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SWM Switch…Directv’s Best Kept Secret!!! Learn to Swim and quit Running (extra cabling)!!!! March 18, 2008

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Directv, dvr, multi-switch, sat 1, sat 2, single wire multi-switch, swim, swm-8, swm8, Tivo.

Sorry I have been gone for a while and left you at the hands and silly comments from Fast Follower!  I have been moving into a new home and getting things in order.    But I am back.

Just like everything, this has been a learning experience for me.  And as always, I never listen to the advise of Fast Follower!!!

Wanna here the story?  Here it goes…

 – Moved into house about a week ago.  Previous owner had a REAL nice home theatre.
 – However, noticed that the previous owner had a non-HD Directv Dish
 – Also noticed that the each room was prewired to accommodate one sat input per TV
 – I call Fast Follower to see what he would do to get two sat inputs into each DVR because I want to watch shows an-d record at the same time!

Let me stop here for a second to explain.  My new house has a fully finished basement which is very restrictive when it comes to running new cable and wires… OK…

 – After about 5 minutes of talking with Fast Follower, he had my entire basement with holes and walls knocked out!!!  His only advise was, “you gotta do it if you want two sat inputs per room”…..

Here is the difference between Fast Follower and me.   Fast Follower says, I gotta get two sats in one room.   I say, “I can’t be the only guy with a finished basement, and I can’t be the only one with the issue, and there has to be a solution!”.  Bottomline…. Everyone isn’t busting the walls to their finished basement!!! 

Sure enough, I made one of the coolest discoveries since getting Directv, the “Swim Switch”!  PTIers this is the coolest thing.   Simply put, it increases the signal to each Sat 1 input, enabling the DVR to get two signals from one input.   From a user perspective you see no difference. You have a sat 1 and sat 2 signal, but there is only one cable going into the DVR!   How simple is that?  Now I have plenty of outlets on my switch (only need one for each dvr!).   Problem solved!!

Now the official name of the switch is the SWM8 or SWM-8 switch.  SWM stands for Single Wire Multi-switch, and it works great!!!  As this blog is about solutions and gadgets and not the technical detail, I didn’t too much care about what was going on.  My understanding is that it boosts the signal to a point that the second input is no longer needed!  As close as I am too cool stuff, I am surprised that I had never heard of it.

I asked the tech, and I wasn’t surprised at the response that I received.  He told me that there is really no benefit for the two money-making entities involved.  The switch is obviously more costly than the old type switches, and the installation folks lose the labor hours that it takes to run additional lines!!!!  Go figure.  The customer is last to know again!  Think how pissed I would have been if I would have started bustin up walls as suggested by Fast Follower!!!!

I have looked around, and found a few sites on the swim switch (that’s what the tech called it).  Here are a couple of sites that I found.  I was surprised that there isn’t much information on the SWM switch solution.



 There is one drawback, however.  My older TIVO units have to be replaced.  The tech said that the older boxes can’t take the increased signal power, but the newer non-hd Directv DVRs do.  So looks like Best Buy is going to get a huge order from me tomorrow!!!

The tech said that you can tell if your box is “Swim-compatable” by looking right above or below the Sat 1 input.  If you see the letters SWM, you’re compatible.  That simple. 

So if you have limited number of outlets and it is difficult to run two lines per box,, don’t call Fast Follower, learn to SWIM!!!!

It is great to be back Telling It Like It Is!!!!!!! 


1. Fast Follower - March 19, 2008

I’m glad you figured this out. This info is good for many Directv DVR users switching from cable or buying a new place like you and not wanting to huge labor expense of running new lines. Let’s be clear, however. This SWM switch thing is really new. I happen to have a brand new Directv DVR that’s capable of utilizing the SWM switch. My unit is less than 1 month old. I imagine that most people will have to upgrade their units to use this switch. And have you looked at the price of this switch? It’s $379 on Weaknees.

This is really one of the few time you’ve offered any real advice or news that’s truly valuable to PTIers. Why don’t you make this more of a habit?

2. Tell it like it TI is! - March 19, 2008

I am not so sure, though, that this is a new device. My year old dvr has a compatible port. Has Directv avoided offering this solution to avoid cost? How many busted walls have consumers paid for because they didn’t know about this? Not real sure, but this is starting to look suspicious!!!

Just telling it like it is…..

3. Todd - March 25, 2008

Just put in my SWM-8 installation yesterday, and I love it. The DirecTV installation technician didn’t know anything about it, and swore it wouldn’t work. Just remember NOT to put on the “filters” that the technician swears you need for HD, or it won’t work.

2- H21 receivers
1- HR20 DVR
1 SWM-8 mutiswitch withpower inserter from WeaKnees.

Now I can put my DVR in ANY room that we need it.

4. durand - March 25, 2008

He’s a helpful note:
I just got Direct TV installed two weeks ago. I was having some issue with my HD clarity. The customer service rep asked me if there were b-band converters on my receivers. After looking, I noticed that there weren’t any converters there. I did not know however that the installer put in a SWM in. Hence, I discovered that SWMs don’t require b-band converters. Hope this helps anyone looking for that missing b-band.

5. dave - March 26, 2008

the swm8 has been in field testing for around a year. i have been buying the swm8’s in bulk since the first of january. if anyone needs one feel free to email me. i sell them for $300 shipped priority mail and that includes the power inserter. i have sold around 300-325 of them since january.

6. Tell it like it TI is! - March 26, 2008

Looks like the SWM solution is a solid one. dave, I will let my everyone that I know that you have them for sale. I will pass your info on as I keep Telling IT Like it is!!!!

7. dave - March 27, 2008

thanks, i just received another order of 50. so i have plenty

8. Sherri - April 4, 2008

I just got satellite in Feb. and learned the bad news about the extra line. Will I need to get anything in addition to the multiswitch itself to hook it up to my DVR, i.e., a splitter? I’m obviously a novice at this stuff. Evidently these items are available in other DirectTV markets, but not in Denver/Salt Lake market for some unfathomable reason.

9. dave - April 4, 2008

sherri, it just depends on your setup. you will only need a splitter is you have more than 2 receivers. although, the hr20/21,h20/21,r16, and d12 are the nly recievers that work with e the ftm outputs on the swm

10. howard - April 6, 2008

need the directv swm 8 w/power supply etc…

11. mike - April 6, 2008

So let me get this right.
If I have 8 regular HD receivers in my house. As long as the SWM is mounted at the dish. I will only need to run one (output) rg6 cable into my house, which goes to a closet where it feeds all of the rooms I have cable in?

12. dave - April 7, 2008

mike, that is correct.
howard, you can email me for more info

13. Tell it like it TI is! - April 7, 2008

dave ain’t talkin out of school. The solution works great. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you have a compatible dvr. The compatible dvrs have the letters “swm” by the sat 1 input.

