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Is This the iPhone Killer? January 31, 2008

Posted by Fast Follower in Garmin, iPhone.

Probably not.  But check it out on Silicon Alley Insider.  It’s from Garmin (the navigation equipment company) and it has some things the iPhone does not.  Garmin calls it the Nuvifone.  And it supposedly will be available later this year.

I’ve yet to step up to an iPhone.  I use a company purchased Blackberry.  I just can’t see myself using two devices.  However, when the iPhone switches to the high speed AT&T network and I’m able to do things like mobile slingbox with it to catch programming on my DVR (or Apple TV if I decide to get it), I just might be persuaded to go with an iPhone some day.


1. Tell it like it TI is! - February 1, 2008

This might very well give iPhone a run! As you know, I am just not impressed with a lot of the iPhone hype. It just doesn’t give me the flexibility that I like with my personal devices and smartphones. I like adding third party software, and applications that customize the device to my liking. I think Apple will miss the boat unless it begins to open its door. Just look at the trends and estimates… over 1 million iPhones are unaccounted for because the are not registered with AT&T! Folks are hacking there way to customability! I am not willing to put that kind of effort into it!

Now for this Nuvifone thing you bring up. I kinda like it, design, features, everything SOUNDS good….

“Where am I?” – spits out precise longitude / latitude coordinates at a moment’s notice it helps drivers remember where they parked by marking the position in which it was last removed from the vehicle mount; Garmin Online – an online service offering constantly updated information such as real-time traffic, fuel prices, stock prices, sports scores, news reports, local events and weather forecasts ; Built-in camera (megapixels currently unknown; captures video as well) that automatically tags photos with exact longitude / latitude. This allows the user to navigate back to the location or email the image to a recipient who can navigate directly to its location. Provides direct access to millions of geo-located landmark and sightseeing photographs available through Google’s Panaramio picture sharing site. Integrated media player to handle MP3, MPEG4 and AAC files.

In conclusion and answer to your question…Absolutely, YES!!!! This is an iPhone killer! No bout a doubt it!! However, this thing doesn’t exist yet. Just like your golf game… You are always a better golfer than I am during the winter when we can’t compete!!!

Just telling it like it is!!!!

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