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Avoiding DirecTv Deactivation Charges… Has anyone been successful? April 1, 2007

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OK PTIers,  Now DirecTv is on my list.   Want to hear my story?  Here it goes….

I bought my new DLP 62 inch television, and I was excited.   Now it was time to get some HD programming.  As a long time DirecTv customer (almost 10 years), I was excited to get the new HD dish and Receiver/DVR installed so that I could begin watching as much HD content.

I called Directv and scheduled an appointment for installation.  Needless to say they were so busy that I had to wait 10 days before someone could get out to the house with the dish and the box.  We got a Saturday appointment and they told me to be at home between noon and 4.  The installer arrived and went to work.  Three hours later, the guy had me up and running….well sort of.  For some reason I could only get a signal from the odd transponders!  This means that I only get about half of the channels that I was supposed to get! 

The installer told me that he did not have the right multi-switch and that I would have to call Directv and notify them of this and set up another appointment.  So now, I have two dishes on my roof!   An HD dish that is delivering half of the HD content to my new box, and my old tried and true round dish delivering the signal to my other TVs.   The neighbors aren’t real happy with the appearance, but it is only for a week, right?

The following Saturday, the guy shows up and says that he has the correct parts, and it will only take five minutes to install the correct switch and remove my round dish.  Great! I will be watching HD content on all my channels in not time, right?  Wrong.

It turns out that after installing the new multiswitch I now get half of the HD channels and my regular Directv televisions no longer get a signal!  What in the heck is going on?  I call the installer and he says reset my boxes…didn’t work.  He said that he would come back by to fix the issue…. never heard from him again.  Oh, by the way, my buddies are on the way over to watch the Final Four games.  Needless to say I didn’t see either of the games last night.  Can someone tell me who is going to be playing in the National Championship?

I called Directv to complain.  The very BEST that they could do for me is schedule another (the third mind you) installation…. NEXT SUNDAY!  Easter Sunday??  I told her to come get her dish and her box and cancel my subscription.  3 repair visits and I can’t get any priority treatment?  Not…  I told her that I was switching to Comcast.  She immediately told me that she could process the cancellation, but would be forced to charge me a $300 deactivation fee!  Can you believe this?  A deactivation fee for something that has not worked or been activated! Does she really think that I am going to miss the Masters and the National NCAA Championship cause they can’t get anyone out, and there equipment doesn’t work?

PTIers, I am leaving Directv.  Comcast, here is your chance. 

Can anyone give me the process to send this equipment back, and avoid the $300 charge!  Help me.  Any contract lawyers reading this?  I never signed anything.  Help me get out of this doggone contract PTIers.  Like Ryan Seacrest…. I am out!


1. Fast Follower - April 1, 2007

What? You’re leaving Directv? How long have you been with Dtv? Don’t do anything rash. Take a deep breath and make sure this is what you want to do.

2. Anastasia Psaltopoulos - May 23, 2007

DirecTV has been nothing but a nightmare for my friend who just dropped off her stack of documents for me to review. I am an attorney. E-mail me and I will let you know what you can do.

Linda - April 28, 2009

We are new 24 month contract customers of DIRECTV and hate it! We are in Texas. It is our understanding that you CAN cancel a contract under 30 days in this state. Do you know?

ron herring - November 4, 2009

hello seen you was a lawyer and was hoping u could help me ..direct tv took 307.66 from my checking account for a third pardy bill ..my girlfriend had dircet tv in her name and the account was in her name only mine was not on it but they said since her bank account was closed and they saw where i have purchased a nfl remote in the past that i was made the primary card to pay her bill and i have never given them permission to do this ..what can i do to get my money back ,,i tried to call direct tv but they just say thats the way it is and hang up on me ..so any help u can give will be great

Jeff - March 14, 2010

How in can we get rid of directv ? they suck!Thanks in advance

Chad Nelson - October 7, 2010

Just read your comments from May 23, 2007. I know it has been a few years but is there a way I can get out of my contract with Directv? I singed up about 6 months ago and now I can’t afford it since I got a lesser paying job. Can you please help. Thanks.

Tina - June 4, 2011

Hi Anastasia, have a yr left of a 2 yr contract-too expensive. Would appreciate some good advise, thanks Tina

Elanta My Lin Cao - October 8, 2011

Can U help me!!?!!!

Angela - March 29, 2012

I am having major issues with Direct TV and they billed by credit card $480 for early cancellation fee. The sales rep told me there was a 5 day risk-free trial and I cancelled after 3 days due to connection and service issues. When cancelling they told me there would be no cancellation fee. I have the name and ID number of the original sales rep, and a record of all conversations and they say they can’t find they phone call recording. Now I offered to re-connect to get the cancellation fee back, but they say I have to BUY all the receivers since I already sent them back, which would be over $350. I HATE DIRECT TV and would not recommend them to anyone! They are unethical and will lie and take advantage of you! PLEASE HELP! Can I do anything to get my money back?

3. Tell it like it TI is! - May 24, 2007

Thanks. Will do.

Tell it Like it Is….

4. Rossy - May 24, 2007

I am being faced with the similar problem regarding DirecTV. Can you ask the Attorney who contacted you to contact me??? :0) Thank you!

5. Alex - May 31, 2007

This is typical of DirectTV. Their installers are expected to pass a couple of easy tests and WHAM! They are now DirectTV technicians. It’s really a joke. In these sort of situations, I ask for the supervisor and just go up the chain if he/she is unwilling to help. In addition, I ask for a credit on my bill. Remember, they are wasting your time. And, after all, you bill out at XXX per hour right? Once it becomes a nuisance rather than a pleasure, companies should pay their customers.

Then again, I’m a really direct person! Good luck on your newfound legal adventure! By the way, could you add my forum to your favorite forums list? I think T-MobileSignal should be everybody’s favorite forum.

Wish you the best!

6. dremigas - July 6, 2007

Wow what a horrible experience! I have DirecTV but I always talk to the retailer Direct Digital TV. They always help me out and have great customer service. Go to their website at http://www.DirectDigitalTV.com and find their number there!

7. Martha J. Kayatepe - July 30, 2007

TO: Anastasia Psaltopolous:

You did not give hour email affress, but I would like your advice. I NEVER signed a contract with DirecTV, but I did received an email from them when I started my service, stating that my “contract” was for 12 months. After about 6 months of TERRIBLE service, during which I had to make numerous calls to the trouble desk. Their advice was always that I should crawl around behind the TV, disconnect all connections out to the dsh (I am a disabled 74-year-old woman). I got sick of the whole thing, and switched to ComCast. At that point DirecTV told me that I owed them a contract breakage fee for a TWENTY FOUR month contract, and that the only thing that would settle this would be a written dspute to some place in another state (I’m in Chicago, IL, the dispute place is in Colorado.) I wrote, sending copies of all the paperwork I had and explaining that there was NO WAY that I would EVER have signed for 2 years. A few weeks later I received a form letter from the DirecTV dispute center, telling me that they had no record of my ever making any “trouble calls,” that my poor service was “an act of God,”and that the 2-year agreement “was verbal!” and that I’d better pay before they instituted collection proceedings. First of all, since when did a VERBAL contract become binding, and how do I bring this complaint to a local TV help situation, so that I can be protected from this total rip-off? Secondly, I was under the impression that when a bill is in dispute, collection proceedings cannot take place.

I DO admit that they may be owed a 6-month contract breakage fee, but NOT 18-months!

Thank you for any advice you have for me.

senem - July 21, 2009

hi Martha
i am Senem(nephew of Adnan) from Turkey.
i was searching for you on web, then i find your comment in here.please contact me from my mail adress.
see you.

8. Tell it like it TI is! - July 30, 2007

I think the email address is asp@asp-law.com. If someon has different info, please provide it. Its ridiculous when this type of rip-off is going on all over the country and all the news is about Paris, Lindsey, and Britney!!! Stand up PTIers and help Martha out!

Tell it Like it Is!

9. Julie - January 4, 2008

I got directv installed over the summer. There was already a dish on the roof of my apartment so they just connected things. It was fine with my last landlord. They never spoke about any 1 year contract, but I guess I did sign it. Anyways, I had to move because of circumstances beyond my control. I found a new apartment. The new landlord said that he does not want a dish on the house or in the yard. So, I had to cancel with them. They gave me such a hard time about it and where so rude, and now they want to charge a cancellation fee of 250.00. I don’t feel I should have to pay for this. I wasn’t real happy with the service in the first place. they had promised free movie cannels in the beginning for 3mos. and I had to keep calling to get it. The service would go out any time there was a thunderstorm. I had specifically asked if that was a problem before I signed up. I am a single Mom with limited income and I not in a position where I can even think of parting with that kind of money at the time. Any advice?? If I don’t pay what will happen.

10. Carrie - January 10, 2008

I too cancelled DTV and I’ve already been sent to a collection agency. I wrote to the DTV dispute dept. but never heard back. I apparently bought the first equipment then when it crapped out they replaced it with a leased box. That’s when they re started my 2 year contract without telling me. In fact they never told me that the new equipment was only leased, I thought it was just a replacement. They said it was in the customer service agreement but they never sent this agreement to me. I even requested one by phone. When I asked why did they make me send my old box back to them if it was mine, and if it was not repairable, customer no service said it was their policy. Why would DTV go to the expense of shipping ( with a call tag ) FED EX if they were not going to reuse the box. I want my box back, working or not! We cannot do that ma’am,she said.
She said once the equipment was installed that it was a binding contract but the customer service agreement is supposed to come with the first bill. How can I commit to an agreement that comes after the equipment, which supposedly binds you to the agreement. All they tell you is that you have X number of months to commit to,not that they can change the number of months because their equipment fails. DO NOT GET DIRECTV. I actually bought a good set of rabbit ears and guess what? My reception is better than ever. I also picked up more local channels than DTV was giving me, hmmm

11. Tell it like it TI is! - January 12, 2008

Welcome to my world. The box that I was given doesn’t have a working telephone jack, but I am afraid of saying anything that will change my current plan!!!! Great move Directv! Scare your customers so much that they don’t WANT to call for Customer Service!!! Guess what, my PPV $$$$ have been saved!!!! Great business move on your part!

Just telling it like it is.

12. Tony - January 14, 2008

I signed up with DTV about 3 yrs ago, (got a 2 yr contract). I purchased a DVR box at the time, and recevied 2 free regular boxes. Being my 2 yr contract was done, I recently switched to Dish for various reasons. I called DTV today to cancel. They want to charge $300 for breaking a contract….an 18 month contract that I guess started when I activated one of the “free” boxes a few weeks ago. They did not tell me they were starting a new 18 month contract on that box when I activated it. I said I bought these boxes at a store. They said they are still “leased”, and that some label on the box says something about an 18 month contract starting when you activate a box. The guy also started ripping me for wanting to switch to Dish. I hung up. I called my wife to have her check the box, and there is NOT a message re: this so-called lease. I got the box in 2004–maybe newer ones have this. I’ll call again tonight…we’ll see how it goes.