Is that correct??

Please keep sharing the information. We are getting a lot of views!!!

Just telling it like it is.

14. dave - April 8, 2008

compatible receivers:
you can find the model number behind the access card door
also, the sat input will either say ”swm”, or ”ftm”

15. mike - April 10, 2008

I have also read on other sites , that the next generation of dishes will have these built in. But no reports of release dates.

16. dave - April 11, 2008

that is correct, but it will only supply up to 8 tuners, if you need more thasn that you will have to add a second dish

17. Tell it like it TI is! - April 13, 2008

I am having one heck of a time finding any of the boxes above? Shouldn’t I be able to run up to my local Best Buy and grab one??? So far this has not been the case. Is there a piece to this puzzle that I am missing??

Also, feel free to post some urls that give more info on the new dish… or will this be a conflict of interest as you are selling the switches?

In any light… keep telling it like it is!!!! We all appreciate it.

18. dave - April 15, 2008

the new dish is not out yet and it is only in testing right now. no timeframe on its arrival. i have heard of lately that some people have had a hard time getting the hr20 and 21’s. i buy directly from a major supplier so it has not been affecting me at all. i sold arounf 10 or so last week.

new dish-

swm8 thread for more info-http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=114457

if you need me to get some receivers for you just let me know.

19. dave - April 15, 2008
20. Kenneth - April 18, 2008

Okay so would this work for me if I already have a single line running into each room that has a HD DVR in each? I only have one tuner running on each DVR but if I’m reading this right I would only need to keep that single line into the DVR and then be able to record and watch a different channel?

Contemplating buying this SWM but I’m not sure if this is what I need or would work for what I want….

How would I wire up this unit with what is already in place?

Any info is appreciated!

21. Tell it like it TI is! - April 19, 2008

Sounds like you have the same situation that I had. You want two sat inputs but the room only has one outlet. I installed the SWM switch and haven’t looked back. Make sure you have a compatible unit. If your sat 1 input was SWM printed above the actual connection, you are in business. Remember this all started with my buddy Fast Follower telling me that I had to destroy my finished basement to run and additional line!!!

Go with the SWM, I think it will resolve your issue.

22. dave - April 19, 2008

kenneth, visit the link i posted above in post 19. i can get you everything you need and let you know if it will work or not

23. Kenneth - April 20, 2008

Been on a few sites looking at the SWM switch… If I’m understanding the how it would work for me thing is, I would run the four wires from the sat into the SWM switch…

From there I would run out a single line from the SWM/power unit into a SWM designed splitter/diplexer then out to my four lines leading into my house…

Then from there each of the four single lines in the house would stay plugged into my DVR’s with one line and I would have dual tuner capabilites correct??

Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot and not know wut the hell I’m talking about… =P

Currently running (1) H21 & (2) HR20’s… I’m needing to have the two HR20’s be capable of dual tuner capable…

24. Jax - April 23, 2008

Kenneth, I feel your pain! I spent a lot of time searching until I found out just what you did. I bought an SWM8 and a 4-way splitter online & installed it w/the help of a Dtv tech who was out to look at the repeated reset issues I was having w/my HR20’s (both were replaced the next day w/HR21’s. I walked him through the install (he hadn’t been trained yet & said they won’t have them here in Baltimore until at least August) and it was as simple as it sounds! Four sat lines in, 1 line to the power unit that is then passed out to the splitter & then 1 line to each of my swm capable DVR’s (as well as one just out from a legacy port to an older reciever).

He was ecstatic that he was the first in his company to install one & was glad I had already done the research. If I had the proper crimping tools, etc I could have done it myself – it was really that easy.

I’m loving the swm, yeah it cost a bit, but it was going to be costly & much more disruptive to have lines fished through the walls of the (relatively) new house I just bought.

One knock on Dtv w/this, when putting in my move order the person said that the installer would have an swm w/them & install it w/the dish. When they came, they told me they didn’t have them & 2 calls to cust svc after that told me that they can’t order them, that I had to get it myself & that I was on my own. I understand the economics that the installers would rather have the additional labor & probably put pressure on Dtv, but this thing is the best thing since sliced bread & should be widely used now! My $0.02

25. dave - April 24, 2008

yeah. there have been tons and tons of reports of directv promising these to customers.but when it comes down to it…… if you want one, you better buy it yourself

26. Duke - April 24, 2008

hi, I have cable right now and I want it to get direct tv but the techsaid my house is wired for cable and I needed a swim switch. I was wondering if I use the switch, would it affect my cable Internet? I also want it 5 recievers in my house.

27. Tell it like it TI is! - April 24, 2008

Maybe you can answer Duke’s inquiry. Not sure, but it sounds like Duke has a set up similar to mine. In my basement I can identify which room each wire goes to. I simply found the cable feed that runs into my house, and then connected the room to cable. The rooms where I want satellite are hooked up to the swm. I even split my cable signal so that I have basic cable in the rooms that don’t have dtv. The only issue I see that Duke might run into is that he may not be able to have his cable modem in the same room that he wants dtv because there is only one outlet in the room.

Sound about right??

Just telling it like I think it is!!!!

Great comments PTIers, I have received a lot of thank yous for this one!!!

28. dave - April 25, 2008

duke, it will work for you. you can also diplex the cable in the ota input. you just need to diplex it back out with the appropriate diplexor

29. Bill Hudson - June 2, 2008

I have experienced a nightmare with DTV over the past month. I have a very similar situation with 2 lines running through my attic, one goes through the wall to the living room, the other comes out upstairs to connect to the receiver there. The dish is older, a dual lnb. We currently have a half-functioning DVR. We recently placed the order to upgrade to HD. DTV first told us that they cannot install it because of the single line problem. They cannot & will not attempt to run any more lines through the attic. One of the technicians slipped & told my wife about a SWM. She promptly ordered one on 2 occasions from DTV, and was promised that the device would be included with the tech’s delivery & work order, that we definitely would get it. Twice now, the tech shows up without the SWM and says it’s not his fault because it’s not on the work order. Numerous calls to very incompetent people at DTV customer service & other departments reveal different responses, depending on who answers the phone. Last weekend, we were told outright that we are not approved for a SWM by DTV, that it was decided by DTV that we are not authorized to have one. We were also told by the DTV representative over the phone, as well as the technician, that you cannot purchase a SWM, that they are not available ANYWHERE except from Direct TV directly and accompanied by a work order & authorization, and that Direct TV would not allow the installation of one even if it were on our premises. They are only authorized for NEW INSTALLATIONS, regardless of whether one is needed or not. Despite any known shortcomings of other HD providers, and based upon lies from Direct TV I have decided to disconnect from DTV and take my business elsewhere. We, of course, have found SWM’s readily available through at least 2 sources on the internet.

