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TI versus Walt Mossberg Concerning the iPhone August 5, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Apple, iPhone.

We all know what TI thinks about the iPhone. Essentially, he doesn’t like it. In fact he’s kind of anti-Apple (except for his iPod that he uses, but insists it isn’t really that great of a device). I found this video review of the iPhone by Walt Mossberg from the Wall St. Journal. In his opinion the iPhone isn’t perfect (mostly because of the singular carrier). But he really likes it. Pay special attention to his review of the virtual keyboard.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - August 6, 2007

You must understand that Fast Follower is an advertising guy. He lives in a world of illusion, slick slogans, “spinning the truth”, and “customers really don’t understand their needs and wishes, I have to tell them”.

If you look at most of our debates, Fast Follower, when backed into a corner, always refers to an “outside expert” to validate his positions. I simply listen to the voice of the customers. I couldn’t quite follow the link in the post above, but what difference does it make?? Business users are already telling Apple that the doggone keyboard is no good for mass emailing and texting! Period. Fast Follower is so mesmerized with Apple marketing that he fails to see any of their flaws!

I am not pro or anti anything. I am for good, quality, innovative, fun, functional devices that reflect the needs and wants of the customers and occasionally offers a “surprise or delight”. That’s it.

My only point with Apple is that their products are not without flaws. BTW, My ipod still isnt right after the iTunes upgrade! Now the videos that used to work fine are no longer syncing! Don’t tell me about Apple ease of use. I am not swallowing the whole apple at once! I will also tell you that Apple support isn’t all that great either…. great websites, but I am having one heck of a time finding numbers and email addresses. I can, though, find all the information that requires me to pay for support. I am tired of searching knowledge bases!!!

Just telling it like it is…

2. Fast Follower - August 7, 2007

“Mesmerized by Apple marketing.” Hmmm. Walt Mossberg is a well respected independent technology journalist for the well respected Wall St. Journal. What’s wrong with a 3rd party opinion from someone like him. This has nothing to do with advertising or marketing. This has everything to do with another opinion. I’m sure there are positive and negative opinions about the iPhone. His just happens to be a very positive opinion.

One thing you should know about TI. Every single time he has disagreed with me about a new technology consumer product initially, he has eventually come to see my point – so much so, that he eventually buys the product that he once panned.

Two great examples: 1) He originally purchased an early Windows Mobile Toshiba device at the same time that I purchased the original Treo 300. He swore that the 300 was significantly inferior to the Toshiba Windows device. Guess what happened about 3 months later? He purchased the Treo 300.

2) On this blog, he panned the WM5 6700 device as being inferior to the Treo 650, 700 and every other number Treo has come up with. Guess what he eventually purchased and had to apologize to the readers of this blog about? Yep. He bought the 6700.

Now he expects you to believe that he’s all-knowing about the iPhone and Apple.

Don’t jump on his bandwagon. You have to be open to new technologies and new capabilities. That’s why I’m now a Mac fan (a Mac fan, not an iPhone fan). He’ll tell you that I was swayed by the Mac advertising. I’m the swayer, not the swayeeHow can I be swayed by the thing I make a living doing. How simple-minded is that. If I never saw an ad, after spending a short time with a Mac I’d be able to tell you that the darn thing just works. And the point of reference for “just works” is compared to a Windows machine. Are Macs perfect? Absolutely not. Do they work a heck of a lot better than Windows machines (for my needs)? Yes they do.

Ask TI if he’s ever (EVER) tried a Mac.

3. Tell it like it TI is! - August 7, 2007

The difference is this… I KEEP IT REAL. You see, I am human. The difference between Fast Follower and me is that I am able to admit when I was wrong, and there is no shame in my game when I find a solution that works for me. I admit, I bought the original Toshiba, but it didn’t work well as a phone, the screen was better, but it used too much battery life, so I switched.

I bought the Treo, and eventually went to the 6700. Check out the post. I clearly admit the switch.

Have a ever tried a Mac? Yes. Got a chance to test drive a Lamborghini once, also. What’s the point. I can comment on the blog, send email, and lot of other things on my PC. What are these PC issues you keep referring to? Every member in my family has a PC laptop, I have a couple of PC Desktops. What are all of these issues you keep referring to? I guess my PCs “just work” too! What is all this hype about.

