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I must admit PTIers, when Fast Follower and I began this blog it was not our intention to slam Sprint on a weekly basis, but this just gets better and better…

Beware of the PowerVision scam.  Today I went to purchase a Xmas present for my daughter.  She really wanted Sprint’s Fusic phone.  Simple, right?  You go to the Sprint store, pick out the phone, take advantage of the upgrade discount, and walk out, right?  Wrong!!

I went right to the Fusic section, told the rep what I wanted and then the fun began!  She pulled up the account.  Well, my daughter has had her phone for 18 months so she doesn’t qualify for any of the upgrade discounts, understandable, I guess.  The retail price of the phone is $300, but if I extend her contract for a year, I get a whopping $25 discount.  If I sign up for 2 more years, she gets a $75 discount off of the price of the phone.  In addition, because it is a new phone and the ESN has never been registered, the have to charge me a $36 activation fee.  How the hell do I have to pay an activation fee on a phone number that I have been using for over 4 years?!  Just doesn’t make sense. 

On top of that, in order for me to get any discounts, I have to immediately deactivate my daughter’s phone and switch the number immediately to the new phone….Oh well, so much for the Xmas surprise!  My daughter’s phone is now dead and I have a live phone, wrapped under the tree!  There was no way of getting around this!  How dumb is that ?  Your policy will not allow anyone to buy your product as a Xmas gift!!  Good work Sprint.  Your attention to customer satisfaction continues to amaze me.

Beware, though, that whenever you buy a Sprint Power Vision capable phone, they offer you this bogus one month free of charge Power Vision.  What they don’t tell you is that they activate all Power Vision phones with the service.  It is the customer’s responsibility to call Sprint to cancel it before the 30 days!  I told the guy that I didn’t want the Power Vision service, and he told me that he HAD to give to me with the service turned on!  I told him that my daughter really didn’t need the high speed service and that the PCS Vision that had always been a part of her plan was sufficient.   He then told me that when you buy a Power Vision capable phone, you are no longer able to use your PCS Vision plan, and therefore he must change your plan!!!  What the hell is Sprint trying to pull??  Help me PTIers to see if my logic is flawed…

1. PCS Vision phones still exist and there are many people using the service today

2. When you are not in a Power Vision coverage area, the phone uses the PCS Vision service, right?

3. Then why can’t I have a phone that is capable of using Power Vison simply use PCS Vision?

It doesn’t make sense!! Why is it my responsibility to call back in 30 days to cancel the service.  If I miss calling in one day late, I receive a $15 monthly charge!!!  You frickin scam artists!  Wasn’t it Cagney that said, “OOO, OOO. You dirty rats,  one day you are going to get yours, you dirty rats”!  ?

Just be sure that you want Power Vision, and if not do what I did and immediately mark your calendar to cancel the service.   I am sure Sprint is banking (and I do mean banking, literally) on the fact that you will forget!  Just think if 50% of the folks that don’t want Power Vision forget to call and they at least get one $15 charge…. that’s a lot of bank for the old Sprint Bank and Trust.  Sprint just remember…. what goes around comes around.  I hope to live to see the day that your unique business model blows up in your face, and drags you so far down that you are nothing more than a case study in future MBA classes!   


1. Fast Follower - December 24, 2006

PTIers need to churn. Churn baby churn ! !

2. Tell it like it TI is! - December 24, 2006

Just to let all of you PTIers know, the folks at Sprint are aware and reading this blog. One of the reps told me so. I think they even know it is me that is writing most of the stuff! I will continue until they make some changes! I will never stop TELLING IT LIKE IT TI IS!!!!!

3. Me - January 13, 2007

You’re an idiot.

4. Tell it like it TI is! - January 13, 2007

Sorry you feel that way, Me. I would challenge you to take a look at some very recent articles pertaining to Sprint, look at the items that we have been talking about for the last 6 months, and then explain your comment. Tell It Like It IS!!!!

Here’s one for you. Read how Sprint is having to slash 5000 jobs… http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/article.php/3653826

Here’s another announcing Sprint’s appointment of a new Customer Care VP. Wonder what brought this on? Sprint couldn’t be having customer satisfaction problems, could they? They were only in last place last year, and the most recent Consumers Report was not dazzling at all!

Here’s another that talks about Sprint’s credit rating being downgraded…. http://washington.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/2007/01/08/daily36.html

Oh by the way Sprint Is the industry leader in guess what….Subscription Loss Rate! The lost over 300,000 subscribers in a very short period of time. Guess they couldn’t lock those folks into bogus contracts!