30. John - June 6, 2008

I recently upgrade my dish and have HD for my home theater system in the basement; unfortunately, I only have one line and do not want to fish another line. The DirecTV tech mentioned a “swim switch” and I thought he was pulling my leg, but I can see it is a reality which is great news. I have a HR21 and input 1 clearly states “SWM-2” which is encouraging, but are there any switches with a smaller number of outputs? The SWM-8 looks like it’s more than I need since I just want to split the signal on one DVR so I can record two programs at once. Is there a “SWM-2”? Do you need to buy the switch and separate power unit? Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but still learning. Thanks!

31. Tell it like it TI is! - June 6, 2008

Can someone tell me where I can find a non-HD Directv DVR that is SWM compatible? I have been to Best Buy, but they don’t seem to know what I am talking about. I was trying to avoid going through Directv… a big hassle. Any ideas PTIers?? Let me know. Thanks.

Just telling it like it is….

32. dave - June 18, 2008

you can order an r16 which is swm compatible thru
http://www.solidsignal.com they are $99

33. dave - June 18, 2008

unfortunately, the only way to guarantee that you get a swm is to purchase one yourself. there are tons of stories just like yours.

34. dave - June 18, 2008

there is a swm5(that has been discontinued, but there are still some floating around out there)
and there is a swm8
the swm5 will support up to 5 ftm tuners and 2 legacy tuners
the swm8 will support up to 8 ftm tuners and 3 legacy tuners.
the swm8 also has on OTA input

35. Tell it like it TI is! - June 19, 2008

Thanks, dave.
My r16 should be on its way!

keep telling it like it is…

36. James Sanner - June 23, 2008

Dave, stop ripping off customers!!!! Retail on this switch is only $200. Then the single line Ka/Ku dish solution is also available. You can get them on Ebay for around 70-100. SWM5 has been discontinued. If you go over 8 recievers on a swm 8, you do not need another dish, you need to add another SWM8 by using power pass splitters from the dish. I have Direct TV training materials and SBCA Certification materials if anyone needs them. They show how to do any possible install, from a simple 2 room residential to a complex 250 unit apartment building. email me at james.sanner239@yahoo.com with any problems with sat, directv or dish. I am certified by the SBCA for residential, commercial and MFH2 (multifamily homes such as apartments) . If by chance I dont know a particualr answer, I wont bullshit you, as Dave will, I will find it out for you. Plus I offer equipment at resonable prices rather than the insane prices that Dave does.

37. dave - June 24, 2008

ha ha ha, that is the funniest thing that i have read all day. that post with the $300 price was 3 months ago when everybody else had them for around $400 you dumbass. i never said anything about having to add another dish if you needed another swm8. i have 4 swm8’s ran in parrallel. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and you dont know me, so shut the hell up you know nothing piece of shit. i bet you do offer equipment at reasonable prices… granted you are probably a directv hack installer and you steal equipment off of the company you work for. ha ha, thanks for your post…. that made my day.

38. dave - June 24, 2008

read all the way thru next time, he asks about the swm lnb. you really made yourself look like an ass

15. mike – April 10, 2008
I have also read on other sites , that the next generation of dishes will have these built in. But no reports of release dates.
16. dave – April 11, 2008
that is correct, but it will only supply up to 8 tuners, if you need more thasn that you will have to add a second dish

39. markf - June 27, 2008

Do you need a different satellite dish? I have a Slimline 5LNB. There are 4 leads from the dish. These go into the SWM8 in no particular order? A lead comes from the SWM8 to the SWM PI. From the SMW PI, a splitter like the STS4 then into the DVR? Is that how it is hooked up based on what I can find????

40. dave - June 28, 2008

that is one way and it will work fine.
and no, you do not need a different dish
the 4 cables can be hooked up in any order as well, unless you are splitting the outputs from the dish into multiple multiswitches

41. markf - July 1, 2008

One set of directions cautions to do a “RED BUTTON” reset, DO NOT use autodetect………. What’s a red button reset? Just turning the power off and back on?

42. dave - July 2, 2008

red button reset is the red button behind the access card door. you can either do that , or unplug the unit and plug it back in after everything is hooked up

43. Tell it like it TI is! - July 2, 2008

Wow!!! Been gone for a while. Looks like some of the comments were really getting heated. Play nice PTI SWMers. One thing that I did realize during a recent power outage, however. I ran a generator to the entertainment system and powered everything up. The SWM connection doesn’t work without power, all you get is a no sat signal message.

Didn’t get this at first, but the power is back on and I have 3 SWM connections working fine!!!!

44. markf - July 3, 2008

Okay Dave, thanks. I have the SWM on order and assume it will go smoothly. My problem may be finding a way/place to get power to the SWM PI, but there’s plenty of wires running thru the attic to patch into.

45. dave - July 18, 2008

your PI can sit behind one of your receivers. you just want to make sure that it is hooked up to the power pass leg of the splitter that you are using

46. Jim - August 8, 2008

According to Direct TV installer, in order for me to get sat I need to put the dish on the other side of my house from the service yard. I would need to trench, and house wrap part of my house with 4 RG-6 inorder to tie into the existing cable. Not happy about the house wrap and 4 wires. Is there a dish or device that can be added to the dish to support only 1 wire from dish to multi switch, or SWM. Don’t really want local cable company. Thanks for your help!!!

47. g - September 8, 2008

new swm dish only has 1 line out

48. Radiorara - October 4, 2008

I have read all the posts and they are interesting about the swm switches and all the new tech that is out there. I no longer have Directv but still have the Dish on my roof. I might want to go back once my FIOS contract is up or just keep it there for future upgradability. I need to drop Cat6a Ethernet into the rooms so I figured I would do the same with RG-6 to every room that doesnt have it. Is there any other advantages that this “swim” switch has besides making an install easier? Or should I just go ahead and drop to my hearts content to every room? Thanks for your Input!

49. Tell it like it TI is! - October 4, 2008


Not sure of all of the benefits of the swm switch, but it really solved my original issue of not having to run extra cable. I would assume that there is some signal enhancement, etc, etc. If you are at the beginning of the project, why not drop as much as you can??? Might even save you a little on having to buy the swm capatable boxes, too. Who knows what the future holds?

Just telling it like it is!!!

50. Bubba - October 6, 2008

Do you have to get a SWM? I am switching one TV to an HD/DVR but leaving the other TV on a regular DirectTV box (no HD. No DVR.)
Please advise…

51. markf - October 9, 2008

Jjust came back for an update. I installed the SWM and it works perfectly feeding 2 DVRs and 2 standard HD boxes. I’m down in Houston and we lost power during hurricane Ike. I had a generator going but no way to get power to the SWM so had to go in the attic and undo, but very easy and then reinstalled when our power came back ….. 13 days later. I lost an LNB on the dish and had a tech come out and replace and he had not heard of the SWM and I gave him the literature because he said a group of his customers would be interested. It’s not offered down here by DirecTV as yet. I don’t understand why this stays under wraps.

