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The PC and Windows Vista is No More July 9, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Uncategorized.

Well I went and bought a high end HP desktop replacement laptop with Windows Vista installed with the high hopes of everything working well without a lot of trial. Guess what? I was terribly wrong. First, my “purchased new in 2004” HP laser jet 1012 printer could never be recognized by Vista (no drivers). Second, the NVIDIA card installed in the laptop, wouldn’t allow my $700 24 inch Gateway monitor to function properly at the highest resolution. 3rd, after downloading the supposedly correct drivers for the monitor, both the laptop screen and the 24 inch monitor failed to show any image at all. So I took it all back to the retailer to start over.

I have to tell you. I’m now a Mac man. It wasn’t cheap. In fact it’s really expensive. But my 15 in Mac Book Pro attached to my 24 inch monitor works fine. I’ve even got Boot Camp installed to run the Windows version of Quicken on the Mac.

Believe the Mac hype. It just works.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - July 10, 2007

First let me say PTIers that Fast Follower has been struggling with this for quite some time. I am not saying that his story is not 100% true, but he has been looking for a reason for quite some time to be able to justify the additional cost of a Mac. I believe every word of his post, so don’t start trying to convince me that it is true and Macs are better and more user friendly…please. I get it.

But just like my son when he wanted a Playstation slim, in addition to his Playstation unit. He found EVERY reason in the world why the Playstation was not adequate and over time really convinced himself that his original Playstation was a piece of junk when it really performed quite well.

I remember a time when Fast Follower was looking for new golf clubs. He literally convinced himself that he could not strike the ball with his old club. He went back and forth for a while, but finally got the new set that he originally wanted. I have known this guy since undergrad and I know how he operates! All I am saying is that I saw this coming about a year ago! It doesn’t surprise me. I am sure that Fast Follower really believes that his problems with MS were as big as he makes them out to be!

Just telling it like it is….

2. Tell it like it TI is! - July 10, 2007

Just to prove to the PTIers that I am not hating on Fast Follower, check out his two posts. The first is almost exactly a year ago (July 12, 2006) when he was taking pictures at the Apple Store! He was doing this under his “photographer guise”, but this was the beginning!


Now check out the next post from 9 months and 27 days ago!


Fellow PTIers, all I am saying is that this decision was made last year. There isn’t a Windows machine in the world that would not have had a problem. Fast Follower wanted a Mac last year, saw a year of the new advertisments and commercials, and had to justify in his mind that he was making the right decision.

Again, I am not faulting him for the decision, I may go that way,as well, one day. But he is trying to make a testimonial out of the thing, just like he did with his new golf clubs.

BTW, we played golf on Saturday, and he melted down and lost an 11 stroke lead to another buddy of ours!

Hey, just telling it like it is!

3. Fast Follower - July 16, 2007

First, if my decision was made last year, why did I actuall BUY a PC with Vista? That doesn’t sound like a guy that’s made up his mind to me.

Second, I didn’t makeing any testimonials for Apple. Most of what my original post describes are is problems with the brand new, out-of-the-box HP laptop with Vista installed. Listen to what you said, “There isn’t a Windows machine in the world that would not have had a problem.” What kind of logic is that? My old Windows machine, works just fine (with all of the same peripherals and software that I was trying to run on the new Windows XP machine…in fact the kids are using it now). Are you telling me that I should be ok with a brand new machine that doesn’t work because there isn’t a “Windows machine in the world” that works?

PTIers, you have to forgive him some times. Here’s what he doesn’t understand. Product satisfaction is more than just a product “working” (which the new Windows machine didn’t do anyway). “Working” is buying a Kia with no air conditioning and roll-up windows to get from point A to point B. Being satisfied is buying a Caddy with voice command nav, 300+ horsepower, heated & cooled seats, and a little “bling” while you get from point A to point B.

Here’s the testimonial: To my surprise, what I’ve discovered is that the Mac gives you unexpected satisfaction. It begins the moment you open the Mac Book box. Even the packaging is designed to satisfy. The setup satisfies. The boot-up time satisfies. Finding files satisfies. Deleting programs satisfies.

If all you know is a Kia, then the Caddy seems frivolous. But once you sit your toosh in that Caddy…

4. SuperMario from XM 169 - July 18, 2007

PC $800, Vista Ultimate $400, Virus software $70, 3rd party add-ons, running disk cleanup, turtle speed boot up, snail speed shutdowns and ctrl-alt-delete blue screens = PRICELESS

MAC it just works! Seriously though your car analogy is for real. Ive been in a Kia and I drive a CTS Caddy and your toosh comment is ‘spot-on’ (no pun intended).

Anyway there is really only one way to deal with this debate by watching this video: http://www.macorpc.org/

5. Tell it like it TI is! - July 19, 2007

I get it… the only point that I was making was that Fast Follower was trying to justify the incremental cost for over a year. Better stated… Fast Follower would have found issues with any PC that he would have purchased! No doubt in my mind. He finally came to grips with his inner-self and made the leap. Going to watch the video now. I am sure it makes Fast Followers point.

I am sitting in an executive meeting right now, but I just had to comment and Tell It Like it REALLY Is!!!!

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