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Better Than the PPC-6700 ! ! February 20, 2007

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OK, Mr. “6700 is the best phone/PDA!”  Here’s Cingular’s HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger for you:

  • Treo/Blackberry-like, non-slide-out keyboard
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Quad-band world phone
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • EDGE high-speed network
  • No protruding antenna with killer good-looks
  • 1.3 mega pix camera (which I don’t care about…but I know you do)
  • miniSD slot
  • AC and USB charger

 What do you think?

It’s Digital Stupid…The Quality of the HDMI Cable Really Doesn’t Matter February 18, 2007

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….Or so the post explains over on Techno Babble from an IT Guy Named Harry.  Check out the comments too.  It kind of reminds me of Pardon the Interaction.

Phone Bluetooth Headset Functioning with Mobile Slingbox??? February 17, 2007

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Has anyone figured out how to get a bluetooth headset designed for mobile phone usage working with non-phone applications (other non-phone audio applications on a bluetooth enabled pda application like Mobile Slingbox)?

Another Sprint Scam….Roaming Charges!! February 16, 2007

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Is it just me, or is Sprint playing games again?  Help me understand….I have been with Sprint quite some time now.  I have been living in the same area for over 12 years, but each year my roaming minutes seem to be increasing by the bill!  All the while, I keep seeing the Sprint commercials in my local area claiming to improve coverage continuously.  Help me understand, how Sprint keeps improving coverage, but my roaming charges keep increasing!  So I am supposed to believe that you are increasing coverage in my major metropolitan area, but I am increasingly finding myself outside of the coverage area even though I haven’t moved in years!  What a scam!  PTIers, something doesn’t smell quite right with this scenario!

Here is the kicker, however.  I called Sprint to complain, and without skipping a beat they tried to add yet another monthly charge for some type of unlimited roaming plan!  Can you believe this!  Let me see how this works, I sell you a plan, I back off and increase your roaming charges, I claim to increase coverage in your area, and then I get so customer driven that I offer you an unlimited roaming add-on to your existing plan to solve the problem.  I was born at night, but not last night!

Has anyone else noticed this?  Let me know if you have been scammed too!  I am so tired of Sprint.  Verizon, hear my prayers!

Tell It Like It IS…… 

Mobile Slingbox on my PDA February 15, 2007

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All of a sudden I can’t “Mobile Sling” on my ppc-6700.  I haven’t spent much time trying to fix this yet.  Is there any quick advice?

Windows Guru Chooses Mac February 9, 2007

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Check it out.  Ever read Who Moved My Cheese?  Are we in the middle of Microsoft losing track of their cheese?

Walking Under the Influence of iPod February 7, 2007

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NYC may ban iPod, Blackberry and mobile phone usage when crossing streets in the city as reported by MSNBC.

MNotes Communicating with WM5 Doesn’t Work Well February 7, 2007

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I can’t wait to get MNotes off my WM5-based PPC-6700.  My current employer uses Lotus Notes for email and calendaring.  Thus, I’ve been saddled with using MNotes to sync my 6700 with Lotus Notes.  Right now as I write this post, my PPC-6700 is locked up (again) as I try to sync with Lotus Notes.  I’m changing employers!  I  sure hope the new employer doesn’t use Lotus Notes.

Bluetooth Headset – Best Kept Secret February 7, 2007

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I just purchased the Cardo Scala 700 bluetooth headset after a recommendation from a work colleague.  This has to be the best kept secret in bluetooth headset land.  For $40 on Amazon, it has a comfortable fit; easily bluetooth “connect-able” to my PPC 6700; very loud volume, built-in windproof, a pouch that attaches to my belt to carry it (so I don’t lose the darned thing like I have with others in the past); USB charge-able; 120v charge-able; an audible finder like a cordless phone.

Check out the specs for the Scala 700 on the Cardo site.

Tivo Video Downloads from Amazon February 7, 2007

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This seems pretty interesting.  PVR Blog reports on the potential new ability to download video to a Tivo from Amazon.  Should I be excited about this?  Ultimately, what I want to do is have the ability to move content from my PC to multiple Tivo’s in my home and vice versa.  I’d also like to be able to move it to hand held devices or laptops as well.  Does this Amazon download “thing” get me any closer to being able to do this?

Directv HD DVR February 6, 2007

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Well I took the plunge yesterday.  I called Directv to schedule the upgrade toHD.  Since I’ve been a Directv subscriber for so long, I’ve got to replace my round dish with the oval dish.  For $220, I’m getting the HD DVR, the oval dish, and installation.   This won’t be installed until March 2.  I’m a little concerned about the Directv DVR interface.  I know it’s not Tivo-like.  But I’m also very wary of cable.

My New Dilemma…Figuring out HD Programming!!! February 2, 2007

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Ok…I got the TV 62 inch, 1080 resolution to bring in the best HD resolution possible.   Now, here is the dilemma…. How am I going to watch HD programming.   I really have had no problems with Directv.  I love it, but I also love my TIVO.  Not PVR, or DVR, or whatever they call it….  I want Tivo!  Comcast just signs some type of deal with Tivo.  Does that mean eventually my Directv/Tivo box one day won’t work???   I found some Directv HD /Tivo boxes on ebay, but I don’t know if it will work in a year.   It has been so long since I have had cable, I am not sure what the quality is like anymore.   Oh, by the way, while I am making this choice and trying to sort through things, I have gone out and purchased a an HD antenna, so I can at least watch my local stations in HD.   So here is what I am looking at;

  •  It can go with HD Directv.  This will probably involve giving up my Tivo interface and I am forced to use the new Directv DVR interface.  BTW, I also have to get on top of the garage and switch to an oval HD dish!
  • I can wait for Comcast, rent a box, and hope that they don’t mess up the Tivo experience.  I will also probably subject myself to monthly rate changes too.   I might, though, get a chance to bundle my phone, TV, and internet into a comparably priced package.  Not sure, but that makes sense, right?
  • Or I can wait for the AT&T solution….internet TV.  Don’t know much about this, but I will be looking into it.

I need your help PTIers, what have you found out.  Are there any other options?  Everyone tells you that there are 100s of HD channels coming.  Who is telling the truth?  What is AT&T up to?   What is Comcast going to do with Tivo?  Will I have to pay for Tivo now?  Is Directv’s DVR interface that bad?

 Come on… help me out and Tell it Like it IS!