So please don’t shoot the messenger. If you are a Sprint Customer or Employee, you might want to re-focus your Idiot Camera and shoot it in another direcetion!

However, I would like to keep this as an open forum. If you have some arguments or some factual information regarding your comment/thoughts, please share them beyond your three word comment.

You too should, Tell it like it TI is!

5. Chris Bianchi - April 21, 2007

We ran into the same thing. My wife upgraded her phone about 12 months ago with the PCS Vision capability. I went to upgrade my phone and was told that we have to upgrade our plan to Power Vision to use the new plans. However, if we “upgrade” our plan to Power Vision then her PCS Vision phone will stop being able to browse the web. If we don’t upgrade, then my new phone won’t be able to browse the web.

You might ask why I put the “upgrade” in quotes. The plan is not an upgrade. We signed up for the PCS Free & Clear PCS Vision Premium Family plan about 4 years ago. We get 2,000 anytime minutes, unlimited text messaging, phone-as-modem, unlimited data, and $10 worth of free downloads of ringers, screensavers, etc. each month on both phones. Excluding taxes, our plan for both phones is $109.

If we buy the new plan, we can go with 2100 minutes (a whopping 100 minutes difference) and “ala carte” in all of the other features to produce a bill that will cost us $160 per month plus taxes. We can get “close” to the same price (still a bit more with the features) if we reduce our minutes to 500 per month.

Obviously, we don’t want to change our plan to this “upgrade”. But I still want to upgrade my phone. I plan on stopping by the Sprint store today and finding out when our contracts expire so I don’t have to pay the $200 per phone buy-out. Then I’ll be heading across the street to the Cingular store and “Raising the Bar”.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - April 21, 2007

Yep, that’s the scam! Now be careful, because my plan is about the same as the one that you have. I am currently sharing minutes with my entire family. What you have to be aware of is that each individual phone has its own two-year agreement, so it may be difficult to transfer all phones at once. My son has a phone that began sharing minutes a year ago, so if I leave his phone must stay for another year to avoid the penalty.
Whatever you do, DO NOT let them change your original plan. A they will give you every line possible knowing that the plan you have no longer exisits. I think they have to honor your plan until you change.

Another thing you want to look for is a subtle change in rates. For example, when Sprint went to 15 cents per text message, this was a change, and until you paid your next bill (which they say is a form of acceptance of the new terms) you have the ability to cancel with no penalty. Beware, though, it is not easy to identify the change (obviously).

If you are successful, PLEASE let us know what other type of deals are out there. This is getting to be the most complex part of my life! I can’t understand what the heck is going on. Good luck, and remember to always… Tell IT Like It IS.

Does any other PTIer have recommendations for Chris??? Let’s hear ’em.

7. Johnny - May 1, 2007

Sprint sux ass! My wife and I opened an account with them for approx. 5 months ago. While we were on the phone with them setting up our acct. we had to speak with more than 1 rep to get our acct setup (lame) =/ Now for the fun part, since the co. my wife works for offers a discount with sprint we decided to use it on our acct. Easy right? HAHHAHAHAHA every Freakin month our bill is different (granted our contract is suppose to be the same monthly fee) and we have to call in to have them adjust our acct accordingly to include our discount. 5 months in now and every time we call it takes about 2 hours and 5 reps later to get it right =/

8. Gary - May 4, 2007

Sprint sucks all I want is a blackberry but I can’t afford to pay 39.99 plus 39.99 for voice calls why can’t blackberry service work on vision or power vision $15-$20 ok but 39.99 Its almost as much as Comcast. All I really want is mobile GPS anyway I don’t want all that extra blackberry plan stuff but I like blackberry design. I think their gonna lose alot of popularity with their blackberrys because of this. It feels like a rip off so I just won’t buy one.

9. Marina - October 17, 2007

Thank you for this. Sprint just scammed me out 100 dollars for a “free” phone. I remember when I signed up w/Sprint 7 years ago, my friends told me “the only thing is, they haev the worst customer service EVER.” Nothing has changed. Any time I’ve had any problems, nothing was resolved. I avoid calling them b/c all my calls end in me saying, allright, thanks for nothing. And it usually takes 30 minutes and 5 different people to achieve that much. I wish our wireless service was as simple as it is in Europe – everything is pre-paid, no activation calls, your sim card goes into whateve phone you want.