13. Tell it like it TI is! - January 14, 2008

Seems to me that I remember trying to buy a box once and not being able to purchase it unless I either promised to buy the service or agree to a two year contract. At Best Buy, I think the receipt says soemthing about agreement to two years. When will these folks get it??? All you have to do is treat folks right…it is as simple as that! Instead of trying to trap your loyal customers into secret agreements, and that is exactly what it they are doing, why not just treat folks right? American businesses (not all, I know) have forgotten how to compete the good ole fashioned way! American business is almost synonymous with deceipt, trickery, and insulting! It is almost an admission…. I know my product can’t compete, so I will spend most of my resources to trick, deceive and trap folks. Kinda like the women who tricks the guy into getting her pregnant cause she knows he really doesn’t love her, and would never stay with her otherwise.

What she doesn’t realize is that the guy will stay around for a while, but all the while he regrets and resents her, and is constantly looking for a way out!!!!

Just telling it like it is!!!

Sorry for going off on a tangent, Tony. But you might be stuck paying child support for a while, but when the kid turns 18…..LEAVE!!!!

14. Tony...update.... - January 16, 2008

I found a letter that DirecTV sent out to all of their retailers on Jan 13, 2006. It stated that DirecTV changed their policy with their retailers in 2006 (March, I believe). Anything “sold” after march of 2006 is leased. In the letter’s Q&A section, it states that customers that purchased their box before this date own the box, and are NOT under this new lease agreement (which states that a new contract starts upon activation of the leased box). It is very clear in the letter that pre-March 2006 boxes purchased are owned by the customer, and not bound by the terms of DirecTV’s new lease agreement.

So, I sent this info to a letter to DTV’s Billing Disputes department, and hope someone cares. Interestingly enough, my account is at a cancelled status, and currently has a $0.00 balance…maybe it will stay that way (wishful thinking).

15. BM - January 17, 2008

I signed up for Directv in January ’07 when Circuit City offered $300 off the price of my new HDTV if I signed up with DTV for one year. Since I was not to happy with Comcast cable, I decided to give DTV a try. WHAT A MISTAKE! I have had nothing but trouble from day one and dealing with DTV customer service is the worst experience I have ever had. They just don’t care about anything you have to say, its their way or else! I am not exaggerating, they are the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with in my 58 years on earth. Anyway for the last year I have endured incompetent technicians and phone support, rude and unhelpful CS reps and supervisors and constant problems with equipment (most of which is junk!). Finally i decided that I was just going to buy out the remainder of my contract (11 months left) and keep my health and sanity. I called up to cancel and find out how much it was going to cost and was told since they had replaced a defective receiver in Sept. 07 that my contract was extended to 19 months more instead of 11! NEITHER THE CS REP OR HER SUPERVISOR OFFERED ANY KIND OF HELP! So I did some research online and found an email address for the head of customer service and the name of the company president and I sent a scathing email detailing my year of HELL with DTV and stating that I was going to cancel my service and return their equipment no matter what the consequences. I also stated that I was going to write a letter to the president of DTV as well as my state Attorney General and the BBB about my experiences with DTV. Lo and behold, the next day I get a call from a customer liasion from DTV who offers to have someone come out and check out the problem once more and also offers me $50 credit. I told him if he offered me free service for the next year I would not stay with DTV and I just wanted a fair price to buy out my contract for the remaining 11 months (not 19 months as I was told). He finally agreed to cancel my account and charge me $137.50 ($12.50 for each remaining month). I gladly accepted and said to cancel it today! While I don’t like the idea of paying this charge it is well worth it to me not to have to deal with these bastards again. I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE TRULY THE COMPANY FROM HELL!

Freda - October 5, 2009

Can you please help us out.? We just found out that we could get Dish for a lot less than Direct-TV. But, here is the kicker, we have had DirectTV since 2-09 & so we figure, we was in the contract for over 2 years. But, unknown to us, when we moved, not by choice, DTV said we had to switch to a newer box or we would not get our local channels because of the digital switch. Well , we just found out today, that when they came out to switch the old box to a new one, that they started the contract over from 3-09 until 3-2011. So they told us we are in the contract for another 2 years. So what they did is push us into another 2 years, since, we had to get a new box. Dish is suppose to come out on 10-08 to install their service. It is a lot cheaper than DTV. What do we do about this? Can you help us out on this. The supervisor that my husband & I talked to, said we can write a letter of dispute to the place in Colorado. But, I seen on this site how someone did that & never receive a reply back. Well I got to get going. Plus, I just found out that my new installer for Dish has got paper work from other DTV customers about the new boxes & that there isn’t suppose to be a new contract on the new box. I will be waiting on your response. Thank you!

16. Tell it like it TI is! - January 17, 2008

Wow, BM!!! Sounds like you got really fed up! I gotta hand it to you, there are a lot of PTIers that say they are gonna… I oughta….If I could, I would…, but you actually left DTV!!!! Good for you. I commend you for taking action like a true PTIer! What option will you choose now?? Local cable? DISH? Let us know, and let us know about the overall service as well. You may encourage others to finally take action. I am convinced that we have been fooled about our options, and many feel trapped, the only way the bad treatment will stop is if we talk with our wallets, like you did!

Just telling it like it is!!!!

17. Tony...another update.... - January 18, 2008

Well…I now have a $360 “early cancellation fee” from the mysterious 18 month extension mysteriously put on my account for activating a “leased?” box last month that I PURCHASED 3 years ago (before their new lease agreement in 2006). No response from the billing dispute department as of yet.

BM- I agree – CS has consistently been bad with DTV. You hit the nail on the head–they just don’t seem to care, and they do not listen. If you DO get someone that cares, they unfortunately are unable to fix the issue, and have to transfer you, but then that person does not care.

I was with Dish in ’01-’04. I had no problems with CS, and when I cancelled to switch to DTV, I had no problems. DTV CS has been bad.

18. Tony...some hope..another update.... - January 18, 2008

called DTV CS to cancel autopay, and again explained the “lease” issue. She agreed with me, and transfered me to another dept. That rep did some digging, and agreed that the system automatically marked the receiver I activated in Dec ’07 as leased. She said all I need to do is send in a receipt for the box (purchased in ’04), and that should take care of things. Now to find a 3 yr old receipt…..

19. DJ - January 24, 2008

To answer the question of the title “Deactivation Charges… Has anyone been successful?” My answer is “Not yet.”

Wow. I cannot believe DTV has stooped this low. Well…the moral of these stories is that at this time in our society whenever we as consumers receive any new type of equipment from cable, satellite, cell phone or any one else, (and activate it) regardless of what we are told or not told, there are always strings attached. Our government has allowed these crooks, I mean companies to trick us into contracts just by receiving and activating equipment! Can you believe this? What has this society come to?

Anyway, here’s my story…I had been a loyal DTV customer for 4 or 5 years spending lots of money on the top package plus NFL package during this time. Last summer I wanted to upgrade my DVR from the old Hughes Tivo 40hr box. I should have checked this blog first. I called DTV to upgrade. They said I would have to pay $100 to upgrade to the 100hr DVR. I stated that new customers are offered it for free plus a free DVD player and other promotions. They said that promotion is only for new customers. I told them to cancel my account and maybe I’ll come back months later as a new customer. When I got to the retention department it was a completely different attitude. I was told they really appreciated my business and am a very valuable customer. They offered me the “free” upgrade DVR offer. They basically gave me the same offer as they did new customers except for the DVD player. Now I understand why these companies are so willing to give away equipment for “free.” Since then, I’ve had problems with NFL package programming and technical issues with my DVR in which I was told they could not do anything about until I did a hard reset first which would have wiped out the almost 50 hrs of recorded programs I had already accumulated. I also noticed later that I had been billed $5.99/mo for my “free” DVR. Six months later after many long conversations with customer no service including supervisors, I decided it was no longer worth the hassle. I was spending too much of my hard earned money with them to be receiving this poor service. Before this incident, I had always had pleasant experiences with DTV and always viewed them as the best company for TV programming. So I ditched the dish and switched to Comcast. When I called DTV to cancel (after I made sure I was satisfied with my cable), I was told that I was under a 2 yr commitment and that my credit card on file would be charged $12.50/mo for 18 months! What?!?!? Are you kidding me? I was never told this verbally or in writing. It was not in my sales order. How can they say I agreed to this when I was never even informed of this? I would have never agreed to a 2 yr contract for TV programming. I would have cancelled DTV back then just for even mentioning that to me if they would have. So I refuse to pay them a dime for this and will not. I will be disputing this with every department I need to. I will dispute this with my credit card company. I will be informing others about this in every way that I can. They cannot get away with this and we as consumers need to speak up. Loudly! Like it was said before, how do they think they can compete in this very competitive industry by tricking and deceiving their loyal customers? I guess it was just a matter of time after Rupert Murdoch bought DTV that they would stoop to this. They will never get my business again. As for the NFL package, I guess its back to the sports bars again! BTW, On Demand is great!

20. Tell it like it TI is! - January 24, 2008

Not much to add to that…. I feel you your pain. Just telling it like it is. Are there any legal-type PTIers out there that can help us wage the war of the century against DTV???? We need some guidance!

This problem runs deeper than DTV. American business has depended on deceipt and trickery as the easy way to increase revenue. No one wants to get down in the trenches and compete service for service, product against product, out thinking the competition, etc. It is much easier to lie, cheat and steal from customers! At least in the short term.

Just telling it like it is!

21. bm - January 26, 2008

Just a quick update to my posting of a few days ago. Well I get my final bill after talking with J in the presidents office of DTV (he called me after I sent a nasty letter to DTV about all the problems with their service). Anyways, the final bill was supposed to be for $137 cancel fee plus the prorated charge for that months use. But they added another $10 fee as a separate charge for canceling the protection package on my service. I told J that he had told me the fee to cancel my service was $137 but he tried to say that he did not know I had the protection package so that was going to be an extra $10 to cancel that. I said BS! I am not paying a separate charge for that and told him to connect me to his superior, which he refused to do! After a few more minutes of arguing with this joker I just said I guess I will have to send another letter to the head of customer service about this extra charge. He finally said that he would remove the $10 fee. By the way here are the email address that I sent my letter to:directvcustomerhelp@directv.com, ellen.filipiak@directv.com. If you write you might also state that you plan to contact your state Attorney General, the BBB, and also Mr. Chase Carey (President of DTV) if you problem is not addressed promptly. I will be switching to ATT U-Verse soon (it is new and not available in very many areas yet). It is fiber-optic and handles HDTV and Internet. Lots of good reviews so far and no contract and cheaper than Satellite. Good luck all of you still with DTV, don’t give up the fight against this SCUMBAG company and tell as many people as you can to avoid DTV!

22. Todd - May 19, 2008

This is an E-mail I sent to Ellen in the Directvs President’ office.
She called me on the phone and said there was nothing she could do for me. Totally useless lemming. I sent her another E-mail (see below) with my analogy. I wonder how these people who work at Directv would feel if they were the ones getting ripped off?

I have been a loyal Directv customer for 4-5 years and two weeks ago I decided to switch to another company because Directv was getting to expensive. I honored all my agreements that I signed for the time I was a customer. I had a box fail on me in February of this year and they sent me a replacement which I installed. There was no notification of ANY agreement in the paperwork or phone call of any kind. I am now getting billed $400 for a suppose 2 year agreement that I never agreed upon. I have tried calling, E-mailing, and mailing Directv with no success.

