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The Volkswagen iCar August 30, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Apple, Ford, iCar, Sync, Volkswagen.

According the to Associated Press, it looks like VW and Apple are making plans to produce some kind of iCar – a VW with a lot of Apple stuff integrated.  This sounds interesting, but will it make this VW be more popular with their intended audience than without the Apple stuff?  The article also talks about Ford’s upcoming in-car Sync technology developed with Microsoft.

I can already tell you which one TI will be interested in.  I’m going to start calling him, “Microsoft Man.”


1. Tell it like it TI is! - August 31, 2007

See this is where you are wrong. It is all about functionality, and purposeful features. You just don’t get it. The MS/Ford thing has very little immediate functionality from what I can see. That is not to say that the potential is not there. Also there is not enough information on the iCar yet. You just can’t mention brands and expect folks to jump. Especially, with a large investment like an automobile. Takes a little more than a press release rumor to get PTIers excited!

Hey don’t get mad at me…. I am just telling it like it is!

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