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WATCH YOUR SPRINT BILL FOR TEXTING CHARGES!!! Now that the text messaging problem has been fixed…Watch out for the latest Sprint Text Message Scam!!!! December 1, 2006

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Folks, this story just gets better and better.  Now that all of you 700wx users are now texting your butts off because you are just giddy after being denied for so long, here is the latest Sprint move…  I will share my latest experience with you below…

When I began using the Treo line of phones, I immediately looked for a plan that offered unlimited PCS Vision service cause I knew I would be using the internet service!  In fact, I have had the same Sprint plan going back to the Treo  300 days.  The plan was reasonable given all of features I was using.  BTW the plan also included unlimited text messaging.   I had this plan with my Treo 600, 650, and my short lived 700wx.   When I got my 700wx, the representative told me that I could keep the same plan, and for an additional $15 per month, I could take advantage of teh new EVDO Power Vision service.   I thought that this was pretty reasonable for broadband like speeds on my phone so I added to the plan faster than a Mercedes on the Autobahn!!!!  

Today I received my first real bill, and to my surprise I had a $86 charge for text messaging!!!!!   I couldn’t believe it.  There must be some mistake!! Right?  All I have to do is call Customer Care and explain the situation.  Surely they could see all of my past invoices and see that unlimited texting is part of my plan, right? 

I proceeded to call the all too familiar Customer Care number to straighten this out, and here is the explanation that I received…

The PPC 6700 and the Treo 700wx are not PCS Vision compatible phones???

When I bought the phone it was no longer compatible with the plan, so when I chose to pay the extra $15 per month for Power Vision, they took the unlimited PCS Vision off of my plan and with that deletion my unlimited texting went right with it!!!!


When I am not in an EVDO coverage area (maybe he doesn’t realize that the indicator on the phone lets you know), and I am still using the internet…..what am I using?????  The old PCS Vision system, right?

Well, we went back and forth for a while and he finally agreed to “give me” 500 free messages per month.    From a customer perspective this is a long way from UNLIMITED!!!!  So again, I got screwed by Sprint!!! 

So here is the summary…

I had a plan for that included unlimited texting.  When I decided to upgrade and give the new Power Vision thing a try for an extra $15 bucks per month, they were really holding in their laughter because they were really rationalizing how they were going to charge me another $85 per month!!!  

 So for all of you out there that have the new phones think your texting issues are over…Take a close look at your next bill.   Also did you know that they raised the charges on the per message cost as well.   


1. Tell it like it TI is! - December 2, 2006

NO, NO, NO…. After thinking about the resolution that Sprint offered me, I came to the conclusion that this was wrong!!! I decided to contact Sprint in writing to notify them that the now 500 text messages per month was not acceptable. I was told that the current plan that I had would be honored for another 2 years, I agreed, and if I decide to cancel in the next two years, I am penalized. However, on the other hand, Sprint gets to change the agreement any time they want? NO. Stand up Sprint Customers and fight back.

I contacted Sprint and gave them two choices, honor the contract that we have or let me out of the two year agreement with no penalties.

Verizon, are you listening??? If TI gets out of his plan agreement with Sprint, he will be coming over for a visit? Can you handle the extra customer? Let me know.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - December 2, 2006

With all of the problems with Sprint that I have had in the last few months, I have really been reading my statements more closely!! I guess I have not noticed the Account Updates each month. Do you realize! that Sprint sneaks another charge in just about every month! For example here are a few of the notes from the last few months…

Effective October 2006, Sprint will begin charging a 9.1% Federal USF LD Surcharge for international & LD calls, in addition to the current Fed USF Non-LD Schg in the Surcharges & Fees section of your bill. For details on fees, see the Subscriber Agreement or call 866-770-6690.


October , 2006
A new per minute mobile termination fee may now apply to calls to wireless phones in Mexico, even for international calling plans. Dial 52+1+ the10-digit number for calls to wireless phones in
Mexico. See sprint.com/internationalrates for rates and information.


PTI’ers, understand that this was never my intent. Fast Follower and I never meant to start blogging to blast Sprint, but this is just too good. In fact, take a look at your Sprint bills, and give us your favorite Account Summary Statement.. This is really ridiculous….