What kind of company tricks people and doesn’t tell them about agreements? A dishonest one and I see from all the Blogs online that I am not the only Directv has tried to cheat out of their money. Could you please give me some kind of answer or resolution?


Per our conversation when you said there was nothing you can do for me. I would like you to think about one analogy.
If you brought your leased car to the dealer because of a bad radiator and they replaced it for you, would you automatically be enrolled in a new agreement without signing anything or any kind of notification?

Have a nice day,

23. Todd - Update - May 19, 2008

Make sure to contact Your local Attorney General and Better Business Bureau and read the article below at this link.

Good Luck and my Directv rot in hell!

Date of Action: 12/12/2005

Agency: Attorney Generals where no BBB (AG)
Description: On December 12, 2005, 22 State Attorney General’s entered into a $5 million stipulated settlement agreement with Directv. The agreement addressed various marketing and advertising practices about which consumers in each of the 22 states complained. Consumers generally complained about small unreadable print in advertisements which purported to modify DIRECTV’s offers, and about not learning exactly what their monetary commitments to DIRECTV were until after they were locked into a contract. DIRECTV has agreed to pay restitution to consumers who complained because they were charged a fee for not activating DIRECTV in a timely way, who complained because they paid for but did not receive all local channels they expected to receive, or who complained about being assessed a fee for terminating service before the free programming offer period expired. The $5 million settlement will be payable to the 22 states for their investigation costs and fees. The agreement also requires DIRECTV to clearly inform consumers of the total scope of the consumer’s obligation if he or she accepts a DIRECTV service and/or equipment offered in its advertisements. Consumers with complaints about the terms contained in their contracts, problems with installation, difficulties activating or receiving programming, or termination fees that were charged when they canceled their service, may be eligible to receive restitution under the settlement. To receive restitution consumers must file their claim for restitution with their participating State Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division, or they can contact DIRECTV directly at DIRECTV, State Complaint Program, P.O. Box 29079, Glendale, CA 91209-9079. All complaints must be received no later than May 11, 2006. Upon entry the Orders were finalized.

Date of Action: 12/12/2005

24. Tell it like it TI is! - May 19, 2008


Just telling it like it is……….

25. Maria - June 12, 2008

Can anyone please let me know if you’ve had any success with waiving the early penalty fee? I did not sign any contracts nor did I agree to a verbal contract. They do not have any proof of such contract. They just debitted $278 our of my account.
Please email me at mdr_1031@yahoo.com. They tell me that my request is declined and they refuse to contact me via email for anything maybe because they don’t want paper trail.

26. Tell it like it TI is! - June 13, 2008

I haven’t, personally, but I am sure there are some other PTIers out there that have. $278!!!! Come on…SOMEBODY give Maria the answer. I can’t believe what American Business has come to.

Just telling it like it is…

27. Ryan - June 22, 2008

I emailed the the office and stated my case. Everytime I had issues since my installation I called and they had a record of my transactions. They reviewed my transactions and I called me on Sunday, June 22, 2008 and informed me that they costs of $368.00 were being waved.

The point is the have documented issues in your file. If you never called and never complained, but then cancel, then you have not documentation. I did and could support my situation and I was rewarded for it. My situation was resolved.

28. Traxcat - June 25, 2008

DTV just did an update on my DVR today. It said it will have to temporarly shut down after the upgrade. Now my DVR won’t even power up. I called and they said they would have to ship another DVR to me and it will cost me 20.00 shipping. Why am I paying to ship their equiptment. I told them I’m not paying the shipping fee. Now I am paying the bill but not getting any service. This is just wrong. They will lose a customer for a 19.95 shipping fee. Not too smart are they?

29. Your All Deadbeats - July 14, 2008

On behalf of DirecTv, I am hereby authorized to send each and every account that has outstanding balances to CBE for collections. This is my job. Pay your bills on time and in full, and we would not have to do this. Being poor/broke is not an excuss, you ordered the service, you pay the bill.

Scott West
Albany, OR
1-541-926-4635 Field Office
1-360-885-9669 Regional Office
1-541-936-1908 Office
1-800-531-5000 Customer Service

tina coronado - December 21, 2009

Let’s learn how to spell before we tell people off retard! Your grammar reflects one more bad mistake that Directv makes. Directv is a terrible company. People aren’t saying they can’t pay because they are broke. People are complaining that Directv is using trickery with their customers. Please hit spellcheck before you decide to attempt to offend people, moron! It’s much more effective.

monty - July 5, 2011

yall are a scam and have know honor i paid my bill and canceled after contract was up but yall still try to steal i have gone to the AG HAD HAVE FILLED A COMPLAINT NOW IS YOUR TIME TO PAY YOU SORRY DRUG DEALERS

30. Tell it like it TI is! - July 14, 2008

As with all PTI comments, we appreciate the input.

One point of clarification, though. This post is not about avoiding service charges. It about trying to avoid the deceiptful, intentionally confusing, vague, contracttual games that Directv employs. When the service doesn’t work and your customers don’t want your service any longer, Directv charges you (or tries to) for making a choice not to use it any longer! What kind of company does that?? One that knows they are not delivering on their promise.

So instead of calling us deadbeats, try improving the deadbeat service that we are receiving! Wow, what a concept! Make a promise, deliver on that promise, and get paid for the service!

You are correct, we ordered the service… try delivering the service, and stop trying to force us to use the service by employing a sleezy business practice and holding folks hostage. If your service is truly the best, you’ll have nothing to worry about, right??

Just telling it like it is!!!!

31. INDEPENDENTWOMAN777 - July 21, 2008

Right On, Tell it like it is!! I am currently informing everyone I know to NEVER EVER EVER order Directv. It is crap. And remember.. in GOOD vs. EVIL, GOOD ALWAYS WINS! So prepare yourself, Directv.

32. Tell it like it TI is! - July 21, 2008


33. Katie - August 4, 2008

I’m in the same boat right now. I was told my contract was for a year, and during that time my service was very sporadic and my receiver would often be stuck on “searching for signal.” The TV downstairs would have the signal just fine, but DTV told me this was a known issue they’re working on. I’ve had the problem for a year, so they’re not working on it too hard or it would be solved by now. I tried to cancel and they told me I signed a 2 year contract and would be charged $300 to cancel. It never worked right from the beginning and we never signed a contract. I asked for proof that I’m under contract, either a signed contract or a voice recording of our agreement and they couldn’t provide me with one. How can that be legal? I paid for a service that was never fully functional, so I feel I should have the right to cancel my service no matter what contract I’m under. The fact that my contract changed from 1 year to 2, and that they can’t prove that I agreed really infuriates me. They’ll get my money because they know I’m powerless. I filed a report with the BBB, but anyone who’s seen their rating knows it’s basically pointless. They’ll get my money because I have no other options. It’s so frustrating! 😦

34. chase carey - August 4, 2008

directv sucks large genetalia

35. jedwa - August 4, 2008

the only reason i have directv is because we were switching to dish and we were on vacation at time of cancelation so i unplugged all my boxes. so when they turned off my service thet were unable to reach my box or access card.

isnt directv great…………

hahahaha right 🙂

36. Denise - August 12, 2008

I am in the process of cancelling my Directv service, during which I was informed that I too, agreed “verbally” to a 24-month contract. I cannot find any documentation of this, so I am in the process of writing

Customer Service
Directv Incorporated
PO Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

to dispute the early cancellation charges. To date, I have NEVER received a bill that was correct, I am constantly charged for additional packages that I never agreed to, etc.


37. Tom - August 14, 2008

Agreed that DirecTV stinks. I signed up for the absolute basic package which promised more than 45 channels plus local programming. It turned out that most of the channels were shopping channels, and a week after installation I noticed that our other dish, for FTA channels wasn’t working. When I went on the roof to inspect I discovered that the DirecTV installer had cut the cable from that dish and used it for the DirecTV dish! Not only that but after spending half a day running a new cable from the old dish, I discovered that it was out of position, so I had to use an expensive technician to adjust the dish again. Apparently, the DirecTV installer had moved it out of his way or bumped it really hard. So, being disappointed with the channel selection, and seeing the writing on the wall regarding service with a bad initial installation, I decided it wasn’t better than Comcast after all, in fact, it is much worse than Comcast, and I cancelled the service, only to be informed of a huge fee… So, I’m thinking I should bill them for damages to my existing system if they won’t waive their cancellation fees. Any thoughts

38. Tell it like it TI is! - August 14, 2008

Again, as no one has ever seen this virtual agreement, it is hard to say, but surely the virtual agreement must have some type of grace period or a dissatisfaction clause. Isn’t this standard in the virtual world of agreements? I would test the world of virtual agreements and indicate that you are merely excercising the escape clause in your written contract/agreement. At this point they will be forced to admit that either you are correct or the agreement doesn’t exist. Hey, its worth a try…right?

Just telling it like it virtually is!!!!

39. D3skier - August 20, 2008

has anyone reported Mr. West to corporate offices for this post? That’s pretty bold from an actual Directv employee… looks like grounds for termination IMHO

40. BikingBug - August 20, 2008

I too am in the midst of a battle with DTV. In January, I signed up for a package through Bell South in Alabama that included telephone, internet and DirecTV. I was very explicit in making certain that none of the services would be for over 1 year. The Bell South rep assured me that was so. The problem came when I received my first communication from DTV wherein was written that I was committed to an 18 month contract. I called them immediately & explained that my order was only for a maximum of 12 months. They said I would have to take up the matter with Bell South. Then Bell South said no, you have to clear it up with DTV. Bottom line, I told DTV to come get their equipment. The rep who I talked to when canceling told me there would be no cancellation fee due to the misunderstanding. Bottom line; they have been hassling me for $460 for early cancellation and have already turned me over to a collection agency. I have contacted the Alabama Attorney General regarding this issue. I read recently that one should also contact the AG in the state where the business has their headquarters. DTV address: PO Box 6550, Greenwood Vlg, CO 80155. Colorado State Attorney General, John Suthers, 1525 Sherman St., 7th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. If enough complaints are made to the AG within the state where the business is located, that AG office can file suit against them. Do not roll over for these thieves.

41. Karen Flanagan - September 10, 2008

I have also been having problems with DTV. They took $422.00 out of my account without my promission after I cancelled thier service. After calling I was told I had a 18 month contract (I was told 1 year) and that I only had 24 hours to decide on the service (I was told 3 months by the tech) I have contacted the BBB and will now go to the AG. I talked to someone in corp and aggreed to continue service if they replaced the money to my account. he agreed to replace $324.00 $50 I know why $48.00 I do not. I have cancelled my Visa/atm, so they have no access anymore! I have never come across a company as bad as this one! I am in CS and know how to treat people, maybe I should offer to train there people, cause not one person all the way to corp has a clue! DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE! They lie, are underhanded, unethical ….BUYER BEWARE! If anyone is thinking about a class action suit, contact me I am in

42. Tell it like it TI is! - September 10, 2008

Karen, good for you! You are truly a PTIer. You got your cash back, and stood up and took action. That’s what it is all about!!! I keep saying… what goes around comes around. Looks like DTV will get theirs the next time they try to TAKE their payment.

