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New Zunes? November 13, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Microsoft, Zune.

Do you know of anybody that owns a Zune? I don’t. I guess Microsoft just launched new Zunes according to Tech Observer. Even they ask, “Does anybody care?”

I’m sure since TI is such an MS fan, he probably owns a Zune.  Don’t you TI?  By the way, how’s that XBox 360 working out for your son?


1. Tell it like it TI is! - November 13, 2007

Let me TELL IT LIKE IT IS, myself!!! You got the same problem with your golf game! You always take the whole bottle of aspirin!!! If I need to enroll in school, I will go and sign myself up for my own classes!!! I don’t need for you to sign me up for the “everything MS” class.

The more you comment and post, the more apparent it becomes to me that you are a victim of slick marketing. You have been so duped by the brand, that its got you thinking that you have to choose sides!

That’s why most of the PTIers respect my opinion over yours. They see right through you! You don’t even look at the facts anymore!!! You are now flawed. You are now a victim of the very thing you used to advocate against! If it says Apple, you have no issues.

I, on the other hand, judge each gagdget purchase on its own merit. I use PCs, I have an iPod, I have an HTC smartphone, I Slingbox, I XM(when I get Sirius for free).

I am glad you are not a NFL coach. cause if you were to get a couple of good recruits from one school, you would stop recruiting the good players from the other ones!! I recruit the best gadget for the job and I never guarantee any of my players that they will always start!

So…just cause you are a victim of the Apple marketing machine, and they have literally got you paying premium prices for the same functionality that you had before, don’t try to create and make me into your imaginary MS enemy! I won’t go there. Ever.

I pick the best value for the job….PERIOD!


2. Fast Follower - November 14, 2007

And how is it you know PTIers respect your opinion? Are you a legend in your own mind?

3. Fast Follower - November 14, 2007

By the way, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal just reviewed the new Zunes in today’s issue. Of course he compares them to the comparable iPods. Overall, he thinks the Zunes are ok.

4. Fast Follower - November 14, 2007

And oh, if you were the coach of the NFL Dallas Cowboys, you would never have thought about seeing if Tony Romo might be a good quarterback. You’d be stuck longing for days gone by of Staubauch and Aikmen….and continuing to start Quincy Carter. You’d never consider that the young veteran, Romo, sitting on the bench might be the answer to your problems. Of course I’m sure you’d never admit that you even had quarterback problems.

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