10. LOL_Bidoof - October 17, 2007

omg liek thank you Tell it like it is!! now im not gonna liek fall for power visions scam, omg u just liek saved me liek a hole lotz of moneyzzz lol bidoof

11. Tell it like it TI is! - October 17, 2007

Here are a few tips that have worked for me with Sprint. ..

1. Always initiate your customer service issues via email from the Sprint website. Apparently, these cases are assigned to a customer service service in India. With rationale explanations and sincere, reasonable requests, they typically are accomodating. When talking on the phone the rep was amazed at what concessions the email rep gave me on my plan.

2. When you have to use the phone, ALWAYS as for the Customer Retention Area. These are the serious reps that have authority to make serious changes and offer serious credits. I have had much success with the Customer Retention reps.

Maybe things will change when the CEO is replaced! Until that time, this is all of the advise that I can offer.

Just Telling it Like it Is!!!

12. Yo - November 8, 2007

Is anyone being affected by the massive billing conversion of Sprint and Nextel this week?
Those idiots cut my phone for $78 on 11-06-07. I paid my balance on 11-06-07 and have to wait for 5 days for them to restore service because my phone is in conversion status. What happed to technology? Sounds like someone over at Sprint has screwed up the conversion process. Their getting to big and can no longer manage themselves. I made a call to them. The rep explained that becuase my phone is in conversion status that I cannot access the website and they cannot access my account. They are stupid. I know its a mess over there. Conversions are never fun or easy. But with all the brainpower supposedly going on in Reston, this should not have happened.

13. Tell it like it TI is! - November 9, 2007

I gotta be honest. I have not yet been affected by this conversion. What is it actually a conversion of?? Rates? Billing procedures? Phone hardware?
Also, were you an old Nextel customer? Maybe this is why it hasn’t hit me yet. Give me an idea of what to look out for! I don’t want to get clunked over the head with this bat!!!!

14. Chris T - November 13, 2007

Last year (2006) I bought some Sprint phones on the family plan and called immediately to cancel the Vision/Internet access plan. My 16 year old clicked to download a game for $6.99 as he has before thinking it was just a game to play on his phone. Instead it is a game that accesses internet data and in about a month he has racked up over $160 in data fees. Sprint says I could have called to disable the feature yet the feature was not available when I purchased the phone. They bug you about changing your password to keep you account secure but won’t refund or cancel the charges for the data. So add in the regular charges and somehow my 16 year old is going to endup with a $220 cell phone bill. They also secretly try to extend your contract when you add additional services. Watch your bill carefully because I seem to have to call each month with some billing error – I noticed recently I had been charge Virginia sales tax for the last year but I don’t live in Virginia (I did get them to credit that). I upgraded to 1500 text messages so they charged me for both text message plans and I had to keep calling them to fix that.

15. Tell it like it TI is! - November 13, 2007

Your story doesn’t surprise me one bit!!! There is enough money to be made in the industry without being deceitful and riding the vague and small language of agreements that have really never been signed. They will probably tell you that you reactivated your service when your son downloaded the game and then you confirmed by some in advertant action that you didn’t even know you took!

Hang in there. I will try to stay up to speed on all of the tatics and keep the PTIers informed. Warning… during the Holiday Season scams are a plenty!!!! Watch it.

Keep telling it like it is …….

16. kirk - November 22, 2007

Hey people, read the contract first before you sign. Know all the details first before you complain. All the things you ask here are supposed to be taught or explained to you when you signed up with sprint…

17. Tell it like it TI is! - November 22, 2007

Come on, kirk. You can’t really believe that all of these issues arise because folks aren’t reading the contracts. You can’t believe that cellular carriers are truly just upholding their end of the deal with no intent to deceive, entrap, and gouge! You really are kidding…right??

I signed a contract with Sprint over six years ago, and to this date it has been the only agreement that I have signed. So why am I paying more for text messaging? I certainly didn’t agree to 3 different price hikes for the same service. I guess I didn’t read the contract.
Oh, btw, more surcharges were added to my bill this month. Sprint loosely uses the word “tax” to make it appear that this is something that is federally regulated and is not their doing. I didn’t sign a contract for this type of trickery, either.

Roaming charges have gone sky high. $.69 per minute!!! Yet every advertisment that they have talks about an expanded network and better coverage. Hmmmm…. shouldn’t my out of network experience be feweer and fewer???? SCAM! But to the rescue, Sprint has come up with yet another way to increase my monthly fee…. a $5 roaming plan?? How can they make money with a plan like that??? If roaming costs $.69 per minute, a $5 plan would not be profitable after 7 minutes!!! Guess I should read the contract…specifically the paragraph that addresses scams.

