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My Best Sports Photo November 28, 2006

Posted by Fast Follower in Uncategorized.

As you know I’m an amateur sports photographer (very amateur). In fact, I host another blog about this hobby here. This was taken with my old Nikon D70 body last spring. I’ve since upgraded to the newer (and better, and more expensive) Nikon D200. It’s a great camera. But I’ve never yet taken a sports photo as good as this one. Focus is perfect. Contrast is phenomenal. Color is beautiful. The emotion within the action is outstanding. At the “end of the day,” maybe the fiddler is more important than the fiddle (kind of like what I’ve tried to tell you about your golf game, TI) .


1. sfondry - December 6, 2006

mmmh i’d put some more red in her skin :O This picture is really good anyhow

2. Fast Follower - December 6, 2006

Now that I look at the photo again, her skin color does look a little weird. Just know that the only post processing on this jpeg original photo was a crop and probably a sharpening using Picasa of all things (because Picasa is fast when all you want to do is get some pix out to parents).

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