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Verizon to Open Itself to All Handsets November 27, 2007

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Now we’re talking about something!  It looks like Google is already having an impact on some of the mobile service providers. Check out this piece about Verizon opening its service to all handsets next year.  If this occurs, will this be the beginning of a change in the business models of the the wireless carriers like Verizon?

TI – You’ve been predicting the carriers’ demise (mostly Sprint).  But maybe those that try to change could have a new birth.  We’ll see.

Are you listening  Do you hear that Sprint? Do something good for your consumer for a change.

Should You Wait on the Blackberry iPhone? November 24, 2007

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Well…not really a Blackberry iPhone.  But there are reports that RIM (the maker of Blackberry) is developing a device for 2008 to compete with the iPhone.  Read about it here.

TI, it might make you pause before you jump on that Mogul 6800 device

Ever Hear About the Ibiza Portable Media Player? November 24, 2007

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Neither had I until I read this post over on Silicon Valley Insider.  It’s made by a Chinese company and is designed to work with the Rhapsody music service (which I have subscription to).  It seems to sync wirelessly to Rhapsody which should give it an unlimited supply of music.

What’s Up with Palm? November 20, 2007

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I don’t hear much talk about Palm anymore.  Or is it just me? I know there’s the new Centro.  Will that device lead their comeback?

This is What Happened to Me November 20, 2007

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I couldn’t have created a better parody myself.

Break Cellular Contracts Legally??? November 18, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in cellular contract, cellular contract cancellation, cellular contract termination, sprint contract.

PTIers  I received my November Digital Spin newsletter and I saw an interesting write up about being able to legally get out of your cellular contract with no termination or cancellation fee.   As PTIers know, I have always been intrigued with the perceived “ironcladness” of contracts that you really never physically sign!  I have tried to share most of my experiences with Sprint with the PTI community with hopes that we could figure out how to demand better service or get out from under the contractual “rock” so that we could explore other options.  I have to admit I never  thought about “perfectly legal” ways to end contracts, but the newsletter mentions two interesting sites.

The first is www.cellswapper.com and the other is celltradeusa.com .  Both of these sites seem to let you place your contract in an auction pool allowing others to view them and take them over.  The assumption is that this leaves you fee free!   I am looking for ANY PTIer that has experience with either one of these services as I have not tested or tried either one.

I couple of things that I would like to know is how easy the carriers are making it to transfer contracts, and why a contract that others are getting out of would have appeal to someone else? 

PTIers, I would love to hear how this works in detail and what your personal experiences (good and bad) are.

You know what to do… TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!

Typing on the iPhone Sucks November 16, 2007

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TI, you may have called this one some time ago.  There’s a study out there  that shows iPhone typing is way worse than typing on a real keyboard.  Check out this post about it on Tech Observer.

I have to admit, the more I play with iPhone and iTouch in the Apple store, the more I decide that I wouldn’t get much use out of those devices.

Did TI Fixed His Windows XML Error….I Hope So ! ! November 16, 2007

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TI, remember your post on July 22? You know the one about the Windows XML error you were getting? C’mon. You remember. You even asked PTIers for help solving this error.

The post is here.

Are you still getting that error? I’m just checking with you a few months later ’cause I’m concerned. I just want to make sure you got some help with your Windows problem.

Remember when you tried to blame it on iTunes initially? But PTIer, Shane, busted you on that one. I really thought you were going to blame Apple’s advertising next. But I never heard about that issue again. So I’m assuming it must be fixed. If not, just remember what Marvin said (at least I’m sure he meant to say this):

Whoa, Mercy Mercy Me,

Windows Ain’t What it Used to Be

Quicken or Mint November 14, 2007

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You might me be asking, What’s Mint?  Well, before I tell you, I’ve been a Quicken user for more years that I can count.  For all of these years, something in the back of my mind has always asked why I buy the updated version of Quicken every year.  Also, I always wondered how I could use Quicken easily while not at the computer that contains the software. 

 Aren’t we in the age of the internet?  Isn’t there a web based, secure, financial app that I could use that might replace Quicken?  Well, last night I started testing one to hopefully make a clean break from Quicken.  It’s called Mint.  I initially read about it in the Wall Street Journal.  As I get a little more familiar with it, I’ll give you PTIers an update.

I think TI is a Quicken user too.  But of course he’s a “hard-headed, never try anything new until it’s obviously better than what I’m used to using” kind of guy.  So if Mint is something that’s a good alternative to Quicken, it’ll be years before he knows.

New Zunes? November 13, 2007

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Do you know of anybody that owns a Zune? I don’t. I guess Microsoft just launched new Zunes according to Tech Observer. Even they ask, “Does anybody care?”

I’m sure since TI is such an MS fan, he probably owns a Zune.  Don’t you TI?  By the way, how’s that XBox 360 working out for your son?

Cool Electronics, Poor Execution November 10, 2007

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Yesterday I test drove an Audi A6 with its MMI system that controls vehicle information, communications, car setup, and entertainment.  I love all that MMI can do from an electronic capability perspective.   But user friendly, it’s not.  It would be nice to be able to change from Smooth Jazz to R&B Soul with just a simple button push.  I’ve read that Mercedes and BMW have similar systems as well.

Is There a Mac in the House? November 10, 2007

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Yep, there is.  As of today, I’m now 100% Mac in my household.