I also like the way that they use the infamous 1pt font on the recent changes section of the monthly statement. Hoping that you don’t notice the last sentence that says if you promptly pay your bill (keeping your end of said agreement), you agree to all changes and revisions that they made to your plan!!!

Come on, kirk, I know you can’t honestly believe that folks should sit back and take it, while all of this is brought on by not reading a contract.

18. kirk - November 27, 2007

haha,, yes that’s right,. i honestly think the same way,.. and believe me,,, as former customer care of sprint,,.. the management knows about this and there nothing they can do but to laugh off their butts and make fun of you people,… One good advice,,, call customer care hotline,,…. if you’re lucky enough to get someone that you can understand…

19. Melinda - November 29, 2007

It is a pathetic reality of greed! everyone in corporate, cell phone business, politics is out to “let me see who can I rip off and how much money can I steal away with” not “how can my company grow, business grow and provide good customer service” that does not exist anymore, those days are far gone. We live in a non-free America and Greedy America! They have taken advantage of Capitalism in a negative and unhuman way. We in America are simply doomed for life. We are simply becoming a third world country. Whatever we need to survive and live in this country is what companies simply quadruple in price because they know you will pay for it no matter what. Bastard Rats! yeah, what comes around goes around and hopefully bites them in the ugly hairy rear and leave them helpless.

20. Fast Follower - November 29, 2007

It’s gonna get better Melinda. The cell phone carriers won’t make the rules forever.

Look at what happened in the music business. The record companies don’t make the rules anymore. Consumers aren’t buying less music or listening to less music, but record companies are making less money. Consumers are bypassing them. Artists are beginning to bypass them. Technology is bypassing them.

What’s that you called them, “Bastard Rats?” They’re too focused on protecting today’s profits, and not tomorrow’s opportunities. Trust me, there will be some comin’ and goin’ around.

21. NORMA JEAN - November 29, 2007


22. Tell it like it TI is! - November 30, 2007

It would be OK if they were sincere about the plan changes and could explain why the plans are necessary, but it appears the truth of the matter is that most of the times they want to charge customers because of their own deficiencies. How many times does a rep say.. I wish I could, but the system doesn’t let me put this option with this plan, or I don’t have the authority to change!

I literally have to call customer care every time that I get my bill to get it corrected. It is crazy!!!!

For once Fast Follower is correct, change is gonna come. And it is going to come swift and hard! I hope Sprint is the first to fall, I truly do. Whenever you have to lie, cheat, and steal to get someone to use your product, you are on the road to extinction.

Tell it Like it Is!!!!

23. Anthony B - November 30, 2007

All of you unhappy with sprint should call 1-800-2-join-IN to join Verizon Wireless. you will get the exact opposite treatment there, and the best network!

24. Fast Follower - December 1, 2007

I’m with Anthony B. If everyone is so unhappy with Sprint, use your feet. Go in another direction. As Aerosmith says, “Walk this Way.” In some cases it might even be worth the penalty to stop your service early (at least mentally).

Isn’t Verizon’s network CDMA? Isn’t Sprint’s network CDMA? Didn’t Verizon announce they would open their network to all phones next year? I think so. So you might be able to take your Sprint phone over to Verizon. Check it out here.

Like TI and Sam Cooke said, “A Change is Gonna Come.”

25. Idetrorce - December 16, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

26. Tell it like it TI is! - December 16, 2007

I gotta agree with Fast Follower on this one…The cellular game is about to take a drastic turn and is going to get turned upside down!!! You can see the early signs, you can see the new players, and you can sort of see the new strategies starting to form (although not quite crystal clear, yet). One thing is for sure, we the users are not going to take a lot of this treatment for much longer. The first player that figures it out will get an iPod-like reaction….Mark my words!

Just telling it like it is!!!!

27. MIKE SAylor - December 27, 2007


28. MIKE SAylor - December 27, 2007


29. Jim - December 28, 2007

I got 2 phones and 1 share plan. I am being billed for 2 seperate plans and Sprint wont fix it. I have spent 5 hours on the phone total and they open a “case” and promise to call in a week. They do not. They just send another bill for $200.00. I just called again and I am waiting to see if customer retention will fix it. They have started calling me about 3 weeks ago to up grade

30. Tell it like it TI is! - December 30, 2007

I understand your frustration. I think I have had to call them after the receipt of every statement to get my billing correct. Sprint just simply falls short of anything that resembles a first rate operation…. see comment #27!

