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Online Services for Quicken 2005 and older….DISCONTINUED??? Is this a scam???? January 23, 2008

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Financial software, Quicken, Quicken 2005, Quicken online services, Quicken upgrade.

By now PTIers you all know that I am a real skeptic, always questioning every move that the big Companies make.  Always questioning their motives. Always trying to uncover the underlying scam!  Today, while paying bills on Quicken, I got an interesting message alert.  The message indicates that after April 30th, my version of Quicken (2005 Premiere) will no longer work with online services including electronic bill payment and statement downloads!!!!  The only way to resolve the issue is to upgrade to the 2008 version.   I have been a Quicken user since the early 90s and I never been FORCED to upgrade.   Since the 2005 purchase, I really have no functional reason to upgrade.  Quicken is performing every function that I need it for.

Let me hear from you PTIers is this a scam or is Quicken really making services better??  Maybe they have found a sure fire method to generate sales!  Which is it? Let me know.   How would you feel if GM called you up and told you that your car would no longer work after a certain date and told you the only solution was to purchase a new car?  What about your cell phone?  What about some other household appliance?  Would you accept this?  Why should we accept this with Quicken???  I bought a product with certain expectations, no mention that the services would be discontinued or stop working after a certain date.   Is this ethical?  How often will Quicken be allowed to change the format? Every other year?  Every year? Every month?  Why aren’t they compelled to keep their loyalest customers satisfied? 

Bottomline, I don’t buy it.  I wasn’t complaining about the functionality.  I didn’t ask Quicken to change anything.  So when sales get low, change the format and screw the folks that are currently using your product.   Well, since I am in the market for new financial software, let me know what I should change to!!!  Come on PTIers let me hear from you!

Just telling it like it is!!!


1. Charlie Park - January 24, 2008

That’s pretty lame on Quicken’s part.

If you’re looking for a full-featured service as a replacement for Quicken, you might like Yodlee’s MoneyCenter. They allow a lot of account tracking options, and have a billpay option. Also, it’s free.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - January 24, 2008

Thanks CP. I think lame is not strong enough… How about SCAMMING!!!

Thanks, I will check out the MoneyCenter you refer to.

Just telling it like it is!

3. Fast Follower - January 25, 2008

Look TI. I tried to tell you some time ago that Quicken is becoming less and less necessary. When I told you I was killing Quicken and switching to Mint and my bank’s website, you told me I was crazy. The Quicken scam is nothing new. You should have realized this a long time ago. As usual, you’re behind the curve – again. Quicken has been updating their software on a yearly basis forever. It should have been obvious to you that at some point they weren’t going to support the older versions of Quicken. Heck, I’m sure Microsoft doesn’t support the very old versions of Word, Excel or Powerpoint either. Yet I’d bet that you at least use the XP version of MS Office, don’t you? What’s the difference?

Complaining to the PTI crowd might make you feel good, but it isn’t going to get you anywhere. Take Charlie’s advice and check out MoneyCenter. Take my advice and check out Mint. Or do some research on others.

As opposed to always telling it like it is, you need to start doing something. PTIers like those who “do”, not just those who “tell.”

Do something!

4. Mike - January 25, 2008

I’m not terribly upset by the discontinuation of support. I’m content with the current version and its functionality. What I want to know is why Intuit is interfering with my ability to download transactions from my financial institutions? That is where I have a real issue.

Actually I take that back. My real gripe is that this notice comes EXACTLY 1 month after I bought, downloaded, installed, and then quickly uninstalled Quicken 08. For whatever reason, Quicken 2008 hosed my system every time I attempted to view the transaction registers. To the surprise of no one, the Mombai tech support crew was categorically unqualified to troubleshoot my issue, so I demanded my money back.

So my choices are 1) shell out $80 for non-functional software, or 2) have Quicken cripple my 2005 version for free?

Hey Intuit, how about you blow it out your ass?

