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PPC 6700… My Smartphone just got Smarter. The 6700 could possibly be the smartest! January 29, 2007

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For those of you that have read my previous posts, you know that I have not always been a fan of the 6700.  This was due mainly to the design (which I admit is not the coolest), but when it comes to functionality, meeting all of the challenges, and simply delivering, it just can’t be beat!  This phone is like the Tiger Woods of Smartphones!  Some come close, but I have not seen (or heard) of any device that has as much game as the 6700!  PTIers let me know if you agree or disagree, but is there another phone out there that;

  1. Runs WM5
  2. Has a touchscreen
  3. Has WIFI capabilities
  4. Has a large enough screen to run Slingbox, CoPilot Navigation, and other apps..
  5. Has a full keyboard and 5 other input methods
  6. Has the simplest adapter configuration (simple, non-proprietery adapters)
  7. Expansion slot
  8. Bluetooth capable

All in one package!  Let me know what else is out there that packs all of these features.   I am willing to listen, but, until now, I haven’t seen it.   Just like Tiger… a lot have come close, but none can quite deliver!  This is what makes Tiger so good.  He has the total package and is not very weak in any aspect of his game!  

 The PPC 6700 has stepped up to every challenge that I have put before it, and has not let me down yet!  If you think there is another device out there with as much game as the PPC 6700, you gotta let me know!

 I will always…. Tell it Like it IS! 


1. Fast Follower - February 6, 2007

You just kill me. Don’t you remember tellling me that the PPC-6700 had no “cool factor.” I recall being laughed at for owning the 6700 since your Treo was the best device since the invention of cake. Now, the 6700 is the smartest phone ever. What gives?

2. Tim - February 8, 2007

Item #1 is an advantage? – Tim

3. Tell it like it TI is! - February 9, 2007

It is for business users…. I currently work for a Fortune 5 company that uses all MS applications. Regardless of personal preference, it simply integrates better with the other half of my life (business life). At work we use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

I know, I know…you are about to tell me about all of Palm’s conversion software, docs to go, etc. I’ve been there, and had that stuff working smoothly, but it just didn’t quite get to “seamless integration”, it was more like “tolerable”.

In addition, I wanted to have a phone with slingbox. There is no sling mobile software for Palm.

So all in all WM5 is not flawless and has a few quirks, but so far so good.

Like I said about the ppc 6700 it doesn’t do anything the best… but it does a whole lot of things well!

Tell it like it is…..

4. Fast Follower - February 9, 2007

All of the “blather” in #3 isn’t new info. You’ve known all of that forever. And it’s irrelevant to the discussion. Remember, you made the decision to purchase the WINDOWS version of the Treo over the WINDOWS 6700.

5. Tim - February 9, 2007

I won’t tell you about Palm’s conversion software… I’ll just tell you that I use my 6700 for business, and it’s simply not powerful enough to do the things that you’re describing. It’s too slow, too constrained, and (to my original comment) WM5 makes it all but worthless as a phone.

Instead of this device, I would be better served by having my Sanyo 8500 (definitely NOT a smart phone) with simple contact list integration with my notebook. I lost too many features, and what I’ve gained, isn’t useful.

Sorry… I am less and less impressed with the 6700 every day I use it. It looked cool at the time, but I honestly wish I had my money back. – Tim

6. Tell it like it TI is! - February 10, 2007

Well the first thing that I will tell you is that you do need a good memory manager application that can clean your memory from time to time. There are also some updates that you might be missing, as well. Check it out. I respect your opinion, your comments, and experiences. Not sure what you are trying to do, but my experiences have been nothing but good. In fact, on Saturdays I have to take my son to a morning program. There is a lot of construction around my town right now.. I fired up CoPilot, and the 6700 got me here with time to spare. Right now while I am waiting, I am catching up on the episode of Lost that I missed on Wednesday using the Mobile Slingplayer. All this after checking my 3 email accounts and calling a few folks. After the episode of Lost is over, I will probably listen to a few mp3s! All this on the 6700! Does the little status circle in the middle take a while sometimes? I guess so. But maybe I just appreciate all the things that it does and give it a little slack on speed.