Just telling it like I always do… like it is!

31. A.Bah - April 22, 2008

Thanks everyone. I have learned a lot. The only reason why I am with Sprint is because of their Free Incoming Plan. Cust. Service, website etc are the worst I have ever seen.

32. Sprint Continues Text Messaging Scam - Vance Decker - June 2, 2008

[…] (now of course, eventually, Sprint will just remove it from your plan anyway through some other sleazy mechanism) This scam, while similar to the industry-wide ‘can’t block unwanted text messages’ scam, runs a little differently. It’s also not a brand new Sprint screw job, but rather an ongoing project, started a couple years back, designed to purge its customer base of unlimited text messaging plans, and replace them with brand new “$15 a month Sprint Super Lucky Power Vision unlimited Text Messaging add-on service.” (that’s on top of your base rate, for you knuckleheads that still don’t get it.) I wasn’t surprised to see that several blogs had already discovered and beaten me to complaining about this, many much more coherent, but of course not as interesting: ‘Pardon the Interaction’ Blog “BEWARE!!! SPRINT’S POWER VISION SCAM…..” […]

33. Tell it like it TI is! - June 6, 2008

Thanks for the input, Vance. I like to keep this going, cause everytime I call Sprint, I can always say… “I know you can make it happen, cause I have a friend that you did it for….” Oh, the power of PTIers!!!

Just telling it like it is….

34. Terri :) - July 1, 2008

I upgraded my phone and my daughters phone in May, today I recieved a 2500.00 bill from Sprint saying that my daughter had texted 7400 texts in a billing period. When I upgraded I kept the plan the sameway, they even said that it will stay the same. Well it didn’t the some how said I called in and took the unlimited text off. Let me tell you I’m not insane my daughter is 15 a teenager. I would never take off unlimited text for this reason “over texting” I am so pissed at Sprint. I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35. bsk - July 2, 2008

you dont need to have the plan, and you dont need to pay any activation fees, you have a complete choice on what ever is put on the phone when you sign up, and you can ask to have the fee waived, in fact most pleces now will do upgrades, 150$ off after only one year, i know because i work for sprint, and have givin people this deal for a while now, it really depends where you go that affects the account completly, i for one will never give the customer something they dont want or need, and i will help in any way possible.. You just went to some shitty stores..

36. Tell it like it TI is! - July 2, 2008

bsk has a point. Sprint can do anything that they want to. My best results, though, have been through the email customer care service. I have had the telephone guys admit that the authorities seem to be different. If you write a concise note indicating what would specifically make you happy, they should grant your wish. The plan that I currently have doesn’t even exist! It is a result of several years of complaints and add-ons. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Keep the PTIers informed and keep Telling it Like it Is!!!!!

37. nonya - July 26, 2008

It is just a freeken phone ppl! Every two years you can get a new phone with $150.00 off retail price and a mail in rebate. If it is one year it is $75.00 off retail price with no mail in rebate. That is not difficult. And if there is more to it, then go to a different Sprint store.
With any carrier, two year contract, then you get a new phone (22 months) Period.
It is just a freeken phone not a heart trasplant. Jesus, what did ppl do in the 80’s!!

38. Tell it like it TI is! - July 30, 2008

I disagree, nonya. Its not just a phone, its not just satellite radio, its not just cable service or sat tv… THEY ARE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT WE PAY OUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR!!! How far can these folks go? What kind of company has such a lack of confidence in the product and services that they offer, that they offer that they have to force you to lock into the contract. What kind of business is that?? Why not spend those resources improving the coverage or some other aspect of the business?? Again, I say, what a concept???

Just telling it like it is….

39. Gervasa - October 27, 2008

I’m about to cancel my T-Mobile service and be added in on my family’s Sprint plan… but this is making me really nervous. I absolutely love T-mobile (the phones are sim based, not archaically cmda based, customer service is always american and very friendly/accommodating, great price) but my neighborhood is in a lower signal coverage area and the dropped calls are driving me mad…

I’ve worked tech support for a service provider before (it was verizon, but don’t even get me STARTED about verizon, I will never EVER buy ANY sort of verizon product so long as I live – not due to quality, but for ethical and moral reasons) so this game is familiar to me… but do you guys have any tips for adding a line to an existing family plan? Their contract ran out and they’re on month-to-month and we really don’t want to sign another contract or pay activation fees.. do you think there’s any hope of that at all?