5. Tell it like it TI is! - January 27, 2008

Don’t think I would put quite in those terms, but I UNDERSTAND! The only entity that benefits from upsetting the apple cart is Intuit! I gotta believe some of it is to really improve the system, but don’t ever think that there are no profit undertones to the decision! Again, Intuit has given me the opportunity to explore other options, and I will. This is what big business just doesn’t get. I have been paying the $12 monthly fee for over 10 years! Uninterrupted! Call me stupid, or a victim of the familiar. Things were working great and I just didn’t want to change. That’s almost $2000!!!!

I guess I should be thanking Quicken. You have released me from the lull and made me realize how much money I have paid you. For a quick $80 move, you have probably lost a life long customer. All because you didn’t want to support me any longer. Hey, I might be able to change my tax software this year too! The only reason I was making choices was because of compatibility with Quicken!!! Great. Thanks Intuit for waking me up and giving me choices again!!!!!

6. Fast Follower - January 31, 2008

Well….what are you gonna do TI?

7. Tell it like it TI is! - February 1, 2008

Not sure yet. Haven’t made a decision.

8. Fast Follower - February 1, 2008

See, that’s your problem. You’re always telling us PTIers like it is. But at some point you’ve got to do something. You’re just sitting there being mad at Quicken….you and Mike. Hey, there are alternatives.

9. Tell it like it TI is! - February 2, 2008

This is exactly where you surprise me. You are truly a marketers dream!!! Stop letting corporations tell you what you have to do!!!

The email that I received says that I have until April 30th before any changes take place. So you are wrong! I DON’T have to make a decision right now. I have plenty of time to assess and analyze and make a good rational decision that’s right for me! I don’t succumb to false marketing pressure that creates a false sense of urgency so Intuit can increase their frist quarter profits.

This is exactly why you can never improve your golf game. Every January the infomercial monster convinces you that the equipment you bought last year is inferior and you have to buy new stuff. You then spend the entire season making excuses about getting used to the new stuff. I have known you for a looooong time. Some things never change.

Face it, some of us lead, some of us get out of the way, and some of us are FAST “BLIND” FOLLOWERS!!!!

I call em like I see em and I always….Tell it like it is!!!

10. Bueno Valley - February 4, 2008

I went back and checked my Quicken 2005 box. No where on it could I find that Internet downloads where for three years only.
I too am one of those that was considering upgrading this year – but I don’t like it being forced on me.
I would like to hear of other alternatives from floks that have already done the leg work.I will check out Money/Center and Mint.Thanks in advance for other suggestions.
I am,
Bueno Valley

11. Fast Follower - February 5, 2008

I’m all for searching for alternatives to Quicken. In fact, I use a combination of three: Mint, my bank’s site for paying bills (free) and seeing my checking and savings account transactions (a little different detail than what Mint shows), and each individual web site for credit cards and investment accounts (for detail surrounding balances, returns, and transactions…although Mint provides transaction info about credit cards too).

Is this as efficient as Quicken? Absolutely not. Does it work for me? Absolutely? The only thing I really miss about Quicken is having one place for reporting (which is no small thing particularly at tax time for me).

Having said all of the above, I think you guys are giving Quicken a little bit of a bum rap. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT ! ! Bueno Valley, would you feel better if the Quicken 2005 box said you’ll only get 3 years of downloads? Would you not have purchased it if it did? You guys know, Quicken or Money will not support old versions forever. I think you, TI and the others are trying to create useless PTI outrage about Quicken. Is anybody out there still using Windows 95 on their PCs? Probably not. Did Microsoft explicitly say there wouldn’t be any support or software available for Windows 95 in the future? I’m sure they did not. So where’s the outrage?

12. Tell it like it TI is! - February 5, 2008

As always Fast Follower missed the point just like the Patriots missed a perfect season!!!! I am not asking for support…. I am asking for the doggone product to continue working!!!

I wouldn’t expect MS to keep the Windows 95 call center open, but if I never wanted to upgrade or install new software, I could technically still be using a Windows 95 PC today. It just doesn’t quit working!!!

