams - April 17, 2007

I love the blog dude, keep it up…

8. slethron - April 22, 2007

actually i am kinda of a nerd sry for making fun u guys i just like to play around sometimes i really do wish slingbox would work with psp cuz i settled for slingbox its just so much better than locationfree

thx reach me on XBL gamertag: Slethron

9. slethron - April 22, 2007

my friends and I have a halo 2 pro team we’ll be at MLG charlotte in 08 check us out

10. deric - November 18, 2007

slingbox suks ball cuz Location free player can be on itouch psp ect.

11. Tell it like it TI is! - November 18, 2007

Deric… I hear you, but you have to keep in mind that we were looking for this solution for about a year now. Last year, there was no such thing as an iTouch!!! I think the other piece of this is that it is hard for a lot of PTIers to focus a total solution around the PSP or an handheld solution. It seems that LF is pretty restricting. However, you are entitled to your opinion, and like I always say different solutions for different folks! Thanks for the comment and keep telling it like it is!!! (keep it clean, though).

high IQ, low ambition - November 8, 2009

when will people realize there isn’t now nor has there ever been anything known as an “itouch”. people sound like such raging mongoloids when they refer to an ipod touch as an “itouch”

P.S.- It would be awesome to watch slingbox on my psp, and yes this topic is what brought me to the thread

12. XxanonymousxX - November 18, 2007

yall are sum stupid nerds…slingbox, locationfree blaH blaH WHO CARES…i’d rather watch TV and movies on my big screen HDTV…hahaha but it seems that yall would rather watch it on the small psp screen lmao…idiots!

13. Fast Follower - November 18, 2007

XxanonymousxX –
I’m glad you like your big screen HDTV. I like mine too. You just let me know the next time you’re in a car, on the train, at work or some other place like that how convenient it is for you to carry your big screen HDTV with you to watch your favorite programming. If you tell me it’s convenient, then I’m with you.

14. XxanonymousxX - November 19, 2007

actually… 1. i listen to music thru my stereo system when im drivin my car 2. nobody takes a train anymore 3. your not gonna have wireless internet everywhere you go especially when your on the road…as far as it being convenient, thats gonna happen, but o well, i dont spend my life watchin TV 24/7

15. Fast Follower - November 19, 2007

1. Glad you have the option of listening to the car tunes, 2. Lot’s of people take trains where there’s public transportation – like on the east coast, 3. Don’t always need wifi for slingbox – it works with high speed cellular like sprint’s evdo on a windows mobile device as well.

Don’t hate! There are some mobile tv options out there.

16. Tell it like it TI is! - November 19, 2007

This is not how PTInteraction is supposed to be, but I gotta agree with Fast Follower. The “mobiles” of our generation and the generations to come are constantly on the go. The younger mobiles need to socially network via cellphones and discreetly stay in touch…all the time. As you get to the working mobiles, you have to make the best use of your time. Without Tivo and mobile entertainment it gets more and more difficult to find much time to sit in front of the big screen. As the working mobiles become parents, it gets even tougher!

I guess it is cool that Xxan has a lot of time to watch his big screen, but America is working harder, more active than past generations, and is constantly on the go! Gotta be able to take it wit cha!!!!!

Telling it like it is….or, at least, the way I see it!

17. XxanonymousxX - November 19, 2007

so ummm…1. i do enjoy my car stereo system 2. i really dont care about the damn trains 3. wow…u must have an “exciting” life watchin mobile TV…
im just gonna tell it like it is: yall r sum borin azz people who seem to get excited over TV hahaha… its just TV!…yall probly spend yalls entire life waitin for the next best mobile TV option when instead could probly spend a lil more time with ur girlfriend (that is if yall have one hahaha)…o well i dont care, its ur borin life ur wasting

18. Fast Follower - November 20, 2007

Gotta disagree. It’s not “just TV.” It’s information, education, and entertainment. We call it TV. And it just happens to come through that big HDTV box. But it’s information, education, and entertainment at the core. And it can be meaningful stuff. Now some of us “mobiles” (you know the working mobiles….the ones without girlfriends…the ones with families…and jobs that require our time) would like to get this meaningful stuff when we want it (time shifting) and where we want it (place shifting). It’s the place shifting part where Slingbox comes in. Remember, the place we’re at isn’t always in front of that big HDTV with our girlfriends.

19. XxanonymousxX - November 20, 2007

so basically what ur tryin to say is that: ur a big TV nerd…ohhh oooK…why didnt u just say that in the beginnin…u would rather spend more time lookin for the next best thing than spend time with ur family…thats just sad 😦 haha like i even care

20. XxanonymousxX - November 20, 2007

so basically what ur tryin to say is: that ur a big TV nerd…ohhh oooK…why didnt u just say dat from the beginnin…u would rather spend more time lookin for the next best thing than spend time with ur family…thats just sad 😦 haha like i even care

21. XxanonymousxX - November 20, 2007


22. Tell it like it TI is! - November 21, 2007

I gotta say, I haven’t dated in quite some while, but I don’t remember sitting in front of the the TV with my girlfriends!!! Seems like there was always other, more interesting stuff to do. Wow…I guess there is really a generation gap.