I keep wondering how American business has gotten to this point. We also have a similar Sprint post. What happened to the old ethic of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage by continuously listening to your customers needs and improving your product/service. When did tricking folks and holding them hostage become the American way???

Reminds me of the old Areatha Franklin lyrics…

Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools
Five long years I thought you were my service
But I found out I’m just a link in your chain
You got me where you want me
I ain’t nothing but your fool
You treated me mean oh you treated me cruel
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools

Just tellin it like it is!!! You keep doing the same!

43. wouldnt u like to know - September 11, 2008

My suggestion is you READ every stupid effing agreement before getting a service. I work as a CSR for Directv and its honestly a good company with stupid customers. PAY UR BILL. READ UR CONTRACT AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. WE ARE LUXARY TV. WE DONT CLAIM TO BE THE CHEAPEST WE CLAIM TO BE THE BEST.
if you dont want a commitment go to cable. we have enough customers we dont need any more people who constantly bitching.

tina coronado - December 21, 2009

It’s these “stupid customers” that are putting food on your table! Do you guys over in CS at Directv get it?? Obviously not. That’s why you guys are working for them.

44. Tell it like it TI is! - September 11, 2008

wultk’s comments are exactly what we are talking about. This person is a CSR for Directv! This is the attitude that make blogs like this successful. The issue that we originally started talking about is that there is no written contract to read! They just put the terms in when they know you are not looking. Wultk, thanks for making our point! Your company’s deceiptful, dishonest tatics will catch up to you in the long run. Take a look at where General Motors and Ford are now. When a company doesn’t have many competitors, its easy to leave comments like #43. Take it from someone who knows, you won’t be the only game in town for long….then you will reap what you’ve sown! Good luck, and thanks again for proving our point.

Try offering a superior service and treating your customers with respect… just ask Sprint!! With this attitude you will be out of a job soon…. Hope you have options!!!!

Just telling it like it is……..

45. wouldnt u like to know - September 12, 2008

Ya there is no written commitment? That makes lot of sense. read it myself while I was holding it when it came in my first bill. WEIRD! maybe we individually choose you to not supply that material to? And were such a horrible company. thats why we have more than 16.3 MILLION customers and we had a 2nd quarter where our profits were up 43% to 336million. all because no one likes us… I think u may be out numbered! HA. As a far as me being out of a job. na. I get a 100% on 95% of all my calls, just became a supervisor actually… i save up my anger and take it out on the idiots on sites like these. So relaxing!

Kevin - December 9, 2009

I was a customer for 8 years. In fact, I worked for Hughes for some time on the very satellites the provide the service. Every time I signed up for more service or new equipment, it was clearly stated on my bill that I was signing up for a sercive commitment. When DTV severied ties with Tivo and Tivo no longer provided support to DTV, my box began to behave oddly and reset itself regularly. When I called DTV, they offered me a new box for FREE with no committment. My next bill did not have any statement of such commitment on it. 15 months later we had to cancel because they could not provide me HD per the installers. I reluctantly switched away from DTV. After getting FIOS installed I learned the DTV was going to charge me for early cancellation. I sent the letters with copies of the bills showing that no such commitment was ever listed on my bills. I have PROOF that there was not such commitment, yet they won’t accept it. So…. Some people do read their bills. If the bill doesn’t declare a service commitment, there isn’t one. I don’t owe 9 months penalty and I don’t plan on paying it until I have managed to get 10 people to quit service I can inform them that they may have won the battle but….

46. Down with DIRECTV - September 12, 2008

You must be the rude idiot I spoke to on the phone.
16.3 million and dropping every second. As for as your profits I wouldn’t be to proud of profits made by ripping people off.
Down With DIRECTV and their scamming ways

47. Tell it like it TI is! - September 14, 2008

We are all proud that you made supervisor! Great for you. You exemplify the very issue with US Business, in general. Instead of listening to your customers, you find the metrics that make you feel successful. Don’t expect you to understand, now. But look closely at those companies that had a captive market, thought it translated into success, and are now asking the government for bailout money! All its going to take for the fall is a competitor that is allowed to compete on level playing ground.

Tatics like sending the agreement in the first bill is a deceiptful way to sneak in terms cause you know they aren’t fair. Hope your bosses can’t trace your home email back to their star supervisor or maybe you might get a hidden message in your mail!!!

Take a look at Sprint…they were riding high for a while, too. Now struggling to survive!! Enjoy your bonus with your record profits. I am sure supervisors are up there on the list in the distribution chain!!

We are all proud of your service and dedication.

Just telling it like it is!!!

48. wouldnt u like to know - September 14, 2008

thank you sooo much. and thats a fake email. get a life! I read this to a group of frineds at work… we all get a kick out of you! Thanks for making our day

tina coronado - December 21, 2009

It just amazes me that Directv CS reps can’t spell! Moron after moron. No wonder dealing with you idiots is so frustrating!

49. Tell it like it TI is! - September 15, 2008

Fake email address, and hidden identities. No wonder you made it to supervisor. Couple your hidden identity with small print and hidden agreements, and it all makes sense why you were promoted!! Heck, why stop at supervisor. You have all the makings of a DTV Regional Manager!!! Good luck.

Just telling it like it is….

50. Andrew - September 15, 2008

wow I wish I had read the contract, the cancellation fees are ABSURD holy crap! DirecTV, I will pay my bill my ignorance is my own fault but as long as I live, my home and those of my friends will not use your service again.

51. Jeff and Kristi S. - September 21, 2008

I cancelled my account due to poor customer service. I was getting a freeze frame image on my screen on every program I recorded. I called technical support, and they had me do some things to the back of their receiver and the machine blew up!!..Really… I purchased a receiver identical to the one that blew up, and it would not work on my TV. Customer service told me to take it back to the store. I tried to take it back to Circuit City and they refused to refund my money.

After several frustrating attempts to resolve the problem, I cancelled my account. I was then charged $579.63 for termination fees. I did not sign any agreements to this effect. My bank blocked these fees, but still my account was on hold for two days; I am glad that my mortgage payment or electric bill didn’t get effected by this “Bon Jour” stuff…

All in all, my family will N-E-V-E-R have another account with Direct TV. This is the only way that these crooks make any money..I mean really… I was with them for six years, and I have to put up with this B.S. ??? not any more…

52. jon the space man - September 26, 2008

well i was stupid and switched to directv. i took the bait of a 29.99/mo plan and have yet to see a bill below 56.99. i want to cancel. I will be writting the AZ AG office monday to dispute the canclation fee of $380. as soon as i get any info i will be sure to post here.

also i had an interesting convo with a CS rep. we talked about upgrading to HD and she said i would need to buy the box for $199.99 and my contract would extend 24 mo. on top of that i would pay 4.99 to add the receiver to my plan. so we have to buy the box, pay a mo. fee for the box, and then return it when our service ends…sounds like a good deal for the customer..not.

has anyone had any luck with a credit card company denying payment?? Visa said they could but the payment would have to post first and then they would fight it with no promises they would win.

FedUP - August 4, 2009

I canceled my credit card they had on file, atleast you keep your money while you are disputing the assholes.

Has anyone successfully gotten out of the BS hidden cancellation fee?

53. Tell it like it TI is! - September 27, 2008

Don’t beat yourself up JTSM. These guys are professional con artists! Easy to fall victim to the attractive marketing and the swindles!

Let us know about the credit card payment and if you escape

Keep telling it like it is..

54. Vi - September 27, 2008

I’m having problem with DirecTV too.

I signed up 2-year contract with DirecTV but after 6 months, I had to move unexpectedly. The new place does not allow satellite dish at all so I had no choice but to cancel the DirecTV service.

DirecTV charges me about $360 as penalty. The rep said I should dispute with a written letter which I did (a very polite one). However, they did not accept it.

I understand I had a contract but this move was totally unplanned and I had no control about the associate rules. I’m very disappointed that DIrecTV is so unconsiderate.

Honestly, I’m really not sure if $360 penalty was what I heard when I signed up. I recalled asking about the penalty fee when I signed up but I recall the amount was small. It doesn’t make sense I would sign a 2-year contract if I know the penalty is so hefty. It’s just not me.

Can anyone help? The attorney at the beginning of this post . . . Do I have a chance?


55. Tell it like it TI is! - September 28, 2008

If all else fails, maybe you can try this, Vi…

1. Call Directv and tell them that you are moving.
2. Tell them it will take some time to for the move to be completed and ask to have your service suspended to advoid being charged for tv that you are unable to watch. Get the charges suspended for a while.
3. Give them you cell number, as your other line has not yet been installed at the new location
4. Never activate the service again!!! If they try to charge you, tell them that you were never contacted for the installation date.
5. Schedule a date way in the future.
6. When that date comes, ask them tell the installer to apply for a permit for installation at your new building.
7. They won’t be able to,
8. When they tell you that it is your responsibility, tell them that you called and it is a six month process, but let them know that you will call to schedule an installation date, AS SOON AS THE PERMIT PROCESS is over

Now your are so far into the process that they should give up. However, never let them reactivate your account.

Hey, its worth a try… right??

56. Steverino - December 5, 2008

I too have been turned over to a collection agency.
Here is my latest email:
To The Office of the President
I have called several times explaining that I cancelled my service
early with good cause. I moved in July and the local DirecTV
contractor was unable to complete the installation on my home over a 2 week period. They have left a new dish and a new non-penetration roof mount kit on my roof.
The early termination fee is invalid.
I have requested a copy of the executed contract showing that I have
agreed to an early termination fee. This has not been provided.
Also, per the customer agreement, I have written requesting
arbitration (twice). I have received no response.
This email is a request that any collection efforts be halted until
this arbitration takes place.

57. 14 year former customer - December 10, 2008

When my Tivo started spontaneously restarting, they said they would ship me a new DVR; with a 24 month commitment. Can’t see being stuck with 24 months of SD when everything is going HD, so I opted to upgrade to HD even though I had no HDTV. A full two months later, long after I was quite ready to throw in the towel, my new receiver was finally installed… and about an hour after the installer left, it started locking up, and thereafter I could never watch a complete movie. I called and they said they would schedule an appointment to replace it: 20 days later. I called the installer to see if I could recall him but he was swamped and would call me when he saw a chance. A few days later and no call. I called to terminate and the lady said I might face a termination fee and should appeal it in writing. I’m not sure how I could make any other decision but to start the process, since it is the only way I could find out, and I certainly wasn’t being served. After terminating they did offer to fedex me a receiver: but after the bumpy ride to that point I was no longer interested. I sent back the DOA receiver, and they slapped me with a $460 charge, taking it out of my charge account without prior authorization and while I’ve appealed it every way I know how, they view the customer agreement as a one sided contract, and offer no concession for months of delay, intermittent service, and low initial quality of their house branded hardware. My advice to anyone is not to ever enter into a commitment with this company. While there is a chance things will just work and you will be happy, if you are unlucky enough to ever have a problem you will quickly learn that it is all your fault for agreeing to be their customer. With Netflix, Hulu, and crystal clear over the air DTV, I don’t miss those jokers one bit and I don’t need to sign my life away.

