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Can New Sprint Rise Above its Hang-ups? December 5, 2006

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This is the title of yesterday’s USA Today piece on Sprint and the challenges of merging with Nextel. A few highlights:

  • Gary Forsee (the CEO) gets high praise for strategy, but low marks for execution (sounds like my golf game).
  • Churn – the percentage of customers that leave Sprint each month – is double that of Verizon and well about above Cingular.
  • Jane Zwieg (an analyst) states, “…Forsee [is] focusing so hard on the future, [he] forgot the Golden Rule of wirless: Your best customer is your current customer.

Mr. Forsee, let’s start focusing on me – one of your current customers who won’t be a customer much longer.

Check out the article here.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - December 5, 2006

Look here FF, we have been buddies for a long time. We know what to look for, and we have predicted it pretty accurately in the past. In fact, we have made pretty accurate predictions in other industries. I gotta believe that this is the beginning of the end for Sprint. As a customer you can feel their desperation! They are losing customers at record rates. They are strong arming the customers that they have. There primary focus is trying to lock you in to an agreement, so they won’t have to worry about you leaving. Those that are locked in can’t wait to leave! By the time Sprint realizes what they are doing and that they are unable to turn the ship around, they will be singing the ole Bill Withers song….

Ain’t no profits when they’re gone.
It’s not fun when they’re away.
Ain’t no profits when they’re gone
And they’re always gone too long anytime they go away.

Wonder this time where they’ve gone,
Wonder if they’ve gone to stay
Ain’t no profits when they’re gone
And Sprint just ain’t no home anytime they go away

Mark my words…

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