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Directv or Cable? November 28, 2006

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I spend about $140 per month on my Directv service ($1700 per year).  If you think that’s a lot (and it is),  PVR Wire describes a Directv package that’s $7500 per year which includes every channel they offer, along with 10 receivers and HD PVRs.  It’s the Platinum Package.

I’ve been a Directv subscriber for a really long time.  Sometimes I get this thought that maybe I should take another look at cable.  I’ve got 5 TVs hooked up to Directv, with 3 Tivo receivers (well…2 real Tivo receivers.  The Directv-brand DVR that I’m counting as three is a joke.  But that topic is for another post).  I’ve been a Directv subscriber for so long that I only have the round dish – meaning that I’ve never upgraded to the oval dish that’s required for HD.  I’ve got a perfectly good HD ready-Pioneer Elite rear projection TV that I don’t use for HD.

Is cable better today than what I remember from many years ago?  Or should I stick with Directv?  What are the pros and cons?  By the way, I do buy the NFL and NBA packages every season on Directv.


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