The simple contact list integration probably works, but wouldn’t be enough for me. I need everything at my fingertips, and the 6700 is the ONLY device that has everything!

The Treo comes close, but the screen size is too small for functional viewing…Slingbox and CoPilot. When the 6700 screen is in landscape mode, there is nothing that comes close!

As they say, though, Tim. Beauty (functionality, speed, etc.) is in the eyes of the beholder!

Forgot to mention that I am doing all of this using the wifi connection!

By the way check out this site for faster processor speeds….


Take care and thanks for Telling it Like It IS!

7. Tell it like it TI is! - February 10, 2007

As for Fast Followers comments…

Fast Follower is going through some transitional phases in his life right now. He really wants an iMac. He is trying to convince himself that Windows sucks and has no functional uses left on this earth. So anything that has Windows, Microsoft, etc. He simply bashes.

He is right, I purchased the 750w and despite the problems with Sprint, I knew that that device would not do well with viewing my television shows. Let’s face it, I was doing perfectly OK with my treo 650. I wanted TV on my unit, among other things.

So just ignore FF…. He’s got issues!

8. Tell it like it TI is! - February 10, 2007

Oh by the way, this topic has gotten a lot of views in the past couple of days, and note that no one has even tried to challenge the functionality and features of the 6700! There really has been no mention of any other device! I am not going to do it now, but soon I will be putting my luggage to sleep, or in other words….RESTING MY CASE!


9. Tim - February 10, 2007

Again, if WM5 is an advantage, WHY DO I NEED A MEMORY MANGER??? Why didn’t MS put better memory management in there to begin with? Why do some applications shut down when you close the main window (like most Windows desktop apps), but most of them don’t? I am challenging the features and functionality of the 6700. It sucks as a phone! How much more plain do I have to be?

As a messaging device (SMS messaging and lightweight e-mail), this works well. As a surfing device, it sucks. The synchronization with Exchange Server is incredibly difficult if you use a security certificate (as any reasonable shop would). So now I have a glorified POP3/SMTP client, which is really good at SMS messaging (as long as you’re not going to send to e-mail addresses), and doesn’t do picture mail. Without extra memory (not cheap in the volumes you need to use it as a media player), the thing is not useful for anything.

So… tell me again… without doing a ton of add-ons (thankfully, and all the WM5 fans will say this is a virtue instead of a vice, you can add on 3rd party stuff), how is this the “smartest smartphone” available? It sounds to me like a title along the lines of “best belly dancer on the South Pole.” It may be true, but it’s not much of an honor. – Tim

10. Tell it like it TI is! - February 11, 2007

I think the first thing we should do is separate WM5 issues from the actual device. Are there issues with WM5? Yes there are…heck there are still issues with XP, and I am sure there will be issues with Vista. However, the WM5 issues are universal for all WM5 devices. I was getting bogged down with the apps that really would not close, but I found a third party app that solved the problem. By the way it was free. So no harm, no foul. I have also installed an apps manager that let’s you close apps when you need to. Again, it was free. Remember, the reason that Palm gained so much popularity in the early days was because of its open source format that allowed devices to be customized with third party apps.

I hear you challenging the functionality, but not once in your comments have you mentioned an alternative, or a contender. My point still remains that this is a good smartphone. Name something that comes close. Is there a better surfing phone? What is it? Not really sure what you mean by doesn’t do picture mail, I send picture mail everyday??? Could it come with more memory? Yes. Bought a 2Gig mini sd on ebay for 18 bucks… problem solved.

Seems like you have an issue with WM5 vs. the device itself.

Again, what else comes close? I am sure that I can go out and buy a better PDA, a better phone, a better portable media player, and a better portable wifi device separately. But I will never go back to the Batman style utility belt! Just to be clear, I never said that the device came packed with everything from the factory that fulfilled my every need, but the device allows me to do everything that I want to do today. No other device could offer this. If you know of another device that competes, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to read up about it. So far, I don’t think one exists.