On a serious note, it IS the place shifting that folks don’t get that are trying to sell products. MY generation wants when and where I want it… mobile is king!!!

23. Fast Follower - November 21, 2007

Maybe that’s what the younger generation does now. Or maybe it’s just Xx: Watch big screen HDTV with their girlfriends – forget about hangin’ out havin’ fun.

24. XxanonymousxX - November 22, 2007

watch TV wit my girlfriend? AHAHAHA i dont do what yall do…that sounds more like yalls way of “hangin out” haha…i’ve never done that but im sure yall do that all the time, HEY, heres an idea: since yall both have so much in common why dont yall sit together and watch yalls imaginary big screen HDTV hahaha since it seems yalls way of having fun…whutta couple of losers

25. Gus - December 10, 2007

I came here to read up on what others are doing with Slingbox. Whatever your views are, XXan (and don’t get me wrong, you are more than entitled to them) you are not actually adding anything to this discussion and seem to be just posting poorly constructed sentences for your own amusement. Tell me, do you burst into conversations in real life with equally pointless and irrelevant comments? Thanks to everyone else that has posted here though.

26. benagain - December 18, 2007

I second Gus’s notion. Could people that can’t even fathom productive use of such technology stay away from the thread? Or at least those trolls unable to compile a actual sentence?

I’ve been interested in the idea of getting slingbox to work on the psp for a while now. I’m shocked to find not much work in this scene. I know that media streaming via wireless is possible other than the built-in LFP as I’ve done it with pmp streamers in-house. If someone could just get a homebrew app working that allowed pmp streaming through an WAN connection vs LAN, we’d be almost there.

27. Tell it like it TI is! - December 18, 2007

benagain… thanks for the comments. I agree we need to stay focused on the solution. I am amazed that there is no solution yet.
The original post is over a year old, and no answer yet.

Just telling it like it is!!!!

28. johnny_dresden - December 25, 2007

i think the key is to crack the sling protocol (its VC-1 for the video + proprietary control + streaming protocol), if someone wrote a library in C for interaction, it’d be short work to make a linux “tuner” driver that emulates a tuner to any tv capable linux app (such as mythtv- which can stream to a psp) Just a thought..

29. Tell it like it TI is! - December 25, 2007

???????????? Don’t understand what you just said, but it sounds like a good idea! Now, who is going to provide PTIers with the application???

Happy Holidays!!!

30. Zander - January 18, 2008

There are people out right now working on a slingbox PSP “hack”
I have myself been able to stream live TV to my PSP through VLC media player, Search for it on google, you might have to downdate your PSP though, and that can be risky…

31. Seth - January 28, 2008

I am a student at Kansas State. I do not have television up here and have a lot of down time. I have a slingbox but it is not always convienent to have my laptop. However, I almost always have my PSP with me. If anybody comes up with anything about the slingplayer on PSP I’d like to hear it.

32. Screwtape - February 16, 2008

An important benefit to Sling on PSP is the ability to set one’s DVR to record something one forgot to set before leaving for work or elsewhere. Lots of creative people out there working on hacks for other functions, I hope some have the time and interest to write a proggie for Sling on PSP. Wish I had the skills to do so, we’d all be Slinging right now.

33. ChaosMaestro - April 10, 2008

I have plenty of knowledge on the PSP and it’s capabilities.
There is no way in hell sony would let the sling box work with the PSP.
The Location Free Player is a direct competitor to the Slingbox so the only way is PSP homebrew, my PSP is near to the point of exploding with
various applications, emulators, PSX games and the latest M33 custom firmware.

There is plenty of streaming software for psp such as PSPtube to name one, which lets you watch youtube videos on psp.

I suggest browsing various PSP homebrew sites and forum sites to see what you can find, though you will need custom firmware for which i suggest buying or making a pandora battery, as they are 100% safe with no chance of bricking as long as they were made properly.

34. Robert - April 30, 2008

Install custom firmware(hack it) and use this from your PC:
MLG. Are you serious Slethron?

35. Robert - April 30, 2008

Hey ChaosMaestro, you should think about joining our forum:
Trust me, you have a lot left to learn.

36. Robert - April 30, 2008

Come on join my forum:

37. Tell it like it TI is! - May 4, 2008

I gotta say, it does appear that there is no solution out there for this. This is one of our oldest posts and no inkling of a solution has surfaced yet. I still have hope, however.