58. 14 year former customer - December 10, 2008

In fairness I need to correct an error above. I waited about four weeks for my first installation appointment, which the installer missed without calling. They wanted me to wait a month for another appointment; I raised a fuss and had them there in about a week. The new receiver locked up after the tech left, and i was told another 20 days until he could be back.

Two months is the number that sticks in my head because at the point I threw in the towel, that’s how long they expected me to pay them for service I was not receiving, while waiting for another crack at possibly showing up to install a new receiver that might possibly work. However I was not correct when I said “two months” above.

59. Tell it like it TI is! - December 10, 2008

Not to pour salt on the wound, but review comment #45! I truly believe that this reflects the true DTV corporate attitude. They’re in a position where the customer really doesn’t have a lot of choices. Similar to the auto industry a short time ago. As soon as others are allowed to compete the game changes. Hopefully, DTV realizes this and they aren’t one day looking for a bailout from Washington!!!

Just telling it like it is….

60. Frustrated in Miami - December 19, 2008

I cancelled my service after 13 years. To many rain fades here in Miami. Horrible Lip Sync Issues, and an HD DVR that I bought the end of January of this year, that started to record all programs 3 minutes after the start time. Plus the Mpeg4 compression is horrible on HD channels and the standard def channels are almost unwatchable so I switch to ATT Uverse on November 7th and cancelled by service. DTV is demanding a $247.18 cancellation fee as the DVR had a two year commitment. That amount includes a late fee as well. I think its appalling that after 13 years and paying over $10,000 in installation and subscrpition fees they will not waive the cancellation fee. I have always paid my bill on time. I have spoken to numerous CSR people who have been polite but would not budge. I ‘ve written to the billing dispute department, emailed and called the office of the president to no avail. I started getting automated calls from DTV and received a letter a from collections manager in Arizona. Last night I sent a payment of $245.00, having withheld the $2.47 on principle.

I will not give up on trying getting this money back, but I wouldn’t put it past these bastards to report this to the credit agencies, where I have a great score over 800. I was loyal to DTV for a long time and it sucks to be treated this way. Especially since I returned the DVR and H-20 receivers in pristine condition.

To all of you CSR reps reading these posts, I’m not a deadbeat, I never missed a payment in all of the years I was a customer. I had idiot installers do hundreds of dollars of damage to my roof when I had the HD dish installed and I get treated like it was my fault, yet I still kept the service.

I can only hope that the new administration in Washington will regulate the cable and satelite industry. I am a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, which has over 120,000 members working in the entertainment industry in this country. I plan on lobbying to get the regulation issue on our convention agenda in Orlando in 2009. Its time to stop this

61. Greg - December 27, 2008

Just a note to say that DirecTV eventually reversed their decision in my case and refunded most of my fee. I don’t think this is the outcome most of the time, I think I finally reached the right person on the right day, with a letter forwarded by the state attorney general.

I certainly put more effort into the appeal than the refund was worth; my termination was not about money, but about unacceptable service. But they did come through, so while I will never go back, I feel the need to correct the record here; in the end, somebody listened.

I would not advise anyone to think they are going to weasel their way out of one of these contracts just because their own situation has changed. You better have a very good case that it was their breach of contract that brought you there.

Termination is really a magic word with them. When dissatisfied, you are probably better off to threaten to do it than to actually do it. They will probably bribe you with free programming. Consider also in rocky times reducing your paid subscription to their minimum “family” package; or suspend your service as long as you can without terminating. If you move somewhere and can’t have the dish, give the dish and subscription to a family member as a gift.

Finally, don’t put all your entertainment eggs in one basket. Consider carrying fewer premium channels and getting some movies from Netflix, and have rabbit ears and DTV converter box if needed to pick up over the air programming. If you have problems then, you can suspend your service until they fix them. If I had thought of all these things up front, perhaps I might not have let them get so far under my skin. Of course I had no idea how long it was going to drag on.


Tell it like it is.

You know, I remember when Directv was starting out. I took a job right out of college working for a company in the NRTC that owned rights to Directv broadcasting areas in a rural community. At the time, I thought Directv was the best in the bizz. I swore up and down about the quality, commitment, and service provided. It truly blew the competition away. Primestar went by the wayside and Dish Network was the new kid on the block going around stealing Directv’s newly acquired Primestar customers. It was tough but our company grew because of the quality of service and what Directv was trying to accomplish. I have been with them from the beggining and have either sold or referred 1,000(s) of folks to Directv. I have to say now, something has happend. I am not sure what… but it has gotten out of control.

To the CSR and the Supervisor in this chain, you folks are truly out of touch with business. Your attitude of entitlement will get you exactly where you are. You’re not on top of the world by any means… you’re corporate ride of pride will end… think about it a little. Where do you see yourself in 2 years or 5 years of treating your customers like crap? Call it with dissonance like you want now… sure… some folks know exactly what they are getting into and sure some folks don’t pay their bills. That is always going to be a cost of doing business for companies that get as big as Directv is. Just because clobbering your customer base is company policy doesn’t make it right. If you want to progress in your career past supervisor, I’d ask some questions and put together something called a Cost of Poor Quality study from a Voice of the Customer perspective. You may have 16 million customers now but what happens when you see a downturn to say 14 or 12 million. Do you think the company only thinks its customers are stupid or do you think they may also think their CSR(s) and Supervisor(s) are stupid when the tide turns slightly? Wake up and think further then 2 feet in front of your face. Go and rent Tropic Thunder on Directv Pay Per View and listen to what Tom Cruise tells folks to do with their phone. Funny, but exactly what you should do.

As for me, a long time loyal customer and strong believer in the technology from day 1. I purchased my first Directv RCA unit from Sears right after the company started. I paid 799.00 and was happy about it. There were 2 service providers, Directv and USSB. Eventually, Directv grabbed USSB. Hell, a Dual LNB was expensive as crap… having 2 receivers was almost unheard of. Anyhow, I have upgraded all along the way. Tivo DVR, HD Tivo DVR, and I was probably one of the first to go and get the Directv HD DVR. Heck I liked it so much I ordered another one last January after moving into my new place. I have always done my own installations since I have been so familiar with the equipment. No worries, they sent me a new HD DVR and I paid $199. A little multi-switch action and we were on our way. Then, I was hit by a strong waive of corporate cheese dicks.

Now… starts the crappy part. Somehow, I have a 2 year agreement on all of my equipment? I had purchased 2 regular HD receivers prior to my purchase $299 for the HD DVR (Directv 1st one). I was asked to relocate for work, moving to the city (high rise) where Directv isn’t an option. These clowns want me to pay $240 for an early termination fee and want me to send all my equipment in that I paid for? Let me tell you about the bogus equipment cost… there is no way the HD DVR costs directv even close to what they charge.

I have been a customer since 1995. I still have plenty of life left to watch TV and pay my bill on time every month. Once I move, I will pay the crazy fee and return my equipment and walk quietly away from Directv. Sure, I gave them a ton of money along the way, but I will never be a customer again. I have a 3 year tour in the city… once that tour is over… they’ll never get another penny from me. Their customer service has gone to crap. Their customer extortion continues to be on the rise. Their employee hiring practices have obviously lent themselves to hiring punks that don’t understand a thing about business. Promoting punks is another problem. Lastly, losing touch with their customer base will be their downfall.

Some folks talk about Sprint on this chain. Take a look at a new start up computer company that saw their growth explode from Round Rock, TX. Same scenario… they lost touch with their customer base and thought offering the cheapest price would always win over crappy customer treatment. In the end, they lost their customer loyalty and sent a ton of their jobs offshore at the same time. They have also had to eliminate a ton of jobs… and for what??? Hiring punks and crapping on your customer because that was company policy.

Sometimes the only thing you can do as a consumer is take your business elsewhere and suck up the fee. Eventually, their won’t be anyone left to charge the bogus fees too. Guess what CSR and Supervisor, you’ll be tossed to the curb and unless you wake up. You’ll wonder what the hell happened to your job. It was easy crapping on customers because they are all a bunch of idoits. This company’s new sense of culture (the f.over your customer entitlement culture) will be what takes your company and your check to zero.

Go ahead, chalk my comments up to being some kind of idiot or someone that didn’t read their bill… some of us have been on auto-pay for so long… why would I read my statement each month other then to look at the charge. Isn’t that what a bill is meant for? When did a bill become a source for some kind of legal contract? Just because a bill reaches the customer’s hands doesn’t make it a legal contract. Once this makes it to the top and Directv settles their class action lawsuit… we may all get refunded. Guess what cost center a 1 billion dollar settlement gets paid from? Usually the operations unit takes a hit in the FTE line ledger. Square in the face.

I am patient and will walk quietly away. My fee money will be well spent. If it is returned one day, heck, I’ll have a free couple of months equiv for my new cable provider. If not, no worries.

Directv sucks and eventually sucking too long makes you swallow the load punk. Get a clue and quit clobbering your customer base.

63. Shelly G - February 17, 2009

I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue. I am interested in talking to people and hearing about their experiences. Please contact me at shelly1100ny@yahoo.com if you have been charged an early termination fee by DirecTV, or if you have any question on this investigation.



64. Janice Masters - February 22, 2009

Yes, Shelly, I have been disputing a $100 early termination fee for the same reasons so many others are explaining. We moved in November 2007 and asked to have the address changed for billing purposes. We had the new dish installed..which DTV advertises ‘free move’, but now because we have discontinued their services want to charge us the early termination fee…saying is was a customer agreement…which I was totally unaware of and never signed anything. Tracy at DTV this morning (2/22/09) said I wouldn’t have signed anything and gave me the Greenwood Village address to dispute the charge. After reading all these letters, I feel it would be a waste of time. Janice Masters

65. JSims Recently Ripped by DirecTV - April 9, 2009

RUN to the Attorney General for your state and submit a complaint. Most SAG can accept complaints on-line. Most states that won’t take online grievances have hotlines you can call in on. Don’t wait. There are short statutes of limitation in many states.

There have been 22 statewide class action suits settled, and at least three more filed in the past couple of years against DirecTV for these practices, and there is currently a national class action suit pending with the class now being formed. Google DirecTV National Class Action.

Don’t expect a whole @#$% of a lot of support from Washington. The communications lobbies treat these ETF’s like one huge cash cow. Recent hearings on Capitol Hill headed by the old Bush appointed FTC director did nothing but reinforce the ETF’s from Comm companies like DirecTV. The result in the hearings on the hill last year resulted in doodley-squat in Congress. Your only hope from DC is to send complaints to the FTC, FCC, your Senators and Congressmen. Blitz and REblitz.

Forget about the complaints to the BBB. Their funding comes from the inustries they report on. It’s like asking General Motors to make an earnest commitment to increasing gas milage.

Only after you have done the above should you write DirecTV. Send them copies of all that you have done, and send it to them Certified Mail, Return Reciept Requested.

66. JSims Recently Ripped by DirecTV and American Satellite - April 9, 2009

Also. Just because you might skate clear of the DirecTV ETF, it ain’t over. on new installs, some Installer companies are now including an ETF on TOP of the DirecTV fees, and some of them are not as kind as DirecTV. American Satellite charges $199 equipment fees and a $299 “administrative fee” for early termination of their 12-month agreement. I haven’t figured out the reason for the equipment fees since I returned all of their equipment. I guess they are havng to scrap their switching modules when someone cancels out. The administrative fee is a no brainer. It is a penalty straight out.

