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The Consumer Electronics Show – CES January 4, 2008

Posted by Fast Follower in CES, Consumer Electronics Show.

Hey TI, I hear you’re going out to Vegas to attend CES next week.  Don’t forget to provide some PTI updates about what you’re seeing at the show.  We want facts and opinion (although many times your opinion leaves a lot to be desired).  I guess beggars can’t be choosy.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - January 5, 2008

I will be spending the entire week at this amazing show. I will certainly provide daily feedback and opinions on who is rocking the show and who should have simply stayed home this year. Stay tuned.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - January 14, 2008

I have to apologize PTIers, I really wasn’t that impressed at this year’s show. Not sure why, however. One of the main themes at this year’s show was mobility….. If I see another PND (personal navigation device), I am going to puke!!!! In my opinion PNDs were over done. Simply put…. Navigation is cool, but it just ain’t that big a part of my life!!!! I simply don’t get it . Maybe because I have been using in-vehicle navs for over 4 years now, and find that there are only a few times a week that I use the route guidance features. Sure it is cool to be in an unknown area and finding my favorite restaurants, and gas stations, but…..

I also think the show is getting too big, there are just too many people to enjoy the show. I founrd myself wanting to get away from the convention center and the huge crownds….getting old? Maybe. i waited until the third day to really see the exhibits because the crowds were smaller!

Just telling it like it is!

3. Fast Follower - January 16, 2008

It seems like Steve Jobs “one-upped” CES again this year with his Macworld presentation. Have you seen the specs on the Macbook Air? It’s described as the thinnest, lightest 13″ notebook computer ever. Like most of Apple’s new product intros, there’s nothing on the planet like it. Check it out here.

If you’re saying CES was “not all that”, then maybe they should change it some how. Let’s face it. The most significant consumer electronics company isn’t even at the show.

4. Tell it like it TI is! - January 17, 2008

Looks like you are once again falling victim to the hype!!! When will you learn?? Just like your golf game…for years I have been telling you that you need to get some wedges and practice the short game…year after year you keep buying drivers and hybrid woods. Your score is still the same for over five years!!! Even in golf you are always chasing the hype!!! One infomercial and you are done!!!

Tell me how why the overpriced MacBook Air is the next best thing??? Forget about the $1700 price tag, what do you get???? Let’s see. You get a ultra-thin laptop that has an 80GB ipod hard drive (tis the same one!). All this and you get unexpandle memory! Now for the great price, you get not two, not three, but ONE usb port! How cutting edge is that?? Oh, it doesn’t stop there… I guess wireless broadband capability is too futuristic for Apple cause you don’t get it on this device. The device has an underpowered last gen processor and a battery that can’t be replaced!!! You have to send the whole unit in when the battery begins to fade. How customer driven is that? Tell me again about great design!!!! And to top it all off, there is no ethernet port!!!! What the hell were they thinking?????

Seems like the Macbook Air is a couple of steps backwards to me!! But I will keep my judgement to myself until I see the commercials!

Don’t believe the hype.

Just telling it like it is!!!

5. Fast Follower - January 18, 2008

You continue to live under a dying paradigm. You think it’s all about functionality. It’s not anymore. It’s about functionality, ease of use (which is different than functionality), and style (fashion). Apple has proven this with every recent product they’ve launched. You completely discount ease of use and style.

I don’t know if this Air thing will be successful. But I recall it was you who thought the iPhone didn’t have a chance. I must admit, however. I don’t get why there’s no ethernet port. But all of the other stuff you mention (1 usb port, small hard drive, unexpandable memory) is irrelevant to me when I’m on the road and only wanting to travel light by eliminating my 15″ Dell brick.

If Apple is all about the hype, tell me why Macbooks have more retail market share than any laptop with only 2 models (now 3). Yep. More retail market share than any competitor….real consumers paying top dollar without discounts (not sales to corporate customers). Is that because of hype? If so, wouldn’t a company like Ford like to have that kind of “hype.” Like Apple, if Ford built more cars that does what people need them to do (functionality), cars that “just work” without a lot of fuss (ease of use), and are cool (style), then Ford would sell a lot more cars that they wouldn’t have to discount.

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