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High End Camera Stuff October 31, 2007

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You know I’m an avid amateur photographer. The problem with this is I’m constantly looking to buy the latest high end stuff. I don’t make a dime doing any of this. I mostly take photos of kids playing sports and let the parents view the photos on my Smugmug site or my photo blog. The problem with all of this is Nikon (the brand I use) is constantly updating their digital slr bodies, and they have a whole bunch of expensively cool lenses. I’ve got other photography buddies who use Canon, and it’s the same thing with them. They constantly want the latest Canon stuff.  If you think Macbooks, Playstation 3’s, or iPhones are expensive, check out the prices of Nikon’s new D300 digital body and a 300mm f2.8 lens (neither of which I own….yet). It’s absolutely ridiculous. But the photos can be so cool.

Is Phil Mickelson the Best? October 31, 2007

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Until Tiger Woods came along, most experts thought Phil Mickelson was either the best, or soon to be the best golfer on the planet. What happened?  Tiger Woods came along.

Over on Silicon Valley Insider, they describe how Apple’s Macbook “came along” to redefine the power of what’s possible in a laptop. Just like with Phil and Tiger, if you’ve never used a Mac, then you think the PC is pretty good.

TI, you’re stuck in the “Phil syndrome.” You think those Windows powered PCs you use are the best.  When if fact, they’re just Phil Mickelson.  They’re very good, but they’re not the best.

Apple, Dell, and Microsoft October 9, 2007

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Y’all know that I’m now a certified Mac lover (although I do have a problem with how slow Aperture runs on my Macbook Pro.  So everything isn’t perfect).  Of course TI is…well….stubborn.  He’s anti-Mac without ever even trying one.  Remember, Mac people are all brainwashed by the Apple’s advertising according to TI.

What does all of the above preamble lead to?  Nothing relative to the subject.  I just like reminding our readers how illogical TI can be some times.

I did, however, find an interesting article with entertaining commentary over on CNN Money about Apple vs. Dell 10 years later.  Ten years ago when Michael Dell was asked at a conference what he would do if he were CEO of Apple, he replied,  “Shut it [Apple] down and give the money back to the shareholders.”

See Ya’ Mr. Forsee October 5, 2007

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Long time PTIers know there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction discussion about Sprint and their customer service.  Some of that discussion has been focused on Sprint’s CEO, Gary Forsee.  Well PTIers, it seems like Wall Street is dissatisfied as well with Mr. Forsee.  Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint Nextel is seeking a replacement for Mr. Forsee.  Some big time Sprint investor, Ralph Whitworth of Relational Investors LLC, has put the pressure on Sprint’s board to move Forsee out.  Whitworth says he has lost confidence in Forsee’s leadership.   I’m sure Whitworth’s dissatisfaction is stock price, subscriber base and competitive positioning related.  But you never know, he might also be a Sprint customer.   Heck, he might even be a PTI reader.