52. tater - October 9, 2008

I have a R10 right now, and was not planning on upgrading to HD on it right away. I am adding HD to another room with a SWM (even if I have to do it myself) as it is already wired with ONE coax.

Question, do the SWM-8s allow any old units, or do I need to upgrade that R10?


53. Tell it like it TI is! - October 11, 2008

My understanding is, yes. The SWM solution (at least, my understandting) is that it provides a solution that does not require two lines to be run to the box. If the box that you have does not have the swm indicator on the input, you probably need two lines to record from both inputs. I didn’t have to change boxes to use the swm switch worked fine with older boxes.

54. Carl - October 15, 2008

And I thougt that I was the only one!!

55. DTV Employee - October 24, 2008

Well I work for directv. I’m a tech and this is how swm works. It isn’t the best kept secret in directv. Its brand new, it was tested in some markets and is finally out in all markets. Currently we are only using swm on new installs with more than 4 channels. Swm uses one line down from the kaku slimline dish into a 4 or an 8 way splitter. From there each reciever uses one line (including dvr’s). Now back to the channel stipulation. Currently swm does not support more than 8 channels. So picture this you can have 8 standard irds becuase they only take up one channel. Or you can have 4 dvr’s, dvr’s take up two channels. Or you can mix and match any combination you need. If you want to use more than 8 channels you cannot use swm. Now as for just throwing a swm switch at the ground block … well you cannot do that. The switch is inside the LNB on the dish, different lnb. From there you need a splitter at the ground block either 4 or 8 way which needs to be power passing and rated for swm. Lastly swm does not work on legacy equipment. You cannot diplex with swm, you cannot use your off air antenna with swm, the only recievers compatible with swm are the d12, r16,r22,h22,hr22 I believe the h21 and hr21 may be but I’m not sure we don’t stock those models in the warehouse.

There are legacy swm switches that can be used at the ground block which allow you to use your existing slimline 5 lnb yet they aren’t being majorly produced and we haven’t seen any, and probably won’t. Soon in the coming months all high def installs will be swm.

I hope this post was helpful to whoever is looking this information up.

56. DTV Employee - October 24, 2008

Tell it like it is –

SWM doesn’t offer signal enhancements. A conventional system uses voltage to receive the signal on your receiver. 13 and 18 dc volts go out your receiver and into the dish to signal the dish what to watch. A conventional high def system requires RG 6 cable which an allow up to 2150 ghz. We use rg 6 solid copper core ( for the voltage flow ) sweep tested at 3 ghz. Anyway my point is there are many variables that the conventional system uses. All of these affect signal quality.

SWM system’s receiver does not use voltage to “talk” to the lnb. We can actually use RG59 in a swm system which I thought was ridiculous until it worked. The frequency swm operates on isn’t as demanding as conventional. So basically there aren’t as many variables causing signal degradation. Thus improving your signal strength and stability.

57. Tell it like it TI is! - October 25, 2008

I have to respectfully disagree. The SWM switches are not “brand new”. The have been around since March, its almost November. Back in March there were already several webstores selling them. The tech that got mine had to get special permission from DTV, his explanation was due to difference in cost, they wanted to use them only as needed.

Nonetheless, thanks for all of the technical information.

Keep telling it like it is.

58. dave - October 26, 2008

DTV employee, you can also diplex with swm technology. myself and lots of other people have been doinf it for almost a year. swm8 or swm lnb, you can diplex either one……

59. A Different DirecTV Tech - October 27, 2008

Tell it like it TI is: I have to respectfully agree. SWM-8 has been out since at least March(I personally did an upgrade using the SWM-8 in March). Though, it should be noted, it is still new to many Techs. DirecTV hasn’t done much to train techs on the SWM-8. DirecTV only started to train techs on the SWM-LNB in August, and only now am I seeing SWM work orders. The SWM-LNB is pretty new though, and I think that’s what DTV Employee was refering to, since he admits to no experience with the SWM-8.

DTV Employee: You have a few misconceptions. SWM technology can be diplexed with anything that doesn’t overlap it’s 950 MHz – 2150 MHz operating frequencies. OTA and in many cases cable internet are compatible. Although you are correct in that the SWM-LNB cannot be used in houses with more than 8 tuners, the SWM-8(what you refered to as “legacy” SWM switches) is what you want to use if you are able to get 4 lines into the com room. You can use either power-passing splitters or a 6×8 to stack 2 SWM-8s, resulting in a capability for 16 tuners/channels. Also the frequency SWM operates at is just as demanding, so please keep away from RG59 if at all possible.

60. A Different DirecTV Tech - October 27, 2008

To correct myself: Diplexers can burn out on a line powered by the power inserter, so they should only be used after it. This makes diplexing more difficult with the SWM-LNB.

61. Tell it like it TI is! - October 28, 2008

Thanks for all the good info. This is what PTI is all about…

Keep telling us like it is!!!!

62. MARK - October 30, 2008


63. Clinton Billedeaux - October 30, 2008


I am a DirecTV Tech in the New Orleans Area and buddy you are in the perfect SWM situation. First thing you need to know is that the SWM switch is what you want. Don’t let them get you with the SWM Dish…it limits your capabilities.

First of all, the SWM doesn’t boost the signal. It communicates differently with the receivers, but most importantly, the SWM switch will allow you to use the SWM splitters that are necessary for your installation. Because I can’t see your home, I can’t give you specifics about how to install it; however, I can give you the grocery list of items you’ll need.

Slimline Dish with 4 port LNB
SWM switch
SWM Power Inserter
SWM splitters 4 port

Keep in mind that the SWM switch is only capable of running 8 channels. DVRs and HD/DVRs use 2 channels, and regular receivers use 1 channel.

I recently learned that if you use a 6X8 Multiswitch, you can run two SWM switches which increases your load to 16 channels. But you run your lines off the SWM splitters just like cable.

We installers love this technology because we get paid by the job regardless of the amount of wire or time we use. The drawback is the cost of the SWM supplies. So don’t hyperventhilate when you get the pricetag. Just remember that this is going to save you the holes and rewiring you were looking at.

64. A Different DirecTV Tech - October 30, 2008

Mark: You state in your post that the splitters are in the walls, but how close are they to the face plates? If they are accessible by removing the face plates, you can replace them with SWM splitters. Otherwise it’s a bit of a gamble. Odds are your splitters are not rated for the frequencies the SWM uses. This doesn’t mean they won’t work, it just makes it less likely they will, and more likely they’ll fail in a short amount of time. Other factors include signal degradation, which can be affected by cable length and the number of splitters in the line. You may also have difficultly finding a technician willing to attempt such a risky install. The dish would likely have to be installed and the receivers connected before finding out if it would work.

