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Turn Your Windows Mobile Machine into an iPhone July 27, 2007

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TI – This might be for you. Over on Life Hacker, they’ve figured out how to turn kind of Windows Mobile device into an iPhone.  For someone like you, it would give you the benefit of keeping a real keyboard

Does the iPhone Make Sense for Me? July 25, 2007

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This post is all about me.  I’m a Blackberry user.  It’s what my company supports.  It’s free (from the company).  It’s used for email, phone, and text messaging.  But I have to tell you, with the exception of the the keyboard input, the iPhone is one slick device.  I know it’s not practical for me, but wouldn’t the iPhone be a neat device for me to have? 

I don’t need another phone (my company pays for the service on my Blackberry).  I don’t need an iPod.  I’ve got a 30 gig iPod video.  But these are all logical things.  When you hold that iPhone in your hand, logic gets thrown out the window.  I’m almost to the point that I just have to have one. 

 Does any of this make any sense?

XML Document Must have top level element ??? July 22, 2007

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I know that this post is unusually technical for this forum, but I had no where else to turn.  Just recently, after leaving my computer on overnight,  I return the next day with several dialog boxes that say, “Error: XML document must have a top level element”.   It seems to have no adverse impact on the operation of my computer, but it is starting to annoy me.   The other day, I looked at my son’s desktop, and he is getting the same thing!   I have scanned both machines for a virus or spyware attack, but both machines appear to be clean.

Is there a PTIer that can tell me what is going on and how to get rid of this annoyance before it starts to cause trouble?

I know that this is not characteristic of the type of stuff we like to talk about, but I have full confidence in the PTI community.


PPC 6800… the Mogul is Here!!! I think I’m in love…again! July 22, 2007

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OK PTIers, I admit.  I hated the look of the PPC 6700 when Fast Follower first got his.  I was a diehard Treo user from the days of the Treo 300.   In fact, here are my exact commets from over a year ago……

“The problem that I have with the 6700. It is ugly. I don’t want to take it out in public, its so ugly. It looks like a thick ice cream bar! Let’s face it…a car can have all the horsepower and interior features, but if it doesn’t look good on the outside, you don’t want it. Let’s face it part of being on the leading edge is being and looking good! I like the 6700 behind closed doors, but I can’t be seen on a date with it!”

But as I got to know the 6700, I grew to love its functionality.  At the time there was no phone with Wifi, touchscreen, Slingboxability, etc.  I turned in my 700wx and have never looked back.  

However, the other day I was in the Sprint store with my daughter, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  I tried not to look.  I told myself that I was there to get my daughter’s phone fixed and not to purchase a new device.  I told myself that I needed all of my extra cash for our upcoming family vacation.  But I couldn’t resist.  There it was the PPC  6800, the HTC Mogul.  I saw some early versions of the 6800 at the CES show last year, but there have been some refinements since then.  Simply put…  after the makeover, the device looks good!!!

I was quickly reminded of the lyrics from the 1981 hit by Slave……

But I’m Lookin’ At You From The Corner Of My Eye
I Can See You Now, You’re Steppin’ So High And I’m ….

Love At First Sight, Ooh, Baby, You’re Blowin’ My Mind
I Just Got To Let You Know, Energy Flowin’ I Said It Feels So Good
I Gotta Tell You My Name Is “Tell It Like It Is”, What’s Yours, Baby, Whoa !!!!

PTIers, I gotta tell you, I am not ready for a new device quite yet, but I gotta get the Mogul.  I am going to resist, but I already know that I can’t fight this one.  I will have one within the next 60 days.

Here is a comprehensive write up on the unit…. http://www.mobiletechreview.com/phones/HTC-Mogul.htm

Does anyone have one?  Is there anything the thing doesn’t do?  I don’t know much about the new Qualcomm CPU, but maybe this is what Windows Mobile 6 needed to get rid of the slight sluggishness that exists in the 6700.  In the review above, the thing has all of the stars filled in!!!  

PTIers, let me hear from you.  

 Ipod vs. Mogul

Sprint Marketing Genious or Stupidity? July 17, 2007

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I vote for stupidity.  Over on Seth’s blog there’s a lot of discussion about how it might be ok and smart to “fire” customers as Sprint is doing for customers who call customer service too much.  Well us PTIers know the truth about overall satisfaction with Sprint.  What’s missed by the “fire your bad customers” crowd are the thousands of customers who are equally dissatisfied with Sprint, yet don’t call customer service much to complain.  Remember, Sprint has the highest churn rate in the industry for a reason:  customers aren’t satisfied.

Thus, what might seem like a strategy to get rid of a SMALL number of irate, over-taxing, dissatisfied customers,  in reality is a strategy to prove to a bunch of other dissatisfied, less-taxing customers that the company truly doesn’t care about customer service.

So if Sprint were Apple, then maybe this would be counterintuitive marketing genious.  But Sprint is Sprint.  And trust me, there’s not a bastion of customer satisfaction happening for users of the service.

Need iPod Help…Wrong Album Art on my iPod July 15, 2007

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I recently updated my ipod firmware, and I am now experiencing a wierd problem. After I synced my ipod, some of my songs are displaying the wrong artwork for the album cover.  The wierd thing about it is that the correct picture still shows up in my iTunes library!  What’s up with that???  Can someone help me fix this?  Although the songs still play, it is very annoying looking at the wrong album cover!  Help!

The PC and Windows Vista is No More July 9, 2007

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Well I went and bought a high end HP desktop replacement laptop with Windows Vista installed with the high hopes of everything working well without a lot of trial. Guess what? I was terribly wrong. First, my “purchased new in 2004” HP laser jet 1012 printer could never be recognized by Vista (no drivers). Second, the NVIDIA card installed in the laptop, wouldn’t allow my $700 24 inch Gateway monitor to function properly at the highest resolution. 3rd, after downloading the supposedly correct drivers for the monitor, both the laptop screen and the 24 inch monitor failed to show any image at all. So I took it all back to the retailer to start over.

I have to tell you. I’m now a Mac man. It wasn’t cheap. In fact it’s really expensive. But my 15 in Mac Book Pro attached to my 24 inch monitor works fine. I’ve even got Boot Camp installed to run the Windows version of Quicken on the Mac.

Believe the Mac hype. It just works.

iPhone first impressions…Life after the hype!!! July 9, 2007

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Well, if you recall, I attended the CES last January and heard about the iPhone announcement in California.  There was an awful lot of hype and anticipation.  We are well into the launch and I would like to resurrect the dialogue to see if Apple’s product development keeps pace with the marketing department.  In other words, does the product live up to the hype???  PTIers let’s here from you.   Fast Follower???  Where are you??  Nothing to say about the iPhone?  I find this very hard to believe!!!!

AT&T Trying to Keep $10 Internet a Secret!! Get in while the Gettin is Good! July 8, 2007

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AT&T has quietly begun offering DSL service for $10 per month for new customers. Offered as part of the concessions the telecom made to the Federal Communications Commission in order to gain approval for its merger with BellSouth.

Now you know PTIers, there is no such thing as a secret around these parts.  I heard about this on a radio talk show, and have not been able to find out many more details.  So, please share your thoughts, comments, and discoveries with the rest of the PTIers.  This is what we are all about!!!!