67. in the same boat - May 21, 2009

I am in the same baot. After my 2 year service agreement was up, I moved, and called the number that they advertise on tv to move my service.


They offered a free trial of HD service. I asked if that trial was something I could cancel anytime and they said yes. When I tried to cancel it, they said I have to have it or pay for the HD box. I told them they could have their box back, I don’t want it, they said they couldn’t do that. Eventually, after 2 days of arguing, I got a year free HD.

Now I try to cancel everything and they tell me it’ll be 350 dollars to cancel!

I told them my contract was up a year ago, they say no, it was renewed in april 08 when you moved. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED when I moved if there was any obligation of committment from me and was told no.

I miss dish network.

68. ED Moore - June 11, 2009

The Latest in the DirectTV mafia.

After me and my girlfriend got a new house we started decideing what to do as far as services (TV, phone, internet , etc.) Well one of my choices was “We’ll go with DirectV , they seem to have a good deal going with the HD DVR , on demand (yea! right!) and other features.

Well after a lot of reading about every option that was avaliable to me a signed up online to have the service installed. This was around April 10th 2009.. i set MAY 1st as the date for the install. Well after almost daily calls form various installers , saying they had time today (every day) to come do my install, I always said no as we were still moving in.

Well May 1st comes and so does the installer. I had an HD DVR in my main room and 2 standard boxes for two other rooms.. Well the hassels began then…

First I’m told (actually after the install was done) that each box must be connected to a phone line in order to access payperview shows and then I’m told to access any ‘OnDemand’ programming each box would also have to be hooked up my internet dsl router. OK now my house looks like someone TPed it with communication wires.. But OK I’ll deal with it.

Over the next few days the service seems to freeze or pixalate whenever I become slightly interested in whats happening on ANY show. and also I find that 40% of my channels are shopping channels or 24 hour infomircials.

OK skip ahead about 12 days and my first bill arrives. enclosed is a bill for $86.87 a lot higher than the$29.99 monthly bill a signed up for. (I find out that thier idea of a lower bill is for me to pay the higher bill and submit a rebate every month for the difference which would come 8-10 weeks later…)

Then on the 1st page of the bill i read (for the 1st time ever) that I in the process of leaseing my equipment I have inadvertently agreeded to 24 month contract and if i opt out of the service I would be charged $480 for the privelege


Then a notice some additional paperwork in the envelope.. Its the DirecTV customer agreement.


Which States in the very 1st paragraph:

“If you do not accept these terms, please notify us immediately and we will cancel your service. if you instead decide to recieve our service, it will mean that you accept these terms and they will become legally binding”

Well I IMMEDIATELY phoned DirecTV and decided to disconnect and cancel my DirecTV service…

Its clear to me I can’t be legally binded to an agreement I haven’t seen till this moment. And the moment I was given thier terms I rejected them and informed them of that,,,

After a very interesting phone call that had them telling me I was being charged $480 for haveing the service for a total of 14 days I am at this point..

I kniow what they are doing is clearly wrong, its deception and misrepresentation as well as thier use of illegal contracts and
and false advertising as well..

I’m not sure what my next move should be , but it not going to be paying them thats for sure

69. Bill Adama - June 11, 2009

They’re pretty much a beast, and a nasty one at that. I’m in the same predicament with DirecTV charging fees because I canceled over their terrible service. Lower Courts (i.e. small claims courts), however, will listen to your of things fairly. To the best of my knowledge, you can’t sue DirecTV for them claiming you owe them a cancellation fee. However, you CAN sue them for defamation if they report against your credit (you’ll know this has happened when an outside collections agency starts calling). Small claims courts are really easy. You don’t have to be or have a lawyer; you basically present as many facts and as much evidence as you can (for instance, dates you called, dates without service, any documentation you can get) and the Judge will apply the law to the facts for you. You just have to go to the courthouse in the county where you live and the security guard will point you in the right direction. It generally costs about $50 to sue someone (which you’ll get back if you win), and all you need to bring is an address for the company (call customer service and ask where they want the summons sent, seriously).

The strongest argument you can make would be that their service didn’t work as promised, which is a material breach of contract. Remember that you’re suing for defamation and not the cancellation fee, so the amount doesn’t need to be exactly $300. I’m in the process of doing this now, and I am suing them for $750 (justifiable because it compensates me for the dozen or so hours I’ve wasted trying to get away from DirecTV). It’s unlikely that you’ll find a lawyer who will touch it; it’s just not worth the effort for the relatively small amount in question. Small claims court is 50:50, and it’s up to a Judge. The more documentation you can provide that you gave them the opportunity to fix the problem (and they failed), the better chance you stand. Just remember that most Judges are very reasonable, very fair and smart enough to see when a company like DirecTV is being an ass.

For the record, I’m NOT a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. This is just an account of how I’m dealing with my DirecTV situation.

70. dan theman - June 27, 2009

the way around paying the cancelation fees is to cancel the credit card you used to sign up with directv. directv keeps the card on file and wll charge you for the recievers even after you’ve returned them. then you have to call them and only at that time they will credit your card back but it could take months. i know this cause i work there.

71. anti-directv hero - June 29, 2009

ladies and gentleman, i have the solutions you have been looking for. just tell them that you or your spouse is being deployed anywhere over seas (i.e. germany, japan, guam, etc.) and they will waive your commitment no ?s asked and no proof required. the rebate issue you only have to submit it once not every month and you cant have hd or dvr equipment and not pay for those services, also every customer is assigned a heart (how valued you are) value, and every time you call in you would be eligible for credit from $0-100 per call. plus every time you call in ask for their retention dept they have better offers and the rep gets paid $0.50-$1.25 per call costing dtv more money.

72. FedUP - August 4, 2009

it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say that your spouse is being deployed! Valid reason and it’s done.

LOOPHOLE!!! Thank god, I hope everyone reads this post!

73. BJ - August 28, 2009

I had the same cancellation fee issue as many others. I’d been with DirecTV for close to ten years. While I had the service things went well, though I was admittedly not a demanding customer. When I asked to cancel I was told I had to pay a cancellation fee of over $200. I fought it by first telling the CSR I disputed the fee and asked that a supervisor talk with me. The CSR agreed. I received a half dozen sales calls from DirecTV over the next 48 hours; none of which discussed the disputed fee.
I eventually sent an email to the SVP of Customer Relations, Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com, stating my case and requesting that the fee be waived. I heard nothing back. Two weeks later I sent another email to her, registered a complaint with the Southland (Calif.) BBB, the FTC, and my state’s attorney general. I received a call within 24 hours from the DirecTV office of the president, stating that my fee had been waived. I was informed that the fee was waived two weeks prior…which had they told me then I would not have filed complaints with the aforementioned agencies.
DirecTV is playing a loose, unethical legal game with these contracts and is getting tremendous bad press (and legal actions at both the state and federal level). In addition, it seems their outsourced CSR organization is not in synch with the corporate functions, leading to poor internal communications, which of course comes across as ineptitude and belligerence to their current & former customers.
I don’t think I’ll ever resubscribe to DirecTV. Too bad for them as I was a loyal, long-time customer.

74. John - September 6, 2009

I have been a loyal customer for directv over 7 years. They got rid of the Versus channel and that was the one channel that I watched out of 150+. I went to cancel it today to get Comcast and they said I owed over 200 dollars in early termination fees. Just because I activated a new HD receiver they automatically signed me up for another 2 year contract. They are total jerks and will never go back to Directv again. Im sure they all have there faults, but If it were my business I would take care of the people that always paid there bills on time.

75. Stu - September 20, 2009

Ok – Spent a bit of time looking over all of the comments. I just can’t believe that someone has initiated a Class Action suit for deceptive business practices. If you read the deep enough in their contracts , yes they state the commitment. However , no signed contracts… I would have no problem participating in a Class Action suit and chip in $100or more to support the work.
Does any one know of what legal alternative exists for a early termination fee ?


76. Stu - September 20, 2009


Restatement of Comment #75

Ok – Spent a bit of time looking over all of the comments. I just can’t believe that someone hasn’t initiated a Class Action suit for deceptive business practices. If you read the deep enough in their contracts , yes they state the commitment. However , no signed contracts… I would have no problem participating in a Class Action suit and chip in $100or more to support the work.
Does any one know of what legal alternative exists for a early termination fee ?


77. Stay Far, Far Away From Directv - October 1, 2009

I’ve had a horrible experience with Directv. I’ve been over billed $130.00 in my first two months of service. I’ve spent over 5 hours on the phone getting the bills straightened out. Most of the CSRs are terrible. They transfer you from person to person and it takes forever to get someone who will actually help. If I’d underpaid my bill $130.00 over two months, Directv would say I’d broken my contract, turn off my service and charge me hundreds of dollars in an early termination fee. But, when Directv does this to the customer, there is no recourse. I agree somebody needs to bring a class action lawsuit against them. I’d join it in a split second. Stay far, far away from this criminal company.

78. How to Cancel DirecTv Service & Stop, Avoid or Reverse Early Cancellation Fee - October 1, 2009

Looks like very good advice:

EHow: How to Cancel DirecTv Service & Stop, Avoid or Reverse Early Cancellation Fee


79. jsims - October 5, 2009

see # 65 and 66. Update: went to SAG in april 2009 for relief on two issues w/ DTV. DTV took almost 5 months to reply. They treated the lesser of the two issues as the greater, and still held to the validity of the ETF. 30 days from the close of my issues with athe AG , (I missed a deadline to keep the issues open) I am again being being dunned by one of DTV’s many collection agencies back east. They are threatning to report me to the credit agencies unless I pay them in full. I’m ready for a class action should one be started. In fact, I have contacted every lawyer on the internet who has expressed an interest in a suit. If not, I am ready to follow the suggestion from the gentleman to go after them in small claims court. Only, maybe, asking for a permanent injunction against DTV and their agents for the remedy of cease and desist. Any armchairs out there have suggestions on how effective this might be

tina coronado - January 13, 2010

I’m ready for a class action lawsuit! Read my experience below.

80. Candi~ - November 24, 2009

I too have suffered horrible customer service in terms of install taking days/weeks/or not at all. Being on the phone for hours without resolve. It is funny how they expect to hold consumers to the terms of their contract when they cannot deliver on their end. They expect the consumer to pay for their quality gaps which is just insane. The company is pathetic and I will no longer do business with them. I plan to contact the BBB and my local tv station (five on your side) to let others know they should not do business with this company.

81. Karamel - December 3, 2009

Well hello. here is my story: I was under no contract had service for years. Called to cancel my service, the rep (who obviously was not in THIS country) said yes I could cancel but that she could arrange for my equipment to be moved for free. I explained to her that I was only moving temporarily for a few month before moving to another city. She said that if I agreed I wouldnt be under contract and could just cancel when it was time to move in a few months…. anyone know the end of this story? Yup that’s right 6 months later moving to another city I was under a 24 month contract that I didnt agree to. Several letters to the dispute department and about 10 calls or more later nothing has changed. I could pay them…. it’s not a money issue… I just won’t. It does not surprise me at all that there are so many posts here with similar incidents. After two years it still has not gone to a collections agency that is a 3rd party and would be insane if they spent 1000’s of dollars to get my $82.75. Just thought i’d share and hopefully a class action lawsuit will eventually go through and put that company down for good. Those of you who posted and work for DTV with your high and mighty attitudes, I hope you go to bed every night feeling good about getting paid minimum wage working for a company who takes money illegally from people. Not to mention if you had some type of education (not even able to spell Luxury correct) you might have a REAL job rather than working in a call center. By the time you read this i’m sure you probably don’t even work there anymore. Sleep well!