I’ll tell you what still isn’t working is my iTunes upgrade! Tell the folks at Apple to fix that!

Just telling it like it is.

4. Fast Follower - August 10, 2007

I never said Macs were cheap. But they are not all priced like Cadillacs either. Macs are more like Toyota. There are not too many cheap, discounted on Camrys you can buy either. In fact Camrys cost more than comparable Kia Sorentos. But which would you rather buy? The inexpensive Sorento? Or the Camry? TI might be swayed by the cheap price and the 100,000 mile warranty on the Sorento. But at the end of the day, he ain’t gonna buy the Sorento. Why? Because he knows the Camry will work better for longer.

Apple makes Corolla Macs (cheap, but more expensive than comparable Windows machines). They make Camry Macs (mid-priced, but more expensive than comparable Windows machines). And they make Lexus Macs (expensive, and usually more expensive than comparable Windows machines). I just happen to have a Lexus Mac (a Macbook Pro). What’s wrong with that. I had every opportunity to buy a Lincoln Navigator Windows machine. In fact, I did. It was a 17” top of the line HP laptop. IT DIDN’T WORK ! So I took it back.

In fact my dad is buying a $599 Mac Mini. Email, internet, word processing…that’s all he does. No spyware software…no virus software. It’s just plug and play. Is there a Windows machine that can do that? Doesn’t $599 seem like a resonable price for this Corolla Mac? Is it a little more money? Sure. But doesn’t it seem worth it?

5. Tell it like it TI is! - August 10, 2007

I just don’t get Fast Follower! For email,internet and word processing you are going to let your own flesh and blood purchase a $600 desktop computer!

You are right no spyware software, no virus software, but did you tell your Dad that the base price does not include a keyboard, a mouse, monitor, speakers, or wireless capability??? That’s not a Corolla, that’s a frame with seats and no wheels!!!

Did you tell him that the RAM and hard drive space are barely adequate. Did you tell him there are no audio inputs and it has very limited internal expansion?

Come on man, I gave you more credit than that!! I can see this ole bait and switch coming from a mile away!!! But again, you are blinded by the Apple!!! You need to start singing Frankie Lymon songs!!!!

Why does the rain fall from above?
Why do fools fall in love?
Why do they fall in love?

Love is a losing game
Love can be a shame
I know of a fool
you see
for that fool is me

Tell me why, Whyyyy, Whyyy
Tell me why

Hey, again, don’t blame me, I am just telling it like it is!!!

6. Fast Follower - August 11, 2007

So what you’re telling me is I shouldn’t worry about my 75 year dad having to figure out how to install spyware, virus software, and generally getting a PC to work right out of the box. See that’s what you’re missing. It just works right out of the box. He’s got a monitor from his old PC. He’s got a key board. He’s got a mouse. What else does he need? Internal expansion! C’mon. Wireless capability? Get real! Barely adequate? He’s not designing rockets with it. Email, internet and word processing! That’s it.

Do you mean to tell me that you would subject your dear mom to the trials of configuring a PC alone? Do you mean to tell me that you’re not willing to spend just a little extra to have a little piece of mind? Do you mean to tell me that you’d put your mom in a Kia and not a Toyota ’cause you’re saving a buck? If so, what PC would you recommend? PTIers want to know. Be specific. What? And what price? Then prove to us that’s it’s a better value. Don’t even consider the monitor, mouse, keyboard. Just find the “dirt cheapest” PC box you can find and prove to us how you’d feel comfortable giving it to your mom and telling her to start computing.

I’ve been a PC users since the DOS days. And like Prince said:

“And I’m here to tell you…there’s somethin’ else.
The Mac world
A world of never ending computing happiness
Where you can always get stuff done
Day, or night
So when you call up the Geek Squad in Best Buy
You know the one,
Dr Fix My PC and It’ll Be Alright….

In your PC life
Things are much harder than in the Mac world
In the PC life.
You’re on your own!

By the way, I agree with you. Sometimes fools fall in love. But for this fool, I’m like BB King: The PC Thrill is Gone.