3. Tell it like it TI is! - December 2, 2006

Oh yeah, here is another one…

Text Messaging Rates
Effective Oct. 1, 2006, Sprint will charge $.15per message for casual domestic and international text messages sent or received. Sprint will charge $.03/KB for casual data usage.




4. honesti - December 13, 2006

Wat Is Up With Sprint Charging Twice For The Vision Service. Ever Since I Had Gotten Sprint They Screw Me Every Month. They Have The Employee Discount Thing That I Didnt Find Out About Until My 2week With Sprint Service And I Took On The Discount From My Job They Turned My Phone Off The Next Day Because By Me Getting On The Employee Plan They Switched My Billing Cycle To How They Bill The Company And My 1st Bill Was Due The Second Week I Had Sprint?i Wasn’t Aware Of Any That The Account Rep Didnt Tell Me That And They Never Do Tell You So If You Choose To Do The Employee Discount Make Sure The Billio Cycle Is Like Yours Or They Will Charge You An Additional $20 Fee To Reconnect Your Service But All And All The Discount Is Worth It My Company Gives Up 25percent

5. Pete Off - December 21, 2006

I started to really use text messaging about 2 months ago, when I just about freaked out with $127 additional usage fees to my bill. I called and said this was ridiculous, and the rep said I could sign up for 1000 text messages for $10. I agreed and went about secure with the idea that I would not get killed again for texting. Bill comes in.. I now owe $149.15 additional usage fees.. almost 3 times the amount of my normal bill..because the rep signed me up for 1000 “SMS” text messages, not regular text apparently. Crock of you know what. And that sprint manager can bite me.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - December 21, 2006

This is the firt that I have heard of making a distinction between SMS and text messaging! As I review the plans, I can not find any plan that offers different prices for the two types of messagiing.. Is there a difference??? Can anyone shed some light on this for all of us?? Sprint is the most unethical cellular company I have ever heard about! Now the folks at Sprint will probably tell u that they are on the “up and up”, but let’s be clear (because Sprint service and plans sure are not), they are intentionally being decieftful and dishonest. That’s all there is to it. I would love to sit through a sales training orientation for the company to find out all about the tatics they are using.


Doesn't Matter - December 2, 2009

SMS stands for Short message service. Guess what? There is no difference between standard text and SMS they are exactly the same thing. Go to verizon, trust me.

7. tanya - December 28, 2006

Sprint,, Well I have a brother who works for Consumer Reports and a cousin who writes for the Boston Globe,.. WE WILL PUBLISH ARTICLES and make this a PUBLIC affair,, Sprint you WILL LOSE customers,, WE WILL FIGHT YOU,,
everyone needs to be sending the corporate office letters..
every day,..
and lets get all the media coverage we can

8. Tell it like it TI is! - December 28, 2006

My letter is on the way. We have to fight this. Sprint understands that there service is sub par, and now they are resorting to decietful practices to keep locking us in to these bogus contracts. Stand up and fight PTIers! Thanks for the support tanya!

9. veronica - January 25, 2007

think sprint needs to be legally investigated for fraud. should have to reimburse every contract that has aquired these types of unlawful under-handed rip offs. anyone out there a lawyer that would look into this as means of a mass suit for the consumers

10. Fast Follower - January 27, 2007

Short of a lawsuit…just stay away from Sprint. When anyone that asks my advice about wireless services, I tell them to just stay away from Sprint.

11. Tell it like it TI is! - January 29, 2007

Yeah, the only problem with that is that we have all been fooled and we are now in this “marriage” of sorts. We want to make it work, because a “divorce” is often painful and costly. But when you have a partner that does not want to make it work, doesn’t respect you, and begins to lie and cheat… what choice do you have?? Counselling? For me, it will be quite costly to just up and leave. Although, I didn’t realize it at the time, each one of my 4 phones that are sharing minutes on my “master plan”, has its own 2-year agreement. For me to walk at this point would cost almost a thousand dollars in “separation costs”. I just don’t have that kinda cheese right now.

12. JR - February 16, 2007

lets file a complaint with the fcc……………………………….

13. Tell it like it TI is! - February 16, 2007

If someone knows of a way to do it… Let’s go for it. What is the process. What Sprint is doing is totally wrong!!!!