I don’t want to upgrade, I like the Quicken functionality just like it is, and I am paying every month for the services. Now all of a sudden Quicken simply says this product doesn’t work anymore!!!! BS!!

If I want to drive a 1970’s Gremlin, and I have maintained it properly, I should still be able to drive it. I don’t want any Company telling me that I have to buy their next version in order to continue being their customers…. especially after I have paid my money!!! At the very least, they should have told me this prior to the purchase….

There is the outrage!!!! Leaving the consumer with no choice is the outrage!! Being able to switch versions whenever profits are low is the outrage!!! What if Quicken profits are in the dumps next quarter… another version??? When is enough, enough? annually, quarterly, monthly?? Why does Quicken get to choose when MY product is obsolete???? Give me a break!

PTIers, I apologize for Fast Follower… he just doesn’t get it. Like an unsolved mystery…he doesn’t have a clue!!!!

Just telling it like it is!!

13. Fast Follower - February 6, 2008

Look, if you’re not happy then walk. Quicken is easy to walk from. Let’s not let PTI become the “whiners” blog. If you’re not happy, whine a little bit, then walk. Remember that song by Morris Day and the Time called The Walk? Remember these lyrics,

It’s called The walk,
The walk,
Just let your body talk…
…You don’t need no partner,
You can walk all alone.

Just walk away from Quicken

14. Open Eyes - March 13, 2008

F..k Quicken! What is going on here is a total racket. They can do this because there is not much for competition out there. Classic near monopoly move – I would imagine they would be ashamed to look themselves in the mirror if they DIDN’T do this. However, this is a fertile ground for a lawsuit. Where are the scum lawyers when you really need them! 🙂

I want an alternative but not web-based. Has MS Money done this kind of thing?

15. Fast Follower - March 14, 2008

The problem isn’t finding alternatives. The problem is finding alternatives that can take your historical Quicken data and import it accurately into that alternative.

16. Tell it like it TI is! - April 3, 2008

As you know, I have been struggling with the decision to stay with Quicken since I wrote this post. So you can understand my total shock when I received this email from Quicken today. It reads…

____Our records indicate you are a Quicken Bill Pay customer using Quicken® 2005 Personal Finance Software. According to the Quicken Service Discontinuation Plan, after April 30, 2008, access to Services, including Bill Pay, will no longer be available in Quicken 2005. In order to maintain access to Bill Pay services through Quicken, you must upgrade to Quicken 2008.
As a valued customer, and to thank you for your loyalty, we want to ensure that your Bill Pay service is not interrupted so we are offering you a one-time download of Quicken Premier 2008—at no expense to you.1

With your complimentary Quicken Premier 2008, you’ll gain access to the latest financial tools that allow you to:

Get the most out of your investments
Monitor your asset allocation
Instantly view your net worth
Improve after-tax returns

Thank you for being a loyal Quicken Bill Pay customer.
We appreciate your ongoing commitment to Quicken Bill Pay—and encourage you to continue service by downloading your complimentary Quicken Premier 2008 before April 30, 2008.

Quicken Customer Service Team___________________________________

WOW!!! I was totally floored! Why would Quicken send this to me??? Why didn’t they just come out with this earlier? Why did they let me get a little pissed and almost walk away???? Although not as timely as I would have liked. Quicken just helped me make my decision. I guess I am staying PTIers!

Feel free to reference my email to get your free upgrade, as well. I would be interested to know if any other PTIers got the same email.

Just telling it like it is!!!!

17. Quicken-user-no-more - April 16, 2008

I’m not renewing my Quicken. Period. I refuse to give them money for features that I will most likely not need or use. I was reasonably satisfied with 2005, having been a Quicken user for at least 10 years. I bristle at the transparent way they have tried to extort money out of me by turning off my ability to download.

I also didn’t need any support, and only required that I could use what I had.

As you so succinctly put it above, I’m walking away, never to return.

