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Need iPod Help…Wrong Album Art on my iPod July 15, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in album art, iPod, ipod update, itune upgrade, itunes, wrong album art.


I recently updated my ipod firmware, and I am now experiencing a wierd problem. After I synced my ipod, some of my songs are displaying the wrong artwork for the album cover.  The wierd thing about it is that the correct picture still shows up in my iTunes library!  What’s up with that???  Can someone help me fix this?  Although the songs still play, it is very annoying looking at the wrong album cover!  Help!


1. SuperMario from XM 169 - July 18, 2007

let me know if these suggestions work:
1. Did you make sure that every single track in the affected albums have the right artwork?

2. Make sure iPod is connected to iTunes. Under Ipod Preferences Or “iPod”/”music” tab, uncheck the box that says “include artwork” and sync your Ipod, then check the box again and sync once again. this time the artwork should be correct

3. i assume you tried reinstalling iTunes? give that a whirl if the other 2 dont work

lunow8 - January 23, 2012

Where is the box that says “include artwork”?

2. Tell it like it TI is! - July 19, 2007

Now I really need help! I tried unchecking the album art box, and synced. Everything seemed to be going as expected. I saw the album art being removed from the ipod. I checked the box to include the art, synced….. Nothing?? No album art! I will try reinstalling iTunes again tonight.

I did notice, though, that my “Best of D-Train” album art is the only one that is present??? I guess I shouldn’t be to disappointed. I guess I will “Keep On”.

Thanks for the advise, I will let all of the PTIers how the reinstallation works.

Keep Telling it Like It Is!!!

3. Tell it like it TI is! - July 20, 2007

Well PTIers, I am having one heck of a time with this…. I have followed all of the advise. I unchecked the display artwork on ipod box, and it got rid of all of my album artwork. I rechecked the box and synced again. No artwork!?

I just reinstalled iTunes. No difference. I did, though, find a lot of folks out there with the same issue that I am having. Check it out,


iTunes seems to want to sync, because I see the message “optimizing album artwork” on the status bar. But it only gets halfway and then I get the error that the folks in the link above are getting. HELP!!!

I know this sounds silly, but I don’t even like listening to my iPod knowing that I have this problem! Not sure why????

Come on PTIers, help me out! I am about to go on vacation to Orlando. I would hate to travel with this thing with no album art!!!

Keep Telling it Like it Is!!

4. Tell it like it TI is! - July 20, 2007

This all started with upgrading the version of iTunes. Why the heck did I do that??? I was perfectly happy ignoring the reminders and using the old version! I broke my golden rule…. Don’t keep tweaking if you have all the functionality that you need!


5. Tell it like it TI is! - July 20, 2007

The more research I do on this issue the more it is beginning to sound like a iTunes 7 issue. Check out this forum. There is something to this error (-50) and photos. Maybe this is more than an album art issue maybe it has something to do with photos too???


BTW, after reading this, I took a look at my photo library…. My photos are gone too!


6. Tell it like it TI is! - July 21, 2007

Sorry, PTIers. I GIVE UP!!! I have chased this around and around and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I even went to the Apple Store yesterday to ask one of the guys on the floor. He was aware of the problem ant the -50 error code that I am getting. He swore that iTunes 7.3.1 was released to fix that exact error code. I told him that it didn’t.

We started looking at the directories. The only other suggestion that he had for me was to remove the album art folder completely out of the iTunes directory and try to sync. Did that. No luck!!

So PTIers, here is my fix… follow these steps precisely….

1. uninstall iTunes
2. go to http://filehippo.com/download_itunes/?784 to download the last working version of iTunes you can remember. For me it was 6, but this site has all versions up to 7.3.1.
3. install the earlier version. You will have to remove the library file, because the earlier version of iTunes will not recognize it.
4. Sync, and enjoy your music with the CORRECT album art! I am now a happy camper, once again!

Never be the first one to jump all over updates and upgrades. Especially, when the version that you have is serving all of your purposes!

