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What’s Up with Palm? November 20, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Palm, Palm Centro.

I don’t hear much talk about Palm anymore.  Or is it just me? I know there’s the new Centro.  Will that device lead their comeback?


1. Fast Follower - December 14, 2007

Palm brought in a former Apple product exec in October to help put some spark in their new products.

They also annouced a bunch of layoffs today.

It’s kind of a shame how far this handheld company has fallen. I’m kind of sad.

In fact it was me who brought TI to the Palm family way back when Palm was clearly the superior handheld and he just couldn’t believe that his over-priced Microsoft powered Toshiba wasn’t.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - December 16, 2007

PTIers, once again FF puts foot in mouth. Fast Folloer, is just that…. a FOLLOWER. Following me down every technology path that I take. Just to refresh his memory, I will say that I was Palm before they were Palm. I had the first Pilot the Pilot 500 upgraded to the Pilot 1000 and remember when the name changed to Palm Pilot!!!!

I was using Graffiti before before Fast Follower got his first PC!!

Not only am I telling it like it is… I am setting the record straight!

3. Fast Follower - December 16, 2007

Remember this post? You eventually followed me to Microsoft PDAs too. The facts don’t lie. We might need a “Mitchell Report” for you.

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