18. Tell it like it TI is! - April 16, 2008

Gotta tell ya, Q-u-n-m… Quicken really stepped it up when they offered the upgrade for FREE. I tried it and gotta tell ya it ain’t that bad. I looked and looked….even called Fast Follower! I just couldn’t find a better alternative.

I am with you, the scam was awful. I would never endorse twisting the arm of loyal customers. That is what sparked my initial outrage! I too, need no additional features. Been using the free upgrade a couple of days now, and its OK….especially for free!!

I would call the folks and request the free upgrade. You might feel differently.

Hey, just telling it like it is….

19. Paul Wheeler - April 22, 2008

For those of you who want to get away from quicken, you might want to try GnuCash. The cost is pretty low at FREE! It is open source software, so you could make changes yourself, if you wanted to. Did I mention it is free?

Their website showing the features is: http://www.gnucash.org/features.phtml

20. Tell it like it TI is! - April 24, 2008

I will check out GnuCash. Is it similar to MINT?

21. RAM - May 1, 2008

It appears that the Free Upgrade to Q2008 is only for the Pay Bill customers. For the rest of us that expected to be able to continue the use of software that we purchased until it was truly obsolete, we are still going to be strapped with the $80 upgrade. It’s not the price as much as the principle that bothers me. Why don’t they migrate to an annual user fee and provide all upgrades free of charge. That way there would be no back handed moves to extract more money from their loyal customers.

22. Torey - May 3, 2008

I do not see how this can be legal. I bought 2005 so I could download from my financial institutions. Now I cannot. This is taking away a feature that I paid for. I either want my money back for the original purchase or a free upgrade. Quicken’s discounted price is more than Costco’s regular price. This just isn’t right. We should start a class action lawsuit. Any attorney that reads this should get things started. I know I will join. Who else is with me? You can contact me at toreydj at yahoo dot com.

23. Tell it like it TI is! - May 4, 2008

Good point Torey. We PAID for something and now it is being taken away!!! This is what upset me initially. I assume they didn’t mind giving me a free upgrade, as they can continue to collect their monthly fee!!!

Oh the tangled webs they weave!!!

Just telling it like it is….

24. Bob the Tomato - January 17, 2009

I just received the same message for 2006, telling me I had to upgrade to 2009 to continue with the same functionality I already paid for. I can’t wait to tell Quicken to bite it.

25. Steve - January 21, 2009

Ditto on 2006. I just gave Intuit a piece of my mind as well. I would rather find another solution then deal with a company that chooses to rape its loyal customers – which i have faithfully purchased since their very first version – but recently i decided i was not getting any new capabilities with each version (that benefited me anyway).

I can kind of see them discontinuing their own download of quotes for free (maybe offering it at a reasonable monthly fee) since it is something they are continually spending on. But i don’t get the discontinuation of download from bank institutions. This means they are purposely going to the banks and updating their software to NOT accept older versions.

I could also see it if they developed some new revolutionary technology that would have tremendous benefit, and would require everyone switching once. But i’m sorry, downloading numbers from accounts is not that complex, and actually i doubt they are even changing their format – other than ‘get version year’ – ‘ignore if < 2007’ etc.

Even Microsoft, who many would agree is low on customer satisfaction, does not require you to buy a new OS every 2-3 years.

26. Monopolies--Aaaarrrgh! - February 24, 2009

My message from the Intuit Monopoly just came today. Quicken 2006 will no longer do what I paid for. I hope that anyone reading these posts are writing to Intuit to complain. Just when the market is tanking, they force loyal users to dig into their pockets again.

I agree with Torey: this sounds like room for a class action suit. Has anyone heard of one against Intuit? If so, please post the information.

RAM, your suggestion that Intuit move to a subscription could be fine for future users, but I believe it is wrong for them to retroactively remove functionality. I did not buy a subscription service, I bought stand-alone software. Like “Tell It…”, I have purchased Quicken for ages and do not appreciate the forced upgrade. And I do not subscribe to billpay, so I will not get the free upgrade.

