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Blackberry 8700c on Cingular March 12, 2007

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It’s been about 1 week now.  Quietly and without much fanfare, I’ve been using the Blackberry 8700c on the Cingular network.  Since I changed employers recently, this is the standard mobile equipment for employees like me.  I have to tell you…..For email, calendar, text messages, and phone, this device is second to none.  Yes, it’s a better phone than what I recall from my days using the Treo 600 Palm. 

 What don’t I like:  Accessing the web isn’t as convenient (or fast on the EDGE network vs Sprint’s network). I’m not “mobile Slinging” anymore.  And I’m kind of missing my ebooks (although I’m hoping there’s a Blackberry version for reading books).


1. Tell it like it TI is! - March 13, 2007

Well looks like you got yourself a state of the art devce. Looks like tht PPC 6700 doesn’t ..(hold on let me turn off sling media player) stack up to this top of the (one sec let me get my wifi connection) line email, text messaging (wow, let me turn down the brightness on my240 x 320 transmissive/reflective LCD screen) machine! I am just trying to (hold on let me use the large pull out keyboard) understand when I am going to change (one sec, let me turn on my copilot so that I can get navigation) my device. I just can’t wait!

Tell It Like it Is!

2. Fast Follower - March 15, 2007

It is state of the art for the business user. There’s no better email, messaging, phone device on the market. It’s not a Jack of All Trades like the 6700. But for the functions it’s sold to do, it does them well.

Do you take a Viper off road? Do take a minivan to the race track?

3. Tell it like it TI is! - March 17, 2007

No you don’t, you buy the vehicle that has the functions YOU want to perform. If you don’t like driving off-road and you never imagine a need to go off road, then you’re Viper is totally the answer! But if you think you might need a vehicle to go on a golf trip with friends, then the Viper will never do. It is all about matching the device to your needs!

4. Fast Follower - March 18, 2007

Do you own an iPod? Why? Your 6700 plays digital music doesn’t it? Why own an iPod when you can play and store your personal music on the 6700?

I’ll tell you why. Your iPod handles music better than your 6700 ever will.

The Blackberry is like the iPod for the business user. It can’t be beat in the way it handles email, text messages, calendar and phone the way the iPod can’t be beat in the way it handles music. In fact the Blackberry doesn’t even try to do the multitude of things the 6700 does. It’s a business device, not an entertainment device.

5. Fast Follower - March 26, 2007

Well I guess the eReader on the Blackberry idea isn’t going to happen – soon. Check out what Steve Duncan has to say about this over on Lornitropia. Also check out his thoughts on Palm and Pocket PC in the same post. I have to admit. I agree

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