Sucks as a phone? I don’t really see the point. It certainly has different conventions that you have to get used to, but I have had no problem making and receiving calls. Could the speed dial section be a little better organized? Yes. Would I love to have the hard keys to dial, like I had with my Treo? Probably. Do I wish the keys on the keyboard lit up a little better? Maybe. However, it is just as good as any other smartphone that I have owned.

So, again, I ask, name a phone that is smarter. A phone that ALLOWS you to do everything that I have stated. I would love to begin comparing the 6700 to another device, but where is it?

By the way, it was great using my phone as an internet modem today while out with my laptop…yet another feature.

In the words of Carly Simon….Nobody does it Better! So far the 6700 is the only phone with the total package.

11. Tim - February 11, 2007

You seem to have missed that my initial point was…

Is WM5 an advantage?

You said, “yes,” and began regaling the virtues of WM5. In the initial message, you suggested that it “may not be the best,” but by the end, you’re looking for a “What Would the PPC-6700 Do?” bracelet.

You don’t see the point of it sucking as a phone? Without flipping the phone open, can you speed-dial while driving? Funny… I could do that with my old Sanyo dumbphone. Picture mail does not exist on this phone from Sprint. There is no way, with WM5 installed, to send picture mail to another phone. Please… show me how. I’ve gone through the manuals, and the menu items they suggest I use… aren’t there.

Show me how to send SMS messages to an e-mail account. Oh… that’s right… you can embed the email address in the message, and then send it to a special “6245” number (the email/SMS gateway for Sprint). How clunky is that? Why was my dumbphone able to do this, but my smartphone can’t?

Why do I have to add ANY software to a smartphone? Call it an expandablephone, but don’t call it smart… not when it’s running WM5 and the stock software that Sprint ships.

Is there anything better? Do I have to hold a chocolate cake next to a mud pie for you to be convinced that the chef can do better? Again… it looks like the 6700 is the “best belly dancer on the South Pole.”

I think that’s called “damning with faint praise.” 😀 – Tim

P.S. The most depressing thing to me about the smartphone market is what you’ve just said about the 6700: “Nobody does it better.”

12. Tell it like it TI is! - February 11, 2007

Ok, I am trying to understand where we are missing each other….I probably was mistaken by listing WM5 as a smart FEATURE…however, I should have listed it as an enabler. The reason that I listed WM5 in the initial list was because the capability that it enables is Sliing Box Media Player. If television viewing via SlingBox is a requirement, then as soon as that decision is made ALL PALM DISCUSSIONS CEASE. THERE IS NO NEED TO EVEN MENTION ANY FEATURES THAT PALM MIGHT OFFER. Period.

So, for the mainstream folks, that leaves tha discussion entirely in the WM5 arena, therefore there is no reason to debate the issues with WM5…. that’s the point. The issues with WM5 are universal for all devices that employ it…

So to your first question… Is WM5 an advantage? It is if you want to use Sling Box Mobile. This was the main reason that I switched from Palm to WM5. Now with that choice being made, I also needed a device with a big enough screen for the best viewing. My answer…if you want to use Slingbox Mobile, it is an advantage. There is no Palm alternative available. If you want to pay another service for a subscription for television content that you are already paying for, then I guess there is no advantage. I am not falling into that trap.

So, are we clear on why I responded “yes” to your initial comment? Now because I said, “yes”, doesn’t mean that I am saying that WM5 is the best operating system. It has flaws, and could handle some situations a whole lot better! Needs work, and probably always will. It will never be perfect.

Next, I really don’t understand the comment about the bracelet…

I am also not understanding your comments about the phone. The 6700 doesn’t “flip open”. While driving, I can turn the device on, hit the phone button, go to speed dial and choose the number, all with one hand. You can call from history or simply call the last number… all with one hand. Or if you switch to phone mode you can simply dial on the touch screen. Don’t like the dialpad? You can download some other dialpad screens (there I go with that 3rd party software again). BTW, the phone comes with a pretty good Voice Speed Dialer that I use from time to time….look ma no hands!

Yeah, not sure what Sprint changed, but you are right, can’t send SMS messages to email address. I guess I don’t do it much, and hadn’t noticed that this functionality was missing. But keep in mind your old dumbphone that used to do it on the Sprint network can’t perform this function anymore either. So let’s talk about how we are getting screwed by Sprint and how they are charging more and giving us less. We can talk about all of the problems that the Sprint Nextel merger is causing for all of us…since this is universal we can’t take away from the 6700 smartness because of this, either. Right?

Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by picture mail, but I snap photos and send them to email accounts all of the time. So I assume that you are referring to sending pics directly to other phones. Guess I will give it a try. Sprint tried to get me to sign up for picture mail service, I declined. I figured that the functionality existed, if I chose to use it. Again, not limited by the hardware.

Next… the reason you add software to the smartphone beyond what is deemed the basics is so that you can personalize and customize the device for your use. In just a few blog comments it is apparent that you and I have different needs and priorities wihen it comes to this sort of stuff. So how can we expect a manufacturer to fulfill all of our needs? Impossible. I don’t buy a home and expect it to have all of the furniture that I want, I don’t purchase vehicles with a bunch of options that I don’t want, and I wouldn’t expect, nor am I waiting for a smartphone device to be developed that meets all of my needs. I think this is an unfair ( and to be quite honest, boring) scenario. The most you can ask for is programming/developer flexibility, expandablility so that I can erase most of the barriers, and enough forethought as to not be an arrogant manufacturer to think that you can think and serve all of my needs when I don’t even know what they are from time to time. Still can’t find a device that I can fulfill as many needs as the 6700! I guess you won’t understand until you have to choose between a WIFI Sd card or your memory because there is only one slot! or there is no slot for more memory! Giving consumers the ability to be flexible and expand is a clear choice the manufacturers make.

I hate the Themes that come with WM5 factory install….thank god for allowing me to create my own or download others….I would never expect for the manufacturer to have all of the themes that I want, why is it hard to understand that???

So where are we? You use a great example in your last comment. If you want to convince me…Show me the mudpie (at least in the example above you mentioned something to compare to). Can you give me another alternative that will allow me to do what I can currently do? Can you offer another option than carrying a dumbphone, and several separate devices?

So to my original point…Maybe this is the smartest smartphone out there… WM5 is not a feature, but is an enabler to some features that Palm cannot, namely SlingBox…. You don’t necessarily have to be the best in all of your classes to be Valedictorian….I find it amazing that with all of these comments, there has been absolutely NO mention of any other device or manufacturer…. Maybe it is the only one that stayed after attendance was taken or maybe it is in a class all by itself. Hey, if you are stuck in the Southpole, the belly dancer starts to look real good!

If you want to debate the pros and cons of WM5 vs. Palm we can open another post… If we had a post talking about cars, we wouldn’t spend time talking about gasoline quality.. would we?

If you want to talk about Sprint vs. other carriers and how they have screwed up a pretty good service… we can do that too…

But until I find another device that has the capability to take on what the 6700 can, I have to believe that either there is no competitiion,or no one has been successful in coming close.

Tell it Like it IS

13. Tim - February 12, 2007

Bracelet: It was an obscure “What Would Jesus Do?” reference, because your effusive praise treats the 6700 roughly like the Second Coming. 🙂

Palm/Slingbox/WM5: None of these interest me in the least. The screen is too small for me to bother with, particularly when I have video options around the house where the screen size is usable. For me (warning: weird analogy ahead), this is like buying riding lawn mower so I can go places using gasoline. There are more efficient options for getting around, and for me, there are better options for viewing video.

Dialing while driving: With my old phone, I could speed dial the phone without looking at it. With *any* touchscreen phone, this is almost impossible. Granted, with the 6700, you can slide (sorry for saying “flip”) the phone open and press and hold one of the text/number keys to speed dial. Unfortunately, there’s no physical indication which button you’re touching (unlike a regular keypad).

SMS-to-Email: The Sanyo 8500 (dumbphone) can still send text messages to email addresses. This is a shortcoming of this phone’s integration with Sprint, not a feature that Sprint has specifically disallowed.

Picture Mail: Yes, Picture Mail is sending photos to another phone. I don’t want to use my data service to do this. It’s slower, and it costs me money. Previously, my Sprint Vision option provided me with unlimited picture mails. I now have hi-res pictures that I have to e-mail to a comp… and hope that my friend can download those to his/her phone. No more sending pics to another phone.