Isn’t this what they did in 2004 when they removed the .qif for the current .qfx? Maybe they could justify that move once. But a second time? Like others on this site, I have not seen drastic improvements in Quicken, so I had not planned to upgrade yet. I will look into the software suggested above.

Oh, one more tidbit. My small, local bank still does not offer Quicken downloads because that license is prohibitively expensive for them–in the thousands of dollars. Now Intuit is muscling the banks for more money as well. I am certain that all licenses are expiring for the banks as well.

27. W - January 12, 2010

Hey, I just got the message from Quicken 2007! Wow, what scumbags. If I’d known they were going to force me to buy an upgrade I would never have bought it in the first place. I’ll be looking into some of the non-Quicken options mentioned here.

28. Steve Adams - January 28, 2010

I git the notice today as well. I’ve been a Quicken customer since 1995, and this is the first time I’ve gotten this. I jumped from 2004 to 2007, so had been immune to this nonsense until now. I’ve been a TurboTax beta tester for years, but this has really turned my stomach. I’m going to look for alternatives. Intuit dropping support? Sure, I get it. No problem. But forcing the downloads to stop working? I’m not sure how that is even possible. As far as I know, unless they built a timebomb into the software, how can they cause it to stop working??

29. sam wilson - April 15, 2010

Yup, they are scumbags….
I bought 2007, had a problem installing it and they forced me to sign up for the “Free 30 day” service to get help…. of course after 30 days they charge you 30/month !! Then when I discontinued it and cut off my old credit card, they kept charging…. whcih hurt my credit !
Now they have a built-in time bomb that kills the software functionality every 2 years !! CUTE…. notice how it dies just after April 15 !! … bet they would get a lot MORE BAD press and lawsuits if they set the software to self destruct Jan 15 ! …
They are milking their ever decreasing customer base…!!

30. Peter - May 20, 2010

I have been getting messages from Intuit about quicken expiring soon. What exactly happens when the expiration hits? How do they stop us from downloading from the bank? Is there an actual time-bomb in the software that disables downloads? If there is then can I re-install from my original CD and not do any on-line software updates? Can I download the text file to the hard drive then import it?

I have been doing on-line banking for years, first using Royal Bank’s Manange Your Money then converting to Quicken when MYM was retired. I had to update Quicken when the cheque format was changed. Each update meant hours and days of frustration trying to get the new program to behave the way I wanted it to and I hate having to upgrade if there is not a 100% valid reason. I really don’t see how Intuit is going to break the download feature without a time-bomb and if there is a time-bomb then Quicken users should file a class-action suit against them.

31. Marisa - May 20, 2010

I just received the same message.
Here’s my plan, I’m honestly not sure whether this will work but as Peter mentioned there might be a time bomb.
My guess is that the time-bomb is activated when you go online past the deadline.

1-So fist, make a backup of your data

2-Block Quicken from accessing the internet from your firewall.

3-Download your qfx files, directly from your bank. The “Online services” from the Cash Flow menu, will be deactivated, but it doesn’t mean you can’t download them from your bank.

4-and… don’t ever let Quicken access the internet again.

My copy is set to expire on May 31st. I will let you guys know if this worked.


32. Marcos - January 5, 2011

Just try cancelling your online service with Quicken: a $9.95 charge just to download your bank activity directly into Quicken (a rip off to begin with). I am having a real hard time doing it, which was not the same when I wanted installed in the first place. I am so fed up with it that I will block the charge on my account.

33. Nick - January 11, 2013

I wish I knew this before I bought the 2011 Home and Office version. I was just told by someone in India that my product will only work with a 2013 upgrade – man was i pissed! Long story short, I just wrote a scathing letter to the CEO of Intuit talking about the SCAM he’s got running there!! I will also be looking for another TAX provider as I am firing TURBOTAX.

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Online Services for Quicken 2005 and older….DISCONTINUED??? Is this a scam???? | Pardon the Interaction

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