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Bluetooth Headset November 28, 2006

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I still use a wired earpiece with my PPC-6700.  Why?  Because I’m afraid of losing another expensive bluetooth headset.  Are bluetooth headsets really more convenient (including the necessity to charge or replace batteries)?  And if they are more convenient, how do you prevent from losing the darn things?  Which models are not only good, but are lose-proof?  I spent $80 on the first and only bluetooth headset I’ve every used.  The wired headset I use costs me $5.  I’ve lost 3 wired headsets.  But 5 bucks is 5 bucks.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - November 29, 2006

Get with it. I can’t believe you are even asking the question. Like I tell my 12 year old son. Keep up with your stuff!! Just for the look factor alone, you have to go bluetooth! I can’t imagine that folks are still walking around with wires coming out of their ears and into their pockets or whatever. If you are active and moving while talking, there is no replacement for a wireless earpiece. You have to get one small enough that you really don’t feel it after a while. I don’t like the ones with the long mouthpieces. I feel like I should be in a Janet Jackson or Bobby Brown video. Try raking the leaves with a wired headset, try getting dressed with a wired headset, try taking your sports photos while you are wired… it just doesn’t work. Also consider the standby mode. When you are not talking but are likely to receive a call, you can function with a good comfortable bluetooth headset. Imagine walking around with a wireless ear piece when not talking. Kinda like having a usb cable hanging from your smartphone so you can sync at any time!! Ridiculous.

In addition your earpiece doesn’t have all of the bluetooth functions… voice dialing, redial, etc. And now, we have figured out how to pipe your music and slingbox audio right to your earpiece. It is not the best stereo sound, but it works in a crunch.

Come on out of the 90s and join the rest of the world.

2. Fast Follower - November 29, 2006

And how many times have you had to tell your son to “just keep up with your stuff.” For some of us really active types (like your son), it’s not as easy as it seems. A work colleague told me the new Cardo model that he just purchased for $30, has an audible finder. Kind of like the cordless phone finders.

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