7. Tell it like it TI is! - August 12, 2007

First, let’s dispell this rumor you are trying to spread about the Mac OS. You keep mentioning loading virus and spyware software for Microsoft, and that Macs don’t have this problem??? Here is a url for you full of Mac Os protection software.


Wonder how these folks stay in business, if Macs don’t have virus/spyware problems!!

Now to the point at hand… First off, I can’t believe that you are co-author on a leading edge gadget blog and you are making statements about expansion, wireless capabiity, and endorsing reusing a keyboard and a mouse from an old PC, as if to say, “Its Ok Mac, short change me on the equipment and charge me premium prices cause you build all of your own hardware and I am held captive!” Come on, you can’t really mean this!!!

Just like your golf game, you are over stating your points! What is all of this manual configuration you keep referring to??? I plug my printer into my XP laptop, I get a message that says hardware found, and a few seconds later, I am ready to use it. The same with my mouse, and monitor! So don’t go over exaggerating this configuration scenario!!!!

As he overstates things, PTIers, he conveniently leaves out the fact that his dad is an “Engineer’s Engineer”. I mean the kind of guy that is always up on the new technology and is looking for a better way to get things done! I can’t believe you are advising him to purchase a 700 dollar desktop! And then try to justify it by saying he doesn’t NEED a keyboard or mouse! That sounds ridiculous.

Again, I understand why you have to defend the Mac hype. I bought a golf club once and paid a fortune for it. Rick Smith (professional golf coach) made a profound statement to me after watching me play with the expensive club. He said that I paid so much for the club that I was too embarassed not to use it. He said it looked like I was going to make it work no matter what! Despite the fact that the club was the totally wrong club for me! This is exactly the phenomenon that you are going through! You must realize that using this thing is no different than a PC. Your blog comments don’t look any different to me!! I don’t see your emails, wordprocessing, or your Quicken work being any different. Especially not a $1000 difference. It makes you feel better each time you talk someone into the hype.

By the way, I saw a great deal on a car today, buy a Mercedes, but reuse your old wheels and seats! There’s no radio in it either. I might get it for my dear ole Mom so she doesn’t have to learn to program the radio stations!

8. Fast Follower - August 12, 2007

Ok. Ok. Let’s get to the point. What should I have done? What would you have done? And, what would TI do?

I bought a brand spankin’ new HP Laptop running the latest version of Vista. I spent $1500 on the laptop, and $320 on a docking station. I bought the latest version of Quicken as well as Photoshop Elements 5. I was ready to take my computing to the next level. Unlike TI, I need a decently robust and powerful computer (not some basic machine only designed to do email and the internet) because I’m an advanced amateur photographer. Photoshop requires a some computing horsepower.

What pushed me out of the Windows world? My 2004 HP laserjet printer did not work. Not at all. There were no Vista drivers for it. What the #$%^ is that about. It’s not like I have a very old “no-name” printer. It’s a 3 year old HP.

Secondly, my 24in Gateway monitor would not display the best resolution. By the way it’s only 3 months old.

I researched online for 1 week to attempt fix these two issues. Nothing worked. The final straw came when I downloaded some driver that supposedly would get the monitor working properly. What happened? Both the laptop monitor and the 24in monitor displayed blank screens.

So at this point, what should I have done? Called the Geek Squad? Oh, heck no. I packed it up. And returned it for a full refund. Oh, don’t forget….because I just assumed my experience would be positive, I also bought the latest version of Quicken and Photoshop Elements 5. Guess what? Once software is opened, there is no refund.

So what did I do? I purchased a $2000 Macbook Pro. Not only does every peripheral work with it. But everything works about 10 minutes after taking the Mac out of the box. I didn’t have to buy the latest virus software. There’s no spyware to buy.

Again, let me ask you PTIers: Should I have waited another week to get all of this working (oh…at Best Buy you only get 14 days for a full refund on PCs)? Should I have called TI to come over to help me fix it?

If you think I’m making all of this up, check this out. These are frustrated users experiencing the same thing.

What TI fails to realize is a PC could be free. If it doesn’t work or is very difficult getting it working, who wants it? Would you rather have a free car that’s a lemon or spend $25,000 on one that runs every day? I don’t know about TI, but I’ll spend the $25,000. Heck, I’ve got to get to work on time every day.

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