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Is Phil Mickelson the Best? October 31, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Apple, Mac, Windows.

Until Tiger Woods came along, most experts thought Phil Mickelson was either the best, or soon to be the best golfer on the planet. What happened?  Tiger Woods came along.

Over on Silicon Valley Insider, they describe how Apple’s Macbook “came along” to redefine the power of what’s possible in a laptop. Just like with Phil and Tiger, if you’ve never used a Mac, then you think the PC is pretty good.

TI, you’re stuck in the “Phil syndrome.” You think those Windows powered PCs you use are the best.  When if fact, they’re just Phil Mickelson.  They’re very good, but they’re not the best.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - November 1, 2007

What in the heck are you talking about???? What you are not figuring into the equation is consumer VALUE!!! Do you get what you pay for? When I talk about the difference, I am referring to the value equation. All along I said that your “totally care-free experience” is not worth the extra $$$$. In fact, I have a hard time believing that your experience is really all that!!! I think what has happened is that you paid so much for your Big Mac or whatever it is called so now in order to continue justifying the purchase you force yourself to view this experience through tainted lenses!

Your analogy falls apart because Phil can’t do what Tiger does. You haven’t mentioned one thing that the Big Mac can do that I am not capable of doing with a PC. The only thing you keep mentioning is this perceived notion of having no problems. I just googled Mac support and believe me there are several issues with Apple, Macs, and the new Leopard OS!!!! You are dillusional!

Until I see Phil drop a 6 iron 15 feet from the hole from 210 yards out in a Major, there is no comparison. How dare you mention these two in the same post!!!

Just telling it like it is.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - November 1, 2007

I forgot to mention the golf shot was from a fairway bunker!!!!

Here’s something for ya…

3. Fast Follower - November 1, 2007

You have a hard time believing my experience is all that!!! Of course you do, because you’ve never experienced it. That’s like saying you have a hard time believing Tiger Woods is all that when you’ve never seen him play. People keep telling you he’s all that. But you refuse to believe it, and refuse to see him play.

4. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2007

Not really accurate. I was looking at the news this morning and low and behold look what popped up!

Here is the Headline….

Leopard early adopters suffer for the rest of us..

Here is the link, if I am still dreaming. Now tell me about flawless launches, “it just works”, no issues or problems, etc. And then tell me how you went out and paid premium for your machine, and this new OS.

Make us see the light, ole Fast Follower. Tell us about the error of our ways. Tell us how we are all suffering in the world of the PC and how you can lead us to the promised land if we just convert. Tell us how better life can be with no issues, no help desks, and things that just work. Tell us, tell us oh knowledgeable one!!!

Tell us oh faithful Mac user about the BLUE SCREEN ISSUE; tell us oh powerful one about the way that Leopard locks up your device and won’t let you start after installation; Tell us how Apple suggest reverting to the Archive and Install method to get around the issues; tell me again how your father and my mother would understand how to do this and have a carefree retirement. Tell me oh Fast Follower how first impression critics are blasting the new folder design, Tell us again how Apple design is so pleasing to the eye and folks just fall in love with it.

Please tell us how not including Java 6 support eases all of my life’s aches and pains. Tell us why the widely anticipated Time Machine feature was pulled from production at the last minute, but no one bothered to tell consumers. Tell us oh knowledgeable one!

Tell me that I am imagining all of this because my eye are closed and I simply won’t open my mind! Please tell me that no one criticizes Apple. Tell me that when I read this, I was imagining it….

Hey admit it…Like Aunt Ester used to say to Fred… The Truth will Set You Free!! Hat Glory!!!

“Apple’s culture of secrecy can ackfire. One of the reasons Apple has such a hold on the tech industry is that it keeps any thoughts it might have about the future of computing to itself. Most tech companies fall over themselves trying to trumpet their vision for what’s over the next bend. Apple and CEO Steve Jobs come down from on high four or five times a year to introduce new products and hint at the future, and that’s about it.”

Tell me how this is the wave of the future. Tell me one more time why I should pay considerably more for this????

I may as well ask for Halle Berry’s phone number, cause either way I DON’T GET IT!!!

Bottomline, your comparison of Apple to Tiger Woods is an insult. Like Flava Flav invoked in the his popular tune…”Don’t Believe the Hype!”

Here is the full article for you….

Don’t get mad… I am just telling it like it is!!!!

5. Fast Follower - November 2, 2007

So are you suggesting I should go back to Windows? Nobody ever said Apple, Mac, iPod, iPhone, Leopard, etc were perfect. Heck, I’ve seen Tiger Woods lose a few tournaments – badly. Does that mean he’s still not the best player in the world.

Take it from a guy who’s used both Macs and PCs. Macs are better. No, they’re not perfect. But, they’re extremely more user friendly for the computer user.

Here’s what I can tell you from first hand experience. I’ve had no blue screen issues with Leopard. All of my peripherals work (even the 3 year old HP laser printer that didn’t work with Vista). Explain to me and half the world why I should care about Java 6? Wow! Somebody doesn’t like the new folder design. That seems like a big deal. Why is Jobs’ secrecy a problem for me – the computer user? I’m using Time Machine as I write this. So I don’t know what you mean about “Apple pulled Time Machine.”

AND…don’t forget, I purchased a new HP machine with Vista installed. Do you need a recap of my experience? The 3 year old laser printer didn’t work. And the brand new Gateway 24 inch monitor couldn’t achieve full resolution. And after downloading the drivers to correct these issues, I got the dreaded blue screen on both the Gateway monitor and the brand new laptop.

So you can find all of the Google search Mac/Leopard problems you want (I’ll find many more positive stories, and many more negative Vista stories).

Have you ever used a Mac with the old or new OS? Have you ever even used Vista? I’m one guy in this conversation who’s got experience with both.

Remember, the “Don’t Believe the Hype” song also said,
“Don’t tell me that you understand,
Until you hear the man”

You should stop trying to “tell it like it is” and start trying to “experience it like it is.”

Yea, Don’t believe the hype until you do.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - November 2, 2007

No, I don’t expect you to go back to PCs, I am still questioning your reason for leaving. Heck, the hillbillies had, at least, two reasons to load the truck and move to be-ver-leeee (swimming pools, movie stars). I think you got sucked in by the Apple marketing lure. Now that you are caught in the web, you have two choices…admit you were suckered or continue to sing the praises of your decision. Human nature is forcing you to do the latter…

Seems like you have more comments about my comments than you do about your Miracle Machine. Do you really expect PTIers to run out and pay 100s of incremental dollars because you bought a computer and (drumroll please)…..ALL THE PERIPHERALS WORK! Let me save you the breath… I have 5 PCs in my home and all the periperals work…I even have them networked!!! This is about the only thing that you have given us as a reason to switch!!

No I don’t expect Jed to go back to the hills, and I don’t expect you to go back to PCs. You have shifted from Macs are the greatest to I have seen Tiger lose terribly!!! I am going to call you chalk….Cause you are all over the board!!!!

By the way… everyone KNEW that Tiger was going to be awesome since the time he was a young lad!!! Click this link for a reminder…

The world never considered Phil the best, and knew that he would always be a distant second…if that. Just like your Mac purchase, this whole post makes no sense.

Just telling it like it is.

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