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13,500 iPhones Per Day September 11, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Apple, iPhone.

Ok Mr. “Apple People are just Swayed by the Advertising,” otherwise known as Tell It Like It TI Is.  Business Week reports that 13,500 people per day are purchasing the iPhone.  Apple predicted they would sell 1 million by the end of September.  By September 10, they had already sold 1 million.  Are 13,500 people per day all swayed by Apple advertising? Face it.  The iPhone is one cool device to a lot of people.  It may not be cool, or perfect for you.  But maybe you are in the minority.  In fact, maybe you’re just plain wrong different, or weird.

Here’s what I believe at this moment.  Apple is the best consumer electronic company in the world.  In fact, they could be described as not just a consumer electronic company.  They’ve become a fashion company.  Their hardware products have now become fashion statements – fashion in the home, fashion while computing in your local Starbucks or airport, and fashion when you’re walking down the street with those white ear buds showing.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - September 12, 2007

Here we go PTIers,
Fast Follower, once again, creates his own measures of success, his own illusions, and comes up with solutions that always fit his rationale. Earth to Fast Follwer…. come on in for a landing and face the facts.

Fact 1 – Apple sold close to 250,000 in the first two days. Now, since this was a brand new product, one must conclude that these sales were based solely on marketing hype vs. user experience (word of mouth)

Fact 2 – Although 13,500 per day would be an impressive Fast Follower Phone Company statistic, it falls far below Apple’s projections and forecasts!

Fact 3 – They were so much off pace that they had to reduce the price of the original unit almost 33% after 2 months!!!

Fact 4 – Apple is already preparing investors for the high probability that they will not reach the 10 million unit mark next year! Remember, with companies like Apple, investor enthusiasm is key!!!! They are quickly losing it.

Fact 5 – You must not know much about fashion, cause if everybody has it, it is no longer fashionable!! This is cited as one of the reasons for the decline in sales rate! You can no longer walk in, set your iPhone on the table, and experience the “cool factor”.

In conclusion, come on down out of the clouds, and be real!!!! Get ready for the next cool Apple product…iGotcha!!!! (I heard this on Digital Spin this weekend, and I am still laughing!!!).

By the way, the best, most innovative consumer electronics company just came out with the iTouch with 16gig!!

From where I am standing the gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train ain’t comin’ !!!!

You can’t get mad when I am telling it like it is!!!!

2. Fast Follower - September 14, 2007

Fact 1: Marketing hype alone doesn’t sell 250,00 products. There must be a really good product history for a company to get people to stand in line for days to just say they’re one of the first pay $600 for something. Do you think all the marketing hype money in the world would get people to stand in line for the introduction of the Pontiac Aztec? I don’t think so.

Facts 2, 3 and 4: Apple’s initial projection of sales (and Wall Street’s) might be soft, but the price cut has had a desired effect. Since the price cut, sales are up 300%. According to analyst Piper Jaffray in Information Week, even if this 300% lift slows to only a 50% lift, iPhone sales will actually be two and a half times higher than Apple’s own sales targets. In fact, iPhones have outsold all other smart phones. Nothing is even close. Do you think a price cut on the above mentioned Aztec would lift sales at all? You still gotta have great product.

Fact 6: 16 gig on the iTouch may not be optimum, but do you see any competitive product on the planet like it at that price? I don’t think so.

Just because you stubbornly stay in the Microsoft camp with PCs and smart phones, doesn’t mean there aren’t other alternatives that might be better for many PTIers. Apple makes a strong case for being a better alternative in PCs, smart phones and music/video players – with or without marketing hype.

And by the way, just because Apple’s marketing hype is better than most other company’s market hype efforts, doesn’t lessen the product superiority of Apple’s products. That’s just good business.

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