Hey, Just Telling it Like it IS!!!

7. Tell it like it TI is! - July 21, 2007

I do miss the “skip gap between songs” feature! I have a lot of mixed CDs! I will monitor the upgrades and issues. I will probably be sucked in to upgrading once again, but for now….

8. Tell it like it TI is! - August 3, 2007

All I can say is that there was really no reason for upgrading to the new version of iTunes, and I absolutely hate myself for doing it. For so long, I ignored the reminder. I think it was the whole scrolling issue that made me do it.

Well, here is where I am.. After successfully installing version 6, I got all of my music back… with the right album cover. I then went to sleep for the night..After rebooting, I never saw iTunes again! I wouldnt start up! I tried and tried and it never started again??? I installed version 7 and it is back running again. It appears that everything is back to normal, except I cant sync any of my videos…nothing! Can someone help me to understand what is going on with this thing.



9. Conor - October 6, 2007

sell the ipod and buy something new its not worth the hassle.

10. Tell it like it TI is! - October 7, 2007

I hear you, Conor. Scrapping the whole unit and buying another is certainly an option. However, I am probably a little older than you, and there is some truth to the adage about teaching an old dog new tricks.
I have formed a relationship with my iPod! Heck, we have traveled all over the world together! In fact, we are leaving for China tomorrow!! I am determined to get the iPod to work properly, because I have experienced (at one time) flawless operation.
It is sort of like a relationship…. don’t you think? Even though you have some problems during the marriage, you continue to remember the fun you once had while dating. You spend all of your time trying to capture that feeling again.
I have gone through my library, I have manually put the album art back. Heck, I even got my videos to sync again, and I have learned how to put YouTube videos on it. The only thing left is my photo library. Photos are still not syncing.

I have put too much into this relationship to throw it out of the window now!!

Hey, call me stubborn, but I am just Telling it Like it Is!!!!

11. phoenix - December 18, 2007

hi there,

if you want to sync photos and just it just doesn’t want to work, try using a usb-key formated in fat.. put your pictures there and sync this folder with ipod.. worked for me..

12. paolo - December 26, 2007

i have the same problem.
all the correct album artwork in my i tnes but at least 7 alums have the same artwork.
what can i do.
if i scrap itunes 7 and reload 6 will i have to re load all my library again or can i save it all somewhere and then just transfer it to 6 when i have load. has any1 come up with a solution to this yet?

13. Tell it like it TI is! - December 26, 2007

I never had much luck trying to fix the issue, and I refused to pay Apple to speak with me on the phone!!! I erased everything. I then found a site that had the last working version of iTunes. I installed a clean version. I then used an application called CopyPod that took everything from my iPod and reinstalled everything. I then had to put as much of the album art back onto my iPod. I am pretty much back to normal now, but I still cannot sync photos!!!

As I look back I think the update that I tried to install was right after the introduction of the iPhone. I think they had to have a version that was compatible and Apple threw an upgrade together without ample testing. They were so concerned with their new customers they forgot abou the old ones. There was something wrong with that version that Apple never admitted.

I have given up on the photos, as well.

Just telling it like it is….

14. Nobby - December 28, 2007

Please help!!!!! Im adding artwork to my itunes library at the moment. I have many compilation albums eg “now thats what i call music” etc. I am giving the compilation albums their correct album artwork but i would also like some individual artists on these albums to keep their own artwork. Is it possible to display both? If not, if i give the spice girls for example, their own artwork for all their songs, will this affect the other artists on the compilation?

15. Paddy - December 31, 2007

had the same problem error -50 etc. But I did manage to fix mine. Anapod Explorer. Worked straight away, no problems. I know its not an ideal solution but at least its a fix

16. closetsquirrel - January 8, 2008

I too am having this problem but I’ve noticed something. I do have the most current version of iTunes as well. This problem of mixed artwork only occurs for me when I try to sync my iPod. However if I wipe my iPod clean and manually put the songs onto it after choosing the not to sync option every album art appears just fine. Only problem with this is I constantly update songs so it can be a real pain to do that. I love syncing but having incorrect album art is the worst.

