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I Got the Directv HD DVR March 4, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Uncategorized.

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. On Friday the Directv installation guy came out to the house and installed the new HD dish (much bigger than my old round Directv dish). He also set me up with the Directv HD DVR receiver (not Tivo by the way). For $200, I got the new dish, the receiver, and installation – not bad for a long time premium Directv customer. My only complaint about the whole installation process was the wait to get it done (2 weeks), and the installation time (almost 4 hours….for a dish that’s at ground level and a house already wired).

So far, I’m extremely impressed. I’ve got about 18 HD channels (ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Fox Sports Net, etc) including the HD network channels that I get without need of an external HD antenna in my area (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox). On my Pioneer Elite Pro-530HD rear projection TV, the HD picture quality is outstanding (yes, an old tech but high quality 1080i rear projection…not new tech plasma, lcd, dlp). I’m using the DVI video connection to the tv (the Pioneer doesn’t have HDMI). I found a cable from radio shack that has HDMI on one end (to connect to the receiver) and DVI on the other end (to connect to the TV). I believe the only difference between the newer HDMI and DVI is that HDMI carries both video and audio signals. DVI only carries video. Thus with DVI, I still need an audio connection, which I split between digital audio to my Harmon Kardon AVR-320 receiver and analogue audio to the tv.

As I previously mentioned, this isn’t Tivo. It’s Directv’s DVR. It’s not as user friendly as Tivo, but it isn’t bad. I’ve already set up my favorite programming to record and I’ve already watched some of the these scheduled shows. Tivo is elegant. This DVR is functional.  In other words, you get used to it. So don’t fight it.

To me, movies broadcast in HD are great (I watched HD Gladiator and Tombstone yesterday). But where HD really shines is with sports. I’ve watched some PGA golf, some NHL hockey, some college hoops, and NBA hoops in HD. HD sports is phenomenal.

So if you’re considering making the switch to Directv HD DVR, my early experience with it gives it “a thumbs up.”


1. Tell it like it TI is! - March 5, 2007

I will eventually find a solution myself. I am trying to wait for more details around the Comcast/TIVO aquisition. However, if you say that the DVR is just as good. Maybe it will be time for the upgrade. One thing that I am learning, though is that most of my viewing is still on my local channels! I can get those channels today with my HD antenna, and the picture is great! Just wondering if the time and effort right now is worth getting the extra 13 channels. However, as I continue to view HD broadcasts, I must admit that it is harder to view “480i” broadcasts. I was thinking that I could install the dish and all myself, so I was a least going to wait until the spring weather came around. Keep giving me updates, especially about additional channels. I may be joining you sooner than you think!

Tell it Like it IS!!!

2. Fast Follower - March 6, 2007

If most of your viewing is HD local, and today you can only get HD local over the air, then what the heck are you waiting for? The DVR part is where it’s at. That’s why I’ve held off for so long. I wanted to be able to watch recorded HD like last night’s 24 episode on Fox

3. Bill Murray - March 9, 2007

If you are a “A” customer, always pay on time and long time customer. You can call up Directv to cancel and they will transfer you to there version of retentions. I did this because the $200.00 was steep considering Cable will give you the HD DVR for free. When I told them I was going with cable because of the price of the HD DVR they quickly offered the HD DVR for free also, with a 2 year contract of course. But I got what I really wanted which was HD DVR on Directv.

4. Tell it like it TI is! - March 9, 2007

Let me start by saying, Bill…. YOU DA MAN!!!! Great idea. If Directv wants to keep me paying on a monthly basis, the SHOULD give you the equipment for free.

I will call them right now and let you all know the outcome.

Thanks Bill.


5. Tell it like it TI is! - March 10, 2007

Bill is truly the PTIer of the Month! Just got off the phone with Directv. My HD DVR is on the way, for free. Also inlcuded is free installation, free 12 months of HD service and free installation of another non-HD TV! It took a while, but when they were convinced that I was about to walk to Comcast, they truly let me know how valued of a customer I was. Here is a company that understands the Big Picture. They didn’t quibble over the pennies and understood what they were really saving!!! I am impressed. Sprint should take some lessons from Directv!!!

Thanks again, Bill, for the tip. Feel free to drop in anytime and add to the dialogue. This is what it is all about.


Tell It Like It Is!

6. Fast Follower - March 12, 2007

Sounds like I need a refund

7. Cathy - April 12, 2007

Glad your experience was so postive so far. But just in case you ever have a billing problem and try to correct it with DirecTV-Buyer Beware.
Hopefully you will never need the information below-but you may want to keep it on hand just in case.
After having a terrible time tying to solve a very simple problem with DirecTV’s customer relations-I decided to pass my concerns on to their Senior Management. I managed to locate the Email for their new Customer Relations Senior VP-Ellen Filipiak. She was kind enough to Email me back telling me that DirecTV’s Business Operation Analyst, a woman by the name of Heywot Bitew, would “resolve” the problems that I had and was apologetic for her staff’s actions.
If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to read the actual Emails at http://oregonsand.blogspot.com as it really sheds a light into the attitude and poor customer relations policies of DirecTV. Long story short-Ms Bitew did anything BUT resolve the issue. Seems Ms. Bitew is under the impression that the treatment I received is “not the norm” for her customer relations. From what I can see from boggs on the internet-I beg to differ. Right or wrong-I encourage you to share your experiences by phoning Ms. Bitew or Emailing either Ms. Bitew or Ellen Filipiak with your concerns. I am concerned that perhaps Ms. Bitew and Ms. Filipiak may not be getting accurate information as to just how bad their customer service is-so I encourage anyone that has had, or is currently experiencing problems, with DirecTV’s customer service to give these two executives a clearer picture of just what is happening in this department.

