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I must admit PTIers, when Fast Follower and I began this blog it was not our intention to slam Sprint on a weekly basis, but this just gets better and better…

Beware of the PowerVision scam.  Today I went to purchase a Xmas present for my daughter.  She really wanted Sprint’s Fusic phone.  Simple, right?  You go to the Sprint store, pick out the phone, take advantage of the upgrade discount, and walk out, right?  Wrong!!

I went right to the Fusic section, told the rep what I wanted and then the fun began!  She pulled up the account.  Well, my daughter has had her phone for 18 months so she doesn’t qualify for any of the upgrade discounts, understandable, I guess.  The retail price of the phone is $300, but if I extend her contract for a year, I get a whopping $25 discount.  If I sign up for 2 more years, she gets a $75 discount off of the price of the phone.  In addition, because it is a new phone and the ESN has never been registered, the have to charge me a $36 activation fee.  How the hell do I have to pay an activation fee on a phone number that I have been using for over 4 years?!  Just doesn’t make sense. 

On top of that, in order for me to get any discounts, I have to immediately deactivate my daughter’s phone and switch the number immediately to the new phone….Oh well, so much for the Xmas surprise!  My daughter’s phone is now dead and I have a live phone, wrapped under the tree!  There was no way of getting around this!  How dumb is that ?  Your policy will not allow anyone to buy your product as a Xmas gift!!  Good work Sprint.  Your attention to customer satisfaction continues to amaze me.

Beware, though, that whenever you buy a Sprint Power Vision capable phone, they offer you this bogus one month free of charge Power Vision.  What they don’t tell you is that they activate all Power Vision phones with the service.  It is the customer’s responsibility to call Sprint to cancel it before the 30 days!  I told the guy that I didn’t want the Power Vision service, and he told me that he HAD to give to me with the service turned on!  I told him that my daughter really didn’t need the high speed service and that the PCS Vision that had always been a part of her plan was sufficient.   He then told me that when you buy a Power Vision capable phone, you are no longer able to use your PCS Vision plan, and therefore he must change your plan!!!  What the hell is Sprint trying to pull??  Help me PTIers to see if my logic is flawed…

1. PCS Vision phones still exist and there are many people using the service today

2. When you are not in a Power Vision coverage area, the phone uses the PCS Vision service, right?

3. Then why can’t I have a phone that is capable of using Power Vison simply use PCS Vision?

It doesn’t make sense!! Why is it my responsibility to call back in 30 days to cancel the service.  If I miss calling in one day late, I receive a $15 monthly charge!!!  You frickin scam artists!  Wasn’t it Cagney that said, “OOO, OOO. You dirty rats,  one day you are going to get yours, you dirty rats”!  ?

Just be sure that you want Power Vision, and if not do what I did and immediately mark your calendar to cancel the service.   I am sure Sprint is banking (and I do mean banking, literally) on the fact that you will forget!  Just think if 50% of the folks that don’t want Power Vision forget to call and they at least get one $15 charge…. that’s a lot of bank for the old Sprint Bank and Trust.  Sprint just remember…. what goes around comes around.  I hope to live to see the day that your unique business model blows up in your face, and drags you so far down that you are nothing more than a case study in future MBA classes!   

Should we leave Sprint? December 22, 2006

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I just did a quick review of posts and comments recently about all of the problems PTIers are having with the Sprint wireless service.  Here’s my question.  Why are PTIers staying with the Sprint service?  Why?  There have been SMS problems, billing trickery, bad customer service, bad press, and others.  What is it about Sprint and PTIers that keep us hanging with them?  I haven’t divorced them either by the way.

Maybe we need to take BB King’s advice.  If the “thrill is gone away,” maybe we need to make Sprint “feel sorry some day” by leaving.

Is HD (High Definition Television) More Hype than Reality? December 20, 2006

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I’ve been thinking for a long time about upgrading my round Directv dish to the oval dish which would allow me to receive HD broadcasts through Directv once I purchase an HD receiver for my HD ready TV. Somehow I don’t really believe I’m missing anything significant, however. If all there is to watch in HD is The Discovery Channel, then HD isn’t for me. I want to be able to watch real programming – programming like pro and college sports, popular network programs like 24, premium channel movies, etc. And I don’t want to have to switch to antenna mode to get over-the-air network HD (that’s way too much work). And what about PVRing (Tivo’ing) HD programs? If I have to be on the network’s schedule to see HD programming then that seems like a step backwards from the time-shifting I’ve gotten used to with Tivo.

Am I missing something?

Another question: Does my HD ready Pioneer Elite rear projection TV that I’ve owned for a few years have to have an HDMI connection to receive good, better, best HD?

Sprint now allows data roaming on Verizon??? Is this true? December 20, 2006

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PTIers? Can this be true.  Has Sprint finally done something that benefits its customers?   Not sure, but I have seen a couple of articles on this.    Like the original site, I would like PTIers to confirm this.  Has anyone experienced this or have any information that would lead us to believe this is true.  Let’s here from you.  I really would like to know what’s going on!!