40. Tell it like it TI is! - October 28, 2008

Normally, I would say proceed with caution and ask accurate, specific questions, but as you can see from the other comments, this doesn’t seem to matter with Sprint… they will simply get amnesia and forget what they told you. Again, watch out for the great phone deal, this is typically how they get you. Accept it and you are like a turkey at dinner time on Thanksgiving….DONE!!!


Just telling it like it is…

41. Trina - November 29, 2008

I have had sprint for almost 6 years and I had the Vision Plan, which, at the time I signed up, included unlimited text messaging. I have been charged a ridiculous amount this month since I used a lot of text messaging and I just noticed that I now only have 100 text messages included.
I dont’ have my old bills to prove to sprint that I had vision , which included unlimited text and have never changed my plan. They are insisting that I never had it.

Now, they want me to pay $200 if I want to cancel, on top of the ridiculous monthly bill they gave me this month.

Please help. How do i deal with these?

42. Tell it like it TI is! - November 29, 2008

You should be able to pull up your statements for the last 24 months online. Just go to your account on sprint.com and look for the arhived billing section.
Good luck and let us know what you find.

43. SPRINT HATER! - January 1, 2009

I am very PO with Sprint I saw on there webpage a free ringtone on us. I KNEW i would get a 3 cents per kilobite charge which would come to about 38 CENTS. It turns out that to use this feature I IN ADDITION had to A FRICKION 6.95 for the addtion to my plan WHAT THE CRAP. I called the rep and he said he could cancel it for the next month but I would still have to pay it for this month. I ONLY GOT ONE FLIPPIN SONG!!!! Sprint is full of crap. I AM PO!!!!! If you want to get a cell phone do not even consider the crap from sprint they SUCK!

44. B. michale - January 29, 2009

Stay away from Sprint!! They are always making mistakes on our business service and I have to spend about an hour or two every month to make them correct it. WE NEED A BETTER LOW,LOW COST SERVICE BOMB DROPPED LIKE AOL DID 13 YEARS AGO.


45. Sprint Nogood - April 3, 2009

Best way to deal with Sprint is to always record the call, if that is not possible, only deal with ecare so you have a record. If you have continued problems, file complaint with attorney general, someone from Sprint corporate will return respond to you and you will then have a corporate contact with direct phone number, email ect.

Work Sprint right, you will get whatever you want!

46. Fatigued By The GREED - June 29, 2009

Well, I’ve looked over most of the complaints, and guess what, I’ve had some of most of it……
I don’t have time now, because there’s too much to tell.
I will tell you, you can even get screwed, REALLY BADLY, by the Retention people. I had a supervisor stand me down, that they didn’t owe me a 100.00 credit, and it almost took an act of congress to get it, but I finally did. It was right there in her face, the figures didn’t lie.
BUT, what’s better than that, just a few days after my 90 days were up, my Moto Q went dead. YES DEAD as a hammer.
I was told I’d have to pay $50.00 to have it reprogrammed, that both the Sprint software and either Motorola or Microsoft, crashed. AND, I was told they would not absorb that cost, I was over “my 90 days”..
So, the Moto Q, that they tried to hit me for 200.00, saying I didn’t qualify for a refund, and a new 2 year contract, came down to 100.00 lost, because it went dead.
Still screwed into a 2 year contract.
So, I went back to my old Sanyo 8300, even though it had no features I needed, except voice communication.
More recently, all of a sudden I started getting charged for services that I was grand-fathered into.
When I inquired, (OMG you have to stay on top of these people), I was told, that agreement expired.
I at length, explained the circumstances that brought about a non ending set of exceptions on my “plan”, that were to never expire, because I’d been forced into a plan and lost minutes. It took, finally, getting a person in retention, with a grain of sense, in fact a manager, to rectify the problem, and errors.
For about the second time, in forever, I got someone very nice, respectful and reasonable.
Look out guy, your job’s on the line, for being too good, I’m sure.
Their loss, if it happens.
Heartless, is the word for this company as a whole.
Greed driven!
Don’t forget, unlimited does not mean unlimited!
There’s a Gigabyte limit, on data and even messaging.
If you go over, like 5 gigabytes, they charge you.
Yep, even with supposed unlimited services, you took a two year contract out on!
Of course, that’s not in their marketing info. or their pitch to sell you services.
Know what PCS stands for???

Public Continually Screwed

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