However if anyone has a better fix for this other than using an older version, obviously, please share.

17. Tell it like it TI is! - January 12, 2008

The only solution that I found is to remember the last version that you had that worked to your satisfaction, install it, and never hit the “Upgrade Now” button again!!!!

Just telling it like it is!!!

18. moffat lungu - March 17, 2008

hi there,
please please help me. my ipode has suddenly lost all my music,video and picture contents> there were about 9000 songs on it. the computer that had itunes library was stolen so do not have any library to sync it back to. also what happens to all that money i spent buying stuff from itunes, how can i retrieve the purchased stuff.
please help me

19. Tell it like it TI is! - March 19, 2008


If you have a solution, please chime in now. I know how valuable those files are. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. Here is my logic….

The files are either on the iPod or the computer. If you’re computer is gone, then really make sure that the files are off of the iPod. Last time I checked, there were several steps that had to be taken to completely erase the iPod files. Hopefully, a soft reset will bring the files back into view! Good luck.

Apple knows every purchase that was made from iTunes. With a little saavy and courtesy, you can talk them identifying your purchased music and making it available for downloading again. I have done this in the past, but not for a large number of tunes.

Keep us up to speed on your progress. Hopefully, there is a PTIer out there that has an answer!

Just Telling it Like it Is!!!

20. Ralphd - May 5, 2008

I have an iPhone. Using manual mode (might work in automatic) delete all the songs associated with the missing album art. Reload the album songs. Artwork shows up for me.

21. Tell it like it TI is! - May 5, 2008

Hmmmm…. interesting Ralphd. Hopefully, this works for the other PTIers.

Keep telling it like it is….

22. lol - June 14, 2008

If you guys haven’t given up hope yet, do this.

This just started happening to me, and I was pissed. I deleted all of the artwork for the album, then I typed the album’s name into the search bar on iTunes. I right clicked the first song, and picked “Get Album Artwork”

Give it about 5 seconds, and then sync your ipod. It should show up perfectly on the ipod.

savannah warnken - April 26, 2011

explain to me step by step how to do all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am begging you!

23. Ace - September 8, 2008

ahem. problems,problems. $300 for a classic Ipod and I have petty probs that grate. I use3d windows media tro burn my cds.Artwork was hidden files but got round that.As music was upped to ipod Ihad to manually add artwork (drag n drop) to itunes. (I am not regd w itunes cos I don’t want to buy anything ever.) Now when I synched it added some covers but not all & they are all there in itunes library.As windows did small and large covers (say 3mb & 12)I can’t remember whether there was a mix that I may have added some sm and mainly large. Does ipod only use the small version and wont display large?Also strangely enough I just copied files from a memory stick to my laptop into my music folder and Ipod never “found” them -even tho I wanted synch update.Any help peoples?Thanks in advance.

24. Pete - September 11, 2008

I have a similar problem to everyone else. I’ve uploaded quite a few different albums and for some reason several of the albums have been given the same art (from one of the others). What’s more other album art has been assigned to the wrong albums whilst leaving the correct albums blank.

25. Liz - September 27, 2008

My problem is in my podcasts. I have very few songs but dozens of podcasts. The art is all messed up on them. If I delete the podcast and it’s an older one I haven’t listened to, I can’t just update the podcasts and have iTunes retrieve it. I’d have to manually go look for it on the company’s website, download it and then import it.
I don’t need artwork for podcasts, it adds no value to me. So it’s annoying to have the wrong “album cover” when I don’t need any in the first place.

26. figment34786 - December 9, 2008

I’m in an even weirder mess… The artwork is mixed up alright, but once, one album started showing different desktop pictures of mine for each song, of which I never even put on the iPod, or in iPhoto. What the heck?

27. meaghan - December 12, 2008

i had other pictures i didn’t even recognize on my ipod. i followed the initial advice though, and alls well now.