Tell It Like It IS…

14. mike - March 1, 2007

I signed up with sprint a 2 months ago at radio shack. They told me for 59.99 a month I get 900 minutes 100 free text messages and nights that start at 6:00. Then they told me that my first month of pcs power vision was free and if I wanted to cancel it I would have to before the next billing cycle started. Told me I had to buy this payment card to make payments and told me I had to pay for the insurance up front. got a 100 dollar bill $60 dollars of the bill was toward data and text charges. They said that I don’t get a month free of data. They refunded. The guy at radio shack made me pay $10 dollars for this payment card and because of that I couldn’t pay for my insurance up front. He told me I could sign up for it when I got my first bill. Sprint said it was too late. I paid a 150 deposit plus 50 for the phone. I was only expecting a 100 deposit. And he told me he couldn’t split up payment with my debit card. So I had to scrap up money for this mandatory “payment card” Now I’m talking to sprint about ether getting a new phone because of there obvious fraud. Or getting out of the contract without any termination fee. I explained to the rep that I hope he understands that that misrepresentation is fraud! He explained that there is no fraud. I said that I do health insurance. And in the signing of a contract any information that I give them at the time of signing is binding and part of the contract. If there is misrepresentation I lose my job and I could be sued. He didn’t say anything but that he is putting in the ap for the insurance and he doesn’t know why I wouldn’t get approved.

15. Tell it like it TI is! - March 1, 2007

Well, you have confirmed yet another tatic that Sprint representatives have been trained in. Is it just me or does it seem that every solution that Sprint offers seems to coincidentally involve waiting! Wait for the next bill, wait for 30 days, wait, wait, wait…. You know why? Because if they can string you out for that long.. They’ve got you! They know it, you know it. As I found out with the 700wx the first 30 days are critical for the customer, and the Sprint reps will do just about anything to keep you hoping, until day 31! That’s how it works.

Are there any legal types out there that can summarize the limitation periods for us? How long do we have to cancel two year agreements?
How long do you get to get a refund on a phone? Why can Sprint change the terms and we can’t? It would be great to have an easy summarized list, so that we can start fighting back!


16. N - May 6, 2007

I think Sprint rocks!!! I only pay $34 a month including tax. My plan includes power vision (high speed internet), 10 radio stations, 500 anytime minutes, nation wide roaming, and unlimited nights & weekends starting at 7pm.

I understand you hating Sprint, but for a lot of people they offer a great plan for a really good price. I doubt any other company would give so much for $30 + tax.

17. Tell it like it TI is! - May 7, 2007

Hey, great to hear from you, and I don’t doubt that you are totally satisfied with your plan and service.

But the numbers and recent turn of events don’t lie! Sprint is losing subscribers at record rates. Maybe they need to contact you and discover exactly what they are doing right in your situation, because at the rate they are going they will be toast soon! Let us hear from you regarding how they handle your issues via Customer Service (btw, they are ranked last in the industry), and how the service plan holds up over time (try to change or modify, and you will be in another 2 year agreement).

Good luck… and remember, positive or negative, Tell it Like it IS!

18. Jr - July 28, 2007

Look deeply into the End User Lisence Agreement or something like that(maybe policies). They can change whatever whenever without any notice. I believe most companies have that. My dad is a Sprint Sales Rep and he never lost a customer, there are good Sprint sales rep, you just have to be lucky enough to find them. I’ve been screwed by Sprint. I just call and get things sorted out. And for those of who don’t know, Unlimited text messages are now $10. Sprint is an ok company, I like them, because they have good phones, and havent really treated me awful.

19. Tell it like it TI is! - July 28, 2007

Thanks for the input Jr. I am sure everyone is not having the issues that I had in the past. To be honest, I haven’t had much issue with them since my Treo fiasco! I think it comes down to the old scenario that has plagued the American auto industry for so long. Corporate must support the local dealer network. If you happen to be in an area where the local reps (i.e. your dad) really take care of you and shield you from the big corporate machine, you are usually fine. If you run into a local dealer that only wants to boost commissions and then tell you that all of your problems must be taken somewhere else after the sale… the problems ususally begin.

Imagine if you bought a GM vehicle from a GM dealer, and when you had an issue with the product they told you to call Detroit Headquarters. Can you imagine that frustration?????

