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Mobile Slingbox on my PDA February 15, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Uncategorized.

All of a sudden I can’t “Mobile Sling” on my ppc-6700.  I haven’t spent much time trying to fix this yet.  Is there any quick advice?


1. Fast Follower - February 15, 2007

Ok, I just got it working…sort of. I’ve got video on the pda, but no audio. What’s up with that?

It seems like my router got reset to factory setting somehow. Once reconfigured, the mobile slinging began to work – albeit with video only.

Still need help with the audio problem.

2. Fast Follower - February 15, 2007

Well…I just cracked the ‘no volume code.” I feel a little stupid actually. What’s great about this is the online, live customer support I got from Sling Media. Check it out:

[3:10 PM] Jason says: Thank you for contacting Sling Media. My name is Jason. How may I assist you today?
[3:11 PM] Fast Follower says: I’m suddenly not hearing audio with mobile slingbox on my Windows Mobile 5 handheld device. I do have a video signal
[3:12 PM] Jason says: Ok, can you connect to your slingbox from a pc?
[3:13 PM] Fast Follower says: Yes. My pc at home
[3:13 PM] Jason says: Do you get audio from that location?
[3:13 PM] Fast Follower says: yes
[3:13 PM] Jason says: Can you check the volume on the phone?
[3:14 PM] Fast Follower says: I did this. And also did this by using the speaker phone for a telephone call. And the mute button is not pressed
[3:15 PM] Jason says: And if you use the remote to increase the volume?
[3:16 PM] Fast Follower says: Haven’t tried that…hold on
[3:17 PM] Fast Follower says: I can’t find a volume toggle or button on the remote….only “pg” and “ch”
[3:18 PM] Jason says: Which phone are you using?
[3:18 PM] Fast Follower says: PPC-6700 offered by Sprint. It’s worked in the recent past
[3:19 PM] Jason says: And when did the audio stop working? while you were connected? what if you switch to audio only mode?
[3:20 PM] Fast Follower says: Hey ! ! ! ! I just found the problem. The phone has it’s own volume setting that’s not linked to a telephone call volume. It was turned all the way down. Thanks for your help.
[3:20 PM] Jason says: Thats what i though it was when i mentioned phone volume, glad you got it wokring.
[3:21 PM] Jason says: Thank you once again for contacting Sling Media. Have a great day.

3. Tell it like it TI is! - February 15, 2007

Man, what are you doing?? You forgot to turn the volume up? How embarrassing! You wasted someones good help line time. Just like your golf game. That’s like playing eighteen holes and then say you forgot to use the proper grip!

Tell It Like It Is!

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