28. numm - December 23, 2008

phew… classic ipod on the fritz with the same problem only after two days of owning it. my gf just happened to have the same problem with her ipod touch. seems like apple should be more aware of this problem.

29. Timmy - February 7, 2009

mine started doing that after I dropped it in the street, maybe that’s the problem

30. Another POV - February 24, 2009

Not a ‘true’ fix to the problem, but something to keep in mind: there is two types of album artwork for your songs in iTunes – files that are registered in the iTunes album art database (in the \ituns\album art\ folder) and album art that is EMBEDDED in the song files ID3 tag. Not only does iTunes album art DB seem to cause problems as described above, if you ever move your music to a different computer or iTunes library, you will lose all of your album art (if you don’t port the album art DB).

Solution – that might help with your problem above as well: to make sure the album art is EMBEDDED – (PC directions) right click on the album cover view, and click on paste. Then right click on the song to get song info, in the album art tab delete what is displayed, and then right-click and paste the same cover right back again. When you click OK this time, the song will be embedded in the ID3 tag.

An even better solution: go to http://www.tunesleeve.com and download their software. Follow their directions to delete all of the album art that iTunes has ‘gotten’ for you, and use TuneSleeve to get you new art for your entire library. It will embed the art in the ID3 tag for you. (TuneSleeve is $20 to get access to the full version, but WELL worth it).

31. Steven - December 13, 2009

I had the same problem. I FIXED IT!!!!!

Its simple. Remove all your songs from your iPod, and then sync. Then click to put them back on and sync. Super fast and easy.

32. Adam Loughran - January 15, 2010

Here is another option. Go into iTunes and select all you music. Right mouse click in the song listing window and select “Uncheck All.” This will take all the check marks off the songs in your library. When you plug in your ipod, and make sure the setting is checked that says “Sync Selected Songs” or something like that. Sync your music. Then, reselect all your music and right mouse click and select “Check All” and resync your iPhone/iPod. Worked like a charm for me.

33. acfreak45 - February 1, 2010

ok i know how to fix this problem, simply go to music tab in ipod and sync selected songs, but dont select any this way ur ipod will be empty, but make sure u keep ur library the same or u will lose all ur songs! next: simply resync ur entire music library and all the covers shuld be fixed =) hope that helps jus make sure u dont delete ur library

34. acfreak45 - February 1, 2010

oh srry steven alrdy posted solution oh well, its the same thing he did. =)

35. Larry - May 17, 2010

This is not strictly an iTunes problem. I dont even use iTunes, I use MediaMonkey Gold, and its still a problem with the iPod Classic. The only fix I have found is to re-sync either the albums you are having problems with, or re-sync EVERYTHING. Which is a major pain when you are talking about the 120gig and 160gig users (like me) and having the iPod completely full. its an all day affair.

Video cover art is what I am trying to figure out, it seems to mess everything up. iPods suck, but they are still the most supported MP3 player on the market.. I aint switching yet!

36. Andrew - August 28, 2010

I have the exact same problem. I downloaded the last verison of iTunes (1.0.2) and when I sync my songs, it’as getting even worse. Now, I got only 10 albums qith their right artwork. I even reinstalled my itunes but i still have that problem. When you say: 2. Under Ipod Preferences Or “iPod”/”music” tab, uncheck the box that says “include artwork” and sync your Ipod,…-> i can’t find it. Is that because I have maybe another version?

jat - September 10, 2010

that option is not available since version 9

37. Kathryn - September 16, 2010

yeah i’ve been reading again and again to “uncheck the ‘display album artwork’ in preferences”, BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!

38. Paul - September 24, 2010

My problem is not even addressed here. The wrong artwork shows up on my iPod, but is NOWHERE else – not on the iTunes store, not in my library, not on my iPod. I have the correct album art in both places and the store has the same art. Yet, when a song plays on my iPod, it’s art I don’t recognize. It’s always the same artist, so clearly there’s an issue with iTunes, but it’s still frustrating. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal, but I’d sure like to have the artwork in my library on my iPod.

