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Am I Getting the “Run-Around” with Sprint Nextel? January 16, 2007

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This weekend I called Sprint customer service about potentially changing my plan to include more Anytime Minutes for my family and me.  After learning there was a plan above the 1500 minutes that I’m presently using that might interest me, the rep told me that I would have to agree to another 2 year contract to upgrade/change my plan.

Is this normal?  Or is this just more Sprint foolishness?


1. Tell it like it TI is! - January 16, 2007

And you wonder why Sprin is losing customers at record rates. Who is coming up with these policies. You, a loyal customer want to upgrade (pay more money) your service. The only way that they will do it is by locking you in to another 2 year contract??? What the hell is that? If you own stock in this company, you better sell it off…QUICK!

It is obvious that Sprint is very desparately trying to keep customers anyway they can. Hey, Sprint, try doing business the old-fashioned way…. Improve your service and offerings, treat your customers better, and be accountable for your actions. What a notion!

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