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MNotes Communicating with WM5 Doesn’t Work Well February 7, 2007

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I can’t wait to get MNotes off my WM5-based PPC-6700.  My current employer uses Lotus Notes for email and calendaring.  Thus, I’ve been saddled with using MNotes to sync my 6700 with Lotus Notes.  Right now as I write this post, my PPC-6700 is locked up (again) as I try to sync with Lotus Notes.  I’m changing employers!  I  sure hope the new employer doesn’t use Lotus Notes.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - February 9, 2007

Hey quit belly aching. Although there are some installation issues, once you get it working, it is pretty much transparent and works well. You can’t just keep remembering the installation hassles, but try to think about how flawless things run afterwards, There are no day to day routine issues with Mnotes. Give em a break!

2. Fast Follower - February 9, 2007

See, that’s your problem. You think everybody enjoys “figuring out” how to get things working. I know you get great enjoyment in cracking the “I can’t get it to work” code. Most people do not! Can you imaging popping the hood of a newly purchased car to tune it up yourself before you drove it off the dealer’s lot?

3. Tell it like it TI is! - February 10, 2007

Hey just remember…Everything in Life is not PnP! My only point was that the issues that you had with Mnotes was not the product. It was your coporate configurations and security that made it so difficult!

Just like the old song I used to like in the 80’s by Betty Wright…. No pain, no gain!

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