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Are Mac People Just Different than PC People? December 19, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Mac, PC.

That’s a question that’s been asked over on Silicon Alley Insider.  What led to the question is a study which shows that Mac people buy more music from iTunes than PC people.  The simple explanation (and probably correct explanation) is since iTunes comes pre-loaded on Macs, it’s just easier to start buying music on preinstalled iTunes using a Mac.  However, the post ends with the fundamental question asked: Are Mac owners different than the PC owners?  Well, are they?


1. Matthew - December 19, 2007

Some might argue that is the case…

if you take any stock in the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” advertisements which Apple Inc runs, it’s obvious they believe Macs are geared for the young, the “hip”, the “with-it” and PC’s are geared for stuffed shirts…

I, myself, am anti-Micro$oft… i run a Mac and a linux machine at my house and have no use for PC’s… except that I have to use one at work… oh well…

2. Fast Follower - December 19, 2007

I’m a recent Mac convert, Matthew. Every computer in my house is now a Mac (Macbook Pro, Macbook, Mac Mini). I don’t run Linux. Like you, I still use a PC for work as well. I wouldn’t call myself anti-Microsoft, however. I just believe for the majority of the computing public, Macs are a better computing solution and experience. Yet, I do like the better overall capability of PCs over Macs. In other words, if you’re smart enough, you can make PCs do much more things than Macs. But you better be very PC literate to do this.

Now TI will chime in here soon with “Mac people have been brainwashed by the advertising”….of course he’s never even touched a Mac himself. Thus, he doesn’t understand the elegance of the hardware, the software and the operating system. He will also blather on about the price of Macs compared to comparable PCs. Of course he won’t listen to the fact Apple makes no “Yugo” Macs. They all have capability that the majority of the computing public needs. I’m just getting the PTI audience prepared for his tired comments, because he tells it like he thinks it is….over and over and over again.

With regard to the original question, however (the difference between Mac people and PC people). I predict that Mac people are generally more liberal than PC people – not necessarily in a political way. Mac people are probably more liberal about life….probably more willing to question the status quo while trying new and different things. PC people are probably more conservative in their willingness to question authority. PC people are probably better at math and science in school. While Mac people are creative types that are also good at language arts.

3. Matthew - December 19, 2007

“Yet, I do like the better overall capability of PCs over Macs. In other words, if you’re smart enough, you can make PCs do much more things than Macs. But you better be very PC literate to do this.”

Oh really? What can a PC do that a Mac can’t do?

4. Fast Follower - December 20, 2007

Play high end games. Work with all of the Microsoft work software most working stiffs use (like Outlook and Lotus Notes). Better integration into the multitude of mobile PDA phones (with the exception of the runaway hit iPhone). Easier to upgrade the hardware. Faster processing of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Better version of Quicken. Better versions of MS Office.

5. Matthew - December 20, 2007

“Play High End Games” – Not the fault of the Mac… that’s the fault of the programmers… and there are lots of good games for the Mac, btw…

“Work with all of the Microsoft work software…” – I’m not sure what groupware products there are on Mac… they handle all industry standards (IMAP, webDAV, iCal…etc)

“… PDA phones…” – again, you have to lay the blame on the developers of those closed platforms…

“Easier to upgrade the hardware” – if you buy an iMac or a Mini… yes… if you buy a tower, just flat not true

“Faster processing of Adobe Photoshop Elements.” – I can’t speak to this.

“Better version of Quicken” – blame the software vendor, not the hardware/os vendor

“Better versions of MS Office” – a) no one says you have to use MS Office, the version of OpenOffice.org for OS X ROCKS!!! and has more features… b) the newest version of Office for Mac is the best version of Office I’ve ever used on ANY PLATFORM… so I guess that’s personal opinion

It comes down to this… if you “HAVE” to use a particular software and that vendor has little or no Mac support… you’re SOL… but, there are plenty of awesome titles which accomplish the same tasks… you just have to think outside the little beige box…


6. Fast Follower - December 21, 2007

All good points, Matty. But from a consumer point of view, “blame the software vendor or programmers” still impacts the overall usefulness of Macs for some consumers. Consumers who switch to Macs from PCs are already “thinking outside of the little beige box” as you described it. Like me and you, they’re more prone to agree with most of your points because the most significant change was just making that switch to the Mac. But for the others (like TI) who don’t get the whole Mac thing, having to deal with different software solutions is a problem that reflects poorly on Mac, not the software vendor.

Again, I believe Mac people are more “out of the little beige box people.” PC people are comfortable in a world that works for them (although not without constant pain).

7. Matthew - December 31, 2007

FF –

Oh, I agree with you and, of course, market share = developer dollars = market share = ad nauseum…

The thing that irks me is when people say, “Mac’s aren’t as good as PC’s because they don’t run X particular piece of software”… when we all know, X software isn’t the only software package that accomplishes whatever the task is… PC users and Mac users are different, PC users are willing to put up with, as you put it, “constant pain” and Mac users aren’t… PC user = Masochist???



8. Fast Follower - February 21, 2008

Check out this about how Mac people are different from TheStreet.com

9. Tell it like it TI is! - February 23, 2008

The video isn’t there any more!! Although, I can probably guess what is was about. Probably some video that makes you feel better about paying so much for a laptop!!!

Just telling it like it is….

10. Fast Follower - February 25, 2008

Try the link again in comment #8.

11. kashif - April 12, 2008

What is Mac, and how is it different from PC? Which one is better for professional?

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