A strange issue…

Adog 27 - October 26, 2010

Try using the program Pod to Pc. It’s a great program that with one click of a button transfers all the music on your ipod into your itunes, and before using this program my artwork was scrambled as well. For some reason using Pod to PC corrected all my artwork! No idea why.

39. Swan Avalanche - November 12, 2010

Help somebody
Sorry I’m really random but about the artwork: The wrong artwork came but then there is an arrow just above pointing to the right and it shows the right one! I need a way to get rid of the first pic. HELP!

40. Swan Avalanche - November 12, 2010


41. Aaron - December 9, 2010

i need steps for the fix i have a jailbroken ipod touch 8gb steps please!

42. matt - January 23, 2011

if i uninstall itunes and download the earlier version will i have to add all the music files back into it or will they already b ther??

43. Rob - April 11, 2011

Just manually manage your ipod then find the songs and hit get info and put the right cover art in.

44. xYEAAH!x - April 22, 2011

you can make a folder in your documents and transfer all your songs to that folder then when you install the earlier version just transfer that folder back onto itunes

45. Lucy Martin - May 9, 2011

I checked on manually manage music and videos
then deleted the album in question from the ipod
then moved it back to the ipod from the itunes library.

46. Darren - May 11, 2011

Had same problem

Very simple ‘un tick’ all the problems albums on iTunes , sync I pod. Retick them then re sync, u should now have correct artwork restored

This is assuming that they are correct on your I tune account pc

47. ballinkiller69 - July 2, 2011

I have found out that if you RESTORE your IPod and let it do its thing, then sync it again, the pictures will be correct. This is how I have done it for all of my friends Ipods’ and it has seem to work for them too.

48. Torry Mendoza - August 20, 2011

I just had the same issue, all you need to do is open iTunes and connect your iPod. Check your iPod in iTunes and in the Music tab, within the playlists untick the problem albums and apply. Then disconnect, restart iTunes and reconnect your iPod. Go back into the step and tick back on the problem albums and apply. This should restore the album art work given that in iTunes all the songs have the same artwork.

49. Asquith Gibbes - October 20, 2011

I had a similar problem, when my iphone was showing the wrong artwork for several podcasts (in fact it was showing timages from my videos. After looking at several forums including the apple support site I tried something and it woirked.

The solution;

Remove the artworkfrom the podcast in itunes-sync-disconntt-add the artwork in itunes-sync

The long versiom;

With the ipphone unattached go to the podcast/s oncerned in itunes right click select get info-choose the artwork tab-select the art work (copy it and place it on your desktop or elsewhere) and delete it. This will leave the podcast with no embedded inage so no associated image will show in itunes.

Reattach the iphone and sync.. when finished mo artwork was displayed against any of the podcasts.

Disconnect go back to itunes back to the oaffending podcast/s and add new artwork (get info-artwork tab-select artwork-add).

Reconnect the iphone and sysnc (the podcasts were downloaded from itunes again. Follwoing the sync disconnect and all should be good with the podcast artwork.

The above worked for me, I tried it with several podcast at a time and it worked a treat. I am sure that you can do similarly with ipods and ipads album artwork as they all use itunes but I haven’t tried as I’ve never had that prolem.

Hope this helps.. good luck.

50. Jasmine - October 23, 2011

Well, for my ipod touch this happened. All I did was delete the songs with the wrong covers, while having it plugged into your computer on itunes, and then go on itunes on your ipod and go to purchased and put them back on. They were fine afterwards.

51. bob - October 26, 2011

so simple but when i had this problem i just turned off my ipod, then back on again… all artwork present and correct!

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53. my everything full album - RTH - December 31, 2014

[…] Need ipod help…wrong album art on my ipod | pardon the Supermario, now i really need help! i tried unchecking the album art box, and synced. everything seemed to be going as expected. i saw the album art being. […]

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