65. MARK - October 30, 2008

well, i know where one of the splitters is within about a foot or two, but it would be nearly impossible to get to with out damaging the wall some. the other two are completely out of the question without significant remodel work, and i just cant afford that. BASICLY,,,I AM NOT ABLE TO GET TO THE SPLITTERS,,,,i feel like an idiot to have wired it that way but not much i can do about it now. im not certain what kind of splitter i used or its frequency rating. funny thing is my friend is a dtv installer and set me up with the hdtv slimline and spent an hour tuning it, ran the homerun line into the utility room. i did the wiring from there on. but he never asked me how i did the wiring or advised me against any splitters. if i were to give it a trial run, it is possible i would fry my splitters, rendering the entire houses cable wiring useless. thats a risk i cant afford either. total tv’s in my home include…. 50″ plasma in the entertainment area of basement, small lcd in kitchen and 32″ in my bedroom. each of these are ran thru a split line which leads to either another room or another port in the same room. i would only plan on using 1hd/dvr on the 50″plasma, possibly a hd box on the lcd in the kitchen (probably not) and the 32″ in the bed room is not a hdtv. would a technicial be able to come out and give me an idea if this is possible or would he just brush me off since i’m being awfully picky. it seems like most installers throw dishes on houses as fast as possible (no offense to you guys, you’ve been very helpful).

66. A Different DirecTV Tech - October 31, 2008

A trial run could fry your splitters. Using SWM would make it less likely to, but it’s sounding like it’s not a risk you’d be willing to take. Having a dish already up makes it more likely a tech would investigate a little longer and be able to give you some ideas.

Without knowing the exact layout of your house, here are some things to keep in mind:

Is one of the TV rooms bordering the utility room? If this is the case, a hole can be drilled to pop a wire through from the other side.

Is the utility room unfinished? Can you see up the walls to a room above? If so, the tech may be able to fish the line, or use a flex bit, to drill a new hole for an extra charge. Drilling trough the floor is also an option.

Do any of the rooms you’re looking to get DirecTV have a bordering room with a straight line? If so, the back of the wall plate can be drilled through and the line pushed through the other side.

Do you know the EXACT location of the splitters? A possibility is to cut out a small hole in the wall, replace the splitters, and put a blank faceplate over the hole. Depending on the location(if it’s either high on the wall or low), it can look pretty sightly. Doesn’t look very good on the middle of the wall though.

67. DTV Employee - November 3, 2008

A Different DirecTV Tech:
I did not know that you can stack 6×8’s on a swm installation. Like I said my DST told us that legacy swm switches ARE out there but aren’t being widely used. We don’t have any in the warehouse and aren’t getting any. Swm was released in phases, we were phase three, one of the last phases. Anyway ask your DST for the swm installation manual or all information on swm. Our DST showed us information from DTV that said RG59 is compatible now because there is less voltage drop and SWM is relying on just frequency. I’ve done many swm installations (not upgrades, since we can only use swm in installs) and I’ve used RG59 without any issues, and I have yet to see a service call on a 59 line. I’m assuming that your region has legacy swm switches and by using the 6×8’s you still are dependent on 13 and 18 volts. Anyway thanks for the info and I hope you look into 59.. It saves a lot of time.

68. DTV Employee - November 3, 2008

A Different DirecTV Tech:

I forgot to address diplexing. We are not allowed to diplex cable internet or digital tv, it’s a guaranteed service call. Contractors do it from time to time and we have to run new lines to address the problem. We can diplex an EMTA that just uses digital voice. However I’ve never done it on SWM.

69. BA - December 4, 2008

This site has made my day…I think. I am in the process of moving into a semi-new house (2006) that has never had DTV installed. At my inspection today, I noticed that all of the phone and cable wires had what I will call a “homebase” in one of the bedroom closets. At the “homebase” there is a black line that leads to a cable box on the side of the house, and white RG-6 lines leading to all of the coax jacks throughout the house. If I understand the previous posters correct, will I be able to place the SWM at the cable box outside and connect it to the black “in” line that leads to the homebase in the closet? And will I then be able to attach all of the white lines in the homebase to a splitter that I will attach to the black in cable? And that this will effectively allow me to connect my HD DVR to the single coax jack in the wall with a single cable and still be able to record two shows at once?

Please be true, please be true, please be true!


70. dave - December 22, 2008

yes, you are corect. make sure you use a wideband splitter (~5-2150 khz) and make sure your receivers are compatible with the swm. the swm8 also can only support 8 ftm tuners and 3 legacy tuners

71. Can't buy me time. - December 23, 2008

Wow, I just had DTV installed last week, it appears they gave me the Dish SWN LNB deat as I see no switch anywhere but do have a powered box and a central 8 way splitter. Prior to the install i let DTV know that I already had an existing H20 and Hughes D-2 Tivo DVR; they said both would be compatible with my install. The tech that did the install said neither was compatible. I called DTV back questioning them, first rep said yes, I said thanks but please confirm with a higher level rep, second said yest compatible and sold me to new cards to program them since I aquired the 2 receivers from relatives ($20 per card). Cards came in and tried to activate, 1 hour later no dice, talked to highest level tech, said again the H20 was compatible but that he D-2 wouldnt be able to support the 2nd tuner. I said I think you are wrong. She said you must have a recalled H20 and is sending me a refurb (probably a H21 or H23), She set up a service call to have a installer work on the D-2, she said I could run a second line to it to get both tuners to work, again I said I dont think so. I have lots of wasted time in this……After reading all the posts it amazes me how so many outsider of DTV have so much more info then those those that take the service calls at DTV. Now I know that both receivers are not compatible (would have saved me lots of heart ache if DTV would have know at all levels.

72. Can't buy me time. - December 23, 2008

Forgot to mention that they did install a HR22 and 3 regular tuners; my HR22 only has 1 line (confirming my LNB SWM install). The DTV rep said there should be a SWM switch with (I think) 4 or so cables running to it. I told her that I did 90% of the install, drilling out of the eve of the attic and ran the cable to the power box then to the central 8 way splitter location and knew there was no switch, she was perplexed at my explaination of the install (obviously she missed the memo on the SWN LNB, which appears to have the switch built into the LNB/dish) again costing me time. Tech is scheduled to come on Saturday to mess with the D-2, after he tells me again it aint going to happen I am going to request a HR22 as a replacement for all my trouble.

73. greg - January 25, 2009

all of your receivers must be compatible to use a SWM. the filters are not needed only on a SWM or anH-23 or an HR-23. SWM is generally limited to new customers.