Programmability: It’s one thing to ALLOW programmability and expandability. It’s another to DEMAND it. Clearly, if you expect programmability, you won’t notice the diff. Not needing or wanting to mess with such things, I notice it every day. This will remain a geek-only phone, with little or no mass appeal, in much the same way (and for the same reasons) that Linux will remain geek-only.

When I went phone shopping, the 6700 looked like all that, and a bag of chips. I was as proud of this phone as any device I have ever purchased. Then I used it for a month. I used it as a camera in Hawaii. I used it as a phone there. I used it for work when traveling. I sync’d it with our Exchange Server and used it for Email. I messed with it for DAYS trying to get it to sync again when we put a security certificate on our Exchange Server, and finally gave up.

I dinked around with it for hours trying to figure out what was wrong with Picture Mail. Then I went online and realized that everyone had the same question. I got Email messages to my phone through the SMS gateway, but realized that I couldn’t respond (easily). I searched for answers… and found tons of people frustrated with the same things.

I will grant you that there is currently nothing better, and the feature set looks like you took every geek’s wish list and threw it into a blender. But fighting with the crap I’ve fought with on this phone, and looking back longingly at my dumbphone, makes it really hard to see this as something other than an expensive mud pie. (In the meantime, I still have to carry my iPod around with me.)

I want a phone… and I want something usable. I want someone to do for the “smartphone” what Apple did with the MP3 player… make it accessible. The iPhone may not be that, but it seems pretty clear that the 6700 isn’t. – Tim

14. Fast Follower - February 12, 2007

The 6700 is like the smart kid in the dumb class. Essentially, all of these smart phones are just mediocre. They’re “jacks-of-all -trades,” but “masters-at-nothing.” I use the 6700 because it’s the best all around phone/PDA/entertainment combo device. And therin lies the problem: It’s trying to be a whole bunch of stuff, and doen’t do anything really well.

Caravan minivans carry people and stuff, but they aren’t cool or fun to drive. BMWs are cool and fun, but they can’t carry people or your stuff.

Think about Tim’s referrence to iPod. What does it do well? Portable music! That’s it. Nobody seems to complain about this singular focus.

The first company to truly design a device with operating system and service that does a bunch of stuff well, will win. I call this the Michael Jordan target. Design a device that does everything well like Michael Jordan as a basketball player. I don’t think iPhone will be that device either. And neither is the 6700.

15. Tim - February 12, 2007

Hmmm… I’m driving a Ford Windstar today (bad weather) but there’s an S2000 in the garage. Hmm… – Tim

16. Tell it like it TI is! - February 12, 2007

First off, I guess that Fast Follower didn’t hear about the iPhone announcement! Steve J is trying to combine more features….

Tim has two vehicles, one in the garage and one that has been discontinued!

Still no mention of ANY other product….

And my point is …. there ain’t another device on the market as smart as the 6700. Hold on, I have a text mesage coming in on my device…..If there is I wouild like to know!

I also understand that everyone isn’t interested in a smartphone. There is and always will be those that like to take out their backpack and load it up with the best of the best! If you don’t mind carrying around the best media device, a PDA, a Camera, a cell phone, an email device, a navigation system, a portable television, a text messager, etc. there is nothing wrong with that. I totally understand.

17. Fast Follower - February 12, 2007

TI is a little stubborn. I golf with him all of the time. I’ve seen him play 18 holes of golf with 14 holes where driver can be used off the tee. You would think after 10 or so drives OB, in a water hazard, or lost, he would pick another club from the tee box. Not TI. He’s stubborn that way. And many times not logical.

Is there a smarter smart phone than the 6700? Probably not.
Is the 6700 a great device? Absolutely not.
Just because it’s the best smart phone doesn’t me it’s a good smart phone. It’s just the best of a bad bunch.

It’s like American cars in the 70s. Because the Japanese hadn’t made a significant invasion onto these shores at that time, American cars were the deemed to be best. We all know what happened later.

