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Is Sprint Really this Bad? December 1, 2006

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It seems like they are really THIS bad. Just from the evidence exposed on this blog, customer satisfaction doesn’t seem to be a high priority for Sprint. Admittedly, blogs like this can turn into a place for dissatisfied customers to whine more than satisfied customers will applaud. But it’s hard not to listen to some of the Sprint customer satisfaction problems.

Remember this post from August 29 that gave an early indication of what might be happening out there in Sprint customer satisfaction land.


1. Helena De Suarez - March 20, 2007

sprint is horrible it overcharged me countless times it has the worst customer service EVER, they basically try to con you with charges that are non existent- I am a very, very unhappy customer.
for the past 5 months they’ve added unknown fees and charges to my account ;and they have an excuse for it each time. If i was not monitoring my bill this charges could have have been easily overlooked by me and and consequently paid.
After countless phone calls and fighting with them for hours they adjusted the acount ( that is only after speaking to three or four people who a totally deprived of any customer service skills, any brains or common sense).

2. Tell it like it TI is! - March 20, 2007

Helena De Suarez… Welcome to the club. In addition, watch the top left corner of your statement each month. This is where they sneak in a lot of new charges and then try to say that they properly informed you. Also, if ever there is a change in any of the rates, you can get out of your agreement with no penalty. If you pay that bill, they treat it as if you agree to the changes. I will try to catch the next rate or fee change and then let everyone that I can reach know to cancel their agreements!

Hang in there… what goes around comes around…Sprint will get theirs one day!!!

Tell It Like It IS!!!!

Check out some of our other posts if you want to get a flavor for some of the Sprint “tricks”.

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