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PPC 6700… My Smartphone just got Smarter. The 6700 could possibly be the smartest! January 29, 2007

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For those of you that have read my previous posts, you know that I have not always been a fan of the 6700.  This was due mainly to the design (which I admit is not the coolest), but when it comes to functionality, meeting all of the challenges, and simply delivering, it just can’t be beat!  This phone is like the Tiger Woods of Smartphones!  Some come close, but I have not seen (or heard) of any device that has as much game as the 6700!  PTIers let me know if you agree or disagree, but is there another phone out there that;

  1. Runs WM5
  2. Has a touchscreen
  3. Has WIFI capabilities
  4. Has a large enough screen to run Slingbox, CoPilot Navigation, and other apps..
  5. Has a full keyboard and 5 other input methods
  6. Has the simplest adapter configuration (simple, non-proprietery adapters)
  7. Expansion slot
  8. Bluetooth capable

All in one package!  Let me know what else is out there that packs all of these features.   I am willing to listen, but, until now, I haven’t seen it.   Just like Tiger… a lot have come close, but none can quite deliver!  This is what makes Tiger so good.  He has the total package and is not very weak in any aspect of his game!  

 The PPC 6700 has stepped up to every challenge that I have put before it, and has not let me down yet!  If you think there is another device out there with as much game as the PPC 6700, you gotta let me know!

 I will always…. Tell it Like it IS! 

Microsoft Vista January 27, 2007

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Is anybody upgrading to Vista later this week?  If so, why?  If not, why not?   Should Vista prevent a PC-to-Mac “wanna-be” from purchasing a Mac machine?

720p versus 1080p January 16, 2007

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Leave it to TI to call me to get my advice about HD TVs.  This afternoon, TI phones me to find out if he should spend less bucks for a 720p resolution DLP set, or more dollars for a 1080p DLP set?  Of course, being the all-knowing cat that I am, I told him that 1080 was the way to go.  My logic was that since major TVs are purchased to last for a long time, a 1080p purchase would be the best long-term technology protection and financial buy.  Secondarily, I told him to stay away from sets that have the HD receiver built in (since he’s a Directv customer that will need the Directv HD receiver anyway).  I also told him to make sure he gets a set with plenty of inputs (including the HDMI inputs).

Ok PTIers.  Just between you and me….was this good advice?

Am I Getting the “Run-Around” with Sprint Nextel? January 16, 2007

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This weekend I called Sprint customer service about potentially changing my plan to include more Anytime Minutes for my family and me.  After learning there was a plan above the 1500 minutes that I’m presently using that might interest me, the rep told me that I would have to agree to another 2 year contract to upgrade/change my plan.

Is this normal?  Or is this just more Sprint foolishness?

Is the iPhone Announcement Impressive? What do you think now??? January 10, 2007

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Could this iPhone thing from Apple make me change the way I think about mobile “phoning” and “PDAing” (and maybe even “iPoding”)?  Check out this PC World piece about the Apple annoucement.

Heading to the CES Show, PTIers!! January 7, 2007

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I am heading to Las Vegas for the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.   I will be like a kid in a candy store.  I will try updating this post each evening to let you know about the cool stuff that I encounter.   I am taking a camera and plan to have some photos for you, but this is my first time attending this show, and I am not if they will let me in with a camera…, but you know that I am going to try.  Hopefully, I don’t run into any Sprint folks and get thrown out of the joint!!!!   Update you soon, and remember to always Tell It Like it IS!!!!!!!