74. greg - January 25, 2009

also, on an 8 SWM switch, its 8 tuners. so if you have four dvrs, you can only use 4 of the 8 ports. but i only have been doing this for a living for 10 years.

75. DVR two feeds? - SatelliteGuys.US - February 23, 2009

[…] the SWM-8 DirecTV SWM8 – Single Wire Multiswitch – $199 Including Power Inserter – Free Shipping SWM Switch…Directv’s Best Kept Secret!!! Learn to Swim and quit Running (extra cabling)!… I’ll post progress. Thanks again for the […]

76. Mike Linden NJ - March 4, 2009

I recently purchased a dtv slimline antenna with swm lnb and single output to sws8 switch.I used to be a Dtv/dish residential and mdu contractor,so I’m not ignorant.Im quite sure after all my research that I’ll have no trouble pointing and dithering the dish with the Acutrac 3 I got.My situation is that I thought I could just get the mast plumb,set the az,el,tilt and use the reciever for a meter like in the old days.So as soon as I got home from Best Buy with my Hr recievers,I plugged one in and entered my zip for az,el,tilt info.I later learned this is a no no and should be done after dish is pointed.On top of it,I accidentally selected 3 lnb dish.I have not yet ran coax to recievers.What should I do to correct my mistakes(plugging in receiver b4 dish pointed and getting signal and selecting wrong dish).Any help appreciated.

77. Mike Linden NJ - March 4, 2009

Also,forgot to ask..are diplexers available that can handle 2-2150 mhz?Thanks again.Great site.

78. gatorjit - March 24, 2009

I just got off the phone and Directv told me that SWM was not available in my area? Anyone heard of this?

I just bought a new house and don’t want tech drilling holes in my walls.

79. amy SCHWARTZ - April 1, 2009

Yes, dtv doesn’t want to give it to you because it’s expensive and they have to change your dish. The last time I asked the technician about it I was told that they were only giving it to people in multi dwelling housing. Strangely, my neighbor was able to get them to give her one but it took 3-4 service calls to get that done. You need to call dtv and give them a good reason why you need it such as a finished basement. As always with DTV it’s who you get on the phone. Take a valium and hang up and keep calling back until you get the answer you are looking for and don’t get angry it doesn’t work.

80. Flustered Novice - April 1, 2009

We are new to the sat world. We just ordered DTV. Had it installed on march 27th. We have a hdtv in the den, and a standard tv in the bedroom. We already had cable run to both rooms for the antenna in the attic. DTV gave us 1 hd dvr, and a standard box. We wanted dvr capable in both rooms. I tried to get them to fix the problem, and they want to charge us 250.00 for a 2nd dvr. The tech who installed gave us his cell #. We called him and he said we need a swm compatable hd dvr to avoid running a second cable. He said they are available at best buy, but cost 199.00. He said that DTV sets the price, not the stores, and it is still a lease, rather than a purchase(?) Is this for real? We just want dvr capability in both rooms, DTV was aware of that, but set up standard. They took advantage of our inexperience, then told us we should have called them when we got the welcome letter & list of components! They’re the experts! I stated plainly we wanted dvr in both rooms. They asked me what type of tv’s we had, and that was that. How can we get around this? there is a swm box in the attic, and a splitter. Can we run cable directly from the sat to the b-room? Can we buy a swm dvr for less? Will we own it? Tech said He will help install @ no charge, is that a good idea? We are older & on fixed income. Any help with lowest cost solution is much appreciated. Learning lingo would help too.

81. Post Analogue Era - April 14, 2009

Hello, Flustered Novice. I used to work in a call center for DirecTV. I’ve also worked as an installer in the field. This is how it works:

DirecTV contracts out call centers. These are located all across America (and some in India). This means that info at DirecTV is probably not disseminated efficiently. In other words, most call centers are not just on the wrong page, they have the wrong book. This also means you will likely never trace the person you talked to on the phone. These people’s job is NOT to help you. Their job is simply to follow their scripts. And they have scripts for EVERYTHING. Helping you is secondary. Transferring a customer is SO EASY and TEMPTING, too. The bottom line is: they don’t know you, and they don’t really care. And they’ll never hear from you again. When I call, I’m polite and to the point. I don’t call asking for help. I call to tell them what I want.

Field technicians (on average) are in a hurry and don’t really have time to teach. It also probably boils down to: good techs are given too many jobs and bad techs don’t bother anyway.

Bottom line: you’re screwed.

One piece of advice, though: you might try asking for the “under the table” discount that most technicians offer. Be fair about it though: don’t tattle.

82. Post Analogue Era - April 14, 2009

By the way: the person on the phone DOES NOT OFFER the “under the table” discount! So this means you have to call the technician directly INSTEAD of the call center to get it.

83. Flustered Novice - April 20, 2009

TY Post,

I had to place a service call for more problems we have, so when he comes I’ll ask nicely for help. My PC/phone is also connected to the standard box, so no “on demand” available either (WAAAAH)! I won’t tattle no matter what. I am going to call & ask why we got 2 charges & 1 dvr. Also, the box doesn’t mess up like the dvr. Will a standard dvr act more like the hddvr, or be more stable like the box? The HD freezes, gets audio from channels we aren’t tuned to, etc. The box will be on same channel & no problem (?).

I appreciate ya’ll!

84. Bartboy - June 16, 2009

OK… I’ve read throught the entire post, but still need assurance I’m reading everything right. I just moved to a new house. I have the “standard” 1 cable that runs to a central wiring closet where it gets sent out to all the rooms. My HOA provides standard cable and I want to keep that for times that we lose signal (I live in Florida where it rains a LOT). I called Directv and asked them to install 4 HD DVR’s. They said they had to drill a new hole for 4 cables and that I would lose my cable TV. I asked them about diplexers and they said they can’t use them because they interfere with the HD signal. I didn’t want new holes drilled in my new house and didn’t want the guy crawling through the attic trying to snake those new cables down to the central wiring box. And, I didn’t want to give up my free cable.
If I understand everything correctly, I could add a SWM8 outside, plug the 4 wires fromt he LNB’s into it, plug the cable input into it and add diplexers at the TV’s to split the cable back out. This would also give me “dual tuner” capabilities at each HD-DVR. I don’t mind paying for the SWM8 if it will really work as I described. If there is any new cable, or new holes required, I’ll pass. Will it work as I described or am I screwed?
Thanks for all the info!!!

85. free cable - July 2, 2009


86. james sanner - July 30, 2009

If you go with the SWM LNB you would need a new line to the central wiring box. Then you would have to pick which ones you want on DTV and which ones you want on cable. If you purchase the SWM8, you would not have this issue, for it has a built in Off-Air port that is fully capible of passing Cable and internet. I have numerous MDUs (multiple dwelling units) set up this way. At the reciever location you would have to diplex. This will not affect your HD signal at all.

