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Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 November 27, 2006

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TI – What does your gaming expert son say about which gaming system to buy (assuming you’re willing to spend the dough)?  My son wants a PS3, but is willing to settle for an Xbox 360.  He played with a Nintendo Wii in a store this weekend and thought the motion controllers were really cool, however.


1. Fast Follower - November 29, 2006

Early consumer indications are that they prefer Wii to PS3
. Check out this USA Today piece from yesterday.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - November 29, 2006

He says he prefers the XBox over the others. For the following reasons…

1. The Wii is good, but the games are no good. He says that Nintendo is not known for good pre-teen, teen games. He says the games are for kids….

2. He says that the PS3 is basically a PS2 with better graphics. He doesn’t see the value yet.

3. He also says that since most of his friends have the xbox, they are able to play games via the internet. He says it will be quite some time before the majority of his friends will have PS3s. Maybe in a year or two, but the cost is so high that they all won’t have them for a while. Basically, he says you can pay a lot of money and play all by yourself!

I might just give him the URL and let him start his own comments….

3. Fast Follower - December 1, 2006

Here’s more evidence that Wii is trumping PS3 in the hearts and minds of gamers.This study measures online buzz abut the 2 systems. It also talks about the really high cost of PS3 like TI’s son mentions.

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