To reach Heywot Bitew: Email:HZBitew@directv.com Her direct phone line:310-964-6508
To reach Ellen Filipiak, Sr VP of Customer Relations: Email her at: eafilipiak@directv.com
And you may want to send a copy of your EMails to DirecTV’s investor relations. Their Email is investorrelations@directv.com

8. Tell it like it TI is! - April 12, 2007

Thanks for the information. Take a look at another post that I had. In my opinion Directv should win the “worst customer relations award”. They are terrible. I just think, I got the A Customer treatment! I hate to see what the Bs and Cs get! Check it out my recent experience at https://pardontheinteraction.wordpress.com/2007/04/01/avoiding-directv-deactivation-charges-has-anyone-been-successful/

As soon as I get out of the time period, Comcast will have a new customer! They will have my phone, internet, and television service. The way that I see it, I have nothing to lose by giving them a try. Feel free to comment on the other post, as well. The tags assigned might give your comments more exposure.

Thanks Cathy, you are a real PTIer, and we appreciate the information.

Keep Tellin It Like It is!!!!

9. dremigas - July 6, 2007

I got the hd dvr from Direct Digital TV (a DirecTV retailer) and I freaking love it! You are right about the sports packages, they really exhibit the hd well! Direct Digital TV really hooked me up when I called for service. I would suggest anyone to give them a try when dealing with DirecTV. Their website is http://www.DirectDigitalTV.com

10. Tell it like it TI is! - July 8, 2007

Thanks for the update dremigas. PTIers appreciate it.

Keep Tellin It Like it IS!!

11. Fast Follower - November 25, 2007

What started as just a few HD channels on Directv has blossomed into about 70 according to them. 70 is probably not a useful number (ie ABC-LA HD and ABC-NY HD…I only get my local ABC HD channel, but Directv is counting both the LA and NY channels). But there are a lot more than when I first moved to HD (Big 10 Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, FX, lots of movie channels, multiple ESPNs, multiple FSNs, History, Biography, TNT, TBS, USA, Weather, VH1, Disney, Nick, Golf Channel, HDNet, and more).

12. Keith Rivers - May 21, 2008

Sound like Directv treats all the customer the same way.
Your on our A list, what a bunch of bull shit.
They are screwing me just like everyone else.
When I first had directv installed they told me that I would get local channel because I had local channels with Dish, Well I got local channel alright, falmost our years year, sorry sir nothing we can do, almost cancel the same day they installed it.
Last summer asked for price break or a deal on a another HD DRV receiver because me and my family have been going through some tough times in the last two years because I have cancer and I am not expected live much past this summer, there response, sorry sir there is nothing we can do.
Signed up for MLB, 4 payments for only $49.00 they charge me for two months right away.
I decided I did was not right for me, so I wanted to cancel it after only two hours, and that I would like a refund, sorry sir we can not do that. After I told them I was going to switch to Time Warner then they said they would refund me but that I could not cancel my service.
Will I switch to Time Warner and then they reversed the charges.
I told them I was not going to paid the $99.00 for the MLB, they never said a word because they had an ace in the hole, they had my credit card on file, when I check my bank account there was a withdraw from Directv. I when I called and asked them how can they withdraw money my account without my permission, and that I had cancel the automatic withdraw in March and the person I first spoke too, told me that it was to late to take effect, but when in-fact it only take five to seven business days.
Then when I called back and asked someone else, they told be that they did not need my permission when my account was cancel then they could withdraw what ever the bill was.
I told them to refund the money, sorry sir we can not do that.
Received a Fedx box on Saturday from Directv for a HD DVR receiver that pay $199.00 for, because they are trying to tell me $199 was for a lease of a receiver. I told them they can go HE__
So much for being a loyal customer for nine years and on there A list, I would hate to be anything below an A

13. Bruce Evans - March 12, 2009

I started an account for a former friend. I told the representative that I
am only starting the account the account I do not want it to be in my name or be financially responsible for it. Contrary to what I stated it was put in my name. Now whenever I call I am told that I called I am responsible. I was furious. Supposidly the original representative is getting a reprimend but nothing resolved. Every time I call I get different stories on how to resolve this. I have even asked to speak to a supervisor but am unable. Now the “system” is down and I’ll have to call another day. I could not even get an email address from them.
Now my credit is being destroyed and they want $470. HELP

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