And by the way….WM5 is not an enabler. It’s central to the 6700. Much of the reason the 6700 is what it is, is due to to WM5. Is iTunes just an enabler for iPod? No. It’s central to life with an iPod.

18. Tell it like it TI is! - February 12, 2007

Since Tim and Fast Follower used some pretty good analogies….Here’s one for you

You have a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which is great, uses a renewable fuel source, and emits no pollution….you also have a vehicle that has a gasoline interanal combustion engine……

Which is the better fuel, gasoline or hydrogen? Hydrogen, right?

Which is the better enabler for you to get your daily work done, to truck goods across the country, to police the streets of the big city, to make sure injured folks make it to the hospital in an ambulance? Today the answer is gasoline! No matter how you feel about global warming, the Country’s dependancy on foriegn oil, or pollution emmissions….It’s what we have available until other technologies become mature, available and affordable… Like gasoline, WM5 is not the perfect OS, but it does enable several functions and capabilities.

I didn’t start this by trying to change the world and live in “What if”, “Could be”, or “Why can’t I” -Land. I simply wanted to make the point that the 6700 was the best smartphone on the market. No, I don’t think it is the second coming, and I never said that this device was perfect, flawless, or without sin. I simply stated that it was the smartest smartphone….meaning it has the capabilty to perform a lot of the functions that others are trying to integrate, and so far it is the best at integrating the capabilities. Never said it did anything the best (accept integrate), never said any particular function was totally blowing me away (although, my first impressions of the CoPilot Live 6 app running on the 6700 is impressive!)…Just said that it was the smartest, in hopes that others would make suggestions with other devices that might come close…Still no mention of any other devices!

I rest my case…

The name of the post is “PPC 6700… My Smartphone just got Smarter. The 6700 could possibly be the smartest! Sorry you guys disagree with my logic, but you both agree with my conclusion! What are we debating about. The name of the post is not , “How could a smartphone be smarter”, “What is wrong with today’s Smartphone entries, and where they fall short”, “What is the best operating system, and the shortcomings of WM5”, or “What the heck is Sprint up to, and how could they service the market better”….

Fast Follower quote… ” Is there a smarter smart phone than the 6700? Probably not.”…. translation, “The 6700 could be the smartest”… Where have I seen this before…Oh yeah! In the title of the post!

Tim’s quote…. “I will grant you that there is currently nothing better, …” translation, “The 6700 could be the smartest”….remind me again, where have I seen these words?

That’s it, there is no more to talk about! Again, I rest my case.
I’m so glad we had this time together, Just to have a laugh or sing a song, Seems we just get started and before you know it, Comes the smartest smartphone to come along!”

Seriously, I have really enjoyed this. Tim makes several valid points, and has a good knack for analogies (sometimes).

Join us on some of the other topics some time!

Tell It Like It Is!!

19. Fast Follower - February 12, 2007

Ok, so we all agree: It’s the smartest smartphone.

Just remember, Mr. “6700 is the Smartest Smartphone,” I owned it first. Way, way, way, waaaaaaay, before you. I’m the one who stood up to you on this blog when you bad-mouthed the device. Don’t make me go back and link to some of your early criticism while you were buying into the Treo PR. ‘Cause I will.

I think I’ve earned the right to be critical about the 6700. While you’re pushing it’s limits with nav software (’cause you don’t have nav in that cool new car of yours), I use it like most people use it. Not only do devices like this need to be functional (which the 6700 and WM5 is), they also need to be friendly (which the 6700 and WM5 is not). You seem to only think about functional. The best inventions are powerful and easy. Think Tivo, iPod, automatic transmissions, Starbucks, Google, Picasa, etc.

The 6700 might be the smartest, but it ain’t smart.

Tim, let me join TI in inviting you to participate more. As you can see, I need help trying to understand him somtimes (and I’ve known him for 25 years).

20. Tim - February 13, 2007

I’m always up for an entertaining debate, with or without logic (I’m sometimes ill-equipped in that category).

In the “powerful and easy” category, Guy Kawasaki used to talk about “Sailors and Tourists.” The tourist wants to stay on the top deck, look at the view, and enjoy the ride. The sailor doesn’t really care about the view, and is much more interested in what makes the ship tick, and how to make it go where he/she wants it to go. The acronym he used to describe products was DICE: Deep, Intuitive, Complete, and Elegant.