82. tina coronado - December 22, 2009

I was with Directv for years. I even referred numerous customers to them. I had my kids’ school participate in their fundraiser. Yes, they have one for schools. Long story short, hard economic times meant cutting out the extras. One of them was Directv. My closing bill was $206. I was charged out of my account $398. I called to dispute and didn’t get anywhere with the rep on the phone. I told her that I understand the $206 charge and they can have that but they must immediately reverse the $175 equipment fee because I had already sent back the box that morning. (They had just sent me the return box with the label that Friday. I called FedEx and scheduled a pick up for Monday.) She said that she wouldn’t do that. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me that it’s a call-back process where they would call ME back! I told her that’s unacceptable and I wanted to be put through. She said no. I told her that this is why they have the worst customer service. She hung up on me.
I called my bank to dispute the charge and they reversed it. The rep at the call center with my bank that I spoke with explained to me that she and numerous customers had previously had this problem. She also went so far as to recommend we block our cards, which we did. I had to go get a new card as did my husband. I filed a complaint with the CA AG office and the BBB. Class action lawsuit anyone?

83. fedswifey - January 13, 2010



i was in the same boat as everyone here. I was told that i need to pay $480 early cancellation fee!! Then i read all of these posts and got some great advice from these people ( post #72. FedUP – August 4, 2009)..

Tell them your in the military and you are getting deployed!! it works 100%…. no questions asked… goodluck

84. max - January 27, 2010

Now, this is all very interesting. I expected DirecTV to be heavy-handed, obnoxious, and impossible to get rid of. I am currently in a 2-year contract through a bundle with Verizon. The system has worked fine for the 1st year. They had to send a tech out to move the dish once because when the trees leafed out, I couldn’t get signal. I was miffed that service like that isn’t free, since it’s THEIR job to know where to put the dish, not mine.

Anyway, I just called to ask what will happen this June, when I move and cancel early. They told me I have to pay $20 per unused month of contract to get out, which would be about $120. Other than that, they said there are no other fees. The end date on my contract that they have for me is correct.

The woman on the phone was a peach. She was very specific. And I asked her if there was any way the contract could extend or auto-renew. She told me that it does not auto-renew at the end of the 2-year period, but if I upgraded or leased any new equipment, that would start a new 2-year contract.

So, all in all, I can’t complain, and I only had to wait about 30 seconds to talk to a human. $120 and I’m out, and frankly, that’s less than I expected.

We’ll see what happens in June, if they screw me after all. 😉

85. Celeste - February 27, 2010

I used to have cable with no contract just wonderful clear service, and I left them under the impression that DirecTV was going to be cheaper..NOT!

I called DTV and asked how much is the sevice, I was told that it was going to be $39.99 a month plus $5 a month for the additional receiver. The Rep told me I was getting a FREE DVR with my service. I asked her about 3 times to tell me now if the price is going to go up later, and if so, what was it going to be. There is nothing that I hate more than being suddenly surprised by an outrageous price increase and not even being aware. She said the only price increase was going to be whether or not I chose to keep the HB movie package for $35 a month. I was so excited to get the DirecTV and made an appointment for installation.

The technician came and installed my boxes, and never asked me to sign a single document.

A few months down the road, I started having problems with both boxes. The DVR would change channels rappidly, it would freeze, it was always searching for a signal. The standard box was staticy, always searching for signal, it was missing mostly all the channels. I called customer service they informed me that I was in a 24 MONTH CONTRACT which was verbal. Apparantly, they don’t have to inform you of this verbal contract. They shipped out a replacement box for the standard box, didn’t work, problems got worse. They sent out 3 technicians, which the last tech just walked off the site after 5 minutes with a total attitude. To this day I still have the same technical problems with both boxes, the problems were never fixed. I tried to get out of my contract, but of course I can’t without paying an arm and a leg.

They also refuse to come pick up their dish. If I want the dish removed, I was told to hire an indepedant contractor to remove the dish if I want it removed.

Also, their customer service reps are the rudest I have ever experienced in my life. I have been hung up on before I even finished explaining why I was calling. I was yelled at by 1 of their managers named “Precious” because DirecTV originally promised me a credit for their service that I didn’t get while the boxes were out of service, but when it came time to actually getting the credit she said it was not in thenotes so there was not going to be a credit issued. It’s really common sense, if you can’t view any of the channels because of the box, then there shold be a credit issued. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the same viewpoint, and I didn’t get the credit.

In my opinion, DIRECTV should either go out of business, or seriously change their policies. I have never written ANYTHING about ANY other businesses before. DirecTV is the WORST company I have EVER been involved with! I would advise anyone to get cable before DirecTV!

Rose - March 4, 2010

I am experiencing the same type of problem. My daughter who was a college student at the time, ordered DirectTV thinking it would be so much nicer then Charter Cable. She ordered three receivers for her and her roommate. She was given free showtime for a year. She was never made aware of a 24 month contract, she surely would never have agreed knowing she would not be in her current appartment or city for that matter longer then 9 months from the time she signed up. Now she goes to move home and calls to cancel her DirectTV and low and behold she is under a 24 month contract and it would cost her roughly around $300. to get out of it. So we decide the only thing we can do is cancel our DISH network that we have at home and when she moves home have them set us up at our house with her current plan plus we ordered a DVR. She was told all she would have to pay to get the DVR is a shipping charge of around 20 dollars. So the tech comes to set us all up and he suggests we get an HDDVR, that it would be so much better then the regular one and quotes us it will be about an $80. upgrade then. Okay well we were not planning on it but go ahead install that one. So my daughter four days later here, checks the bill on line and they are now charging her $199. for the HDDVR and the bill also has now a charge for the showtime. She called the customer service and there were nothing but rude to her. What is going here???? What do we do now?

86. John - March 4, 2010

Our hook n bait ended this month. Upon signing up we were told that dropping the premium movie channels at the end of the intro promo the rate would be $69 or so before taxes WRONG!

We got it through ATT which we were also supposed to get more services and features cheaper WRONG again. The price quoted is different than the bill.

Today I called to remove the movie channels and NFL Ticket *yes its way past football season but they treat it like its a year round sport) They kept asking if I wanted to cancel the auto renew feature for this, even after I told them 3 times I never got around to watching 1 game.

Rather than the $69 pre tax rate, it’s now going to cost us $85, pre tax. I disputed this with the guy who has obviously heard this all before and seemed unamused.

He said I could cancel, but warned and somewhat threatened me that there were numerous early cancellation fees and other fees he could tack on just because he could. And how he could get away with it!

Not being one to take threats kindly, I am now gearing up to do battle with this faceless giant. First through the BBB and with the help of various lawyer friends.

We are also not pleased with their channel claims. The number of channels they boast to offer is padded. There are at least 2-3 shows which are on at the same time on different channels spread out among the channel guide.

Thanks to everyone who has posted before me, I have studied your strategy and will implement them and everything else I can to slay the dragon.

It baffles me why no one has filed a class action lawsuit against them. The bad press alone would knock them off the pedestal.

87. Bianca - March 20, 2010

We signed up for DirecTV under the guise of their NFL package. My husband is a diehard fan and since they are the only company to offer the package, we agreed. All the channels they claim we get are padded with home shopping networks and religious prophet-eers. We also signed up for the NHL Center Ice package, since I’m a Penguins fan, but what they forgot to mention was that they no longer offer Versus, which hosts NHL games during both the regular and playoff season.
Now we just paid a bill that was due on the 16th for $205, for an arms length of the same pay-per-view movie. Not a dozen different movies, but apparently we thought it was a great use of our money to order The Box twelve separate times. Well, I just logged onto my account online and we have a $97 bill due today! How could our last bill in the mail be due on the 16th, but all of a sudden we have a bill due on the 20th, a bill we never received in the mail?
I’m calling, waiting for an answer, but so far the only answer we’ve gotten is that we owe the money; suck it up and pay. We still have about 15 months left on our contract. I don’t know if we can hold out that long. The prices are ridiculous and never consistent, even when they don’t charge us for the same PPV movie a dozen times.

88. Bianca - March 20, 2010

And now that I’m thinking about it and raring to go, we signed up for the promotion where if you order Sunday Ticket you pay for Sunday Ticket but get all their channels for free. So instead of paying for your channel package and Sunday Ticket, you’re only paying for Sunday Ticket.

Apparently “all their channels” does not include the ones listed on their guide because we’ve never gotten LMN, SOAPNET, CHLLR, Food Network … and when I called about this, I was told that those channels were not part of our package. I politely reminded them we were new customers who signed up for the Sunday Ticket special and she not-so-politely told me it didn’t matter. That if we were eligible for that deal, we would be getting the channels. However, our bill every month clearly stated we were in fact paying for Sunday Ticket, and had a $0 charge for our regular programming package. These people at DirecTV seem to make up the rules as they go along. They are corporate bullies.

So, in closing (for real this time) if we stay with DirecTV through our contract, I will not resign, I will not replace any equipment between now and then, and I will not ask them to come out to fix anything between now and then. We will be deciding between Comcast and Dish between now and then.

89. Shravan - April 21, 2010

I had similar issue with Directv. Here is the text of the complaint I made to Maryland Attorney General:

“Directv charged me an early cancellation fee when I was under NO binding contract.

I had been a customer of Directv from February 2007 to March 2010. I was initially under a 2-year contract which I should have fulfilled in February 2009.

I had issues with the Directv satellite receiver in October 2009. The programming would stop intermittently and would not be available for a couple of hours. This used to happen 3-4 times a day. Directv sent a technician to my house. The technician replaced the receiver. Directv charged me $50 for this service. They said I did not purchase warranty for the equipment. I did not contest as I thought the charge was fair.

I came to know that this event actually renewed my contract for 18-month period when I called up Directv in March 2010 to cancel my satellite service. The technician at the time of replacement did not mention to me that this would actually renew the contract. Directv said they have a signed contract from me. I asked them to mail me a copy as I didn’t have mine.

Directv did not mail me the signed contract. Instead, they charged my credit card $260 (minus the prorated amount of $32 they owed me)!!! $20 for each month for a total period of 13 months that was remaining on the contract.

I think this is a FRAUD!!!
1. The customer should be under no liability of a contract when Directv replaces its FAULTY equipment. This really raises a conflict of interest issue. How can I as a customer be sure that the equipment was really faulty? It is possible that Directv may DELIBERATELY disable programming so that they could charge the customer both for technician visit and also for early cancellation (if the customer chooses to cancel).

2. A Directv representative said that the contract renewal clause is mentioned in the paper work I signed. As I mentioned before, the technician never told me about this. Also, Directv has not mailed me a copy of the contract till now (it’s been more than a week since I last talked to Directv).