Here is the link that I followed to read the article…. http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2006/12/8717/

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! The Treo 700 p/wx has Issues!! December 16, 2006

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OK folks, I thought that this deserved a new post!  I was reading a recent article entitled Palm VP Promises Treo 700p Updates.  Take a look at this.   Not sure what the strategy might be for only naming the 700p, but these are all of the problems that I was complaining about with the 700wx (which by the way was returned back to Sprint).  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the article…

  •  Dissatisfaction with Bluetooth performance is clearly a top customer issue and our technical team… You think!  Take a look at any of my comments from early Sept.  The bluetooth performance sucks!  For weeks Palm was trying to tell me that I didn’t spend enough money on my earpiece and denied any issues! Well??
  • Stuttering during music playback… Again, take a look at the past comments
  • A Lag When Changing Applications … Fast Follower???  Maybe this is not a WM5 problem like you once thought!

It is not my intent to list all of the problems that Palm is going to try to fix, but it is awfully strange, how these issues were identified about 4 months ago, and Palm didn’t even want to acknowledge the problem!  They must have attended the elite Sprint School of Customer Satisfaction!  Those of us that got stuck between both Palm and Sprint have really had a tough go of it here lateley.   Does this happen when you are rapidly trying to advance technology into your products…. YES!  As a result, do we as consumers have to always get treated like we stole the products that we want to get help with???  

Maybe the companies should listen to the folks that use their products for new ideas, issue identification and resolution, etc.    WOW! What a concept.

XBox 360…Can this be real? December 8, 2006

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If this story is true (and I have no reason to believe it’s not given Seth’s stature), maybe I’m way behind the gaming curve – particularly with the Xbox 360.

TI – Your son is the gaming guru in your family.  Does he think that you and I are just not with it?

Can New Sprint Rise Above its Hang-ups? December 5, 2006

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This is the title of yesterday’s USA Today piece on Sprint and the challenges of merging with Nextel. A few highlights:

  • Gary Forsee (the CEO) gets high praise for strategy, but low marks for execution (sounds like my golf game).
  • Churn – the percentage of customers that leave Sprint each month – is double that of Verizon and well about above Cingular.
  • Jane Zwieg (an analyst) states, “…Forsee [is] focusing so hard on the future, [he] forgot the Golden Rule of wirless: Your best customer is your current customer.

Mr. Forsee, let’s start focusing on me – one of your current customers who won’t be a customer much longer.

Check out the article here.

Is Sprint Really this Bad? December 1, 2006

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It seems like they are really THIS bad. Just from the evidence exposed on this blog, customer satisfaction doesn’t seem to be a high priority for Sprint. Admittedly, blogs like this can turn into a place for dissatisfied customers to whine more than satisfied customers will applaud. But it’s hard not to listen to some of the Sprint customer satisfaction problems.

Remember this post from August 29 that gave an early indication of what might be happening out there in Sprint customer satisfaction land.

WATCH YOUR SPRINT BILL FOR TEXTING CHARGES!!! Now that the text messaging problem has been fixed…Watch out for the latest Sprint Text Message Scam!!!! December 1, 2006

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Folks, this story just gets better and better.  Now that all of you 700wx users are now texting your butts off because you are just giddy after being denied for so long, here is the latest Sprint move…  I will share my latest experience with you below…

When I began using the Treo line of phones, I immediately looked for a plan that offered unlimited PCS Vision service cause I knew I would be using the internet service!  In fact, I have had the same Sprint plan going back to the Treo  300 days.  The plan was reasonable given all of features I was using.  BTW the plan also included unlimited text messaging.   I had this plan with my Treo 600, 650, and my short lived 700wx.   When I got my 700wx, the representative told me that I could keep the same plan, and for an additional $15 per month, I could take advantage of teh new EVDO Power Vision service.   I thought that this was pretty reasonable for broadband like speeds on my phone so I added to the plan faster than a Mercedes on the Autobahn!!!!  

Today I received my first real bill, and to my surprise I had a $86 charge for text messaging!!!!!   I couldn’t believe it.  There must be some mistake!! Right?  All I have to do is call Customer Care and explain the situation.  Surely they could see all of my past invoices and see that unlimited texting is part of my plan, right? 

I proceeded to call the all too familiar Customer Care number to straighten this out, and here is the explanation that I received…

The PPC 6700 and the Treo 700wx are not PCS Vision compatible phones???

When I bought the phone it was no longer compatible with the plan, so when I chose to pay the extra $15 per month for Power Vision, they took the unlimited PCS Vision off of my plan and with that deletion my unlimited texting went right with it!!!!


When I am not in an EVDO coverage area (maybe he doesn’t realize that the indicator on the phone lets you know), and I am still using the internet…..what am I using?????  The old PCS Vision system, right?

Well, we went back and forth for a while and he finally agreed to “give me” 500 free messages per month.    From a customer perspective this is a long way from UNLIMITED!!!!  So again, I got screwed by Sprint!!! 

So here is the summary…

I had a plan for that included unlimited texting.  When I decided to upgrade and give the new Power Vision thing a try for an extra $15 bucks per month, they were really holding in their laughter because they were really rationalizing how they were going to charge me another $85 per month!!!  

 So for all of you out there that have the new phones think your texting issues are over…Take a close look at your next bill.   Also did you know that they raised the charges on the per message cost as well.