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Is This the iPhone Killer? January 31, 2008

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Probably not.  But check it out on Silicon Alley Insider.  It’s from Garmin (the navigation equipment company) and it has some things the iPhone does not.  Garmin calls it the Nuvifone.  And it supposedly will be available later this year.

I’ve yet to step up to an iPhone.  I use a company purchased Blackberry.  I just can’t see myself using two devices.  However, when the iPhone switches to the high speed AT&T network and I’m able to do things like mobile slingbox with it to catch programming on my DVR (or Apple TV if I decide to get it), I just might be persuaded to go with an iPhone some day.

Online Services for Quicken 2005 and older….DISCONTINUED??? Is this a scam???? January 23, 2008

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Financial software, Quicken, Quicken 2005, Quicken online services, Quicken upgrade.

By now PTIers you all know that I am a real skeptic, always questioning every move that the big Companies make.  Always questioning their motives. Always trying to uncover the underlying scam!  Today, while paying bills on Quicken, I got an interesting message alert.  The message indicates that after April 30th, my version of Quicken (2005 Premiere) will no longer work with online services including electronic bill payment and statement downloads!!!!  The only way to resolve the issue is to upgrade to the 2008 version.   I have been a Quicken user since the early 90s and I never been FORCED to upgrade.   Since the 2005 purchase, I really have no functional reason to upgrade.  Quicken is performing every function that I need it for.

Let me hear from you PTIers is this a scam or is Quicken really making services better??  Maybe they have found a sure fire method to generate sales!  Which is it? Let me know.   How would you feel if GM called you up and told you that your car would no longer work after a certain date and told you the only solution was to purchase a new car?  What about your cell phone?  What about some other household appliance?  Would you accept this?  Why should we accept this with Quicken???  I bought a product with certain expectations, no mention that the services would be discontinued or stop working after a certain date.   Is this ethical?  How often will Quicken be allowed to change the format? Every other year?  Every year? Every month?  Why aren’t they compelled to keep their loyalest customers satisfied? 

Bottomline, I don’t buy it.  I wasn’t complaining about the functionality.  I didn’t ask Quicken to change anything.  So when sales get low, change the format and screw the folks that are currently using your product.   Well, since I am in the market for new financial software, let me know what I should change to!!!  Come on PTIers let me hear from you!

Just telling it like it is!!!

The Consumer Electronics Show – CES January 4, 2008

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Hey TI, I hear you’re going out to Vegas to attend CES next week.  Don’t forget to provide some PTI updates about what you’re seeing at the show.  We want facts and opinion (although many times your opinion leaves a lot to be desired).  I guess beggars can’t be choosy.