3. I asked the customer service representative what option would the customer have if he/she decides to not sign the contract (of course, if the customer is made aware of this in the first place). Would the customer be then stuck with the faulty equipment as long as he/she continues with Directv? The representative did not have an answer. No surprise there.

4. This is the sequence of calls I made to Directv. This should reveal more about the fraudulent nature of Directv.
a. I called Directv in early March to get my service canceled. The representative mentioned about the early cancellation fee. I hung up the phone after not being able to convince the representative that the charge is unfair.
b. I called again the next day. This time the new representative seemed to be reasonable. He said he would cancel the fee as he thought it was not correct. But he was really pushy and made me to go for a suspension of service instead of cancellation. I thought I will deal with this later and asked him to just suspend the service.
c. I called about a week later to cancel the service. This new representative mentioned about early cancellation fee. I mentioned to her about my previous conversation with Directv. She said she will look at my case’s notes. After checking them (apparently entered by the previous representative), she said I was right and I didn’t need to pay the early cancellation fee. She got my service cancelled.
d. I called about a week later to ask how I should return their equipment. This time I was in for a surprise. Their automated system said I owe Directv early cancellation fee. I asked their representative to look at the notes about my case. The notes MYSTERIOUSLY disappeared this time! Is it because I canceled instead of suspending the service?

I have seen several similar complaints about Directv on the web. There is also a class action lawsuit against Directv in California for the same reason.

I request you to please take a thorough look at this case. I hope your action will serve as a warning to Directv and save future customers from similar agony.”

I am waiting for response. Wish me luck 🙂

90. CJ Gehlke - May 3, 2010

We have 20 year old equipment on the roofs in our condo complex and the contract with that provider has been expired for over a decade. I’m on the Board of Directors, and we have reached an agreement with the provider where they are abandoning their equipment, and we will remove it. There are subscribers hooked up to that equipment who are under contract with DirecTV. When their connectivity is removed and they are unable to get service, how do we avoid the cancellation fee they will be hit with when they are unable to get service? Please advise. I have been working on this for over two years and keep getting the runaround. Can someone help please? Thank you!

91. Mary - October 11, 2010

I just canceled my service with Directv.I had crappy customer service and bad signal. when I ordered it the sales person asked me how many rooms I wanted done. I said just one for now. a few weeks later I call to ask them about getting my other rooms turned on. I was told it would be another $177 for each room because I did not have it all rooms set up at once it would be consider and upgrade and I would have to pay to rent the box each month for all three rooms.
now that is something the sales person should have told me when I called to place my order.
that if I did not get all rooms at once it was going to cost me $400 more to do it later. I spoke to some many supervisor in order to work this out, but they were unwilling to work with me so I canceled. I am going to dispute it, and if they send it to my credit I will fight it from there.

92. Zach - January 30, 2011

To get your full new customer promotion with DIRECTV, you have to: Order online or submit an online rebate application, agree to receive marketing e-mails, and wait 6-8 weeks from startup.I can tell you from working at DISH Network, that according to the ACSI DISH beats DIRECTV in Customer Satisfaction. DIRECTV experienced a significant decline in Customer Satisfaction.

93. Hermann Groombride - March 22, 2011

I have been a DIRECTV customer since 2003 and have always paid my bill on time. In April of 2009 I bought a new HD TV and had DIRECTV switch out my TV box since I had to have one for HD which of course increased my monthly bill. No one notified or told me that DIRECTV would automatically extend my contract for an additional 2 years. In June of 2010, I retired and decided to move to Katy, TX at the time I lived in Virginia Beach. I notified DIRECTV and they told me that they would suspend my account for 6 month until December. I bought a home in a Retirement Community and the house would be available in January of 2011, in the meantime I lived at a temporary address. After moving into the Retirement Community, I was told that my monthly community fee paid for TV services. I contacted DIRECTV in October 2010 and notified them of my upcoming move into a home in Katy, TX in January at which time I was advised that I had a contract until October 2011 since the 6 month waiver was added onto the existing contract and therefore my contract is now October vice April. I honestly had no idea that I even had a contract in existence. Nothing was mentioned to me back in June when I notified DIRECTV of my move to Texas. I have tried to call DIRECTV to settle the matter but no one at DIRECTV wants to talk about the matter and every time I call, I get connected to Customer Service people from different countries that are difficult to understand and have no intention of helping you. This experience with DIRECTV has been a nightmare that no one should have to experience and I strongly advise people to look at local cable service before being lured into hidden contracts with DIRECTV. Not only will one get much better customer service but better TV reception, since DIRECTV loses its signal during bad weather and cable TV does not.

94. Deaun - September 12, 2011

I need information desperately.
My husband and I had Directv from 1999-2010. We moved from one house to another in 2004 and part of our contract was for up to 4 “free” recievers and we accepted 3. These were NOT leased; I have never been assessed a lease fee. The bank account we had used for payments is no longer a valid account (moved to another state, changed banks), so am not worried about being charged without knowing about it. Problem: I am seeing all these references to returning equipment. I no longer have the equipment. n previous moves, the equipment had been upgraded and DTV techs told us to do whatever we wanted to do with the old equipment; in previous cases, we simply discarded it! After being in this state for 11 months, I…simply…discarded it. Is this okay?? Worried now.

Thanks for any input.

95. james myers - October 23, 2011

pretty simple. you don’t get nothing for free. expect a 2 year contract term on these actions: new install, moves and upgrades. unless you pay the 399.00 to have it installed with leased equipment. you do not get a 30 day grace period. you can buy out your contract at 12.50 a month, cheaper then 76.00 for service. service calls are 99.00 a pop unless you subscribe to protection plan. best to get your installers phone number and call him/her personally.

96. Matt - April 4, 2012

Kentucky. I feel your pain I worked for DTV for 3 years and the company made me sick. They are very dishonest. I work for Comcast now and though no company is perfect Comcast seems to be treating my customers and co-workers far better than DTV ever did. I may have a few pointers for you but don’t want to post them in open forum. DTV can be sue happy. Mbaumberger85@gmail.com

97. jackie maynor - June 6, 2012

97. jackie-JUNE 6,2012
lIKE MANY OF YOU dtv, is trying to make me pay $400 for canceling my service. Iordered my service in Feb. it took 2 weeks for them to get my service on.I recieved a bill before I even had service! I took off work several times, because they told me they were coming on certain days and never showed up. my bill is not what they told me it would be it goes up more and more each month. I have called to speak with a supervisor over 100 times and they always put me on hold and no one ever answers. if anyone knows what I can do. please help!!!!!!

98. Scott - June 20, 2012

I’ve been a DirecTv customer since early 2001 when I bought 2 DirecTiVos each with lifetime service. I had no issues until the February 2009 Super Bowl when I bought a large screen HDTV and a DirecTv HD DVR (no HD TiVo was available at that time). DirecTv’s DRV was extremely underwhelming so I kept my Sony SAT-T60 TiVos running standard definition. A few months later, DirecTv announced that they had renewed their relationship with TiVo and that they expected a TiVo DVR to be available by the end of 2009. They delivered nothing. Then they said the TiVo would be available in 2010. Again they delivered nothing. In early 2011, I sent DirecTv a harsh email letting them know that I would be canceling service since they the promised TiVo DVR had not been delivered and that there was no information on when it would be available. They replied that they were confident that the TiVo would be released in 2011. In December 2011, they released an HD TiVo in select markets and I bought one for $199 (or so I had thought I had bought it). A month later I paid another $199 for a 2nd TiVo. In May 2011 or thereabout, TiVo released a Premiere XL4 and I looked at it but wound up buying the Premiere XL instead and hooked it up to an antenna. It works great! I contacted TiVo to ask them when they would have Premiere on DirecTivo and they said there were no plans to add Premiere to the DirecTivos. I lcalled DirecTv to deactivate both of my Sony SAT-T60s and one of my HD TiVos. They told me I could keep the Sony’s since I had bought and paid for them, but that I would need to return the HD TiVo.

Now on my account I see that DirecTv is offering a ‘free upgrade’ that saves $199 but says it required a 24 month contract. I phoned DirecTv to confirm that the $199 I paid for the HD TiVo in December did not trigger a 24 month contract. They said ‘All equipment upgrades renew the 24 month contract’ and told me I had agreed to this. Then asked why I was charged $199 for the TiVo if it was not mine to keep. The CSR told me the $199 I paid was for the privilege to lease the TiVo. I told her I also paid $199 a month later for another TiVo and had I not received customer loyalty ‘free upgrade’ for this unit. She said I wasn’t eligible for an equipment upgrade at that time. It doesn’t make sense that I’ve upgraded my equipment for $199 in December and $199 in January, now they say I’m eligible for customer loyalty free upgrade now that I don’t need it. So I said ‘Fine, what is cost for closing my account’. She said 17 months remaining on my contract times $20 a month equaling $340.

DirecTv has horrible customer service and as and 11-year customer, I am thoroughly disgusted with them. The real value all along for me was TiVo. I can get content anywhere including over the air and through the internet. DirecTv should be thanking TiVo for my 11-year service. DirecTv was even able to string me along for an extra 3 years while I impatiently waited for the HD TiVo. And once it was released, I paid $400 for defeatured TiVos (that I’ve now found out I don’t even own), was socked with an additional $10 per month for HD service which I’ve now canceled, and unbeknownst to me I supposedly agreed to a 24 month contract.

At this point, I’ve dropped my service down to 1 HD TiVo and the lowest programming package available. I’m not sure whether to dig in and refuse to pay the $340 early termination fee or just pay and cut my losses and never go back – even if they do ever offer up full featured TiVos.

I’ll stick with companies like Netflix. $7.99 a month, no activation fee, cancel anytime without penalty.

99. Jodi Mendham - August 14, 2012

I have read nearly all of the complaints about at&T and direct tv, but have yet to run across away to get out of the contract without being penalized ( terminatoin fee) I too have had issues and its only been 4 months. i really want out and i am totally discusted with both companies. although i really have no idea who is to blame. I understand the contract… but when you are promised a bundle at one cost and charged a higher one, and noone wants to help you and points their fingers at the other person. the only way out of all the bull is to cancell it!! but how can you cancell it when they are going to charge you 300.00 …

100. airport car - October 1, 2012

This design is incredible! You obviously
know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost
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101. Raghu - November 1, 2012

My contract got extended without my notice

I am pissed of customer with DIRECT TV. same or similar Issues with Direct TV. Direct TV cheated me by prolonging my contract without my notice. The customer server are real pretty ignorant bureaucratic, no sensitivity towards the customers. I have wasted my hours and hours of time explaining the same story again and again again, several times to several people (so called managers, and their managers etc.,). And I also felt that their escalations are lateral, not to upper levels. At this point, just like other several thousands of unsatisfied/pissed off customers, I am just hanging in there and trying to adjust to their brutality.

102. horse head masks - June 26, 2013

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103. jim testerman - March 17, 2014

15 years! yes that’s right, they have been getting my money on time for all this time and on time and to make a long story short; now they are charging me for their screwup! Do yourself a favor and unless you have money to burn, don’t get into a contract with those s.o.b.’s!

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