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DIRECTV HD Owners: Demand Your $5 Rebate! September 13, 2007

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Here is a little tidbit for you.   Call and get your $5 Directv Rebate!  After Eric Shanks, DIRECTV’s executive vice president for entertainment, committed that Directv would not drop a HD channel this year to make room for the NFL games, it has done so.  Apparently, TNT HD is dropped to make room for the NFL games on Sunday.   Here is one link http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/33787/113/

and here is the one that references the $5 rebate


If you are successful in getting your rebate, please come back and let us know!! We will keep a running tally.  Let’s see how high we can get!!!!

 Just telling it like it is!!!!

13,500 iPhones Per Day September 11, 2007

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Ok Mr. “Apple People are just Swayed by the Advertising,” otherwise known as Tell It Like It TI Is.  Business Week reports that 13,500 people per day are purchasing the iPhone.  Apple predicted they would sell 1 million by the end of September.  By September 10, they had already sold 1 million.  Are 13,500 people per day all swayed by Apple advertising? Face it.  The iPhone is one cool device to a lot of people.  It may not be cool, or perfect for you.  But maybe you are in the minority.  In fact, maybe you’re just plain wrong different, or weird.

Here’s what I believe at this moment.  Apple is the best consumer electronic company in the world.  In fact, they could be described as not just a consumer electronic company.  They’ve become a fashion company.  Their hardware products have now become fashion statements – fashion in the home, fashion while computing in your local Starbucks or airport, and fashion when you’re walking down the street with those white ear buds showing.

Have Directv and Tivo Kissed and Made Up? September 11, 2007

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Here’s a discussion on PVR Blog about upcoming Tivo upgrades to Directv DVRs.  I recently received a flyer from Directv confirming that Tivo upgrades are coming in early 2008.  If true, this is a good thing.

iPod Touch…falls just short??? September 6, 2007

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Recalling my old high school football days. The one thing I remember from the endless hours of practice was the coach continuously telling us to “finish the play” or to “run through the whistle”, and most of all “leave everything on the field”!!!!

Is it me or does Apple seem to always carry the ball almost the full length of the field only to just fall short of the mark? As I mentioned in the iPhone post I loved the design of the iPhone music functions. Though, I was not sold on the functionality of the iPhone, I did state that I would purchase an iPod version of the device. After weeks of waiting, the iPod Touch is finally released and it ONLY HAS 16 GIG OF STORAGE!!!! That’s it.. maxed out…… What in the heck are they thinking. They must really like screwing with me. Now we know that there must have been some type of strategic reason for this, but to my bewilderment, I can’t think of what it is!!! And to really make matters worse, Apple announces the next generation iPod with 160 gig of storage…. So let me get this straight you fall short on storage on the cool iPod Touch, and then you go overboard with 160 gig (ridiculous) on the older design!!

Reminds me of the old Prince tune…. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad????

Well, I am sure Fast Follower will have plenty to say about this and the interesting Apple marketing approach. So Fast Follower, have at it!!!

Apple has a few more opportunities to disappoint me!! Just Tellin it Like it Is!!!!