87. Frustrated NFL fan - August 18, 2009

I just had Directv out to my townhome both this morning and yesterday evening to install the SWM Dish and Power inserter with my HR20-700.
The HOA will not allow wires run along the building, so we agreed on a pole mount near the cable hub of the 5 unit structure which supposedly is wired home run style. We get tone signals from my smart box to the inserter and the HR20-700 and also the buried line to the dish, but the line in between (which is from the building exterior hub to my smart box is no tone….what’s wrong? My Comcrap HD/internet works fine…please help!

88. art - August 19, 2009

they must have a splitter some where inbetween there that will stop your signal from your dish to you satellite box

89. THE SWM MAN - August 31, 2009

I was on the team that authored the SWM training for DIRECTV installation teams nationwide. Any installations questions, please contact me at training@pdisat.com.

This switch does not “boost signal” rather it allocates multiple receiver requests to pre-determined frequencies using DiSEqC requests at a very low frequency on a single piece of coax..

90. Jim - September 7, 2009

Novice here, having read entire blog, still not comfortable moving ahead, especially after DTV has been out twice to tell me that can’t help (but a local installer type tells me he can). DTV keeps wanting me to go to a 3-wire system, wherein they will have to run wires outside home (not acceptable), or tear into interior walls, patch and repaint (I’ll go to cable before that). !0 year old home with no attic or basement, so the SWM 8 seems like the prefect solution.

Issues relate to backward compatability, Hi-Def usage on two TV’s, TIVO interface, HUMAX DVR (that I love).

Currently, I have 4 receivers:

Phillips DVR-DSR708-non Hi-Def used in gym, would like to keep
Hughes HBH-SA-non Hi-Def used in guest BR, would like keep
HD-DVR, HR!0-Hi-Def in living room, would like to keep
HD-H10-Hi-Def (hooked to Humax non Hi-Def DVR) in office, would like to keep.

I outright own all of this equipment, but am charged $5 per month for three of four receivers form DTV, $10 per month flat fee for Hi-Def access, $6 per month flat fee for DVR service.

Ideal outcome: reducing DTV charges, keeping TIVO interface (wife is a technotard-her term), and change over to new interface would be traumatic, love my HUMAX (as very high capacity recording and burnable DVD capacity built in).

Is there a way to have-my-cake, and eat-it-too? If not, what are the incremental downward steps?

Thanks in advance for your help and direction.

Alan - November 11, 2009

I need some advise.. I currently have five recievers, two are DVR’s. I have a one wire system and currently are using the HD dish. I am using the DVR’s with one wire and therefore cannot record and watch a different program at the same time.

I have asked no less than five different DTV people about getting the SWM and have got a complete run-around, each with a different story. I couldn’t oder it, they coun’t order it, contact an independent installer, no part number, never have installed in an existing system, has to be a new system, etc…….etc.

No one can give me a direct answer. Except run another wire down the side of my house from three stories up. Something that I don’t wish to do.

Can anyone help?


91. michael - November 15, 2009

this is funny tonight i unhooked this swm box that d* put on one of my non dvr hr recievers every reciever lost signal when i unplugged it. Right now i have the hr23 dvr 1 other hd reciever and 2 non hd. I noticed when i bought another dvr that my 23 only has one cable going in.i will be installing a hr22-100 in a week so lets se if i only need one cable for it to So so far everything this guy has said is spot on. What surprises me is my direct tv installer put it in without telling me about it or having me to tell him. As for Allen i got my system installed in june of 2009 if you need it i can give you the part number off mine so you can get one off flebay

michael - November 15, 2009

i found the thing i was talking about on ebay for $1.99

* Model No.: PI-21 21V Power Inserter
* Recommended for use with the DirecTV SL5S and SL3S LNBs
* Frequency Range: 2-2150 MHz
* Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB typ.
* Input: 100~120Vac / 60Hz / .6 A max / 30W max.
* Output: 21V / 1.2A max / 25.2W max
* Security: Double Insulated / Class II
* Fuse Protection: 250V / 2A 3S (UL fuse)
* Power Cord: 2 pole polarized male plug / 1.8 m
* Connectors: “F” type (red colored to SWM)
* Environmental Requirements: Indoor Use Only
* Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 52C / 32 to 125F

92. Doug Suttles - December 5, 2009

So is it safe to say, if you are an existing Directv customer you cannot get Directv to install a SWM system. I have been trying for 2 days to get them to install a SWM system in my new home.

They want to run 4 wires down the side of the house, house is brand new, not going to happen. The electrician has one line in the attic, for the Directv dish.

Anyone know who to contact at directv or is this never going to happen. They even told me that only the president of Directv can authorize a swm system for an existing customer.. Go Figure that one.

Jim M - December 5, 2009

You have tried fir two days, I tried for months. It’s not going to happen.

Consider switching over to AT&T’s system, more bells and whistles, cheaper and no contracts. COX is another alternative. DirecTV just will not come up with the SWM system for single family residences. Also,COX has some pretty decent alternatives.

93. enough - December 12, 2009

I have been out of the DIRCTV market for a bit. I used to have an oversized dish due to rain fade. When I moved to a new house I want to upgrade to the new Ka/Ku sats using the new swm 3 sat LNAs. I am looking for an oversized dish made to work with the new Ku/Ka LNAs.

Any one know where I can find an oversized dish that works with the new LNAs. medicom until I do.

94. Tonya - December 29, 2009

Can anyone send please me an install diagram for the SWM-8? I have a 5LNB slimline dish and 5 total receivers (2 HD DVRs and 3 regular DVRs). Right now I am using a Zinwell wide-band 6X16 multiswitch. I would like to utilized the dual tuners in each receiver without running a second line (my basement is finished). I would be forever grateful to anyone who can help me with the set up.

95. Chuck - December 31, 2009

I have DTV coming out tomorrow to deliver a SWM system. I have the slimline now, and a 6×16 mulitiswitch. I want to keep my old TiVo’s! Can I keep my dish and use the multiswitch for the old TiVo’s (already have two cables wired) and ALSO have the SWM switch hooked up to run upstairs where there is only one wire installed. I know I would have to put swm capable receivers up there, and I am ok with that. I just need to know if the two switches can use the same dish at the same time?

96. Rhonda - March 24, 2010

Please Help
I have directv and was watching it and noticed that it said swim connected? What is this? Why am I seeing it on my TV screen,their was no technican at my house? How can you tell if SWIM is connected to your directv?

97. Alan - March 24, 2010

Wasy, you can either look at what type of antenna you have or if you have a DVR, by the number of wires coming into the DVR. Normally, there are two wires, but with the SWM sysytem, there need be only one wire.