Hey, Keep Telling It Like It Is, and tell your dad to keep up the great track record!

20. K - August 8, 2007

The same thing happened to me when I lost my unlimited text messaging after upgrading to a new phone. I reported them to BBB. Sprint offered me unlimited text messaging for $8 month which was still unacceptable. BBB sided with Sprint in that they attempted to reconcile the situation. However, Sprint still got the better end of the deal by charging me for every text now when it was unlimited before.

21. Tell it like it TI is! - August 9, 2007

You should call another representatives. I finally got one to give me 2000 free text messages a month. He even let me put 500 of those on my daughter’s phone that shares my minutes. Sometimes you just have to keep your cool and get the right person! I agree with you, trying to charge you now is unacceptable. Funny how you are trapped into a contract with no flexibility, but Sprint can change up on you whenever they feel up to it. Heck, they don’t even have to tell you!!!!

Also, if you ever wanted to switch, whenever these changes take place you can void the two year agreement and go!!!

Good luck to you.

22. Unauthorized Cell Phone Charges | Class Action Investigation - September 17, 2007

Unauthorized Cell Phone Charges | Class Action Investigation

If you were charged on your cell phone bill for ringtones or other mobile content that you never authorized or ordered, you might want to get in touch with some class action attorneys who are investigating unauthorized cell phone charges:

Report Unauthorized Cell Phone Bill Charges

23. Piper - October 1, 2007

I don’t even use text messaging, I don’t receive text messages, I don’t send them, and the moment I paid an extra 40 dollars towards my bill (To get ahead) they dropped a 46.14 dollar charge on my head. Lets just say that I really glad my contract is up in November.

24. Tell it like it TI is! - October 2, 2007

Not sure I totally understand, Piper. Was the extra charge for text messages? One rule of thumb is that you should always check your Sprint bill. There are always unexplained charges, etc. It seems that Customer Care are always very easily persuaded to drop the charges or offer credits. It almost seems that their strategy is to incorreclty charge knowing that most folks don’t read their bill very closely. Could this be a strategy??? Hey, don’t get upset with me… I am just telling it like it is!!!!

25. Carrol - January 12, 2008

Yes! Just read your phone bill. Have been with Sprint for least 7 years and NEVER have I had a problem with Sprint services. Investigate and you will find you either didn’t read or listen to the whole plan in the first place. All most people are interested in is picking up their phone and using it. And if you get a Rep with poor salemanship find another. Too many choices. Make sure the plan is what you want to pay. Sorry I couldn’t agree with you. Hope by now you have got the problems resolved.

26. Tell it like it TI is! - January 12, 2008

No apologies necessary. But has the state of the business really come down to this?? You are correct, all people; want to do is pick up their phone and use it! Wow, what a concept!!! And for wanting to use the product and services, the Company uses this as part of a deceitful sales strategy! Like I have been saying Sprint will get theirs and I hope companies like them theirs, as well!!!

If you don’t see it coming, shame on you! The game will change and all the slick maneuvering will be rewarded!!!

Just telling it like it is!!!!

27. Roger - January 16, 2008

I’m new to Sprint PCS and I’m beginning to wish I’d never chosen them for my cell service. My second bill contained multiple charges for internet usage even though all I was doing was checking my minute usage and billing information. Can they charge for this? You would think this would be a free service so customers could keep track of their usage and bills. The only reason I checked it so often is because I really can’t afford to pay big monthly bills. Now, it seems the very thing I was trying to avoid has become a reality because of my diligence to keep the bill affordable. Talking to the Sprint Reps hasn’t helped matters either. It’s like talking to a brick wall. This is the first cell phone I’ve had since the days of the old “brick” cell phones back in the nineties. So I’m basically a newbie. Any suggestions are appreciated.

28. Tell it like it TI is! - January 17, 2008

Unfortunately, anything that you do that involves using the data modem will be charged. If you don’t have a data plan, it doesn’t take long to rack up the ridiculous charges!!!! My advise would be to call Sprint and let them know that you want any type of data access to be disabled. They will tell you that this is impossible to do, but be persistent and let them know that you know folks that have done it!!! It is sad that you have to lie to get a company to do something that they are capable of doing, but that is the state of the business, at least with Sprint.

Good luck and keep telling it like it is!!!