Deep products appeal to Sailors and Tourists. Intuitive products are usable by both. Complete products allow for add-ons, but don’t require them. Elegant products… just seem to have a way of fitting together that makes you think of Fred Astaire. Kawasaki spoke of the Canon 35 mm automatic cameras as fitting this criteria. A pro could put the thing in full-manual mode, and to unbelievable things. A complete novice could pick it up, put it in full-auto mode, and treat it like a high-end point & shoot camera.

Here’s my question: If a phone doesn’t reach out to the novice as well as the pro, is it really smart? – Tim

21. Tell it like it TI is! - February 13, 2007

Wow…what am I supposed to say to that? For the first time in a long time…. I am speechless! Hmmmm….maybe Tim has a point.

Could it be that I am more of a sailor than I think?…I do like the view, howver. Heck, now I am confused.

Here is an interesting article recapping the last year’s smartphone stats….



22. Tim - February 13, 2007

I have a point, but my friends say that keeping my hair long covers it most of the time. – Tim

23. Fast Follower - February 16, 2007

How correct I was way back in November ’06. This comment was in response to TI’s flip-flop on the 6700. I was correct about you, TI. I was correct about the 6700. And I was prophetic about asking for an Apple phone/PDA……

I tried to tell you who you should fall in love with a long time ago. But did you listen to me? No, as usual! You fell for the hot babe with no substance and the bs resume. You know her name. 700wx.

But let’s not get too giddy over the 6700 either. I’m here to tell you, anything that runs WM5 (including the 6700) isn’t too great either. WM5 might be powerful, but it just doesn’t work very well. I long for the device that’s simple and stable like Palm devices, and powerful like WM5 devices. Maybe Apple should create a Phone / PDA.

24. Tell it like it TI is! - February 16, 2007

You might be right about the 700wx, I was giddy, but I assessed her true colors early in the relationship, and got out…kicked her right to the curb! What more could I do? Made a mistake and corrected it immediately! Even the best of us need spell check every now and then. I am not ashamed to say it… I made a mistake. You know the saying… fool me once….

Like I indicated before, gasoline is not the best fuel, but right now it is all we have until alternative fuels are developed and distributed in a convenient manner. What are you going to do? Just sit in the house and long for the day that hydrogen becomes the fuel of choice? I think not. So while you are sitting their longing, I am making the best of what is available today….
You are longing to be a better golfer, but are you not playing the game in the meantime?

Tell it Like it Is…

25. Tell it like it TI is! - February 17, 2007

Just ran across this article this morning on CNET. Take a look.


Although it is about the new Motorola Q, it mentions the PPC 6700. I particulary like the part… where it says… “if you are looking for more of a smartphone WORKHORSE try the 6700!

Workhorse, I like it! …. and still the smartest smartphone!….PPC 6700.

Tell it Like it IS…

26. PPC6700 Owner - July 21, 2007

Do you guys know what the limit is in terms of miniSD capacity usable by the PPC6700? I have seen on other forums people say that it can’t use anything over 1GB or 2GB depending on the post. I saw someone here said that he used a 2GB card, does it work properly? Any need to customize? What about 4GB since it uses a new version of SD (2.0)? If anyone has any insight please let me know, I am interested in using my 6700 as an MP3 player as well as a workhorse. Let me know please

27. Tell it like it TI is! - July 22, 2007

Technically, I don’t know what the limit is. However, from personal experinence, I started having problems when I tried to go to a 2G card. After I bought the CoPilot software, my intent was to put the application and all of the maps on the card.

For some reason, the 2G card would not allow me to install programs on it. I kept getting a lot of errors. I went to a 1G card and everything was back to normal! Again, not the tech answer you wanted, but just my personal experience. BTW, have you seen the new HTC Mogul???

Take care, and always, Tell It Like It Is!!!

28. me - December 10, 2007

i put a version of linux mobile beta on my works great i only had to fry 3 units first before getting it to work

29. Ppc6700 linux | Estellasenvy - September 26, 2012

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