Hope this helps.

98. all satnet - July 7, 2010

Dish Networks system has had this ability for 4 years. One single line from the dish to a “separator” (as small as a 2-way splitter and looks similar to one) out to 2 inputs on back of rcvr. This allows for their dual tuner to supply two separate outputs (2 tv’s 2 different channels) This is not limited to sd. They have dual tuner sd, dual tuner hd’s and dvrs of both. So…. One cable 2 rooms, record and watch different things in both off one box…..

99. Zack - August 10, 2010

I need help. Moved into a new house with a slimline-3 dish and 4 individual co ax lines running into the attic. I just took 1 line from the original multi-switch and used my swm multiswith to connect the sat line with the line running to my room, but when i connect my swm box to my HR22 i loose the sat signal all together. Tried re-setting up the sat preferences and still cant get a signal to come thru. If i use a b band converter i can get my signal but only have 1 line in my room so my dvr is worthless. Ive tried everything and am very frustrated. Any suggestions with be greatly appreciated.

John - June 6, 2011

The four lines from the LNB indicate you have a KA/KU system. The four lines in to the original multi switch use ports labeled “13v, 18v, 13v w/22khz, and 18v w/22khz”. All four lines must run be there to operate more than 4 tuners. Putting a swm splitter in the system will not work. A b band converter is for use only with a ka/ku system and will kill a swm signal.

100. dyuane - October 23, 2010

direct tv been to my house 3 times and still doesn’t work.

101. Jim W - January 23, 2011

I have a problem and would be glad to paid someone for the consulting work if needed. I have a Television programmer that needs a World Direct TV. He has two HR24 is there a switch to convert 101 and 95 to SWM for single wire reception? or is there a 101/95 SWM antenna available? or a multswitch?
Really need your help usually deal with the Big antenna

CableMaster - October 3, 2013

Your 95 comes off a different dish then direct tv and yes theres a way to get it all on a single line …… call direct tv dont listen to this person ive been an installer for 6 yrs and the splitters name is swm 16 or a swm 8 depending on how many recievers you have and tunners your running you can even get it on a genie

102. Brian Cartwright - March 9, 2011

I have a 6×8 swith on the outside of the house that had to be replaced again because the rubber gaskets erode and then it shorts out after getting wet.

Tech suggested I ask DTV for SWM. Several calls, they went from saying I couldn’t get it to saying I could, it would cost $199 to install, but it wasn’t billable – I had to pay it all upfront with a credit card. A day later someone called back to ask details about our bad phone experience and I laid it all out for him. Told him I’d be willing to pay the $199, but it’s hard to have the money at once and right now I don’t have a credit card. Everything else I’ve ever gotten from them was put on my bill to be paid over several months, why not this?

103. frenky - May 7, 2011
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111. clem hughes - December 19, 2011

if i have 2 h24 hddvrs, 2 r22s and a h21 do i have to run kaku 5 lnb and a swim 16 and a 29 volt power inserter? need reply quickly..

Alan - December 20, 2011

Just got my SWM installed. I have two DVR’s and three additional receivers. Direct TV charged me $199.00 for the install that included a new dish, replacement of two older receivers that were not compatible with the SWM system and replacement of the existing splitter. They even repositioned the antenna for a better signal. The installers did an amazing job and everything is working fine.

Just call Direct TV.


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114. Sandy - February 13, 2012

Hi just got Direct TV have standard receivers in 4 rooms would like to upgrade 1 receiver to a R22 no HD I have KA/KU LNB Swim 3 and KA/KU ODU/ hardware can the DVR be self installed or not if it can what do I need to do it.

Thanks Sandy

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Im sorry but as a technician myself your very uneducated on the whole thing and people dont listen to her cause you can really hurt yourself if you dont know what your doing you are messing with live voltage and its like you telling your kids dont stick a fork in a socket. The fact of the matter is everything is going to swm and yes you only need one line to a dvr but it must be compatible and depending on the model there are certain ways you must hook it up to work correctly and if you do try it what she says you can damage your equipment if not connected properly. There are certain lnb’s that work different ways and according to the lnb if you connect the wrong splitter up and according to how many recieversyou have also depends on what system you have to run on but its your money blow it if you want but in the end you will end up calling direct tv out to fix it and possibly end up paying more for the job then just calling in the first place.

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This is not so much a secret than it is not known.
The back of rid (receiver) is going to say all the way to the left hand side “Sat-1 swIm”
The second port (if you have one) can not have a SwIm installed.

DTV CSR can not order SwIm. It has to be installed by technicians.
The part you call ‘filter” is a Decca. Deca should NEVER be connected to the same rid that has a SwIm

Swim8 gives higher output which WILL place strain on the rid. If you have issues, have a tec drive out and they see external hookups it will be notated, and your account will be flagged.
Why? Make sure you are not committing fraud or piracy. But that aside putting a nondtv SwIm will void the warranty. Price for Swim will be 49.95 (tr price)

The rid will give information on what’s connected as well, for the same reasons.

131. John Richard - October 23, 2015

First off let i know this is an old post but let me set the record straight.

SWM was first a technology used for Multi dwelling units. it started out as a multi switch setup that used a slimlind dish with 4 cables to the dish they ran to a multiswith that was powerd 8 tuners could be attached to each multiswitch. there are racks where you can attach multiple swm switches and have as many tuners as you want. but max out at 8 per multi switch i dont know at this point how a genie setup would work with this older tech but lets say if you have 6 dvrs or more this is the perfect setup but there are no dtv tech besides MDU tech that have the knowlege to wire one of these setups.

From the previous tech came the new SWM setups that came out in 2008 and are widely used now the incorprated the swm multi switch into the lnb and you have to plug a powersupply into a power passing splitter that sends 18-24v to the lnb. the draw back here is you are limited to 8 tuners no matter how you shake it the lnb only supports 8 different channels at a time period. SWM can be split multiple times and can be diplex no matter what a tech tells you it works with cable tv services as well as internet. i know i have done this several times for a market that did not offer local channels back in 2009. fell free to email me if you have any questions but trust me 99 percent of techs have never seen a swm multi switch and have no clue where this new tech came from there are only 30 or so mdu certified techs in the us and i am one of them

132. Theresa L. Moroff - March 28, 2016

I ended up getting a genie but kept my old HD dvr they installed two mini boxes that are wireless I have one standard box but it says swim 1 on the back and I HD box it says swim 1 do . Use to take two boxes to my camp but guess I screwed myself with that because I am assuming swim boxes only work on swim connections. I only have a single line old dish at camp. The old HD box would even work at camp just wasn’ t a high Def pic.

133. Vickie Becker - April 20, 2016

Owner of a RV bought a g2plus direct TV what kind of receiver is compatible

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