29. sprintcankissmyapple - January 24, 2008

I have read and re read Sprint’s definition of their surcharges. Basically, it says they CHOOSE to impose these on us and we dont legally have to pay them. I used to get through taxes and surcharges around 10.00. My most recent bill 20.00. Ever since sprint decided to switch to a “convienent and easy to read” bill I have been getting screwed. I swear every month I call customer service because they make an error on my bill.

So what I am asking if what sprints says : “You dont legally have to pay what surcharges sprint CHOOSES to impose on you” can I CHOOSE not to pay them?

30. Tell it like it TI is! - January 24, 2008

Not sure. I would never advise you NOT to pay a bill, but if you do LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Interesting article in the NY Times today about this very topic. Check it out!!! No one even knows who is collecting the surcharges and taxes!!!! What a scam this is….


Just telling it like it is!!!!

31. Tim - March 5, 2008

For a single text message, I was charged 20 cents, but “Taxes and Surcharges” was additional $1.55. I called Sprint and they could NOT give me breakdown and formula for charges. I was told to call my local Taxing Authority to get that information.

Is this common with other folk?

32. Tell it like it TI is! - March 5, 2008

Getting screwed by Sprint?? Yes!!!! These guys are the biggest crooks in the business!!!!

They don’t care and they treat us like idiots!!! Heck you can get a half gallon of gas for a $1.55!!!!! At least where I live!

Just telling it like it is!!!

33. allen - April 1, 2008

about 2 weeks i switched from nextel to sprint because my wife has sprint and with a nextel bill on top of that it was outrageously high . so to lower the bill i decided to switch . plus i wanted a new phone .. well i decided to get the htc mogul . touch screen , 400 processor , 64 ram . its just about a computer . when i was going to a sprint store to purchase it i had a few questions about the phone one of the questions was ‘ can it send pictures in text messages ? as my nextel could . because my wife had to have picture mail . the sales person told me yes it can do that . so i get the phone and family plan . then i try and try to end pics as text but cant i later find out that it can not only through e-mail . i can not send pics or video to other phones unless they have the capability to check there e-mail . i then read on the net that the phone did have the abilaty to send pics but sprint stopped it . for what reason no one knows .

34. Tell it like it TI is! - April 1, 2008

Not sure, but you might want to search PPCGEEK … http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/member.php?u=32170. I think I remember reading about a hack some time ago. Let us know if you find a solution.

Just telling it like it is!!!

35. james - August 12, 2008

I used to think that Sprint was awesome. I knew some people that had it and they all were like don’t waste your time. I decided not to listen to them because my first 6 months of service were really good. And the bills were screwed up but I thought that will get straightened out. I now have until November 2009 on my contract and am trying everything to get out. I will even pay the cancellation fee if i have to! better than giving them months worth of money for terrible service! I can’t wait to go to ATT. I will say this though, sprint does offer quite a lot of stuff for not a big price, and I will miss that part, but with the whole mix, I would rather pay more for something that works reliably. tomorrow i am getting on the phone thats for sure!

36. POd in Maryland - September 16, 2008

In June, I signed up for their mobile broadband. Every time I connected to the internet, my computer would lock up and be unusable. Tech support said it was a known compatibility issue with older computers (I had a 5 yr old laptop). So I take it back to the store and try a replacement card. Not only did that not work, my computer crashed. Blue screen of death. Talk to Hilary, a Sprint CSR. Since I never had service that worked, I will be responsible for $36 activation fee only. Right. So my final bill comes and it’s over $200. Includes “reconnect fee”–HELLO! I CANCELLED!!! Call them back. “Mia” informs me that my charges are not what are printed on the bill, but still more than $36 because, and I quote, “You don’t get a month of service for free, Ma’am.” Ma’am this Mia! I never HAD service! Why should I pay for something that won’t work?! So I send in a written dispute. Now I get to deal with the dispute AND they have unleashed their immoral, unethical, sons of bee-otches RPM Collections on me! I am filing a complaint with my state’s attorney about RPM–they violated the law by lying to me about what I owe and refusing to provide written documentation (she had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t “entitled” to written proof of what I owe). But still need to deal with Sprint regarding the bill itself… any suggestions?

37. sandrar - September 10, 2009

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