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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! The Treo 700 p/wx has Issues!! December 16, 2006

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OK folks, I thought that this deserved a new post!  I was reading a recent article entitled Palm VP Promises Treo 700p Updates.  Take a look at this.   Not sure what the strategy might be for only naming the 700p, but these are all of the problems that I was complaining about with the 700wx (which by the way was returned back to Sprint).  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the article…

  •  Dissatisfaction with Bluetooth performance is clearly a top customer issue and our technical team… You think!  Take a look at any of my comments from early Sept.  The bluetooth performance sucks!  For weeks Palm was trying to tell me that I didn’t spend enough money on my earpiece and denied any issues! Well??
  • Stuttering during music playback… Again, take a look at the past comments
  • A Lag When Changing Applications … Fast Follower???  Maybe this is not a WM5 problem like you once thought!

It is not my intent to list all of the problems that Palm is going to try to fix, but it is awfully strange, how these issues were identified about 4 months ago, and Palm didn’t even want to acknowledge the problem!  They must have attended the elite Sprint School of Customer Satisfaction!  Those of us that got stuck between both Palm and Sprint have really had a tough go of it here lateley.   Does this happen when you are rapidly trying to advance technology into your products…. YES!  As a result, do we as consumers have to always get treated like we stole the products that we want to get help with???  

Maybe the companies should listen to the folks that use their products for new ideas, issue identification and resolution, etc.    WOW! What a concept.


1. Fast Follower - December 17, 2006

Does this mean that you now believe that Palm has issues as well as Sprint? If you recall, you once told all readers of this blog that you only wanted to deal with Sprint when trying to fix Palm problems. Am I sensing some “change of tune?”

By the way, I absolutel agree with the last paragraph of your post! What an opportunity that both Palm and Sprint have to learn from the smart unfiltered opinions about their products and services from their most avid users participating with blogs like this. We’re like real-time product development that’s free.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - December 18, 2006

Absolutely not, Fast Follower. I still put the responsibility completely on Sprint. They worked with Palm, they sold me the unit, and I refuse to let them off the hook, or do any portion of their job for them by trying to take them out of the middle of the issue. MY TRANSACTION WAS WITH SPRINT! How dare they take my money and then tell me or try to tell me that it is not their problem. Sprint should make Palm fix their issues in a timely matter, or make them pay restitutions for the money and customers they are using. I will not do it for them!

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