In the mean time, I will continue to keep Telling It Like it Is!!!!

38. Jose - May 8, 2008

I’ll say at it is!

LocationFree sucks!!!!
I got the LocationFree LF-V30 model. To set it up I had to call their Tech Support about 3 times and still couldnt get it right. They even remote connected to my computer to config my Modem and Router and every time I called, They did the same process again and again. It;s like they dont keep notes or a log of what they did in my account so that the next rep can take from there. It does not want to connect to the internet. hell, it does not even want to register my computer. It only connects to my PSP at Home in AP mode, but if I’m away from home (which is the purpose of getting it in the first place)and want to connect remotely to my LocationFree it does not connect. So i’m planing to get the sling box. This is my problem maybe someone here can help me:

My Modem: D-Link DSL 380T
My Router : Motorola VT 2442(Vonage)
Wireless Router Connected to my Router: D-Link DI-624
I tried Connecting it to the Motorola Router.
I tried Connecting My D-link Router to the Modem and then connecting the LocationFree.
I tried setting up both routers ports per: http://www.portforward.com
Tech Support has connected 3 times to my computer and still nothing.
I have followed step by step instructions from the LocationFree and my Routers Guide. Not Working.

39. ChaosMaestro - May 8, 2008

@ Robert

I’ll join anyway but I doubt there is much left to learn I have owned a PSP for a while now and learnt it all trying to find solutions to some of the things I was sure a PSP could do due to hearing about hundreds and hundreds of various applications.

the only thing i have wanted to do i have wanted to do and not managed yet is to video-out to a tv with the PSP-phat without the big psp2tv attachment.

If any hear wishes to find me elsewhere, I primarily hang around this site http://www.rotteneggs.com/r3/show/ow/192864.html

any wish to say anything my email and IM address is chaos_maestro@hotmail.co.uk

40. bylarke - June 3, 2008

I just baught the location free LV-V30 from best buy for 149. So far I think that it is great. They have fixed a bunch of problems with this model that they had with others. Setup on Vista is a piece of cake the software does it all for you. XP setup is a little more complicated but no worse than an advanced setup on any wireless router. If you have more than basic computer skills or have a child between the ages of 10 and 18 setup will be easy enough. I have mine setup using the wifi. One thing that i think is great is that they now offer the software as a free download from the site. So you can have it on more than one computer. Video is great on the PSP and setup is a breeze. I don’t have a sling box but i have used them before. If watching video on the PSP is what you want. I would go for the location free.

41. Soop - July 7, 2008

Wait what?

Streaming to the PSP has been available for over a year with TVersity. It’s free, and all you need is a PSP (with a fairly recent firmware) a PC, a wireless hotspot and broadband. Then you can view your shared folder via RSS. Now admittedly, this isn’t the same as streaming live TV, but if you have a TV tuner card (ie a hauppauge), then you can pause and record live TV (to a schedule no less) and then stream it from there. You don’t ever need to go home. Also Hauppauge make software called Wing SE which can automatically create a PSP/Windows mobile formatted copy of your recordings, so when you’re not in a wiFi area, you can buy a cheap-ass 8gb memory card and watch whatever is stored on that.

I like reading books, but sometimes on the bus to work, or waiting for friends to turn up (or on car journeys) I want to chill out and watch a film.

In fact, there exists TV capture technology that you can access remotely. So if you’re desperately missing your favorite show (wherever in the world you are) you only need to wait for the show to finish recording before you can stream it to a PSP.

This is great, because PSPs are now less than £100 (probably half that second hand) and it’s not stretching the PSPs capabilities by a long shot.

42. Awoken - July 9, 2008

Sounds great soop! I am amazed there isn’t a hack or app for slingbox on a PSP though. I would much prefer to view on the bigger screen and watch something live – news, etc…

43. Tell it like it TI is! - July 13, 2008

I am with you Awoken. I would LUV to have my television and dvr programming available to me.

Sounds good, Soop. I, too, am amazed that a hack hasn’t surfaced yet!!!

Just telling it like it is….

44. CharLZ - July 22, 2008

Just found this thread as I have been a long time Slingbox owner and first time PSP owner. I was hoping there was a way to stream to my PSP. In my searching I’ve found that you can hack your PSP and never have to pay for a game, but I can’t stream my Slingbox. If people have figured out how to hack the firmware to allow for any game to be downloaded and played, you would think getting the slingbox working would be easy.

45. Tyler Lovejoy - August 11, 2009

The biggest problem with this is the fact that slingbox does not release anything about the way they stream there video. I have created a lot of homebrews for my psp, including ones to turn on and off my security system and my lights in my house. If i knew how slingbox was streaming there video, i could connect to it with psp but they do not release it, so we must wait till they develop a tool for the psp, which in my mind will never happen. I personally would absolutely love it tho.

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